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    We need some help with Dashboards and Reporting around our marketing and sales functions. Looking to take advantage of Google Data Suite and improve how we capture data from multiple sources (LinkedIn, Typeform, Calendly as main sources) and present it, currently using spreadsheets

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    Trophy icon BRAND GUIDELINES DESIGN CONTEST 6 nap left

    ...ATTACHED DOCUMENTS FOR FURTHER DETAIL, INCLUDING THE DESIGN CONTEST PDF WITH FULL DIRECTION, AND INSPIRATION FOR CREATING AN ALIGNED BRAND GUIDELINE. We have also attached our logos, mood board, This is a wonderful opportunity to enter a DESIGN CONTEST for an exciting international NFT and fine art project that is rapidly expanding. HEARTIVATED is a startup looking for an exceptional designer to capture the essence of the company through a BRAND GUIDELINE CONTEST. Whomever we work with will be invited to future projects! We are seeking a GRAPHIC DESIGNER to CREATE: Full digital brand guidelines Two sample deck slides based on the brand guidelines you create. Our direction is to have a creative mind, an abstract focus, and tune into the energetics of our company vision, mission...

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    The Journey 6 nap left

    I’ve lived a life that has always pushed things right to the edge. It’s comical and interesting in so many ways. I’ve got so many bloopers that it all caught on tape, they’d all go viral. I can talk to someone I connect with for hours and hours, but writing it in a way that captivates the same way that I speak it is beyond my capability. I want to share it with someone that can capture it all. It’s probably an every man story, but it’s all the things that every man won’t share. I want to connect with the author deeply and have them truly understand me. Then write it. I want to bring the most positive energy possible to this world taken from my pain and struggle.

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    Payment Gateway Integration 5 nap left

    Looking for someone who can help us understand the payment flow for Just a postman collection with the flow should be good for us. Refer to POS flow! We are looking forward to: - Scan a QR code - Capture an amount - After the user uses the service, we deduct the payment - Refund the rest Please add "MP" before starting the bid

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    ...packaged into a small 2D interface; this game is easily run on an emulator; I currently have 43 accounts running on 25 different mobile emulators. I would like to condense this into a simple program with buttons. Windows is my OS (I have 43 separate accounts, how this is approached I don't mind. In-app profiles - Reading profiles from text document - Individual programs) If you show me the packet capture required to allow the bot to log in - I will gladly do that heavy lifting as I will eventually create more accounts. I'm unsure if this is possible with a basic replay attack, a quick test before may be best. If you have a different approach, I'm welcome to new ideas. The game is 'Party In My Dorm' I'm looking to automate 'Attack Parties&#...

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    Trophy icon DISEÑO LOGO TIENDA DEPORTIVA 28 nap left

    Hola tengo mi emprendimiento de la tienda deportiva Alpha Gym Store, estoy buscando dar un salto de calidad en nuestro logo, el cual debe representar la fuerza, confianza en si mismo y agilidad de un lobo alfa. Mi preferencia en logos tiene raices en en tatuajes tribales, animalistas y logos de crossfit porque tienen muchos detalles interesantes y son complejos. El sl...agilidad de un lobo alfa. Mi preferencia en logos tiene raices en en tatuajes tribales, animalistas y logos de crossfit porque tienen muchos detalles interesantes y son complejos. El slogan actual sería: Training Hard Les dejo el logo actual de la tienda y algunas referencias que encontre para su inspiración. Colores de la marca: Negro, Blanco y Gris oscuro. Tipo de letra: Una similar a Capture...

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    I have a strategy developed in a casino baccarat game , which i want a automation software which bets in the casino online portal automatically by following the strategy system without human intervention The software must bet automatically after every hand of game and capture result and then next bet on next hand following the system I have attached a screenshot of the online casino screen

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    Desarrollar una app que capture todas las peticiones entrantes y salientes de diferentes aplicaciones en un móvil Android. *Ver el historial de lo que entra y sale *Que se se pueda limpiar el historial *Que funcione de manera local en el móvil * Pero para el uso de la app que cuente con un login, donde pueda acceder, y que no permita múltiple login.. Algo parecido a lo que hice una aplicación llamado HttpCanary

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    Real Estate Banner Ads 5 nap left

    Need Luxury Real Estate Ads Total of 10 ads. Five would 700 x 300 pixels. Five would be ads for advertising on Facebook, instagram and google. Need also 45landing pages forms to capture name, phone number email, and 3 questions with nice real estate graphics.

