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    Sziasztok! Új project, termékek gyártása és sales copy irás zajlik. Mi az a Fit Mommy? 30+ anyukáknak segitünk lefogyni és visszanyerni az őnbizalmukat otthon végezhető videós edzéstervekkel és egészséges táplálkozással. Miben más, mint a többi? Ez nem egy 28 napos program, ahol gyorsan ledobnak 20 kilót, aztán vissza is szedik a következő hónapban, hiába éheztek és vettek meg minden drága táplálék kiegészitőt és csoda fogyasztószert. Hosszú ávú és fentartható eredményt szeretnénk elérni k&ou...

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    We want a Wordpress site for Dental Aesthetics Clinic. The site should have a blog function and a complex menu structure. The site should be dual-language (Hungarian and English) Hungarian Menu text copy located here: English will be added later (however we’ve translated the main menu titles to english) This SEO rules need to be followed during the website built: Attached you find design elements and photos about the team. Example site in style: Attached media: Photos about the team () Logos (Csiki_Fogszabaolyozas_1 ) Visualization () Menu structure: Híreink (News in english, this is the Blog block) Rólunk

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    QAWFafAFafsaffgsgfsagfsafsa vdklmnásldknsad'nksa;dl dfb'lsa bks b'ls bvlk;SBVKsbvSBVSnb'sBKL SA B SAB SA BDSA B SAB ASDBADSB BDSA SA DS SD BDS dsfbsB

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    Website Copy - Tuition company UK 6 nap left

    I need some copy for my tuition business I have the structure and a draft

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    Well this project is summarise by retyping and typing of words to java documentation and script WRITING

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    Well this project summarises of typing of words and buildings which include sketching,drawing and art design

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    Hi, I am currently looking for a designer who can copy design, make variations of existing design and help me with creating new design for merch products (t-shirt, mugs, legging, etc...) For now i look for a part time but if the project take off we will see for more eventually. I need a serious person as i need to save time for the project. Thank you.

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    Job Description: I need to automate my messages on gumtree, i look for landlord who have properties for rent and need to automate my message as i have to keep and copy and pasting my template which takes long, So i want to have a facility where basically it automate the message whenever a new ad is generated on Gumtree ------- Please read this - what i require, I run a property scheme, where we find investors property for rent, house or flat or apartment, There are certain keywords, What i do is, i look at example 100 ads and open new tab for each one and send the same message copy and paste to everyone, it is time consuming, sometimes there are 1000 plus new ads daily and it is hard to keep up, so i need to automate this, so i need something where it automates and se...

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    I wants a beautiful logo designer with 2 years work experienced. I have a work for logo designer's and typeatser.

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    Hello, a precise copy of this website is required: " Along with the bottom, the Partners & Investors section must also be taken out. we need the Push code part of the website which is Try Gitopia live is also required and the buttons should be clickable but should not be redirected anywhere Files in HTML and CSS are needed.

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    Hey Iam an IT officer in Ics | It Services & Business. My owner gave me some paper to rewrite I don't have enough time to do this. So I badly in need of a proffesional freelancer, who can do it.

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    I have excel sheet I need searchable 3 drop down list on EOD DYNAMIC DATA sheet in my excel 1-NIFTY 50 STOCKS 2-NIFTY 100 STOCKS 3-NIFTY 500 STOCKS I have one EOD DYNAMIC DATA sheet in my excel I need automation where I have to pass this all nifty 50 or nifty 100 stocks one by one to cell F2 and if value of J11 = ENTRY OR EXIT then I have to copy row A11 to ANALYSIS sheet with single click all 50 or 100 stocks must pass to the cell and should get the value in ANALYSIS sheet as mentioned I am attaching the excel file kindly check

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    Hi Atharv M., hope you and yr family are well. You worked on our website a few years ago. Can we get yr help to add 2 new sets of photos and a new Collaborations page and new copy on several pages? We have written the copy. Need done this week if possible. Or tell us yr timing. Many thanks, Julia

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    Need someone who can pull together a plan, develop the promotional content (including copy and design on canva) across all media channels Conference logo and branding has already been designed, so taking that and creating consistent promo material with clear call to actions 1) early bird promo 2) 5 reasons to attend promo 3) giveaway promo 4) late bird promo 5) 4 x other promo concepts Preference: understanding of autism

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    Need professional and realistic mock-ups made to support my brand (Limitless) I will send drawings of mockups and an example of sample from manufacturer. Need a 1 beige with brown lettering a brown satin lining under hoodie on mock up. And second mock up need brown brown with pink lettering and pink satin lining under hoodie.(for that’s one I will send copy of color way on different hoodie as example) Thank you!

