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    What I need is an app name and logo with a domain that is available in the .com. The app is a recipe/meal plan/grocery list/pantry app. In the app you can search for recipes that match watch you have in your pantry. As you cook things and your pantry gets to 0 it moves the out of stock item to your grocery list. You can meal plan for the week put the recipes you want to cook on what days. It will show you if you have everything or if you need to make an order. My problem is can't think of a catchy name or logo. Looking for creativity. I do prefer one word names. And simple logos that are easy to see since they will be on an icon at some point. It's time to be creative as you want! The only hard requirement is it needs to be an available domain for .com

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    Looking for a freelancer who can make Translation of recipes and recipe cards to target language. Build recipe cards using our backend system. Build recipe cards as needed for various partnerships, special events and other new businesses.

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    Hi! I'm looking for a talented designer to help design a graphic which will be placed on a ts...tshirt. I would like to turn a photo of myself (male) and my friend (female) (see Reference Photo #1) into cartoon characters similar to the artstyle of Cooking Mama (see Reference Photo #2 & #3). I would like the title "Cooking in the Rain" covering our bottom half, similar to that of Reference Photo #3, but in a more creative title font (maybe something like bubble writing?). Ideally, the graphic should have no background, and just include us two and the title, but happy for you to provide your creative input in terms of what would look good on a tshirt. Happy for you to add in any creative elements aligning with the theme of "cooking in the ra...

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    I will test and record an amateur opinion by phone about diets on thermomix in German Diets on thermomix is an e-product in the form of an e-book. We have 10 different diets for 14 days in the form prepared for thermomix. The opinion should be at least 2 - 4 minutes long. It's supposed to be recorded over the phone. The opinion is to present the positive side of buying the diet (dietary recipes) and encourage the purchase of this product. The opinion will be posted on the product's sales page on the German market. NATIVE SPEAKER ONLY. The manner of transfer of copyrights: protocol - full transfer of copyrights and consent to publish opinions on the Internet.

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    Hi Karmen, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you a part-time job for at least one year. I would like to start have by offering a two hour capacity which I hope will grow in the future as business develops. Job consists of developing posts for social in English and Armenian on various Armenian traditions, fan facts, history, cooking, and more. Company's product are dresses. Please, let me know if you're interested.

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    Looking for a writer who can write easy-to-read food and beverage articles. These articles may be guides to specific ingredients, cooking techniques, lists of related food/recipes, or similar projects. Skills needed: -English writing -SEO -Ability to research and answer the questions given. -Ability to write an informative article that is also interesting to read. The goal is to produce articles/segments within an article that enhance our website visitors' experience. We are hoping to find a writer that we enjoy working with that we can hire for additional articles.

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    I would like to commission a logo for a newsletter on plant-based cooking and Scottish food. I am thinking the name of the newsletter will be "the haggisaurus" so hopefully we can create something together that aligns with that name!

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    I need Foreign people who can make cooking photo recipes with face for my cooking website for each cooking photo recipes you will get $1

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    I need someone to extract 8 weeks of meal plans, ingredients and recipes from a fitness app. You can print to pdf for the recipes but the ingredients and plans you need to screenshot. I need them sorted week by week.

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    RECIPE TESTER Véget ért left


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    Smart groceries Véget ért left

    The app consists on scanning expiry dates of the food products people buy. Depending on the expiring date, an algorithm alert you that this product is about to expire and suggests you some recipes you can make with it. In addition (if it is possible to add this feature, otherwise is okay also only the first described), the app may track your monthly wastage and provide you a mark every month depending on your food waste. Then, this mark will be compared with the marks of a friends' group that you can create on the app and a ranking would be created. In this way, there would be a competition among friends to avoid food wasting.