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    UiPath Web Scraping Tool 5 nap left

    I want to build a web scraping tool in UiPath to scrape specific websites - such as The data i require from the scrape is: - Product Name - Product Size - Product Price - Product URL I would like t...require from the scrape is: - Product Name - Product Size - Product Price - Product URL I would like the data to be visible in an excel document. I would like the tool to be build and transferred to my own UiPath account so that I can run the automation at any time. Challenges: The key challenge I see with this is the website interface which contains drop-downs. So a simple web scrape does not capture all of the required information. The tool needs to run through each option in each product dropdown in order to get all of the available product sizes and prices.

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    We need to have 2 icons created for our new clothing brand. They should have the look of a mythical Beast Lion. They should be simple but capture the strong, fierce look of a beast lion that could kill any man. The designs need to be: - Simple outline drawings with thick lines - Black & white - Original works only - no stock images or borrowed assets - No crowns or other human items on the lion Asset 1: Head of Beast Lion Asset 2: Paw of Beast Lion See attached for reference

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    Looking for someone to adjust an existing Nvidia ISP code we have for the camera, to be suited for the exact lens and hardware we are using as the ISP was built for another camera model. The hardware it's intended for is Nvidia TX2 NX, and camera sensor Sony IMX415 We would provide the initial software from where you need to adjust from, and would be testing along the way, so ideally we are looking for a collaborative approach.

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    I've developed a stock tracking tool with a number of True/False tests. The end result is to capture the correct values and determine if a buy/sell is appropriate against the strategy with an email notification. I have built the structure but require someone experienced in google sheets and google apps scripts to review, add, and further develop the script to completion (some parts have already been completed).

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    I need a copy typist for portions of an 18th-century Italian book. I just need to capture the basic copy in a Word document. Accents are not important. Perfect accuracy is not needed. Some knowledge of Italian would be helpful. I would send pdf photos of pages. I'll need 30 pages to begin with, please quote accordingly.

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    ...part scan we do. • Current Customer Part label scan: C417895426 LB5B S519A58 AAL3LU2 XXXXXXXXXXX o C417895426 = internal Customer part# or other o LB5B S519A58 AAL3LU2 = Ford Part# we validate against o XXXXXXXXXXX = internal Customer serial # 1. Our process ignores the initial 11 digits (10 digit Customer data and a space) 2. We validate against the Ford part number. 3. We also capture the serial# but don’t validate against it • New Customer Part label scan: LB5B S519A58 AAM3LU2 XXXXXXXXXXX o They have stripped the preceding 10 digit code and start with the Ford part # o At Ford’s direction they have made this change effective with any part that moves to ECN level “M” or beyond which is the 16 digit in the Ford ...

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    Develop Android Phone app for our web site 1. Our app will capture pictures, videos, or voice recordings 2. The Phone will capture the time, date, and location of the item captures, or the time and date received if the recording was one shared to the phone from a different device. 3. The app will send this to one of three pre-registered destinations. 4. The user can per set three destinations for their home and three for wherever they are traveling to. 5. There will be drop down screens and search screens. 6. There are three types of users having different screen design which will be managed, by their roles 7. The business can search all files by name, country, or topic and the business can assign any number of work desks to receive files as they want. 8. The app will have th...

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    We require contact information and company profile blurb to be captured from company websites and through GDPR contact information sites. Estimated time to complete work is 37 ho

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    ...(CCM) system based per ward, complaint code and village that will be able to direct request to the department concerned. Complains can be directed to the following categories – Water, Sanitation, Roads, Emergency and Fire, Disaster, Waste management, Finance, environment, Health, Social Development. 3.8 Reference number and call back feature – automated CDM reference numbers and a feature to capture the call number and to call back or send messages to respond. 3.9 Call Response Times – to be able to log a call, get registered, generate reference number, get referred to investigator and relevant directorate and respond back to complainant and close the call. 3.10 Services and plugin - to log in a call through emails, manual, SMS, WhatsApp, website, Faceb...

