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Hirdetés dizájn, Koncepciódizájn, Kreatív Dizájn, Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés Nov 19, 2017 Ma16ó 11p
Design a ( Image + words ) logo for audio brand trademark /Bo & Arrow Bo & Arrow Target middle to low end market , consumers, it makes afforadble auido products such as earphone, bluetooth earphones! The concept kind of like b&o brand , however, we target low income consumer group. so, do your research on electronics brand: b&o and other brand, see attachment and know histroy on " Bow and arrow " , be creative, Neat, Clean, have fun... 622 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés Nov 19, 2017 Ma10ó 26p €85
3D modellezés, 3D Renderelés, CAD/CAM, Termék design, Solidworks Nov 19, 2017 Ma10ó 2p
I would like to hire a Logo Designer I need a logo for my new consulting Company related with Human Resources and Legal advise 158 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés Nov 19, 2017 Ma9ó 25p €127
Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés, Papíráru tervezés Nov 19, 2017 Ma4ó 51p
eBay picture design I need a eBay listing picture creating for Samsung unlocking service. It needs to show that we unlock all models and it only takes 1-6 hours for the code. It needs to stand out and look proffesional. 0 Grafikai tervezés Nov 20, 2017 Ma2n 23ó €42
Animation for Mobile App splash screen We have an app in iOS and Android in which we wish to introduce an animated logo in the startup screen on the app. I have uploaded a video that includes the desired animation output. We are also welcome to other suggestions 0 3D animáció, After Effects, Animáció Nov 20, 2017 Ma6n 23ó €85
Backpack Design Challenge Brief Who are we? Dear designers, thank you for taking the time to browse our competition! We are a relatively young backpack brand, with its core identity much already defined but looking for fresh and creative ideas to help us grow. Our products are mainly laptop/business/outdoor backpacks, containing the Swiss heritage as part of the main theme. Hence, we thrive to display a product image t... 0 3D modellezés, Divattervezés, Ipari formatervezés, Anyagszerkezettan, Termék design Nov 20, 2017 Ma29n 22ó €848
Build A Professional Responsive Website Template & Logo for a Payment System I need a professionally made website template for a payment system. The template must be fully responsive, mobile friendly. Templates I need: --- Index page About Us page incl. some pictures of the owners and offices Pricing page - Pricing tables for account types FAQ with open/close questions/answers Terms & Conditions typography page Contact Us page with form, contact details &... 0 Grafikai tervezés, HTML, HTML5, PHP, Webdesign Nov 20, 2017 Ma6n 22ó €161
Create an Animation I want 3 home page animated banners for my company’s(Matisoft Cyber Security Labs) website which is about to go live [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] Size Width:- 1351px Height:- 602px Kindly refer to the 3 jpegs attached for the 3 homepage banners. Brief about the banners Banner 1: “About Us” The shield is made of company initials... 0 Adobe Flash, Animáció, Bannertervezés, Grafikai tervezés, Webdesign Nov 20, 2017 Ma9n 21ó €64
DESIGN FLYER FOR CHILDRENS CHRISTMAS TOY GIVEAWAY You will design a flyer that will contain the included logos and the important text contained in the attached file titled "description". The biggest and the main logo of the flyer should be the Daylite 44 Secret Santa Logo. The other logos should be small. The flyer must contain a this text: SPECIAL PRESENTATION AND SPONSORSHIP BY:  Daylite Masonic Lodge #44, Master German Tir... 0 Szólólap dizájn, Grafikai tervezés Nov 20, 2017 Ma6n 20ó €17
bad saddam ok i need a weird video of Saddam hussein living in a cave who then runs out side and starts punching himself in the face, the end title credit say "badsaddam studios" from his blood you can do sound FX is you want and make the animation original and interesting as you can. its not a big budget but that ok because its only a 10 second or so clip put your animation story board and p... 0 3D animáció, Animáció, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Illusztráció, Illustrator Nov 20, 2017 Ma6n 18ó €85
3D Product Design for Camera Portable Device. We are looking to have a Portable Solution with Complete IN and out Kit. ... we need 3D Model . Images. Dimensions. and Very Creative Design . with 2 Options. 1) Apple Mobile to be integrate with the 3D Model. 2) Standard 3 or 5 Inch Touch Screen to attached with the Design . Solution should be satisfactory Revision should be atlas around 30 for the Same Device . Should be Ultra ... 0 3D animáció, 3D modellezés, 3D Renderelés, 3ds Max, After Effects Nov 19, 2017 Ma29n 13ó €68
Design Sudoku mobile app Design sudoku mobile app (2 pages) Page 1. 1) main menu (separate page) Page 2. ([url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez]) 1) blocks a) 'big' digit that fits whole cell b) selected 'big' digit b) 9 small digits c) one small digit could be selected 2) control buttons a) not selected button b) selected button c) unavaila... 0 Grafikai tervezés, Felhasználói felület / IA Nov 19, 2017 Ma13n 12ó €85
Need 3D Graphic Design for full truck with long shipping box I need a Graphic Designs for full truck with long shipping box as ad for mobile sales tuck of high class vases. More options and attractive colors, the design should be easy implementable by any local 3D ad printing agent to complete the project, include the requested output files needed by the local agency. The designs should be presented to me for all sides of truck of (Right, left, rear and fro... 0 3D-tervezés, 3D-s nyomtatás, Hirdetés dizájn, Grafikai tervezés Nov 19, 2017 Ma2n 8ó €30
design an urban coffee shop IT IS A SHOP WITH 8*8 SQM I Want to design an urban coffee shop with a (64 sqm ) and good as feeling home also i need a different idea for a sitting area no need for bathroom because there is a bathroom area out side the shops 4 3D-tervezés, Építészet, Belsőépítészet, Videó szolgáltatások Nov 19, 2017 Ma7n 1ó €75
Editing Time Lapse Project Tattoo I want to create a good animation of my timelapse, quick with good looking. Animation of my logo, animation of camera ex. Ive create a photoshop for show you my vision but you can create something if you want. You can add song who fit with the video. And i need to have the one of the 2 video on folder at the end Tell me if you need more information and for the folder i can send you because its a l... 0 After Effects, Animáció, Videó szolgáltatások, Videofelvétel Nov 19, 2017 Ma6n €66
villa design Im looking for modern design villa withe 4 bedrooms , garden , swimming Poole and land escape .2 floors first floor- big setting rooms , kitchen, three bath [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] Garden room. second floor = master room ,sitting room and three bed rooms bathrooms land = 25*50=1250sqm2 building area= 60% open yard =40% garden , swimm... 6 3D-tervezés, Építészet Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 201728n 8ó €127
Design a Logo for a Bartender Hello. I need a logo for a professional bartender. The logo should bee black and white. Silver gray is also welcome. DON'T USE ALREADY DONE VECTORIAL FILES. We need something unique. Contact me in private for more info. 108 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 20178n 6ó €42
Digital Product Design 2D/3-D Hello, I need 3 images completely redesigned and then placed on mockups. ****images attached****looking for winner asap***** Design Instructions with the wording: 1. Abundant Life Chart (11 areas we must plan for abundance) 2. Abundant Life Digital Planner (with an 8 step formula for success) 3. Abundant Life Video Training (comprehensive video training with Dave Jones) Colors: Dark... 2 Grafikai tervezés, Photoshop, Termék design Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 201717ó 46p €30
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