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    Looking for someone with a good understanding of B-roll, J-cuts, L-cuts etc. Knowledge of Music selection. Edit a cooking video similar to this: Final video length: likely 8 mins. It's about thanksgiving turkey. Perk: To save your time I've cut down the initial footage to 17 mins for Camera 1. For Camera 2 will likely be 10 mins. Animation is an added advantage:

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    Looking for someone with a good understanding of B-roll, J-cuts, L-cuts etc. Knowledge of Music selection. Edit a cooking video similar to this: Final video length: likely 8 mins. It's about thanksgiving turkey. Perk: To save your time I've cut down the initial footage to 17 mins for Camera 1. For Camera 2 will likely be 10 mins. Animation is an added advantage:

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    Hi, I am looking for a simple design for sauce despnsing for our commercial kitchen. Also cooking mince meat in a mould, when cooked, should be the right size, which then can be cut to our specification of size. The sauce despenser should despense the same amount of sauce each time on a flat ciabatta bread coevring the surface uniformly. The tools have to be simple to use, mechanical and for commercial purposes.

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    The app has 6 weeks of recipes, meal plans and shopping lists. I need these extracted manually into iCloud notes so I can easily access them. Recipes can be printed to pdf via the app, the shopping lists will have to be manually typed out, the meal plans will have to be screen shotted and stitched together. Took me approx 20 minutes per week to do.

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    App Protoype Véget ért left

    ...allow users to input any ingredients they currently have and direct them to other sites that provide recipes based on what the user already has. (E.g., if you inputted flour, eggs and sugar the app could direct you to 3rd party sites containing various cake recipes). We would like a feature whereby users are able to scan the receipts for their weekly shop, which brings up the list of the ingredients on the app. We would also like users to be able to manually input ingredients via a separate feature. We would like for the site to be able to compile items which will then generate links to 3rd party sites, which provide recipes based on given ingredients. Furthermore, we would like for the recipes to be filtered based on price, best reviewed (based on a star s...

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    Article writing Véget ért left

    We need 25 articles with more than 700 words with at least 15 repetitions of keywords (3 in the title) with introduction, content (recipes) and conclusion. Examples; 1 - Where to invest emergency fund; 2 - Why invest in the financial market; 3 - Financial investments with little money; 4 - How to be an investor; 5 - The secret of success in the financial world; More details about the project in Pv.

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    build me a website Véget ért left

    It's about the recipes of bread, cakes, cookies and pies.

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    Write a cookbook detailing popular Christmas recipes with photographs. About 50 recipes are the target content. Must be original work.

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    Nutrition and Food App Véget ért left

    We are a group of Computer Science students from Denmark working on developing a website as an assignment. Part of this is to outsource the development of an android app version of the web site we will be making. We will be developing the backend which exposes a REST API, developing the backend which exposes a REST API, that you will be requesting json objects from. The frontend will consist of two parts, a single page application(website) and an android app. We will be making the website and we need you to create an Android mobile application version of it. Our website is handling and presenting data from 3rd. party APIs about Food and nutrition, displaying recipes with an image and nutritions information based on a search criteria of fx. amount of calories, calcium, cholest...

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    I need a nutritionist Véget ért left

    Hi there, I am in the works of starting up a meal plan business designed to help people lose weight, maintain weight and gain muscle. I’m looking to hire a nutritionist to work closely with to create healthy recipes for this project.

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    Build me a website Véget ért left

    Hi, I would like help in building a website. It would allow the user to select ingredients and recipes with only those ingredients show up

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    A cookbook with 1,356 recipes was ready to print when the decision was made to change the format to Better Homes and Garden format and add 2,700 recipes. The Better Homes and Garden format is primarily recipe pages with a font small enough to print four to ten recipes per page in two columns, attachment 1). A quote is needed to: 1. Type 2,700 recipes from hardcopy source data, attachment 2) into a Better Homes and Garden pdf format matching the 1,356 recipes with ingredient listing headers, attachment 3). All recipes will be copied on individual sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper, organized in print order in accordance with the attachment 4 table of contents and assigned a unique sequence number and table of contents category code. The following st...

