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    ...hivatkozni: az n. halmaz: (n). Ezeken a halmazokon egyetlen fajta műveletet tudunk végezni, két halmaz unioját. Például az 1-es és a 3-as indexű halmaz uniojából keletkezik az N. indexű halmaz (mindig a következő szabad index), amelynek a tartalma: (1, 3) lesz. Ezután, ha az imént keletkezett ...

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    ...I'm the lead developer for a UK company called Quadranet. We specialise in reservations and Epos systems for the hospitality industry. We are looking to hire a team of freelance developers in Warsaw to rewrite our existing reservation system which is now very dated. It was written back around the year 2000 in VB6 and we now want it to...

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    ...for you to understand what I need, I need to tell you the story from the beginning. The first message went to a company that is helping me with my podcast idea. It starts like this; I need a mechanism to queue up podcast episodes making them available to subscribers in sequence. From my website, I will offer

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    I would like to hire someone who understands the Wordpress Freelance Engine Plus Theme. The Freelance Engine Plus Theme will be provided by us. The customisation part is in the "Post a Project" section where some fields are required to be added. The other works are the text edits and setting various conditions in the theme da...

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    We would like to hire a freelance nodeJS developer with good hands on developing complete NODEJS + MySQL + AngularJS based application. We will supply the design screens. The application in question is a workflow system ( Collaboration, Team, Task & Time Management). You must have had good experience developing chats/live dashboards et...

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I am a tutor for spoken English. I want to hire an able freelance app developer to make an app for me.

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    Start-up in the agro-tech sector.

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    i started a project that is mainly a video , image and audio display app (articles, news,projects) for a company , the app also include a team managment process (profiles, meetings calander), the conception of the project is done, i already started the development but it still need work, i need to realise a full prototype within a<...

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    We would like to finish the design of an event/plan manager mobile app. It should manage the events with your friends and show them in a calendar. The main idea is to create plans and be able to vote inside between different options to set a date. We already have the design and the main code programmed. Android + iOS

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    We would like to finish our current design of an event/plan calendar app. It should manage schedule events with your friends and show them in a calendar. Android + iOS

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    - I am planing to start a website where i will be teaching a skill. - People should be able to watch payed videos on my website. - I need an administrator Panel allowing me a full controll : - I should be able to upload and remove videos easily . - I should be able to change prices and put special offers and pa...

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    I need a hardware engineer.

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    Would like to create a website where one must create a profile to be able to post or comment to other's posts.

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    Cricket blogging website similar to: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] This website aims to give a voice to the cricket public around the world. Anyone can now be a journalist, writing an article on any cricket related topic. I believe cricket, and perhaps sport in general, does not do enough to involve the fans. The website ...

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    Want to develop restursnt menu

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    Here is my app need: I'm selling train parts online, toy trains, Lionel Trains to be exact. My father was a big collector, he knew a guy who knew a guy... anyway we now have nearly a million parts of ten thousand different pieces to sell, and we do so online at "[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]". Most everything come...

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    Hello! I'm seeking a freelancer who is comfortable with Block Spring integrations. I'd like to automate my sales process using a BlockSpring function. Currently, I have to go through each individual sales record at a time to see the follow up from my sales team. By connecting Microsoft Dynamics to my Excel spreadsheet, I<...

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    How can I save my rights before sharing my project. I have an idea for Family to be an app for both android and iOS. I'm looking for programming that I don't mind to be a partner in this project if he accept my idea.

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    How can I save my rights before sharing my project. I have an idea for Family to be an app for both android and iOS. I'm looking for programming that I don't mind to be a partner in this project if he accept my idea.

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    We are looking for web developer to design and develop a website for online consultation of various services. Three steps user must able to complete on the website for the consultation: 1. Fill the personal information 2. Fill the questionnaire by selecting options available for every question. 3. Make the payment through debit/credit card. After receiving

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    Luxury Family owned brand. Liquid Gold pure Argan oil

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    I need a developer to work on C# immediately to build an API.

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    I want to have a Windows application (.exe) program that checks the player's Minecraft [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] you need to know about the program is in the attached file. Additional services for the server must be programmed for the program. These services result from the functions of the attached file.

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    We are seeking a talented UI Developer for ongoing work on one of our clients platform refresh. The successful candidate will have experience with converting layouts from Illustrator to responsive HTML/CSS. They should be experts with javascript, and creating polished interactions.

