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Hello! I am starting a new company with 5 other people with different occupations! We are searching for a logo that suits our company. In our new company we will help E-sport players with their health and performance through rehabilitation, ergonomics and diets. We need a logo that represents this in the best way possible!
The Logo needs to be professional with pretty clean font! We don't know what objects to be on the logo, maybe its ok just with the company name in text or maybe some objects aswell!

The name of the new company is: E-sports Health and Performance Team. The short name will be E-sports HP Team (HP in gaming stands for health points, which makes the name a little bit catchy)

IMPORTANT: A big bonus if you can make the logo give the impression that we together, multiprofessionally can help and care for gamers!

Here are some points that the New logo should represent:
* E-sport
* Health
* Gaming
* Rehabilitation
* Optimisation

Overall you should know that we want that:

- The logo should be vector graphic
- The logo should be able to be applied on various background colors
- Blue is a nice colour for the logo but you can also try other colours!
- We want to be able to print this logo on shirts in small pretty small formats, so not too tiny details!

I have added 2 pictures to give you inspiration! Thank you and have fun making a logo for a future big company! / Oskar

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“Extremely professional, Listens to the customer, got charisma, very creative. Have nothing bad to say about this freelancer, he is incredible!”

Profilkép oskarhemby, Sweden.

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