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    Optical capture system 4 nap left

    Optical capture system built by python

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    Appimage creation 4 nap left

    We want to distribute our OpenGL-Based media server software via Linux. Appimage looks like a usable way to deploy on multiple distributions. We target solely x64 architectures. The software uses OpenGL, video capture, audio output and input and connects to IO devices via USB. We already have a working .deb workflow and it would be great if you could create an appimage workflow for us that we can introduce into our deployment.

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    ...order for the customer, and assigns a delivery person to it. 5. Delivery person sees the details like Customer Name, Mobile Number, and address in the pending delivery section in the dashboard of the delivery person. 6. Delivery person goes to the customer's house, delivers the product to the customer, captures live geo-coordinates (cannot be modified by delivery person, has to be realtime), capture live photo of the customer through phone's rear camera (no gallery upload) , collects some other data from customer and submit for delivery. 7. Within 72 hrs, Office staff will check the submissions of the delivery person against a particular order id, verify everything is correct or not, and depending on that either approve or reject the delivery request of the delivery ma...

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    Looking for python expert who can help me build server and client (running on local laptop) for audio streaming and then speech to text using google stream sdk . Server will connect with multiple client and will respond back respective text from speech via socket. Client will user laptop mic to capture audio and send data. need below data format to send and receive data data = (message) # Using the event type you can determine what type of message you are receiving if data['event'] == "connected": ("Connected Message received: {}".format(message)) if data['event'] == "start": ("Start Message received: {}".format(message)) if data['event'] == "media&...

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    My Fujifilm 3D AVI file need to capture conversion End to End steps/procedures/tools for uploading into youtube with Anaglaph/SBS/Polarized format and i will test before payment. Camera: Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera and 3D Video Output : 3D AVI format I need to upload that 3D video to youtube after editing in iMovie in MacOS Monterey version 12.1 with 3 available 3D formats 1) Anaglaph 2) Side By Side 3) Polarized Any Decoding software or conversion software need to be on MacOS Specific with Open Source will be prepared. after that need to upload to youtube 3D video account. I need to steps for the above and you can try using the attachment sample 3D AVI clip. I tried using Anaglaph format from 3D AVI using Handbrake for encoding into youtube but the Red/Cyan, imag...

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    We are looking for someone to be our Out of Home Photographer in Melbourne. This job will require you to go to different locations across Melbourne and capture clear photos or videos of Out-of-Home advertisements. Coverage: Billboards from the following media companies but not limited to: JcDecaux, oOh!, QMS, VMO, GOA, Torch Media Capture window: Between the 3rd and 10th calendar day of February 2022. Comprehensive map and location guide of placements by designated format. Expected number of photos: 300 Coverage map link: Requirements: ● Provide your own method of transportation to safely take photos. ● Mobile phone with high quality camera or a high quality camera. ● Laptop and a Google

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    Trophy icon Silhouette Logo Design 32787 9 óra left

    Color Scheme/ Texture - Silhouette Design Glitter Red Lips Exact wording- Pose 360 Entertainment 360 spinning manual photo booth Virtual photo booth Rental available for all events Parties- weddings-corporate events and more For more information and inquiries Please contact or text 313-957-8570 Social media -Pose360entertainment 50 dollar deposit is required! Slogan/ Special phrase - Let me capture your memories forever!

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    We are looking for a Freelancer who has previously done projects with the 3CX Call Control API. We want to capture in real-time multiple events, such as incoming and outgoing calls and the state they are in (ringing/connected/user agent calling). This data should be sent to a HTTP address for further processing. This is similar to CDR recording, but occurs in real-time at the time the call is made. There will be an ini file for the service to read and save settings to eg reading any settings from the 3CX registry/ini file to then use on future start. We also need to be able to initiate calls by calling the application using a REST interface. The service must work on 3CX v18 Linux. You will need to have your own working version of 3CX, extensions, SIP trunks, etc to test on. ...

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    If you have this AI and Biometric Device Project done just add in my project. Also you have done using AI, using AI (Face) User with AI(Face) User Face image and storing the data in table with some calculation 4.E sign pen saving 1. To capture and store finger print data to MS SQl, Login & Search with fingerprint. and storing the data in table in table with some calculation. Code scanner ,Searching qr id from the sql table and entry of date time. IN a page showing data removing the name of the person who scanned the id. My Budget is 50 USD. Thanks Happy Bidding

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    Hi there, We have a mobile app available in the US iOS and Google App stores that we need to have someone capture a video of the installation process, through to launching the app, going to the parents area/settings menu and then showing a debug menu to show the version of the App. It should be approximately 10 mins work per device depending on download speed. Thanks

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    We are looking for someone to capture some B-Roll footage and sound of some students taking part in an Audio Production workshop in Sidcup on the afternoon of 27th and 28th January.

