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    HI I'm looking for someone to convert a simple HTML site into an ASP-based site using an Open Source CMS The CMS needs to be Open Source and be able to work on a Windows ASP Server. It's a simple site that was coded in HTML/CSS and has about 15-18 pages of basic content. Just creating 2-3 templates – home page, inner page content page....

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    Need an ASP Coder who can develop an Orchard CMS theme. [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] URGENT - Bonus if you can turn around in 3 days! Are you familiar with the Orchard CMS? please provide examples of an Orchard CMS templates you've coded. This job will require that you convert a design mockup and an HTML structure provided into ...

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    ...CMS to qualify, please provide examples of Orchid CMS templates you've done. This job will require that you convert an HTML template into and Orchid CMS theme. Provided in our design is: 1 homepage layout 3 subpage layouts menu/navigation CSS You just need to convert it into ASP and the correct theme format for Orchid CMS. Please include

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    ...looking for someone to convert a simple HTML site into an ASP-based site using an Open Source CMS such as: - Orchard CMS - Umbraco - N2 CMS The above CMS options are not mandatory, so feel free to suggest another one. The CMS needs to be Open Source and be able to work on a Windows ASP Server. It's a simple site that's coded in HTML/CSS and has a...

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    HTML-ASP Design Véget ért left

    I've multiple templates that I need to be designed using, HTML, and CSS. I would like to start with design of one page and if the project goes well, then I'll continue to ask for more pages. Note that this is only a page design and no code behind is required, no database, no , nothing but the design of the page. Please see the attached Excel

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    6 licitek convert our current website 3 column 1-2-3 CSS stylesheet templates into fixed width, SEO friendly 2-1-3 column ordering - whilst maintaining compatibility in major browsers. Any solution provided will be testing via <[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]> to ensure compatibility with the major browsers. Our website is written in Classic ASP, HT...

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    ...have an ASP-driven product site, 40-60 pages, page design is based on 3-4 simple templates, minimal JS scripting, mainly for navigation, plus standard integration of e-Junkie shopping basket which refers to their site and should work without changes on any page. We have a proof-of-concept project of "converting" CSS, page templates and simple

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    convert yahoo store Véget ért left

    I am currently on a yahoo store platform. I am looking to have someone convert my current yahoo store to a non-yahoo store. On the surface, this is quite easy... I want the store to look and function exactly the same (you can copy all the graphics, etc.) and the url structure must remain the same. However, I do not want a dynamic website and I need

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    Using an ASP 3.0 and Microsoft SQL Server/Access Content Management System called Quicker Site with a free demo and trial system located at [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez], convert 5 DHTML websites, to be identified below, which are located here: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] into Quicker

    €88 - €265
    €88 - €265
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    We are looking for someone to convert our current website, which uses ASP, HTML, CSS and Javascript (JQuery), to Wordpress. Note that the home page of the site has a slightly different layout and may require a separate template than the sub-pages. Also, the template(s) must be flexible to allow us to both to adjust the content shown in the in left-side

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    ...standard HTML, but many of the applications are written in ASP and a few in PHP. The name of the site is given in the attached file. I have developed 2 new CSS templates, one for the index page the other for remaining pages. Before I convert all the pages into the new format I want to invite coders to suggest a price to convert the existing

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    I need to convert an IIS 5 classic ASP Content Management System that just works well to PHP. I don't want to lose anything in functionality but I want up to date standards. For example the page templates are done with tables - I want div tags. There is about 8mb worth of scripting code (excluding graphics) and it is highly functional. I want


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    ...[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez], websites is how I want for my Photography works. I have design the websites of my custom at College which I have the templates and thought you might finish off the final touch or can do better than I do and also have a paypal page (price page) where I can get paid to my account. I have already a


    I would like to convert two 30-to-50-page documents into HTML pages (as ASP files) in order to have them available on the web. I do not believe there will be a lot ASP of coding (if any) because these pages are static and only contain text and images. As such, ASP knowledge is quite optional. Also, since these files will be part of an established website

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    ...table-based design to CSS based design** * * * **Difficulty:** Easy (Basic HTML). I have a new casino portal that contains static pages ??" html + shtml only. (No php, asp or and other server/browser side languages). For SEO purposes, I need to convert the site's html from table-based design to CSS based. ## Deliverables **Site Structure Descr...