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    Redesign a website Véget ért left

    It's a personal chef website, with includes recipes, blogs etc. need to redesign the website, made in wordpress.

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    website creator Véget ért left

    I need help to audit/optimize a website for my nutrition business. I created a website template on Squarespace but it's not getting me any leads. I need help to optimize my SEO strategies and review my content as well. I also need a website that can be translated into Spanish as I'll be targeting Spanish speakers as my customer base as w...Squarespace but it's not getting me any leads. I need help to optimize my SEO strategies and review my content as well. I also need a website that can be translated into Spanish as I'll be targeting Spanish speakers as my customer base as well. I'm open to using other website platforms that are affordable. I want to have the following pages: 1. Main page 2. About myself 3. Other services 4. Blog/recipes (my current we...

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    Hi there I want to scrap say some food recipes from tweeter and then I want to do comparison? - Getting the data and distribution of tweets - Word frequencies - Comparing word usage - Changes in word use just like this blog Thanks in advance

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    Build me a website Véget ért left

    I am a dietitian and I would like a website to describe my job, to have nutritional information, recipes and I could do online consultations.

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    best meals on a budget Véget ért left

    I'm looking for someone to write a 'how to' or a book of recommendations for cooking more at home instead of spending money on going out to eat.

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    40 árajánlat

    I am working on cooking automation for few Indian sabzi and doing things step by step Currently, I want following implemented All the ingredients would be ready and kept in some boxes There is no need of fire or stove at this stage oil should drop at Time 0 jeera should drop at Time 60 seconds chillies should drop at Time 120 seconds cut onions/tomatoes should drop at Time 180 seconds Salt/Turmeric/Red Chilli to drop at Time 240 seconds Other vegetables should drop at 360 seconds Please suggest ideas on how this can be done 1. Are there any boxes where timer can be pre-set and object out of these boxes would fall at defined time intervals? Any kind of hardware already available would also help Please add the text "cooking is not easy" to filt...

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    I have a database of recipe names (which I add to weekly) I have the total amounts of calories, protein, carbs & fats for each recipe. With each of my clients I adjust their calories and macro intake every couple of weeks so I need to give them different recipes. I would like to have a separate sheet where I can add in the meals I plan to give them and it adds up the calories etc as I go so I can make sure it adds up to their targets. I would like it to be super easy to add in new recipe names weekly too (not have to update formulas each time as I have no idea!)

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    Hi All, need to design a logo for Youtube cooking channel. I have some ideas but if you have some other ideas please share. Here are some criteria i would like to be taken into consideration in designing a logo - Youtube channel name - La Cucina Valentino: - a channel is for a male Italian American chef - i would like a logo to be black and white or anything in between these colors - a logo should contain a cartoonish silhouette of a man that you can see in a attached photo that is wearing a black. The closer the cartoonish silhoutte looks to the photo of the man in the pictures attached the better. - La Cucina means kitchen in Italian so letters La Cucina should be smaller and Valentino is the name of the person so the name should stand out more than the word La Cucina. - Youtube ...

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    ...correct 2. Fix the remaining issues on the site including, but not limited to: - Refining the course grid (so that courses are in proper order and sort themselves appropriately based on user tags) - Resolve some formatting inconsistencies (globally or otherwise) - Mark Complete Buttons not directing to the right place - Auto-complete indicated modules that should not be required via UncannyOwl recipes (i.e. do not have to be marked as complete for users to move forward through the course) - Fix "Access Course" buttons to direct to the correct page - Fix menu discrepancies when in "Focus Mode" 3. Create detailed SOPs (loom videos & detailed written instructions) documenting various aspects of the new setup. Required Experience: - Learndash - Memberium - ...