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    I have coded and developed an AR Tour Guide app (images as markers) using Vuforia SDK on ios. Since Vuforia doesn't support SLAM technology, I want to disable the image recognition part of the code, and integrate a library called Kudan to my xcode code (objective-c), to guide users without any marker through SLAM technology. This is a 1-wee...

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    .Net , SQL Server, MVC

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    Need a landing page to advertise a mobile app for Apple iStore and Android Playstore. Details will be discussed in person under signage of an NDA. We have reserved a domain name and have the general design fleshed out - logos and images.

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    ...willing to pay for it. The internet has made commerce faster, cheaper and safer. Time for finance to step up. Lendable is an online lending platform, disrupting financial services. We are extremely successful London based fintech startup that makes a profit just 3 years after it was founded. We are very well funded (more than 100 million) and like to hire

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    Need a front end web developer for updates to a wordpress website

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    Create a logo & Website.

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    I have coded and developed an AR Tour Guide app (images as markers) using Vuforia SDK on ios. Since Vuforia doesn't support SLAM technology, I want to disable the image recognition part of the code, and integrate a library called Kudan to my xcode code (objective-c), to guide users without any marker through SLAM technology. This is a 1-week ...

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    Develop HTML email in our Mailchimp account using SKETCH FILE and ASSETS

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    Diseñador Web Freelance se ofrece para trabajar con Agencias o para quien necesite una Web moderna y profesional. Precios económicos, responsabilidad y tiempos récord. 15 años de experiencia realizando todo tipo de proyectos: Desarrollos Web complejos, Landing Pages, Páginas Web tanto para Particulares como para Empresas. Diseño Web HTML5, WordPress

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    Website development/upgrade with the addition of a database query function. Needs to be compatible with mobile devices for data entry and data lookup.

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    ...The page should be loaded in full screen without the display of links at the top ( don’t show box with address). * When a channel is selected it should open in the Autoplay (user dont having to click the middle of the video to open). The channels should also be opened in full screen. * The environment of use / homologation are TV boxe's Android with

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    Hello, Looking for a developer who to work together in my next project. We will need to developed a webpage using API for XML. it is a retail site where you can go and book the things you need from another big webpage ( Supplier)

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    ...We are a small mom and pop travel agency. We have a website, [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez], created in WordPress. Unfortunately our website designer is no longer in business. I would like to have the following changes made: 1. In place of the Sign up for our email, I would like to offer a cho...

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    ...About Us: We are a small B2C real estate investment company that buys homes before they go into foreclosure, then remodels and flips them for a profit. We are focused on lead gen conversions. (tracking only form completions, and phone calls). We want to keep our Adwords budget focused on direct response tactics. We have always wanted a full featured

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    We are wanting to implement SharePoint and need assistance with setup, design, training and implementation. Ideally based in Sydney, Australia.

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    Starter Freelancer. Intending to pick jobs of App creation.

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    Very small web app. 4 screens, 3 reports+ convert to pdf of one report and 1 process/query to be run on a daily basis. Not more than 6 hours work. To be on wordpress. Nothing graphical, simply plan screens and reports.

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    Fund Trasfer Pricing system model design in banking sector.

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    Email invitation of 1512px width and 864px height. Design is finalised in InDesign and now needs to be created as a HTML invite. Deadline within the next 5 hours.

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    Restaurant Reservation System , application in Apple store , the application will be for Restaurant in Kuwait

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    I need a new program/software that can import data from one website and insert it into another. It is for a drop ship company on Ebay. The program will have to keep track of stock and price on 2 specific websites and be able to import all pictures and descriptions and paste said descriptions int specific fields and vice versa with (addresses, names)

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    Graft is a global, open-sourced, blockchain-based, decentralized payment gateway and processing platform that anyone can use. Any buyer and merchant can use Graft in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way. Graft ecosystem is open so anyone can participate by maintaining Graft blockchain and implementing network services. Graft employs payment

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    We need to develop a microsite in squarespace using the developer platform and it is out of our skill set. The site is fairly simple, we have all the content created. The only issue we are encountering is that we want the splash or home page to be a random image (gif) generator and we have created over 100 gifs. We tried using a code block, but we found

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    My project is to (adapt open engines like feed reader) to link , monitore ând interact on News regarding politicians of my country, city, etc., like a hangman game, giving-then more or less chances, (likes or dislikes)...to have this historic permanently to beter vote, in a ease way...

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