Paris Mavridis loves trying out new things. Most recently, he enrolled in some windsurfing courses that proved to be challenging yet satisfying. The 36-year-old Barcelona, Spain-based customer service trainer wanted to delve deeper into the sport but met a roadblock along the way.

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Unfortunately, enrolling in the sport’s advanced courses meant spending a chunk of money to cover its fees. Paris could no longer keep up with the fees, so he didn’t push through with the courses.

Instead of feeling down, Paris was determined to turn the situation around. That was when he had a “eureka” moment. He thought of developing an online learning community that offered classes for cheaper prices.

“I wanted to build a website that lets all members post advertisements for free. Aside from that, they can also reply to class offerings without any hesitation nor charges,” said Paris. “This service would greatly benefit people from all over the world. Imagine traveling to Australia in hopes of learning how to surf, but your limited budget doesn’t permit you to enroll in such a course. Through my website, you’d be able to find people around the community who are willing to teach and share their knowledge.”

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Paris inquired about the services of some local web developers and was quoted around €1,000 to €1,500. It was way above his ideal budget and the developers weren’t even sure if they had the skills required for the project, hence he hired from instead. He found the platform while searching for alternatives online.

Once signed up, Paris posted a website development project and received several bids from a number of qualified freelancers. The winning bid came from Rishiraj, a web developer based in Fort Worth, USA.

Paris expected the website to have the following features:

  1. A registration and login section for members

  2. A page where members can post the classes they are searching for and/or offering

  3. Another page that displayed the postings done by members

Once briefed, Rishiraj got down to business. “For this project, my expertise in PHP, WooCommerce and WordPress were utilized. I met some difficulties along the way, such as integrating a map in the search function, however, I got it running using Google Map v3 API,” said Rishiraj.

The promised 20-day deadline was eventually extended another week since Paris wanted even more features added to the website. He also increased his budget to €670 from the original €470. Rishiraj, being the hard worker he is, gladly accepted the additional work.

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After a month of thorough communication and dedication to the project, Paris received the finished product and named it “Be Panda”. “My wife loves pandas, and in Greek the word ‘panta’ which is pronounced the same as panda means ‘everything’. And because we wanted to be able to offer everything, the name stayed. Also, it was cool for the members to identify themselves as pandas,” said Paris.

When asked about the service Rishiraj provided, Paris answered: “He was amazing! Rishiraj displayed utmost warmth, patience, and professionalism. Whenever I had a request, he gladly helped out. What I admired most about him was that he was not a mindless robot that just said yes to everything. He voiced out his personal opinions when he thought that my ideas would fail.”

With his new website on deck, Paris is ready to build a new world filled with community-based learning. The journey of finding the perfect web developer via the world’s biggest freelance marketplace was worth the wait.

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“Having my project done on Freelancer was one of the best ideas I have ever had. I will definitely look to the platform for other future ideas and the development of BePanda.”

On a budget but hoping for world-class standard? Hire a Freelancer and find utmost satisfaction.

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