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    Linux (CentOS 7) alapú VPS-emen fent van a Vesta CP, viszont a DNS beállítások kifogtak rajtam, ezért ennek beállítására keresem a megfelelő munkavállalót!

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    I currently have a website hosted on Hostinger. I'm looking for an experienced professional who can assist me with transferring my hosting from Hostinger to Cloudflare. Here's what's involved: - **Transfer Hosting**: The main task will be to move...skills and experience for this job include: - **Proficiency with WordPress**: As my current site is built on WordPress, experience with this platform is crucial for a successful transfer. - **Experience with Cloudflare**: Having prior experience with Cloudflare, particularly in hosting migration, is highly desirable. - **General Hosting Experience**: A good understanding of hosting environments and DNS configurations will be beneficial. Please note that I would prefer someone who can complete this transfer efficiently a...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me set up my WordPress site on an ionos VPS with Ubuntu. The project involves two key steps: - Uploading and configuring WordPress: This requires experience in handlin...installations and familiarity with Ubuntu (ionos VPS). The freelancer should ensure the setup is done correctly and the WordPress site is ready for customization and content uploads. - Domain Connection: The chosen freelancer will also need to connect the WordPress site to an existing domain. This step is crucial for ensuring the site is accessible to users. A good understanding of domain mapping and DNS settings is important here. Access Details: I will be providing SSH access to the server. In your proposal, please highlight your relevant experience in si...

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    I am seeking an experienced Website professional with extensive knowledge of managing GoDaddy DNS settings and redirecting emails to a Proton account. Key tasks include: - Updating MX records - Adding records - Modifying SPX records You will not be given access to my GoDaddy account. Instead, clear instructions will be required to allow me to make these changes myself. Ideal candidates should show prior experience in a similar role, specifically with GoDaddy and Proton. Providing relevant work samples would be appreciated. Please include a thorough outline of how you plan to carry out this job in your proposal. Only those with the necessary knowledge and experience should consider bidding. This project will require a meticulous approach and attention to detail to ensure suc...

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    As a .NET developer with expertise in multi-tenant functionality, I am in need of a professional who can help me implement and...Develop a seamless tenant administration system, allowing me to manage different tenants within the application. - Ensure data isolation is maintained between tenants, guaranteeing that each tenant's data is secure and isolated from others. - Integrate DNS functionality within the application, allowing me to manage DNS, configure DNS records and resolve DNS queries. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in developing multi-tenant .NET applications. - Strong understanding of user authentication and access control mechanisms. - Proficient in DNS management and configuration within a .NET environment. - Excellent communication ...

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    ...Fine-tuning and optimizing my server settings to ensure it's running at its best. - **DNS Management:** Managing and configuring my domain's DNS settings to ensure proper functionality. - **Email Setup:** Setting up email services on the server for my domain. I will provide you with root access to the server, so you should be well-versed in security practices and able to handle the responsibilities that come with that level of access. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in managing Cpanel and WHM - Strong knowledge of DNS configuration and management - Proficiency in setting up email services - The ability to work with root level access securely and responsibly. Issue: This system does not control DNS for the “” ...

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    ...client, developers and designer to complete website projects. Key responsibilities include: - Managing the design and development process, ensuring the website meets our needs. - Provide website content that is aligned with SEO best practices - Basic understanding of website development - Ability to work on simple website projects (WP) and complex website projects (Portals) - Understand domain DNS configurations, Email configurations, and server configurations. The ideal candidate will have: - Proficiency in Arabic and English, with an ability to translate content effectively. - Experience managing website projects, particularly those with high customization requirements. - Strong communication skills to liaise between our team and the developers. - A strong attention to ...

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    ...server on our internal infrastructure. The goal is to enhance security, ensure data privacy, reduce dependency on third-party email services, and customize the email system to meet our specific needs. The project will involve setting up the server, configuring DNS records, installing and configuring necessary software, securing the server, and ensuring seamless email access for all users. Key Deliverables: Infrastructure Setup: Set up a dedicated server or VPS with a static IP address. Configure necessary storage and network resources. DNS Configuration: Configure MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to direct email traffic to the server. Software Installation and Configuration: Install and configure Postfix for email delivery. Install and configure Dovecot for IMAP and PO...