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    In the wedding photography industry. Need someone to help post and write on a regular basis. We use an app called Later (which is a planning app for Instagram and FB) and we need someone to help post and write and tag all the other suppliers to maintain active and promote our business. I need about 1 - 3 posts every week, i plan to pay by post. No need for Instagram account management

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    Hi there, I am looking for a professional Sales Copy Writer to write a 150 word Personal Profile of myself to be placed on a Corporate Website as well as in various Corporate Sales Documents. To help you write this Personal Profile I am happy to provide the following 3 items: 1. My Linkedin profile. 2. Website URL where the personal profile would be placed so that you can get an understanding of the profession & industry I work in. 3. A bullet point list of key facts about my professional background for you to consider intertwining into your sales copy. If you need any further questions, feel free to contact me. I will try to reply as quickly as I can. IMPORTANT NOTE: I am looking only for native English speakers (eg. People from places such as the UK, USA, Au...

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    online snake game 6 nap left

    ok so I am learning to code some old school C code to make a game that is cross platform and can be played over the network I am trying to split the game up into header files and functions and definitions into other c files snake.c game.c game.h I have come across these erro...[-Werror,-Wimplicit-function-declaration] updateSnake(snake, next, length); ^ 1 warning and 8 errors generated. for example chatGPT reveals this issue: It seems that you have used the incorrect name for the number of columns in the terminal window. The correct name is COLS instead of ROWS. You can resolve the error by changing the following line: Copy code if (next.x < 0 || next.x >= COLS || next.y < 0 || next.y >= ROWS) { to Copy code if (next.x < 0 || next.x >= COLS...

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    Required Someone experiended with knowledge of up loading 1000 on Google Shopping Cart through excel sheet and send us a copy of those files, all pictures and details will be given. Only if you are exprienced in such job please quote.

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    Provided is an 11 page pdf, containing 3 slides on each page. Your job is to • copy all content from the pdf document to a new text document (this is the easy part); and • to conform the copied text to the format shown below. (this is the difficult and tedious part) • You will note that…. ◦ Some of the format is lost when copying from the pdf. ◦ Other formatting is maintained. ◦ So you will have to be extremely tedious and detailed in order to get this correct. ◦ Also, there are certain things which I want formatted differently than shown on the pdf (for example, any line starting with “A” or “B” (etc) will be underlined. (explained below, again) ◦ You will also notice that the sl...

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    -que tenga experiencia en anime, saber evitar copy, censurar, etc. -que sea rápido entregando el trabajo 3 días máx -que esté en constante comunicación y tenga buen internet para subir a drive videos pesados.

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    I am a financial advisor looking for a spreadsheet that allows me to track my daily, weekly, and monthly activites & contact with clients and the same weekly and so on). I'd also like a sheet with a total list for the day, week, month, year. I'd also like an area to leave notes. Another feature is the ability to track prospecting, lead, and client sales stage. I've had a very difficult time creating a spreadsheet that encompasses all of these features. I currently have 10 different spreadsheets. I would prefer if there are also sheets that copy information and input it into a sheet specific for the bulk lead import format for Salesforce. As a side note, I have ADHD and looking for a esthetically pleasing color coordinated document so that I stay organize...

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    I have to manually copy and paste from an excel sheet into the program called SmartFlow to create a parameter. I have created a video of what actions I need.

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    Hi Hamid, after such a great job on the last (5 websites) you made for me, will you please upgrade my main website (Upgrade existing multi-page website to a modern reliable theme)? I know I can trust your TEAM to do a great job again! Copy my exact website and all function to new modern theme, website to duplicate, bug fix and upgrade by February 10th, ready for upload on Feb 11th.

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    .... asking to copy and paste a template rather than a string that.. it is linked with OpenAI chatGPT API to fetch the result and display in the text area. It will have a paywall with a free 3 day trial period I require a more simpler and user friendly alternative for someone who does not know much about writing Chat GPT prompts where they copy and paste free blank templates that they need to download by providing their subscription details The templates are already provided -chatgpt is charging 0.02 USD for each 1000 tokens which is provided on the website for free if they subscribe I want to monetize the desktop app..which is linked with database server and charge a monthly subscription fee I will offer a prompt ebook for free full of templates where a user can ...

