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    I need flyer to be consistent in font size and color as well(using word document that I will provide) as the page border to align the same way (using the pdf and psd as guidance which I will provide). No creation of logos or any modification of any sort. Thanks!

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    I need 4 simple...styling changes done to a form: - Make the "Size" options not stack on top of each other inside of their little white boxes - When you "Select" an option - put a thin white border around it - Resize the thumbnails so they aren't stretched (like how they are now) - Group the last 4 sections together so they match the previous sections

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    Please see this url ...images in that folder and output a .png file. Outputted image must use anti-aliasing (no blurry or pixelated corners). Script should be simple enough that I can adjust the border radius with one variable. Libraries are fine to use but please don't assume any server requirements other than PHP running 5.6 or later. Thanks

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    Please see this url form an example: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] The script should look into a sub-directory and ap...script should look into a sub-directory and apply the rounded corners to all images in that folder and output a .png file. Script should be simple enough that I can adjust the border radius.

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    ...bomber for my personal use. using berserk (manga) armor as a texture on whole bomber. using wings of freedom concept (attack on titan manga) with a twist of red and white wings and without the border red on the right and white on the left. and a customize logo that fits in with initial SN and tagline abyys deep your design will be used for https://custom

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    Create a label with 3 columns of equal width, like example bottle label. The label is to have a silver border around the complete label. Please remove the italic text for Organic Beef Liver and remove too many spaces between 100% and AUSTRALIAN. Try to include the green colour wave experience through the entire label

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    Hi I am hoping to sell Acrylic paint on Amazon. The box needs to be redesigned. I would like to keep black as the colour. Border, 3 information ( 3 brushes, premium quality, 24 color set has to be changed)

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    Trophy icon Design a double-sided A4 product leaflet Véget ért left

    We need a design for a double-sided A4 product/solution leaflet. The leaflet will be distributed at a commercial expo. Source text and mockup is a Libreoffice document. Design should either be made with Libreoffice or Adobe Illustrator. The leaflet will be printed full color and does not need to have any border. Feel free to play with the

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    Make soil ready for turfing. About 65 sq meters. I will buy soil and turfs. One side border plants bed. I will buy the timbers and plants as well. Border bed about 10 sq meters. 2 bushes need to remove. I only need manpower and installation from an experienced gardener. Need asap. Thanks,

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    ...booklet in full color there will be 3 pages of advertisements mostly quarter page but a few half page. The content for ads is generally available. We are looking for professional services to set up the ads for printing in color. This work is for India Friends Association - a Non Profit Organization helping the underprivileged all across India! There will

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    Trophy icon eBook Cover - 17/04/2019 14:22 EDT Véget ért left

    ...per row. I want the "BULLSHIT" to look like a stamp with a border around it. Maybe tilt the text slightly to look more like a stamp. Add another horizontal line below title. Subtitle: "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of The Diet Industry - Revealed!" - black text. Maybe add a thin black border around the whole cover, offset from the edge a little bit

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    Hi, I am coding a project in c# winforms. I need a section that visualize the 3D model (like in attachments) and combine it with my project. This is a general 3D model view of a ship: - External geometry: Transparent, and not selectable. - Inner geometries: Can be selective , and colorful. (Tanks) a. 4 pcs Views on form : 3D view , top view, side

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    ...clean/simple menu graphic created for my GOURMET HOT DOGS cart business. I have attached the logo for you to see what colors and look we have created for branding. I want the menu to be readable from a distance (30-50 feet). The dimensions are 58.5 inches WIDE x 23.5 inches TALL. We want a WHITE background with maybe a RED or BLACK border..? The menu items and

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    Trophy icon Graphic Design of custom Jewelry 7 nap left

    3D rendering of pendant for Jeweler to use as model. I added my version of the signature. Please restore his signature with my version as guidance. Realistic, professional, actual size rendition. NOT CLIPART/CARTOON graphics The following description will be used to create a 14K gold pendant. The shape of the pendant is a circle. The

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    build a puzzle Véget ért left

    “Build a looping road through all countries on the map. The road is not allowed to pass through the same country twice. Two squares with a piece of border between them cannot both stay empty. In case there is a number written in a country, this indicates through how many squares in this country the road goes.”