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    ACDP is an enterprise and on the lookout for a skilled IT professional to help bring a variety of projects to life. The scope is broad, encompassing possible website development, software creation, or app building initiatives. **Initial Requirements:** conversion and enhancement of a Codeigniter-based website to WordPress. DNS Security configuration. Addition of webpages, design and functionality as per a chosen template. - **Past Work:** Showcase similar projects you've spearheaded or contributed to significantly. Links or a portfolio will be highly beneficial. - **Experience Level:** I'm targeting someone with an intermediate level of experience. You should have a solid track record and be comfortable tackling the complexities of IT development without needing extens...

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    I need a skilled professional to install Mail-in-a-Box on my RackNerd server. You should set up all the necessary DNS records and ensure the installation is fully secured by implementing a Secure Connection SSL / STARTTLS. Key Requirements: - Installation of Mail-in-a-Box on RackNerd server - Setting up all necessary DNS records - Implementing Secure Connection SSL / STARTTLS Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with Mail-in-a-Box installations - Strong understanding of DNS management - Expertise in SSL/TLS configuration - Prior experience with RackNerd servers The primary purpose of this project is for educational/nonprofit use, so your help in ensuring the security and functionality of this setup is crucial. Please only apply if you have relevant exper...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Linux and Server Admin who can help me with the following tasks: - Linux and Server Administration: Proficient in CentOS, you'll be managing my server and ensuring its optimal ...and React Native apps. The ideal candidate should have advanced understanding and practical experience in Linux system administration, server administration, and web/app installation. Proficiency in PHP, Flutter, and React Native is required. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Should have experience in linux VPS, setting up sites apps email dns firewall NO CPANEL. All work to be done using command line Sites are in php wordpress Node React Apps are in React Native Flutter Database: Mysql/mongo Amt posted i...

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    ...modern frontend user interfaces using the latest UI technologies. - Build secure and scalable mobile app REST APIs. - Manage databases using MySQL and NoSQL. - Use DevOps tools to monitor and scale applications. Looking For: - 3+ years of experience in software development - Experience with LAMP and MERN stacks - Knowledge of PHP, CSS, and JS and web technologies - Familiar with S3, cloud hosting, DNS, web security - Ability to use vanilla code and minimal libraries/frameworks - Can code fast and effective with simple Bootstrap and jQuery - Strong skills with MySQL and NoSQL (Firebase, MongoDB) - Good english communication skills in Slack and in meetings - Availability to work ~20hrs per week between 9AM-6PM PST - A passion for coding and an interest in gaming is a big plus! Wh...

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    I need a custom WHMCS module that will take my DNS management to the next level. This module should: - Offer comprehensive DNS record management capabilities - Provide advanced DNS zone management options In terms of the user interface, I'm looking for a blend of simplicity and modernity. So, the UI should be: - Simple and intuitive for users to easily navigate and use - Modern and sleek to align with the current design trends The key part of this project is integrating with a custom DNS service. This means the module will need to be: - Compatible with the custom DNS service I use (API) is available - Highly functional for smooth integration and operation Ideal candidates should have experience with: - WHMCS module development - DNS m...

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    ...Almalinux - Installing and configuring WHM/cPanel for server management - Installing and configuring Cloudlinux for server management - Installing and configuring LiteSpeed as the web server technology - Configuring DNS settings and ensuring proper hardening for security Migration Assistance: - Assisting in migrating a WordPress site and two Laravel applications from existing DigitalOcean droplets to the new server's cPanel Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in server setup and management - Experienced in WHM/cPanel, Digitalocean, and LiteSpeed configuration - Skilled in DNS configuration and server security hardening - Previous experience in website migration is a plus If you have the right skill set and experience, I'd appreciate your assistance in maki...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can set up Webmin on my Ubuntu server. The primary reason for this is to facilitate server management. Here's a bit more detail on the tasks: - Setup Webmin: The primary task here is installing and configuring Webmin. It should be set up properly and securely to ensure tha...tasks might include firewall configuration and VPS setup. These tasks are important to ensure the server is secure and running properly. Ideal candidates for this role should have: - Proficiency in Ubuntu server setup - Experience with server panel software, specifically Webmin - Strong understanding of server security - Capability to manage additional server tasks like firewall configuration and DNS setup Please share your relevant experience, and feel free to ask any c...

