Do some Research on a list of Gardening and Tree Pruning topics for Australian conditions

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I'm looking to find someone competent to research the topics listed below and send me any relevant images/links to go with the content to make into brochures (Note: I’m just looking for someone to do the research and send me the content and I'll sort out the brochures)

I am looking to use this content (in the first list) to produce brochures to have on display in Garden Nurseries in Melbourne. The purpose of the brochures is to educate their customers on what they need to know before buying from us and hopefully results them in contacting us for a quote.

- I am looking for QUALITY over quantity
- once off job with similar opportunities in the future

Topics (roughly 300 words on each):
- How and when to prune Citrus Fruit trees (in Australia)
- Tips (what to do and what not to do) for spreading mulch around your garden
- How and when to prune Manchurian Pear trees (in Australia)
- How and when to prune Apple trees (in Australia)
- Rules and regulations for pruning neighbouring trees overhanging your property (private property)
- How and when to treat Elm leaf beetle (in Australia)
- Tips to transplanting Juvenile (young) trees
- The top 10 most suitable fruit trees to have in your garden (for Melbourne)
- Pests that effect Lemon trees (in Australia), and how to treat it

Further topics (not to be used on the brochures):
- Tree Pruning standards in Australia (AS4373-2007)
- Council Permit Regulations for removing trees on private property for individual councils (Boroondara City Council, Stonnington City Council, City of Monash, Bayside City Council and City of Glen Eira)
- Why and how excessive pruning (lopping) causes irreversible damage

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    Any update? Any question please ask me :)

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    Any news regarding selection process? Thanks in advance, K.

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    if its all about article writing i can do it

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  • copywriteforyou
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    I'm a horticulturist with 22 years' experience. I've done a fair amount of work for Australian arborists, but my speciality is text not images. I would be happy to write a sample for you if you're interested. I would emphasize the pitfalls of incorrect pruning, give the information that's needed and end by suggesting that hiring an experienced arborist is the best solution. The only reason why I'm not entering this contest is the need for original images.

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  • A1Writing
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    Hello sir, i can do this job.

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  • SpiderMan1020
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    f you are looking for a writer who produces high-quality content in a short time frame, look no further. I pride myself in providing my clients with top-notch, original content that captures the attention of readers in an informative yet engaging way.I have a passion for researching and learning about new things. My talent lies in taking this research and turning it into well-written contents that convey a sense of clarity, eloquence, and enthusiasm. I work quickly but strive to ensure that every project I complete is an example of my best work.

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