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Projekt/Verseny Leírás Árajánlat/Pályamű Készségek Kezdete Vége Ára (EUR)
Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Photoshop, Photoshop dizájn, Webdesign Jun 25, 2018 Ma22ó 4p
3D-tervezés, Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Logótervezés, Photoshop Jun 25, 2018 Ma20ó 59p
Design a Logo Logo design for a company which works in industry maintenance, demolition and renewable energies. 81 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés Jun 25, 2018 Ma20ó 45p €34
I need a logo designed I would like a logo designed for my newly launched company. It should read "College Admissions Answerline" and be built in maroon with a crest that is appropriate for a college in maroon, black and white alongside the name. For a sense of what I am looking for, please go my other company, [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] 26 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés Jun 25, 2018 Ma20ó 2p €51
3D-tervezés, Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Logótervezés, Photoshop Jun 25, 2018 Ma14ó 25p
Design a logo We are a new mortgage broking business located in Melbourne, our business is call Revas Financial Services. We chose Revas as it is Saver backwards and has a meaning of dream big. We currently dont have any colour preferences. The ideas we have come up with so far are attached. We are open to any ideas and would idealy like a few concepts top choose from 1040 3D-tervezés, Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Logótervezés, Photoshop Jun 24, 2018 Ma11ó 52p €168
Website Redesign and New Logo The Free Bet Deals website is an Australian sports betting website - [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Having been online for just over 5 years, it is now time to revisit the design of the website. The new website design is to incorporate: A new logo New fonts, colours, layout Home page, CrownBet page, individual blog post page (really just 3 templates) Particular attention t... 126 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Logótervezés, Photoshop, Webdesign Jun 24, 2018 Ma10ó 43p €324
I need a real estate website and a logo designed The website is It will have a home page that will also be the about us page. It will also have a Investors page, and a sellers page. The Home page will read Welcome to Continuity and Company, LLC Continuity and company is a real estate investment company with an innovative outlook on the market. We believe value can be found where others have overlooked it by comb... 395 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Logótervezés, Photoshop, Webdesign Jun 24, 2018 Ma10ó 30p €685
Funny T-Shirt Design I need a funny T-Shirt designed. It can be whatever you want, be creative! 0 Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop dizájn Jun 25, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €26
Animated Web Series My group and I are looking to create an animated web series. We need an animation artist. We would like for the animation to be very basic, but to also properly depict real human faces with directed expression. If you win this contest, you will be our artist for several more projects to come. Please animate the following scene: Kim Jung Un comes tumbling out of a barn. He is smoking a cigare... 1 3D animáció, Animáció, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció Jun 25, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €43
Technical design of a spare part Project is to design (and provide full technical designs) of a spare part. It is a bracket for an aluminium frame and the latches/clamp on top allow to lock it without screws. Please have a look at the doc attached to see the existing part, what it does and how it work inside the frame (the screw blocks it and maintain the angle to get the frame) as well as an other part that should be adapt... 0 Termék design Jun 25, 2018 Ma2n 23ó €50
Elevation Design of Commercial Building SS Developers is a real estate development company. We intend to build a Commerical Building on a total area of 200 Sq yards. Details : • 200 Sq Yards total area. • Building will consist ground + 4 Floors. • Dimensions 40’ x 45’. • Site Plan attached. Freelancers are needed to provide • Elevation Design • 3D Modelling • Any suggest... 0 3D modellezés, Építészet, Épülettervező Jun 25, 2018 Ma29n 22ó €86
Write a speach to sell Apple Ideas Write a three to five minute speech about Apple Ideas for an actor to deliver in a flowering apple orchard this September. Apple Ideas will; God willing, become a division of Apple Inc. and is explained briefly in the attached letter. The video is the speech and has to convince people to donate through Go Fund Me to have a digital petition at [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhe... 0 Szövegírás, Kreatív Írás, Kutatás, Szlogenek, Beszédírás Jun 25, 2018 Ma29n 22ó €571
Create a SE that matches the motion of the movie(3s) Please create an SE that fits the movement of this movie. Image is ·pop ·Cleanliness · Friendly feeling 0 Audio Gyártás, Zene, Hang dizájn Jun 25, 2018 Ma4n 21ó €86
Design me banners/logos for a none profit Tolkien mod. Hi! I'd like you to create me some high-quality banners for a none profit Mount & Blade Warband mod called The Third Age of Middle-earth. Here's a link to its ModDB Page [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I'd like high-quality banners made for the following factions/kingdoms: • Remnants of Angmar • Imladris • Dunlendings • Isengard ... 0 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés, Photoshop Jun 25, 2018 Ma20n 20ó €17
Erotic Script for Adult Dating game Our team is looking for a adult / erotic script writer for dating game, with who we will work on regular basis later. Current contest is an erotic script for game (with multiple parallel lines), 4000-6000 words. Task description is attached. Note: Entries for this project are sealed, so participants cannot see other's entries. Terms: + Story must be unique. + Must be comfortable w... 0 Könyvírás, Szellemírás, Rövid történetek, Writing Jun 25, 2018 Ma13n 20ó €86
create an iOS icon Create an iOS icon for me of the letter "B" I really like this theme of the lines intersecting. Refer to my attachments and use it as an inspiration for the app icon. Thank you. Use the "B" that is on the logo Beacon the other one has different line thicknesses. Try putting the lines going through the "B" 10 Adobe Illustrator, Grafikai tervezés, Photoshop dizájn Jun 25, 2018 Ma2n 20ó €13
Munkamesterek My website will be used for labour market activity. (It will help to find a great professional in my country). Users can rate the workers, specialits, and it will help to find the best professional in every job category. Company's name is "Munkamesterek", (that means job-masters in English). 0 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Logótervezés, Photoshop, Webdesign Jun 25, 2018 Ma6n 19ó €9
Animated Video Hello, We need a 60-90 second professional animated and explainer video for our website ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]) . We are providing a content description of the site and what need the video to include and would like the video maker to have a deep understanding of the purpose of the site and the targeted audience. Content attached. Note: Please keep in mind that... 0 3D animáció, After Effects, Animáció, Grafikai tervezés, Videó szolgáltatások Jun 25, 2018 Ma6n 18ó €86
Members Directory and Logo Design Rajasthani Samaj is a Society based in Hong Kong. Rajasthan is a State in North India and Same means community. The Society consists of members who originate from that state. Visit Website to see current Logo. Some basic research on Rajasthan and Hong Kong may be required to come up with best design. Bonus shall be given to contest winner. We need a cover for our members Directory. As well... 0 Prospektus dizájn, Grafikai tervezés Jun 25, 2018 Ma13n 18ó €51
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