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    36 árajánlat add comments about the course and how their birth was. We will make a section for it. We want them to add images and videos that can be displayed. Each comment needs to be approved by us and also we’d like the option of responding. 5. We want to make sure it is easy to add new content to the site, we will have a few different templates for different types of articles: such as birth stories, recipes, more academic articles, etc. 6. The site needs to be fully integrated with GTM google analytics and google ads. We would like to see click events, purchase events, add to cart events and of course impressions. At the GTM i will add pixels from more ad networks to be able to create remarketing campaigns. 7. We would like to sell birth related products through our ecom store di...

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    Hi Krish S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you a project. I have a YouTube channel named Kitchen Times, This channel is for food recipes. I want you to make a nice logo for my channel

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    Project for Krish S. Véget ért left

    Hi Krish S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you a project. I have a YouTube channel named Kitchen Times, This channel is for food recipes. I want you to make a nice logo for my channel

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    Trophy icon Design / fix a A5 flyer for me Véget ért left

    ...the flyer must 1. list the resturant " niseko Plates " with its associated logo and the description " Fresh cheese and cured meat platters delivered to your Niseko Accomodation " 2. List the resturant " Nga's In-chalet dining " with it's assoicated logo and the descpription " A Vietnamese resturant experience in the comfort of your Niseko Chalet " 3. list the resturant " Niseko vietnamese cooking lessions " with the description " Become your own Vietnamese Master Chef in Niseko. A great off piste activity " Ideally put the QR code somewhere on page 2 as well flyer must feature 1. The niseko eats logo 2. A prominent display of the niesko eats website ( ) It would be good to highlight different orde...

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    Dinobites -- 3 Véget ért left

    Childrens illustrated short-story/cookery book. Part 4 of a successful series of rhyming tales featuring dinosaurs. I’m lokkkngvgir someone to create a paperback manuscript for Amazon kdp in 8.5 x 8.5 also an ebook version. Story text and illustrations all ready - recipes will need to be shortened/simplified for children. This is a fun, exciting book - you’ll need to inject it with your own energy and a bit of quirky! Timeline - manuscript to be completed as soon as possible

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    I am working on pulling together a children's book for my godson and his sib...main features of the images will be the children in home environments with food items. I am looking for a primary white background with just the characters and their accessories (eg, rather than being in a kitchen, the children might be holding a fry pan each). There are some more complex images envisioned, such as in one double spread scene the three children are in the corner of one page, using cooking utensils, while looking at bigger images of birds (eg chickens, ducks, geese) spread over the two pages. The book is based on nine single spread images and two double spread images. A google doc with the text and image guidance has been prepared. Looking to collaborate through good communicati...

    €254 (Avg Bid)
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    99 árajánlat

    Hi I ha...create blogs for recipe ideas using the different vegetables in the boxes we provide. I will provide the list of what's in the boxes, you can do the research to find suitable recipes. It's okay to use other websites, as long as it's credited properly. I don't expect you to come up with recipes yourself. We just want to give customers some inspiration on how they can use the veggies we provide. To start things off we will request four blogs and if we like your work you will be able to work with us on a weekly basis where you can provide one new blog per week. Required: Four Blogs, each blog contains 10 recipes each. Budget: $50 for four blogs however if you are successful then we can negotiate the price for future work you do for us...

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    The job is fairly simple, I would like to replicate the scaling option on a cooking website: , on my personal website, a basic wordpress/ elementor website. I can work in both french or english.

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    There is school book for recipes with full text and images. This file needs editing and formed into a symmetrical and presentable word and PDF booklet of 100 pages.

    €43 (Avg Bid)
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    72 árajánlat

    ...know about our service and that directs them to the website above to order their food deliveries and take away pic ups from local resturants in niseko. The flyer must feature 1. The niseko eats logo 2. A prominent display of the niesko eats website ( ) 3. A list of of some of our patner resturants . for the moment please use 1. Niseko plates 2. NIseko Vietnamese 3. Nga's cooking lessons It would be good to highlight different ordering options 1. Home delivery 2. Resturant pickup 3. In chalet Dinning ( A resturant experience in your own home ) Please be willing to release a PDF in print ready format that has the bleed marks correct ( I dont even know what this means but the printer says its its important ) as well as the AI format files too. I hope I have provi...

