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    ...When we do any task automatically it adds in the history We can add Task xx, we can remove Task xx, We can change number of tasks We can change the link and name of Task We can add up to 3 links for 1 Task We can add or remove the way of doing the Task For each Task we can add or delete more ways to do the Task We can define contact as C1or C2 or C3 or C4 or C5 or D1 or D2 or R1 or R2 Main Page: We can select by categories C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 D1 D2 R1 R2 We can select by date or by range of date we can select by zip code We can select by activity We can select by task number we can select by the way to do task Admin can give access to all contacts of 1 user to another user or to give contact of 1 client from 1 user to another user , or give contact of 1 cl...

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    Improved SGM Algorithm 3 nap left

    Enhanced algorithm for SGM - Experienced person for computer vision - Experienced person for SGM - PHD degree for computer vision - Experienced person with the ability to analyze existing world-wide-best papers for SGM - Ability to implement computer vision algorithms in C/C++ - c/c++ - opencv

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    I'm looking to upgrade my current ESP8266 controller to an ESP32 C3 Mini controller. I am primarily interested in freelancers with specific experience in this upgrade. Here's what I need: Requirement -1 : 1. Update existing Master Controller board based of ESP8266 to support ESP32 C3 IPEX/ (EasyEDA PCB design) 2. Retain GPIO connections and other circuits and components. 3. Ensure the position of LEDs, buttons and interfaces are as in current design 4. Ensure that the device supports handling loads upto 3A total without any heat with each port support upto 1 A Requirement -2 : 1. Redesign existing Zone Expander PCB board from Eagle to EasyEDA 2. Add LED Power indicator option 3. Ensure that the Expander handle upto 3A without any heating and each port handles u...

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    As the titel describes, I want to hire one freelancer to scrap out these following data: Compan ynamne/phonenumber/email from this website: Their is 10 146 companies i want to collect data from. All of them! Thanks

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    I currently have my app designed using Figma and I need an expert mobile application developer proficient in iOS and Android platforms. Your task includes development from the ground up by effectively turning my design into a real, working prototype. Necessary skills and experience: - Proficienc...bids. --------------------------------------------------- Hello! I'm working on a prototype for a mobile app on iOS and Android, and I need someone who can bring my Figma design to life by connecting it with Airtable. It's nothing too complex; mainly, it's about having a functional prototype. Do you have experience with Figma and Airtable? (Client)-(Copy)?type=design&node-id=3981%3A5804&mode=design&t=1QFdGxghiHPPy5li-1

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    I need someone with experience creating plugins and integrating payments gateway with woocommerce. Important to be able to manage flow of failed payments and success payments. This payment gateway works as an iframe: documentation here: Need to integrate TOKU as one time payment gateway compatible with Woocommerce.

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    Trophy icon Flyer for Photovoltaik Installation Véget ért left

    We need Flyer designs for our project Design for the flyer like this:

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    Project description: I use: Wordpress/Dokan/Woocommerce When registering a product on woocommerce, I can currently set the mktplace/administrator commission. What needs to be done. The work is: a) Include more than one author in the product b) When registering the product, have the option to set the individual commission for each of the authors/sellers Reference docu...registering a product on woocommerce, I can currently set the mktplace/administrator commission. What needs to be done. The work is: a) Include more than one author in the product b) When registering the product, have the option to set the individual commission for each of the authors/sellers Reference documentation on how to send the order when a sale occurs.

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    Hello, I am a documentary film director with substantial track record and reviews from major publications like The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter and The Village Voice. I have already drafted a short (two paragraph) Wikipedia page, including 15 citations and respective links. I need an experienced person to edit it into the Wikipedia format and navigate the process of p...filmmaker for reference. Please tell me how many successful pages you have already published and got approved by Wikipedia, including 3 examples. Kindly provide a flat rate for your services. This is not a complicated job. It just needs to be done properly to get approved by Wikipedia. Best, Richard Wolf Filmmaker similar Wikipedia page for reference:

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    I'm looking for a seasoned HTML developer who understands how to properly restructure existing code for improved overall quality. The primary aim is to optimize the landing page for showcasing our products and services, encouraging users to click-through to other areas of the site. Key requi...keen eye for detail. The end goal is to foster a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience, driving visitors naturally to engage more with our site. Please submit your bid along with relevant samples of your past work using HTML. Current landing page: New version with web and mobile:

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    As an Amazon seller catering to parents, I'm looking for a professional who can optimize my product listing. Your tasks include, but aren't limited to: 1. **Listing Optimization**: This for...appealingly. - **Product Descriptions**: These should be detailed, easy to understand, and persuasive. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience on Amazon, particularly with product listing optimization. - Familiarity with the needs and preferences of parents and children. - Excellent SEO and keyword optimization abilities. View a product at: %B4s-Raincoat/dp/B00Y2RYNBE/ref=sr_1_1?dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.EvRVe49yn9pvle9X-hOpdQ.bZBVUj30AQFdNikr-cBmQ0iWrVwQ3_VFTkizBNALdpQ&dib_tag=se&qid=1710411771&refinements=p_4%3AAliOli+Kids&s=clothing&sr=1-1

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    We want to flip the C3 to 3C in logo, so Big 3 and small C in the scare. Same logo nothing changed besides flipping the C and the 3. I can give you source files. attached is jpeg of logo Bid if you can blast out now

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    I am keen to collaborate with a skilled developer having expertise in virtual reality for the creation of a professional application. Key Requirements: - The app should be compatible with Windows, Oculus Quest, and Unity. Having knowledge of platform-specific VR SDKs would be key. - The VR experience should be pro...module to promote calmness and emotional well-being. Our platform provides an immersive experience, where users can immerse themselves in tranquil virtual environments and learn effective relaxation techniques. With an intuitive and friendly interface, we facilitate access to innovative therapeutic tools.. Like this: An this:

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    I am planning a website that aligns with modern design principles and requires a solid foundation built with HTML5/CSS. This project would heavily involve bootstrap. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in HTML5/CSS - Extensive experience with Bootstrap While applying, freelancers should focus on: - Highlighting t...Extensive experience with Bootstrap While applying, freelancers should focus on: - Highlighting their experience in the relevant field. The more experience you have with HTML5/CSS and bootstrap, the better. Looking forward to insightful applications from proficient Freelancers. Design is as follows, and must be for mobile design as well

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    ...example “Derrick White” • SG2 – string, example “Sam Hauser” • SG3 – string, example “Jaden Springer” • SF1 – string, example “Jaylen Brown” • SF2 – string, example “Oshae Brissett” • SF3 – string, example “Svi Myhauiluk” • PF1 – string, example “Jayson Tatum” • PF2 – string, example “Xavier Tillman” • PF3 – string, example “” • C1 – string, example “Al Horford” • C2 – string, example “Luke Kornet” • C3– string, example “” • Out – a list of the players who are out , string[], example – [“JD Daviso...

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    Flare System Analysis Véget ért left

    I am looking to conduct a flare system study to assess if the existing Flare System of Train 1, 2 & 3 is adequate to dispose the relief mass flow during different emergency situations considering all the relief loads from the entire facility (including Train 1, Train 2, Train 3, BOP of C3+, LNG storage and LPG storage and even the cleaning plant).

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    Necesito un programador que sepa de woocommerce y de php para modificar un archivo php del plugin de la impresora para que imprima el ticket cuando se genera un pedido en la tienda. Actualmente salen varios campos que he podido modificar porque son etiquetas como Pedido en lugar de order, Dia y hora etc, pero el problema es que no imprime bien el total de la suma del ticket aparece 0.00 y tampoco aparecen los datos del cliente, es como si no cogiera bien las variables de donde las tiene que coger pero a mi ya se me hablo inglés por lo que deberia de ser español.

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    Animation Video Véget ért left

    I want to develope an animation video like the one in the link. It should be in Portuguese (I can help and translate) Link:

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    Trophy icon Design for my car Véget ért left

    I want to decorate my car with graphics related to this theme. The company deals with roof construction, hence the example provided. I also attach a picture of just the car for the mockup. Apart from the space where it's written that I'll put the logo, the rest is open for graphics. I want designs for both the sides and the hood. The car model is Citroen C3, in case you don't want to use the attached picture. Note: The graphics must be vector-based. I'm looking forward to your ideas!

