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Mustang Salli's We are a western lifestyle themed retailer, and I need a logo using the MS, with a spur rowel on the left side and a Honda(o) on the S, and two business name designs. 152 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés, Photoshop Apr 20, 2018 Ma14ó 32p €81
Create an Logo Animation Please create a logo animation. (If there are other good ideas Still it is all right.) Production: GIF Animation Data & Photoshop Edit data Background: Transparent Quality: 500x500 pixels or more ※ Please upload with GIF image. Company Name: Tokyo Aleworks, or TOKYO ALEWORKS Tag line: Communal Brewing Industry: Japan Beer Industry - Brewery Company concept: It was homebrewing th... 39 Animáció, Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés, Webdesign Apr 20, 2018 Ma13ó 3p €368
3D-tervezés, AutoCAD, Építészet, Lakberendezés Apr 20, 2018 Ma7ó 48p
Create Branding for my Shopify Store Hi All, I will be creating a Shopify Store for the summer season coming up and will be needing branding for the whole site. My company's name is mySunSoaked! What I need is... - Logo - Favicon/Icon - Banner Please remember to use summer colors when designing a brand. 325 Bannertervezés, Grafikai tervezés, HTML, Logótervezés, Webdesign Apr 20, 2018 Ma7ó 47p €69
Create a promo video for software Looking for a promo to our software, the software is an application that manages the entire lifecycle of a project, starting from the feasibility study inputs, managing the BOQ of the project and linking it to the building's elements to be able to automatically calculate the changes of any element from the 3D module that the software generate, the main advantage of this system is that it ... 0 3D-tervezés, 3D modellezés, After Effects, Videó szolgáltatások, Videofelvétel Apr 21, 2018 Ma2n 23ó €365
I need some Graphic Design I need a pdf fashion lookbook in a format that I can remove some of the pages and edit some of the text then revert to a pdf document. It's a 52mb file 0 PDF Apr 21, 2018 Ma2n 23ó €29
Website Interaction Animation Hello, We are looking forward to have a short animation clip for our website. The goal of the animation clip is to show a new customer how to place an order on our website in a few steps. The animation should have a laptop screen as person goes through the process of placing a Hosting package.(Our Website is [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez]). I have a... 0 2D Animation, After Effects, Animáció, Grafikai tervezés, Videoszerkesztés Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €24
Videó szolgáltatások Apr 21, 2018 Ma2n 22ó
Design Window film advertisement My study abroad company requires a window film advertisement display for our shop front window. We want to have it show 6 countries where we place students. Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada and USA. Australia should be very eye-catching as it is our main destination. I am looking for creativity on how this can be shown. OUr company colours are the burnt orange and different shades o... 0 Grafikai tervezés Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 21ó €24
video editing We are in need of some video editing for an add we want to run on Facebook and Instagram. We would like to have it sooner rather than latter but we can wait for a good quality job. We are Re-targeting so it would have to be optimized for CONVERSIONS Please. We would like The company Logo to be added and for the Products key features to be highlighted during the video, ease of use, convenience,Qua... 0 After Effects, Videoszerkesztés, Videogyártás, Videó szolgáltatások, Videofelvétel Apr 21, 2018 Ma2n 20ó €41
Create a design for company vehicle wrap. I need a mock-up of this truck for a vehicle wrap design. ** A note about our business: We are storm damage construction contractors. When major storms hit, we rebuild properties. Homes and business. Our offices are in Texas, Oklahoma, and colorado. We work lots of hail, tornado, and hurricane damage claims. Roofing and structual repaur is our specialties. 0 Grafikai tervezés Apr 21, 2018 Ma3n 19ó €41
Female voice over for movie in American Accent I need a high quality recording of someone reading this fairy tale with gentle and happy tone. Any voice artist who will fulfill our quality will get hundreds of voice over projects from us to come. ------------------------------------------------------- Long time ago, there was an old couple living with their two granddaughters and a rabbit in a small house. Though they were poor, they lived ha... 0 Hangművész, Szinkronhang Apr 20, 2018 Ma4n 15ó €18
Design a landing page for my website with no functionality I need a landing page design for my website pokertables 365 im looking for something almost exactly like the picture I uploaded called kinda the landing page im looking for the logo is also uploaded Im just looking for one that is more smooth and raised up and looks better. The main large banner will be something about signing up now to enter the grand opening tournament for a 2018 Dodge Challenge... 0 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés, Felhasználói felület / IA, Webdesign Apr 20, 2018 Ma2n 14ó €41
Open source SDR and more I would like to offer my sponsorship of a software defined radio board to student engineer or researcher to work on any open source project that will involve the community. My hardware will be the BeagleSDR add-on board as best current cape for the Beagleboard-x15. It has a FPGA, AVR microcontroller, and high speed ADC/DAC, i2c programmable clock... This open source project probably last at least ... 0 C programozás, Beágyazott szoftver, FPGA, Linux, Szoftverarchitektúra Apr 20, 2018 Ma29n 12ó €8
Create a good products marketing video. Designing a good video related to my new products.(Mattress) Information can be discussed. Smoothing video with nice music is plus point. Video must be attractive and have the effort of calling for action. 0 Infografika, Képszerkesztés, Photoshop dizájn, Videó szolgáltatások Apr 20, 2018 Ma6n 8ó €12
Graphic Design for a Trade Show Booth -- 2018 Our company, [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez], needs graphic design for a trade show booth. We need 2 graphics - the main graphic (for the big piece) and a small graphic (for the small piece). This is the display we have purchased: [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] We just need to change the graphics from ... 0 Bannertervezés, Grafikai tervezés Apr 20, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €81
Design of a bottle label We need a label design for a bottle, content and logo are ready. Everything is explained in the attached document. 7 Grafikai tervezés, Csomagtervezés Apr 20, 2018 Ma6n 2ó €203
Making a short video for menstrual cups I need you to make a short video 30-60 seconds( no more than 60 seconds) as advertisement for my product-menstrual cup. I will provide all images available on hand. You may add images too if you think it is better. And the ad copy are in the text document. The video, serving as advertisement, it should be luring people to buy our product, and it should be shown three aspects: [url elt&aacut... 0 Animáció, Photoshop, Videoszerkesztés, Videogyártás, Videó szolgáltatások Apr 20, 2018 Ma6n €16
Movie Theatre Website with Ticketing We are a small movie theater. We need a website that can utilize Square for online ticketing and provide customers with a digital receipt they can show when they come to the theater. We need to be able to program multiple showtimes each day. Each showtime will have variable pricing (matinee, senior/military/student discount, child prices, and full price). We need to be able to incorporate promo p... 1 Grafikai tervezés, HTML, PHP, Webdesign Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 201828n 9ó €162
Design a roll-up to print update: check the attached roll-up design, this is the requested content but on a better design ----------- We have a construction projects management system, the launching event is in about 4 days, Looking for the roll-up design, the design will have to enclose all the features in the application and all are connected to reflect the workflow idea, The main advantage of the application ... 8 Bannertervezés, Grafikai tervezés Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20181n 2ó €81
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