    €49 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a skilled video editor that can help us edit cooking videos. This is a contract position to start, but can turn into a full time job by the end of the note that you must send a portfolio to be considered along with a cover letter. What we are looking for? 1. Create entertaining videos demonstrating energy, confidence, professional appearance, and audio visual quality. 2. Perform other duties as assigned. 3. Communication and coordination with the Production Coordinator and/or Content Lead 4. You would need to edit 70 videos each 3-min long () We will get back to you as soon as possible if we think you'd make a solid addition to the team. We look forward to collaborating with positive and inspired video editor candidates

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    Working on making a custom t-shirt. need artwork. two torsos and and above. two skeletons, one with a rolling pin, one with a whisk, back to back. can send some more details when connected.

    €76 (Avg Bid)
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    i need a site like uber but for food, basically a platform that shows cooks in your area and what food they are cooking, also give them the option to deliver the food, or the person to pick the food up

    €598 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone to create 10 recipes for my website that sells protein powders and superfoods: TASK REQUIREMENTS: - You should have experience creating unique recipes. - You SHOULD NOT adapt recipes from other sites. You can use other recipes for inspiration, but yours should be completely unique. - You need to write a short introductory statement about the taste, benefits, etc. However, this doesn't need to be long - just a sentence or two. This is NOT for one of those recipe blogs that go into great detail about the backstory. - Each recipe should contain at least one, if not more, of the products we sell and each product should appear in more than one recipe. - There needs to be a mix of things like breakfast bowls, bliss balls, cookies, lattes, p...

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    Local cook Véget ért left

    Looking for a cook in Mumbai that can create healthy recipes and document all the recipes This is for a local restaurant that needs to transition into healthy cooking with low gluten and low sugar alternatives

    €242 - €726
    €242 - €726
    0 árajánlat office too frequently. But I need larger desk for myself , A3 stand alone printer, a water fountain, access to nearest toilet, and additional 2 chair and desk space other than mine) - pooja room (Doesn't have to be a room but a location for having a temple arrangement which can be accessed standing) Kitchen with butler pantry (We are foodies and Wife wants as much as possible but reasonable cooking space. We have 2 double door fridges requirement + 2 wash basin - 1 for regular utensils and 1 for larger one) Dining space to fit 2.4m x 1m wide table - 8 seats max - Double height Laundry - separate access to clothes rack zone on wall Staircase -Bedroom 1 (Parents room with attached bath toilet + WIR (Walk in rob) -Bedroom 2 (Day room for activities /kids studies /Max 30 minu...

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    Please read this in full because there is much to understand. This is a smaller project that forms as the first step towards a new and bigger project. The larger project in the background is a food blog. The blog is going to be about Indian food and recipes etc. The aim of the blog is to educate, inform, advocate and entertain (where possible) about food culture of South Asia; and also that which has come about as a result of the greater Indian diaspora worldwide. Now coming back to what this specific project is about: for the blog to be a success, it needs great content, web traffic and organic rankings. That, in turn, calls for a great strategic planning for keywords, in terms of amount of monthly traffic, ease/difficulty of rankings and affiliate marketing potential. This...

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    Trophy icon EZ Chef package Véget ért left

    Hello we are EZ chef, we need to design packaging for our recipe cards. We need a cool opening mechanism, look good, and be functional. The box needs to contain three categories of recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Each one of the categories needs to have its own divided area in the box, bringing it to the total of two dividers and three storage areas. The box contain 105 cards. Inner box dimension expectation: L-16.8cm/W-7cm/H-13cm Box need's to be reusable, cards needs to be accessible to constantly be taken in and out the box easily. Please do not add the cards to be part of the design on the box the cards are only for reference of our company and what we do. We also need you guys to design the content on the box with our logo incorporated in it, thanks in advance!

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    A legjobb cooking recipes közösségi cikkek