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    ...up with how to write a book out of it. 1st book: My granddad is 93 years of age and opens up more and more about how it was to grow up in the Nazi regime time. How it was to go on camps with the "Hitler Jugend" and how brain washed this generation was. He was 16 years old when he got send into Berlin to defend it to the last man. It is just crazy what he has been through and i would like to capture all off that for future generations to understand what brain wash can do to a young mind. (As you already would have noticed, my grammar & articulation is not the best, this is way i need to talk to someone to write a book. I hope it makes sense so far) 2nd book: I'm reading a lot of personal self improvement and organisation books. And I noticed a pattern thro...

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    ...I want the second page to be focused on a referral campaign whereby the user can easily refer people to the website and the more people they refer the more prizes they can earn. I have attached two images of the style I am trying to emulate. Minimalist and stylish but I want the theme to be focused on blockchain Web 3.0 and cryptocurrencies. Page 1: Very simplistic and sole focus is on email capture Page 2: I would like the user to be able to easily share a referral for the website to their socials Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On the second have I would like them to see a progress tracker for the rewards they can earn and their progress towards earning them. In addition, I want each referral to count as an entry into a competition where we will give away two Ipad Pros - o...

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    conduct a wireless or mobile security...choose this option) - Mobile malware Demo using Kali Linux and a throw away mobile device - Other as approved by the instructor Accompany your Demo with an essay: - Team essay will need to describe the steps you took to build it, including time spent. Documentation is very important and in the event that you can’t get it working I can still evaluate the level of effort - You will need to capture a video/screencast of the tool working, with a description of what is happening. - The essay will also need to describe how the tool/malware would be used by an attacker or pen tester. - presentation needed with the project i need explanation for each step of the project not all the projects are required just choose one the easy and e...

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    Preciso de um site que faça captura de posições dos pilotos e estatisticas do speedway virtual da bet365. Site exemplo: Obs: Somente para speedway virtual

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    Need to capture the activity of our partner based in Asia. I would need a report type with fields and column so that I can show the same to the Commercial Excellence from the region

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    Need to capture measurements (Centimeters/INCHES) of a body through live webcam. Like waist, hips, height, waist, chest/bust, shoulder, length (arms, legs).

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    need a website for online presence, I will be purchasing homes and doing a home improvement and possibly renting them out. in the web capture is just an idea of what look I want to go for. nothing too much just keeps it plain and straight to the point to where it still is appealing.

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    Data capture 3 nap left

    I am looking to get the phone numbers for approx 580 pharmacies in Ireland and if possible a contact person - manager, owner, head pharmacists

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    Every week our internal software creates an excel document that has 8 columns and thousands of rows. Each row provides details of a specific task that was accomplished that week. One column lists the client associated with each row. Our goal is to have have Excel automatically filter the data by the Client column and save a new workbook for every client that has an entry/row. One step further would be to have each workbook password protected based on a list of each possible client with their designated password. One more step, would be to have the final workbook automatically emailed based on a list of each possible client with their designated email.

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    Trophy icon Create an original work of art 20 nap left

    Let your Imagination go wild here, but keep in mind it needs to be eye catchy and also capture the imagination of the onlooker. You can pick your theme as long as it is mainstream or packs a punch. If you have an option use more color and more strident colors. I'm not an artist but to put it plainly if the painting was a person, that person needs to be flashy rather than shy ;) You may not use any copyrighted images in your work. Also the use of Artificial Intelligence to generate the image is not allowed! There is no strict deadline but would expect to get the work done in about three weeks, no more than one month. Also you need to describe a little bit what you are going to create before we agree to go ahead. You will need to give the artwork a name I will also ...