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    Trophy icon Design a logo - 15/04/2019 17:15 EDT Véget ért left

    I need a Logo made for my Amazon brand. I already have a sketch of what I want it to look like, I just need someone to actually make it look professional. So once you get a look at what I want it to look like, I want the dollar sign gold but not bright gold and I also want the same color on the letters. Everything else I want black, specifically the

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    ...adjustments to an existing website. I would need to have a hover overlay on the player Section for all the players there. The following text should be see at hovering (Name / Number / Position) like in the picture example what i mean without these green Border box you se on the example picture. In addition to that i would need to have another Section

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    Logo para pyme Véget ért left

    Necesitamos ...en la dieta BARF. Nos gustaría ver propuestas. Pueden usar un perro tipo generico (sin raza definida) De usar 1 perro de raza, de preferencia Border Collie, de usar 2 perros de raza de preferencia un Border Collie y un Bull Terrier Adjuntamos algo basico que habiamos pensado y que obiamente por esa razon recurrimos a un diseñador.

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    I'm looking for someone to create clipping path on product pictures (see an example picture attached). We need : - Removing ALL background of the picture (also holes between brushes and bristles) - perfect clipping path with no transparency zone - not white border around the bristles - to receive the final file in PSD.

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    HTML5 Drag&Drop Game Véget ért left

    ...following: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I want to be able to set the width of the game and it should be placed within a div, so I am able to add a border around it and a menue on top of it. The timeframe for the game is one week. If you have made HTML5/Javascript/Canvas games before please give reference....

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    Looking for someone who has experience with Shopify's Turbo Theme. Relatively basic job. BACKGROUND: ------------------- • I am currently using the Turbo Theme by Out of the Sandbox • I will be attaching a "product description" metafield to each of the shop's products, using the Metafields 2 app ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]). JOB: ...

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    Hi, I have 8-10 email signature footer required (they are signature footer required (they are just a small change with name and contact details). I want following 1) Auto rendering of image (logo) in the singarue footer 2) Border line and everything must look exactly like what I have attached. Quick turn around may be in next 2-5 hours.

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    I'd like someone to design me 3 borders that will be used as borders for users profile pictures on a profile page. I have attached 3 borders, I would like them designed to be very similar to these.

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    ...squares with a piece of border between them cannot both stay empty. In case there is a number written in a country, this indicates through how many squares in this country the road goes." Algorithms to use : Depth first and Breadth first . I will guide you through out the whole project, I just want you to write 2 functions for this [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekint&eac...

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    Country road Véget ért left

    ...squares with a piece of border between them cannot both stay empty. In case there is a number written in a country, this indicates through how many squares in this country the road goes." Algorithms to use : Depth first and Breadth first . I will guide you through out the whole project, I just want you to write 2 functions for this [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekint&eac...

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    THis job is specificly designed for Jonathan. Please do not make offers unless you are J. Lines over the Plots of borders of Knockholt and Godstone site.

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    ...(can be detailed) article about trends in cross-border payments, such as blockchain, services etc. It must be SEO friendly and include but not limited to words like "payout solutions", "mass payout", "international payments" and the usual words that people looking to read a fintech article will search for. We are open to topic suggestion so feel free

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    ...animation video for our mobile payment app. The video should be 1min long which will show key activities like money transfer to friends, cross border payment, utility payment and request payment by QR code. We will consider bids that they will provide sample videos. We are including below a sample of the animation quality that we are looking for. https://www

    €199 (Avg Bid)
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    ...PowerPoint. One will feature product pricing, the other will be product type information. I need a template for each of them so there is a consistent look to each screen. It would be fairly simple, perhaps with the logo in a corner and a border or something? The business website is I need this done soon as it's a seasonal business.

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    I want someone to build a tag property editor for HTML using javascript. The functionality is very simple. Take this html code for example : <div style="padding: 30px;background-color: #f3f3f3;"><div style="margin: 0 auto;max-width: 700px;height: 100px;background-color: #ccc;border-radius: 3px;"><p>hello</p></div></div> ...

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    Dewbee Bandanas Véget ért left

    I have several logos and a slogan that I need put on bandanas. I want to use different sizes for solid bandanas then the slogan and small logo for the border of paisley bandanas

    €254 (Avg Bid)
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    63 licitek

    fix some prestashop issue : 1) margin 2) image border 3) change the mail 4) remove the written "nouveau" on each new products Time line 1 day budget :50-70$

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    17 licitek

    Dear all, I need two small & minimalistic banners. 1. 1600 x 200px : Pixhawk Flight controllers 2 .800 x 200px: megaphone or somethin...minimalistic banners. 1. 1600 x 200px : Pixhawk Flight controllers 2 .800 x 200px: megaphone or something similar to represent the news section Both banner need a small green border of a few px at the bottom (34A734)