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    ...joining it with the file name of the newly copied spreadsheet. For example the Cell C1 value is "Joe Bloggs" and the name of the new spreadsheet is "Copy of Verkflo 22-2-2024", the new spreadsheet file name should be renamed "Joe Bloggs Verkflo 22-2-2024". Now copy the list of Cell values given below from the spreadsheet whose ID is in Cell C1 over to the newly created spreadsheet. B2, C2 D2 C3 C4 D7 B8 B9 B10 B11 B12 B13, C13 B14 B15 B16 B17 B18 B19 B21 B22 B23 B24 B25 B26 B28 B29 B30 B31 B32 B34 B38 B39, C39 B40 B41 B42 B43 B45, C45 B46 B47, C47 B48 B49, C49 B50, C50 B51 B52, C52 B53, C53 B54 B55, C55 B56 B57, C57 B58, C58 B59, C59 B60,C60 B61, C61 B62 B63, C63 B65, C65 B66 B67, C67 B68, C68 B69 B71, C71 B72 B73, C76 B77 B78, C78 B79 B80, C80 ...

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    3 logo options + complete vector (source) files in .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf, and .psd 1 Day Delivery 5 Revisions 3 concepts included Logo transparency Vector file Printable file Include source file I have attached a mock idea of something i like. I have the vector icon for the C3 image on mock logo.

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    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a minimalist logo and branding for my company, Abhishek Bedi Designs & Construction. The chosen freelancer should be proficient in creating minimal yet striking designs and have prior experience in logo and branding w...engaging a freelancer who can convey the ethos of my brand effectively with their design skills. Tasks in detail are as: 1. Logo Designing - You may have a starting point as per the attached PDF, but more proposals and themes are highly appreciated. You can also propose for animation in the Logo 2. This is a Logo + Branding. I will need Branding for : a. Email b. Letterhead - A4 & A3 c. Envelope - C3 & C4 d. Stickers for Laptop and Car e. Laptop and iPhone mobile wallpapers Attached is a sample of what...

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    I'm looking to build an advanced API for a construction ma...within the system. Specific Features Needed: * **Margin Tracking:** The API should deliver details about profit margins on all current projects. Experience in .NET and a strong understanding of project management systems is essential. Knowledge in developing APIs, focusing specifically on construction business, would be ideal. FIGMA: Provider MUST share weekly updates in a meeting and also weekly updates on the GIT repository. Initial Database Structure: Base Application:

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    ...é por meio de SDK e realmente eu não entendo. Seria para integrar com o FlutterFlow. Então estou em busca de um desenvolvedor que consiga realizar essa integração, até mesmo no Pubdev há arquivos das duas máquinas, não sei se é o suficiente, porém pode ajudar. Aqui está a documentação das 2 plataformas para caso alguém se interesse: Pagseguro: Cielo: Meu objetivo é construir um sistema para máquina, em primeiro momento preciso apenas que faça possível a integração e deixe as ações prontas para

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    ...does open a serial port on usb device to read some number and it sends over BLE we also have already the BLE part made in Arduino IDE but what we are missing is the part which opens the port and read the serial data from usb device we reckon we shall add add cdc_acm on Arduino Ide we can share the project ESP-IDF and the BLE part already made in Arduino IDE. We will need then adjustment for ESP32-C3 after the completion - **Key Functions**: - BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capabilities. - CDC_adm for USB communication. - Interact with serial devices. - **Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in C/C++ and scripting for microcontrollers. - Previous experience with ESP32-S3 and Arduino IDE. - Understanding of USB communication protocols. - Knowledge in handling BLE func...

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    10 árajánlat Require output in both PSD and CRD. Demonstration should be both as graphic and how it will look on Tshirt. I am okay with both front and back side designs. NOTE: DO NOT FOCUS ON THE WORD VEGAN. I AM MORE FOCUSSED ON THE STATEMENT + IMPACT. CHECK EXAMPLES PROPERLY. UPDATE: Inspiration should not be focus on making a statement but about helping spreading

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    ...habilidad de comunicación. Ejemplo de post para nuestro linkedin - con nuestro soporte e información ejemplo de blogpost para nuestra web - con nuestro soporte e información ¿Quieres unirte a nosotros? Envía lo siguiente a angelica(arroba=@) 1) Información Personal y Profesional: Envíanos tus datos de contacto y tu CV actualizado. Queremos conocerte mejor y entender tu trayectoria profesional. 2) Estado de Autónomo/a: Confirma que estás registrado/a como autónomo/a en tu país de residencia. Esto es crucial para garantizar que podemos

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    Trophy icon Cover for my ebook - 06/01/2024 15:05 EST Véget ért left

    For my new ebook () i need a cover. Special: The ebook is the summary of my 19 ebooks. It includes all 19 ebooks in 1. The cover for amazon should be "collection" summarycover of all existing ones. Including: - the title "Aquarium A-Z - 19 in 1 Ratgeber - the keywordcloud - the mentioned USPs in the current version You find all single covers from the 19 ebooks at Format: An ideal ratio of height to width of at least 1.6:1, i.e: For every 1,000 pixels in width, the image should have 1,600 pixels in height.