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    looking for someone who can help me to grow your online revenue 75% monthly, write copy, design, optimize email capture, and implement our email autoresponders and campaigns . (Email Automation, integration, drip campaigns, funnels, campaigns, and segmentation). An Email Automation Consultant who helped generate high quantities with quality emails. who have years of working experience in Email and Digital Marketing with a solid background in Business Development. our main goal is to help us connect with our customers, reduce costs, and save time

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    CitiusKBE has identified design automation as a key focus area and has been developing a suite of tools to speed up the engineering design process on the SIEMENS high-end CAD/CAM platform NX. As a part of this toolkit, a set of tools is developed to address the pain areas of BIW fixture design / detailing / validation processes.

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    Hi, Im looking for a selenium browser automation expert. There are 2 requirements. 1. Write a simple html/php/js code to capture detailed browser fingerprints from webpages using JavaScript API calls when the page is loaded in the browser. 2. Launch browser/webpages with the previously procured fingerprint, by executing scripts (with Selenium). This requirement is for a research related project. Refer this URL for detailed explanation on what is required.

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    Our oil and gas firm seeks a reliable person for data entry to join our accounts payable department. The data entry clerk will liaise with and follow up with employees within the company as well as with customers to collect information. The data entry clerk will capture the data into relevant databases in a timely and accurate manner. You will identify and correct errors, and swiftly bring them to the attention of relevant parties where necessary. To do well in this job, you should collect information and capture data promptly to ensure the business’ databases are current to accurately reflect its developments, updates and transactions. Top candidates will be focused, diligent, energetic and have good people’s skills.

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    Looking to convert an excel pricing calculator into a tool that will write to allow event scheduling (under development in SQL, but also need a temp solution) and output to Quickbooks online for revenue recognition. Example, sales agent prices 10 events, need to capture this as 10 rows with name, program, price, client detail, deal number etc. this would need to plug into SQLserver once ready, but until then it needs to allow to plug in dates for each event. The dates and $ would drive revenue recognition. It would be nice if it could output into QuickBooks online via API. Looking for time and cost quotes and type of solution. Calculator interface and logic with writing into a database, temp scheduling solution form, output into Quickbooks online of price times quantity based on ...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for Company 6 óra left

    Looking for some creativity for a logo design. We're an exterior construction company (roofing, siding, windows, gutter, and eventually solar). Our name is ONIT Exteriors & Energy...this is a double play on words, considering my nickname is "Tino" (which backwards is ONIT), as well as the punchline/motto i want people to remember us by is "No Problem, We're ONIT...I'm looking for something witty/catchy that captures construction/solar, as well as some hidden undertone that me and the employees will understand (if possible). I've thrown around the idea of a lightswitch being turned on, or a hidden checkmark displaying us being "on top of it". Excited to see what you come up with....This logo will go on our website, cards, tshirts, etc...s...

    €45 (Avg Bid)
    347 pályamű

    I need a Microsoft Form converted to a PDF to submit to our client. The form is used to capture information about work tasks carried out on site. E.G: Job number: Address: Description of work carried out: Please select photos of work carried out: The form has some branching depending on the answers. I will need the question not answered to not be included in the PDF and 3 separate worksheet headings based on the outcome: 1. No access 2. Completed 3. FOW If this can be done I would like to integrate this process with Field service to populate some of the fields on the form and also for the response to populate areas on field service but this will be a separate project. Please see the attachments with the current form layout.

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    We have built an Android application using the Android native Java framework. We need someone to work with us in enhancing, maintaining, and fixing the bugs. Please find the overview of the existing application: Players, coaches, groups interactions, Upload video files to the cloud. Play the videos on a video player. Capture videos using a camera embedded in the App. Existing screens to enable other application features Expectation: Preferably an individual with relevant experience to maintain, enhance, and fix issues of an existing application. Preferably continuous work on a daily/weekly basis as per the contract.

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...s?id= My idea is showing a world evolving from an empty land to a flourishing forest. The video should be built mostly from gameplay footage. I have collected around 20 minutes of gameplay footage (which will be shared on Google Drive). You can go through all of them and collect what seems good. Or, if you want, I can supply a free license to grab your own video capture (but this can be a lot of work). Feel free to zoom, speedup or add visual effects to the video. Technical details : - Resolution : 1920x1080 - Between 30 and 45 sec. I would like to see some marketing text during the video: If possible, include those. - Complete Ecosystem Simulation - Birth, Life and Death - Full Water Cycle (optional, maybe not?) - More than 70 types of animals, plants and

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