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    ...background check Full time 40 hours per week in between 8 am and 7 pm CST ****Compensation**** $650 a Month + Bonuses (Bonuses Average $200-600 a month based on performance) (Potential income is $1000-1300 a month) Required skills: Careful attention to detail when multitasking and listening Excellent communication, written and verbal Ability to follow directions Patience and Empathy in any situation Typing with excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling in English Ability to work rotating Saturdays WPM 50+ preferred Script retention Ability to make 300+ calls after training Job Type: Full-time...

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    I have a set of sqlite database crypted with SqlCipher. I know the passwords and I need a simple console exe for Windows that: - accepts two parameters: the file name of the DB and the password - password could be plain text or raw data (0x....) - open the file and save a copy without password You can use any Free/Open Source library that you like; I need the C++ or C# source code for Visual Studio Community Edition, last release, and the executable, with any dll or anything to make it ready to use. If you find a similar Open Source project and you fork from it to solve my problem, that's right for me. Don't use any commercial library that require royalty, because I have to share the exe/dll with some of my customers.

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    add template to spreadsheet 6 nap left

    Hello, I have a very small thing to do. I want to add this grid to my spreadsheets. I don't know if you can just copy it over or you need to actually create it. But I needed it added and editable. and for some reason, when i added new companies to the data section, it's not showing up on the strategy compass

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    Scraping + Spinning To WP database 6 nap left

    I have a WP plugin that make a website getting info doing scraping from another website. 1) the problem is that the script is too slow, only work sometimes at day with cron. NOT work config cron for make it more times at day. I need a better solution for scrape the info in fast and ...massive mode, because the site to scraping is big. 2) Once data scraped, I want Spin some information for try get this info as fresh text for better SEO. The spinner to use i dont know at this moment we need to accordding this togather. 3) Insert data spun/spinned data to WP database. IMPORTANT: More data and details will be send by freelancer chat if you proposal are good. PLEASE not send me a copy paste proposal about all your skills, only send me your experience in scraping, spinning and wp. th...

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    Hello! NOTE: If you don't have tik tok example videos you can prove you've done, DO NOT respond. I'm looking for a proficient video editor to take download clips I give him/her and edit them quickly inside the desktop version of other sources Examples of editing are...give him/her and edit them quickly inside the desktop version of other sources Examples of editing are... - Changing audio backgrounds - adding special effects - changing timeline speeds -inserting text captions -zooming in and out -adding meme's Bonus: I will be deleting automatic responses as well, so make sure that your reply has something to do with this project and not a copy and paste job of your resume. I'd also like to see previous work of TikTok videos if you have...

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    Create a ecommerce website by using laravel, vue.js and make below. - create a product with variations in either of these admin panels. - customizable products for a customer to upload an image to be sent to someone for approval and printed to be placed on the bottles of product they sell. - copy orders from the DB to there wharehouse management syste (A SQL DB) then send updates about shipping or order cancelation status back to the website and email the customer with order updates.

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    Small website 6 nap left

    Need a small website designed. I will provide the copy and Photos you need to do the graphics and make it look similar to the site below

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    ...specific field in this line! Check column P whether the value is greater than 0, if not greater than 0 then cancel macro and window show "Values do not match" with ok to close. Nothing happens. If value is greater than 0 then run the macro. Starting with unprotecting the sheet, then copying the name from the field in column F in the active row back to the first free field in that active row. Then copy the amount from column G to the next free space in that row to the right. Then insert the field (Now) in the next free column and fix that the date and time no longer change. Then insert the value from column P into column G in this line (only accept values, no formatting). Then in this active row columns C,D;E,F, lock cells. Then protect the whole workbook with a password...

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    Improvium company neers to sell it's goods on a web store. Eventually estimated 5000 items in several categories. Need the site in WordPress such that can be updated and maintained by own staff. Inventory and other add-ons as neede. Low budget. is the example for one to one copy of the site.

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    ...32 pixels squared. MY RULES: READ CAREFULLY!! 1. Do NOT comment in the general discussion area. this is for me to give advice & guidance. If you get at least three stars, I will chat with you. Telling me to "check entry xxx" will get you rejected. 2. When developing a design, and I give you feedback, only change what I ask. It is hard to track multiple changes. 3. Be original. If you copy someone else exactly, I will deduct a star from your rating. 4. Follow the COMMENTS area. My feedback will guide the winning entry. Things may change so read my latest comments before working on your next entry. 5. Do not submit duplicates. If you think it gives you more exposure, you are wrong. It creates more work for me... so I will reject both. 6. Simil...

