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Projekt/Verseny Leírás Árajánlat/Pályamű Készségek Kezdete Vége Ára (EUR)
Build me an infographic We are GuestForce, experiential technology developers. We offer a plug and play solution for hotels, vacation rental companies and event planners to offer their guests/attendees experiences and local things to do/dining/events, etc. all under their brand name and allow them to earn revenue from purchases made on the platform. We are finalizing our investor pitch deck and need an infographic depi... 1 Grafikai tervezés, Infografika Aug 21, 2018 Ma20ó 38p €173
Fornite-themed graphics I work for a trampoline company and we are planning a real-life Fornite at our trampoline park, where participants use laser tag guns and play around the park. We want to create three square graphics/illustrations that look like Fortnite gameplay (like the attached), but has an environment of what you see in our trampoline park (images attached here). We also want the gameplay guns to look like a... 4 Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció, Illustrator, Photoshop Aug 21, 2018 Ma19ó 10p €86
Logo for our company TERRA ROSSA Our company provides wealth management services for high net worth individuals. These services include asset allocation, tax review, legal support, among others. Our average company is a male in its 50's, rich and worried about the familiy future. Our ideia is to bring safety and take care of our client and familiy in all matters involving financial services. We would like the logo to refer t... 605 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Logótervezés, Photoshop Aug 21, 2018 Ma14ó 14p €181
voice over for a Project in Fluent US English (Urgent) Needed a voice over for a script which is given . with pause of 3 sec in between. Needed Fluent US English for this 5 Hangművész, Szinkronhang Aug 21, 2018 Ma6ó 28p €36
Festival Poster I am looking to make a music festival poster for my girlfriend including all the bands that we’ve seen together. I have uploaded the photo of us that I want to use as the backdrop, and a festival poster photo to represent what I’m looking for in style and theme. I want the photo of us to be changed up to look similar to the art style of the around the sun poster, and I want the title o... 0 Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció, Logótervezés, Photoshop, Plakátdizájn Aug 21, 2018 Ma5n 23ó €60
3D-tervezés, After Effects, Videogyártás, Videó szolgáltatások Aug 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó
Need a build simple site I want to create good website/ I need three a HTML/CSS/JS pages with a good effects like [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I have a dots and arrow in the right part of design and aslo button with arrow in the left part. These objects should lead to the next page (1, 2, 3..) with a similar effect as in the site sample. Layout should be optimized for tablets and smartphones.... 0 CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery / Prototype Aug 21, 2018 Ma2n 22ó €26
Grafikai tervezés, Felhasználói felület / IA, Webdesign Aug 21, 2018 Ma29n 21ó
Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció, Illustrator, Photoshop Aug 21, 2018 Ma4n 21ó
Entwicklung einer Corporate Identity Hello, we need a corporate identity for our new company. We already have business cards and the logo. We really need a presentation folder as well as other marketing material. thank you and best, Florian Schell 0 Vállalati arculat, Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés Aug 21, 2018 Ma19n 21ó €20
Design a Logo We would like a new logo designed for "No Fuss Building Wash" As a company we specializes in the washing of commercial buildings. 0 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Logótervezés, Photoshop Aug 21, 2018 Ma4n 21ó €29
Design Page We are looking for someone to design one of our shopify website pages. We’re developing a tea store website, which will have one special feature; mixing your own tea. The page that needs to be designed now is our mixer page. We’ve had some designs done already, but we aren’t very happy with it. You can see the design here below, we however would love to keep that structure. Also ... 0 Grafikai tervezés Aug 21, 2018 Ma19n 21ó €40
Labor Day Sale Banners We need 2 banners for Labor Day. The sizes of each as follows: - 1400 x 630 - 600 x 517 In addition to this, we need the banners to follow the following guidelines: - Include our logo (attached along with pictures) - Helvetica font - Include "SHOP NOW" button in orange - Utilize the attached glasses photo in the banners Include following text on banner: - "Labor Day Sal... 1 Bannertervezés, Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés, Photoshop, Photoshop dizájn Aug 21, 2018 Ma4n 20ó €86
Build a Website I want a job portal like indeed and [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] ( a combination of the two - simple and easy to use) this requires API integration from a public data and a logic to verify address about candidates. I want a working prototype. 0 Grafikai tervezés, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Webdesign Aug 21, 2018 Ma29n 18ó €9
APP UI Design Android/Ios In this contest we want you to make "one" page for the APP. Total it will be 10 pages to design but in this we just want you to make one. If we find the best design be so good so we also wants to use it in our final APP we pay $50 for the full set of pages. We send you: a Spreadsheet of all the pages in the APP and you chose what one you will start with for the contest. You also... 1 Grafikai tervezés, Felhasználói felület / IA Aug 21, 2018 Ma6n 13ó €9
Do some 3D Modelling I need 3 fun design for branding with our corporate logo Attached are examples of the quality needed 0 3D animáció, 3D modellezés, 3D Renderelés, Ikon dizájn Aug 20, 2018 Ma2n €86
Adobe Illustrator, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció, Illustrator Aug 20, 2018 Aug 20, 20183n 16ó
Logo Design (Detailed) Ladies with Wisdom LADIES WITH WISDOM LOGO DESIGN Background color (MUST BE) Purple, Shades of Purple, or variations of purple : BACKGROUND COLOR NEEDS TO BE: PURPLE LOGO: Logo (needs) to be a QUEENS CROWN (sparkling) sitting on top of a Bible: Ladies with Wisdom needs to be structured in the design or beside the actual logo The words (Wisdom, Insight, Spiritual, Discernment, Obedience, Maturity) need... 32 Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció, Illustrator, Logótervezés, Photoshop Aug 14, 2018 Aug 14, 20184n 23ó €46
Looking for Graphic Artists to design popular Cartoon Themed Images Hello, We are looking for a talented graphical artist to work with, who will come up with popular cartoon themed images and characters using the bullet points listed below as general guidelines. We are looking for an artist to work with on a regular basis for an ongoing project. Here are some rough guidelines to follow subject to your creative design choices: - The images should have a ... 10 Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció, Illustrator, Photoshop Aug 13, 2018 Aug 13, 20186n 3ó €66
Design a Logo. We want A modern wordmark design with a hidden meaning , It is important to make the A and G in capital letters since they are important initials, we wish, It contains a space between the E-G and this could be a smile (Ale Gre) Company information 1. Ale-Gre is a brand dedicated to manufacture cleaning supplies. 2. Brand personality: i. Cheerful ii. secure iii. fresh 3. Things to... 3 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Logótervezés Aug 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €39
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