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    Hi There, I would like you to do another scrapping, this the website (german jobboard) There are already criteria’s used in the link (see screenshot) I do need the following details: Company Name, City, Person in the job ad, position, e-mail and telephone number, the telephone number ist a must have. Could you do that?

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    Introduction to the Company Details on Our Products and Services Need-Based Software Development for Businesses All images from can be used in the ima...editing and sound quality. Inclusion of music and voice-over to reinforce the message. Provision of the final image film in high resolution and various formats. Example Videos from iStock:

    €103 (Avg Bid)
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    ...our lessons to the kids of families who can afford our classes and camps. But what about the other half of the kids? It is for the less affluent students that we formed a non-profit “Company B.” The idea is that the non-profit will accept grants and donations in order to pay the way for kids who cannot afford Company A camps and classes. Company B was recently approved by the IRS as a 501-c3 corporation, so donations made to this organization are fully tax-deductible. It is our hope that individuals and businesses will consider donating to this new organization as the year wraps up and giving budgets are expended. If you have any questions or would like to donate some money to Company B please email xxx. Thanks for your consideration and may you have a...

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    Hi, i have created a Ranking report dashboard for my clients, this will be the layout of the page: %5BCliente-Rafael%5D---Projeto-An%C3%A1lise-Concorr%C3%AAncia?type=design&node-id=1-4&t=3PQOs5SVuWdXkwFr-0&scaling=min-zoom&page-id=0%3A1 I need you to code this page on wordpress. And other important detail, i want to be able to import many clients csv, so i can build this reports in bulk, if you can help me with this solution too will be great. The goal is that i want to upload like 10 csv files, and they all build this above page with their data from csv. Let me know code 1020 on beginning of apllication to proof you read the description of my project.

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    We need someone who films and edit, needs to be around the location, we do not cover travel expenses. Thank you. Please check the briefing here: Check a post with photos of the store:

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    3 árajánlat

    ...habilidad de comunicación. EJEMPLO DE POST PARA NUESTRO LINKEDIN - Con nuestro soporte e información EJEMPLO DE BLOGPOST PARA NUESTRA WEB - Con nuestro soporte e información ...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can improve the design of my Figma project and convert it into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within a maximum of 5 days. The ideal candidate should have experience in the following: Specific Requirements: - Clean and well-structured code - Responsive design - Smooth animations and trans...Please note that the type of website we are improving the design for was not specified by the client. Project Timeline: - The client has requested the project to be completed as soon as possible. If you have the necessary skills and experience to meet these requirements, please submit your proposal. Thank you. This is the Figma file

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up the example code for Chronoamperometry and Square wave voltammetry on a potentiostat. The specific potentiostat model that I am using is Model A. The potentiostat that is currently being developed consists of an ESP32-C3 processor, with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth 5, and an Analog Devices AD5941 (which is compatible with the AD5940) analog front-end that is specifically intended for electrohemical and biological measurements. Analog Devices supply a sophisticated library with the AD5941 Evaluation board, including many examples of firmware for specific applications, such as Cyclic Voltammetry (CV), Square Wave Voltammetry (SWV) and Chrono Amperometry (CA). The example code for the above three measurement methods have been succ...

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    ...freelancer to help me with the design and development of a PCBa prototype. The main components of the project are the esp32 c3 super mini and the AD8232 sensor. The desired size of the PCBa prototype is small, less than 5cm x 5cm. I need assistance with sourcing the components for the project. The desired functionality of the AD8232 sensor in the project is ECG signal measurements and monitoring. I will need you do: - Components List - Circuit desing with EasyEDA - Fales for the manufacture of the PCBa - 3D Modeling base - Armed prototype of the system Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - PCB design and development - Expertise in working with the esp32 c3 super mini and the AD8232 sensor - Knowledge of sourcing components for PCBa prototypes - Experien...