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    1- I have a intro page static not responsive i want it to be responsive 2- i have player for live broadcast i want it open full screen in the home page and pip video when visotor scroll the page down or close X the video pop up or frame ... 3- Add a small logo at right bottom conner -4 add a simple images in center of where the player will be remove

    €42 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a logo for my company in a .ai file. Because I don't have adobe illustrator I am unable to change or separate layers. We need separate files for different sections of our website. None of the files should have the slogan "make the game" as we are no longer using a slogan. I need the following in separate .ai files: The whistle logo by itself

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    Articulate expert Véget ért left

    A freelance articulate expert that is availab...articulate expert that is available to travel to the kent/surrey border to conduct some training on articulate to bring a couple of people up to speed and possibly join the team for freelance project. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN THE UK AND CANNOT TRAVEL TO KENT/SURREY BORDERS FOR THE DAY!

    €44 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Simple Edit to my Label Véget ért left

    Hello, I would like 2 small edits to my label done. First Edit : The heart on the label which the dog is holding blends into the circle too much, can you put a black border on the heart and or maybe change the colour to a darker blue heart. I would like the heart to stand out more instead of blending in. 2nd Edit : Can you move the "USE WITHIN 3

    €6 (Avg Bid)
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    SBO asterisk for new OS Véget ért left

    ...Asterisk server with PRIVATE NETWORK IP), receiving calls from server A and sending to gateways (quintum gateway for example) or E1 cards. 3. Number of Server B can be unlimited. 4. Number of Gateways/E1 cards per server B can be unlimited 5. For server B installation need easy to use ISO image that could be booted from USB flash drive, and those USB flash

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    Trophy icon sunset beach 420 Véget ért left

    create graphic for t-shirt logo for festival; two idea's i have; 1) oval logo w/small marijuana leaf border(see rectangular illustration attached)with lettering inside several colors suitable for heat transfer printing on light and dark color t-shirts--leave date off of logo(on example) 2)palm tee logo with leafy top looking like marijuana

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    Trophy icon Design for a business card Véget ért left

    I&#039;m after a two sides business card on a black background and bronze l...background and bronze logo. Also would like to see the logo on one of the sides in a big scale, so the logo goes over the border of the card Bronze needs to be presented in a bronze foil, don&#039;t take a pics from my .PDF file The font for "ART STONE" is "Tulpen One"

    €23 (Avg Bid)
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    ...would like the circle with hub and icons to be delivered as one graphic image. We would like editable project in Adobe so we can change if necessary once work is complete. We would like each image delivered as an svg file. There should be no border around each box/module as we will add that circle around it with javascript. No text in the middle of

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    ...culture) Bulgarian yogurt the old-fashioned way, using a small batch, 24-hour fermentation process. High probiotic, sold in glass jars, family owned and operated in Austin, TX for 40 years. We are now marketing a "greek" version of our yogurt, called "Strained Bulgarian Yogurt" (Straining the whey from the yogurt using cheesecloth is how Greek style

    €444 (Avg Bid)
    390 pályamű
    Company Website Véget ért left

    Need to build a corporate website for B2B Cross Border Trade. Should be few pages + the standard Contact / FAQ's. Website needs to simple, direct and modern.

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    I need you to draw a vectorized version of the i...the image of a 'graph' included below. Please change the background color to white (from black) and the color of the edges (lines) should be a dark grey. The current white border around the blue and orange circles can be changed from white to black. Deliver in file formats .ai or .svg, .eps, and .png.

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    31 licitek

    I have a wordpress plugin that displays product opti...buttons inside boxes I would like you to write some custom JS to change the box border color when an option (radio button) is selected In other words : the box border is black, I select radio button inside, the box border becomes blue Please take necessary time to read the project before bidding

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    39 licitek

    Experience Level: Entry to Professional Estimated project duration: 1 - 6 months We are looking for a talented individual(s) who can generate quality verified leads for our company. We are from a Cross border eCommerce platform similar to Unicommerce / Vinculam / Scalelabs / Orderhive. We need verified leads of the sellers / merchants on Indian marketplaces

    €697 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Redesign My Home Page Véget ért left

    Re-Design the home page of This is an affiliate website for wordpress plugins and themes. To win this contest, you should submit a design (psd and png) which resembles a, product catalog, affiliate website, or popular theme directory. We need both the desktop and mobile design Products are listed but never purchased on this website

    €89 (Avg Bid)
    64 pályamű

    ...elements by its border like the windows in microsoft windows for example. - You can also drag'n'move elements to new positions and - can pin your favorit note on top of the page. - To connect any changes with my firebase firestore backend I need some events or outputs I can override to. You can define the note object you need to for the features -

    €170 (Avg Bid)
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