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    ...already been started but still needs work. (see following links for rough design of the form.) [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] In addition to t...

    €265 - €1325
    €265 - €1325
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    MySql/Php Web site This will be a 'deals/coupons/discounts affiliate site. I currently have an ASP site using Access. I need a similar MySql/Php site and I need to be able to easily convert MySql to Access and visaversa. Coverting html templates to php. A backend control panel that allows me to create Main-Cat, Sub-Cat, and individual Merchant

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    Need to convert 4 templates into 1 unique HTML page using quality CSS/Javascript. Clarification: This is really just a single page (NOT 4 HTML pages) Notes: New layout is the HOMEPAGE. Mouseover function for the 4 big buttons (Businesses) (Call Centers) (Hosted/ASP) (API) mouseover color/change - click - swap images in main body - hold

    €26 - €88
    €26 - €88
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    Classifieds Ads Véget ért left

    ...program You don't need to have any particular type of web server, server operating system, server permissions settings, programming language installed (such as Perl, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, etc.), cgi-bin access, or even a web hosting account at all "One stop shopping" means that everything is included so that, unlike with old fashioned

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    ...outside service that automatically updates all information for these sections (simply by placing their HTML code in the appropriate part of the page(s). At some point, I will probably be using an outside vendor/service that supplies the (permanent) HTML code that I place IN the design of the pages (multiple pages/sections for 2 differenct sports) but in

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    We have a site that needs to be coded from html pages. We will give you the html and all the images and content for the site, you have to convert to asp and ms sql. Two of the pages on the site map you will have to build a basic database so that the admin can login to an area and upload new content and then choose the publich date of the content

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    Use template [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] This template will need some small modifications. For example in the header, I want a graphical icon next to the company name on the left like on the designgalaxy ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]) template but I like the pillars on the right on the template monster

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    Website transition Véget ért left

    Applicants need to be experts in x-cart, smarty templates, php and html. I need to convert an existing site that uses html and ASP technology to x-cart and smarty templates. Most of the work is re-creating the look and operation of the existing site on the x-cart platform. Project needs to start immediately. You can visit the existing site at [jelentkezzen...

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    Article Collector Véget ért left

    To gather articles from various article sources and generate an index of articles and generate the articles using tokens / templates ## Deliverables **Bids** Although every effort has been made to identify the complete scope of the project as written below, you should anticipate unforeseen changes and/or additions to these specifications and therefore

    €88 - €442
    €88 - €442
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    ...consisting of a web component and a database component, developed inASP or ASP.NET Web Component/ SQL Server Database (can be developed using MSDE)* *2) The application should convert a subset of the sample application at the link provided to a web based application, with the following chages to functionality:* *a) "Generate Reports" section of the sample

    €253 (Avg Bid)
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    ONLY BID IF YOU ARE PROFICENT IN PHOTOSHOP, CSS, AND, PHP OR ASP.NET (or another server side language) I have 7 different .PSD templates that I need the coder to take, and then take the current site and all of the content and design features, and move them over to the new design using quick loading CSS and any other methods at the coders disposal in

    €75 (Avg Bid)
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    Redesign Website Véget ért left

    Need to Re-design the front pages of my site. I have several samples to choose from, but open to ideas. Some or most of the html pages are linked to its counterparts in ASP. With perhaps the possibility of configuring the mail servers (but that can be a seperate project). The site is [[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]][1] ## Deliverables 1) Complete

    €348 (Avg Bid)
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    Content Management Véget ért left

    We require an ASP driven website that allows us to create template pages, then create pages from these templates, then fill the pages with content. The text content should be formatted html etc. Each template page should be able to hold images or other objects such as flash movies etc so we will need an interface to upload these items. The system

    €174 (Avg Bid)
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    ...graphically design a series of web site page templates for database-generated web sites. Initially, this project will be for ONE template. It will be used to replace [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] If this template looks super, then the winner will have the opportunity to bid privately on the remaining 10 to 20 templates. A sample site with no real ...

    €49 (Avg Bid)
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