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    ...conversion. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal along with examples of your previous work in audio conversion. Detailed instructions below Go to the following link:

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    Video for Website Véget ért left

    I want to obtain a video of approximately 10 seconds, free of copyright for an engineering website. Optimal HD quality and size of 960 x 540 px. I search a similar example: a) b) c)

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    I am looking for someone who can review an esp32 c3 mini circuit schematic for me. The complexity level of the circuit schematics is Intermediate but also small and I require recommendations for improvements only if there are any critical issues found. The turnaround time I am expecting for this project is 1-2 days. The successful freelancer must be knowledgeable in electrical engineering, understand schematic symbols and basic conventions, and have experience in schematic design. I am looking for someone with the ability to critically analyze and decipher schematic diagrams. I expect a thorough review of my small project; a full report on any issues identified should be provided. This is an excellent opportunity to utilize your electrical engineering background in a short-term, f...

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    digicert ssl validation Véget ért left

    Project Title: Digicert SSL Validation Type of SSL certificate needed: Extended Validation (EV) Project completion timeframe: ASAP Skills and Experience Required: - Expertise in Digicert SSL validation - In-depth knowledge of Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates - Familiarity with the Digicer...completion timeframe: ASAP Skills and Experience Required: - Expertise in Digicert SSL validation - In-depth knowledge of Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates - Familiarity with the Digicert platform and validation process we have issues validating our EV ssl, digicert requires a duns listing but dont have it.

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    6 árajánlat

    ...boxplots for the average hourly earnings for B1 females with a bachelor degree; B2 females without a bachelor degree. B3 males with a bachelor degree; B4 males without a bachelor degree. Note: to generate boxplots using python you may use this page. 3. C Provide 95% confidence intervals for the average hourly earnings for C1 females with a bachelor degree; C2 females without a bachelor degree; C3 males without a bachelor degree; C4 males without a bachelor degree; C5 Now compare and comment on the results you obtained in parts C1 through C4. 4. D Compute and report the average hourly earnings (ahe) across genders. Is there a statis- tically significant difference in the averages? In your solution you should write out the null and alternative hypotheses and explain the test...

    €121 (Avg Bid)
    €121 licitátlag
    15 árajánlat designing wind-rated buildings for residential purposes in coastal areas, please reach out to discuss further details and project requirements. I am looking for an experienced Australian structural engineer to work on a C3 wind rated building. The building is going to be made of steel framing prefabricated parts from korea and china. This is a residential project and I have complete plans that need to be worked on. The timeline for the project is expected to be completed within a month. The engineer should have prior experience in creating or reviewing plans for C3 wind rated buildings and be knowledgeable in structural calculations for Australian standards, code of practises and certification processes. The ideal candidate should have a degree in Structural Engineer...

    €669 (Avg Bid)
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    27 árajánlat

    ...maximum and minimum value, median, skewness and kurtosis. Provide boxplots for the average hourly earnings for: B1 females with a bachelor degree; B2 females without a bachelor degree. B3 males with a bachelor degree; B4 males without a bachelor degree. C Provide 95% confidence intervals for the average hourly earnings for C1 females with a bachelor degree; C2 females without a bachelor degree; C3 males without a bachelor degree; C4 males without a bachelor degree; D Run a regression of ahe on a constant, age, female and bachelor and provide the regression results (as a table). D1 If age increases from 25 to 26, then how much are earnings expected to change? D2 If age increases from 33 to 34, then how much are earnings expected to change E Run a regression of ln(ahe) on ...

    €84 (Avg Bid)
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    17 árajánlat

    Hi Dayaben D., I have setup a Hostinger account and given you access to Wordpress. Please can you load the site so it works correctly. I have set the milestone as US$50 for work last month plus US$60 for moving the site across now. Thanks, Mark

    €103 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Sameer, Please see below for the C3 TLK (Try Us, Like Us, Keep Us) campaign digital ads: Please keep in mind that this is a different campaign than Black Friday so the design elements will be different. Please refer to the links in the brief for branding, Instagram profile and website. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Alex

    €56 (Avg Bid)
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    I want to make an ems (electro muscle stim) device circuit. Let it output 100v - 100ma" I will do the microprocessor side, I only need the power side. sample product:

    €128 (Avg Bid)
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    18 árajánlat

    Hi Sameer, Please see the brief below for the C3 Pure Fibre Black Friday digital ads. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Alex

    €56 (Avg Bid)
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    1 árajánlat

    I am looking for someone who can assist me in creating a product in my Amazon Seller Central account, allowing customers to customize their orders in the shopping cart. This product is referred to as "Amazon my Amazon Seller Central account and ensure that customers have the option to choose their desired design variant and size, as well as enter precise measurements in a text field before finalizing their order. If you have experience in creating Amazon Custom products and are interested in this task, I look forward to your response. Customizable like this: This is the Product Attached you can find all needed information

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