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    Job description:- Product Perspective:- Desired NFT social networking website allows user can create their account, connect / Invite/Add with other & start Selling / Buy images & video,s with crypto. The NFT social networking website also allows users to connec...Users can also share photos, videos, and Post. To protect user privacy, social networks usually have controls that allow users to choose who can view their profile, contact them, add them to their list of contacts, and so on Website same like:- Image & video Download functionality like :- Technology preferred: WordPress The budget is 30000 to 35000 rs Note Will provide you theme, Hosting, content, Images

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    Objective: To craft compelling and informative copy for the "Drilling Wells for Water" service page with a target word count of 2-3 thousand characters. Focus Keywords: Drilling wells for water Turnkey drilling wells Turnkey drilling for water wells

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    Hi, I looking some one who can create simple websites. Websites must be created from my reference website and you will need to change the txt and images to make it unique. Also you can use any website header, body and footer so there is no need copy past from existing sample.

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    Hi, I looking some one who can create simple websites. Websites must be created from my reference website and you will need to change the txt and images to make it unique. Also you can use any website header, body and footer so there is no need copy past from existing sample. If you can do it quick, cheap with good quality then job is yours. This is ongoing job offer so don't overprice it. Don't ask any money upfront and don't ask what is my budget, your bid is my budget.

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    Have ordered the hetzner server, please migrate a copy of my app from old server with same configuration to new one. I will get the app working first and make some upgrades before switching the domain. Leave app running on old server until new one is ready with php upgrades

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    Home stake 5 nap left

    Website / Application ( ios + android) We want to create a wesbsite/app for investment of real estate through digitalised fractional ownership. The proof of concept is there. We would like to copy basically following websites We can start with a website only first. I would like a detailed proposal with picture mockups of how the website/app will look

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    Payment is $120 AUD Looking to hire a sales copy writer to craft out 365 sales copy posts and schedule them on our YouTube channel & facebook page It's for selling a course / program / community

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    Copy Paste work -- 3 5 nap left

    I need a person who can convert PDF to word file and also translate English to Hindi of the same.

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    Hello, I need yotpo review stars on product page (under the title) and on product list, category page (under image). As pictures show. Current situation: - new prestashop 8 installed for this modification - Warehouse theme installed - yotpo module 1.4.3 installed and connected to yotpo - yotpo review are working and showing stars only in footer I stars on product page (under the title) and on product list, category page (under image). As pictures show. Current situation: - new prestashop 8 installed for this modification - Warehouse theme installed - yotpo module 1.4.3 installed and connected to yotpo - yotpo review are working and showing stars only in footer I could give FTP access and Backoffice for connection. At final I will copy only modified files to my li...

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    I have copied code that I have pasted into wordpress, now I am missing the correct css code to make it look like the page I copied it from. Short Description from Shop Page code: without Css Long Description and Specification from product Detail Page without Css Code Long Description Code Specification Short description to short description in Woocommerce Long description to long description in Woocommerce Specification to Extra Tab to Woocommerce, that extra tab is created with a plugin

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    I require a script written in Python 3, to help provide a visual summary for a day-trader's performance Key requirements A) Stock price to be charted, with Green and Red ...this stock position to be calculated by multiplying the corresponding "Close" price from array 2. I have this code logic written in an excel file - for this project, I just need this logic rewritten into Python, please ask for this and I can provide the example excel logic. Note - for all posts, please let me know what charting library you intend to use for this, so I we can easily filter out the copy-paste responses. charting lib will need to be opensource/free to use. Please also advise how you intend to generate the jpg image (e.g. python library to be used, and if other libraries may be used...

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    It is an telecom project where you need to do copy the existing screens and develop the same using reactjs using functional components. Need not start the project from scratch.

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    i need someone who can c0py a website for me in wordpress. also all tags included like H1 to H5 etc. very important

    €440 (Avg Bid)
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    Bulid a website 5 nap left

    I have a website and you just need copy exactly the same (Include function RWD CSS JS)

    €487 (Avg Bid)
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    We're looking for someone to help us to re-type some bidding specifications & contract, in Microsoft word format. Around 100 pages A4-size of 12-size fonts. Need in 2 days time from date of award. Please contact me if interested, thank you.

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    A legjobb copy typing közösségi cikkek