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    I have 20 pages that need some content generated from ChatGPT and entering on to the page. This includes a short bit of text (150 words) for the main content and YOAST meta descriptions. I'll provide full instructions and the correct prompts to use with ChatGPT. ...entering on to the page. This includes a short bit of text (150 words) for the main content and YOAST meta descriptions. I'll provide full instructions and the correct prompts to use with ChatGPT. This is a super simple copy and paste job and should only take a couple minutes per page. Please be familiar with WordPress and ChatGPT so you can get this done quickly. Also you will need to update the DNS in your local hosts file to be able to access the site (I can show how) This is 1hrs work at most so ple...

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    I'm currently using Outlook as my email provider for a single domain. I'm looking for an expert to help configure my DNS settings to SETUP multiple third party mail services. 1. Domain is registered on godaddy. 2. Currently we are using brevo and teh same is configured in DNS goodaddy 3. We are not able to use godaddy mail services after coniguring brevo 4. We would like to setup sendgrid mail services which mean we should able to use all the mail services we need some one who can help us configure these services on godaddy on single domain

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    I need a skilled freelancer to help me identify and resolve the issues I'm facing with my ERPnext site, which are related to server errors. Key Responsibilities: - Identify and diagnose ...server-related errors that are preventing my ERPnext site from functioning properly - Implement necessary adjustments to ensure the site is operational - Ensure the Cloudflare integration is set up correctly and is not causing any conflicts Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in ERPnext and Cloudflare - Experienced in troubleshooting and resolving server-related errors - Knowledgeable in SSL/TLS certificate and DNS resolution issues - Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work efficiently to resolve the issues - Strong communication skills to guide me through the process and explain an...

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    Seeking a skilled web Multilanguage Support: Set up inputs for Swedish, Danish, and English without auto-translation. Articles and Blogs: Improve layout, image handling, and formatting consistency. Search Function: Enhance search to include titles and body text. Main Picture: Add functionality to change the main picture with size guidelines. Home and About Pages: Ensure consistent formatting and editable content. DNS and Email Setup: Correct domain pointers and enable email functionality on server. Proven experience with Django web development and multilingual websites. Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Familiarity with backend systems and database management in Django. Please refer to the attached requirement specification document for detailed in...

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    Projects and Job Support Specialist 2 nap left

    I need a seasoned professional who can provide me with comprehensive support on major projects and tasks completion. The role inv...involves assisting in project planning, task management, and troubleshooting, along with other related activities that could improve my efficiency and productivity. The ideal candidate should be proficient on following:- Task would related to this :- Load testing architecture Created infra in azure (VM's, synapse load balancer, DNS mapping) Internal VM configuration Nginx conf files change (private IP, domain) Azure VM network security group rules DNS mapping in Cloudflare Majorly daily daily work would be on :- Jenkins build, And Deploy in Azure (VMs, Tomcat) and Azure Devops Interaction with CloudFare, Azure Redis Site 2...

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    Need an web hosting an expert to update my DNS settings. This is essential to ensure a smooth and seamless transfer. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in DNS settings and configuration - Experience with migrating websites between hosting providers - Expertise in Google Workspace, particularly in setting up domain emails - Good communication skills to keep me updated on the progress and potential issues.

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    Full Stack Developer (MERN) 14 óra left

    Looking for a Full Stack Developer >6 years of experience in agi...for passive attack surfave enumeration Create an app for detecting spoofed social media profiles Create an app to scrape ransomware threat actor website and maitain stats about those sites Improve an existing app to monitor paste sites Mininmal Tech Experience: MERN, REST API (JWT), Django, Python, Github, CI/CD, Celery, Redis, Linux, Postgress, Kubernetes, Docker, Nginx, JS, HTML5, Protocols (DNS, SMTP, SSL, HTTP..).Detailed app specifications will be shared at a later stage. |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --> No agencies. AI generated answers will be ignored <---| |--------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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    ...Containerization: Employ Docker for containerizing the application components. Orchestration: Use Kubernetes for managing containerized applications and ensuring scalability. CI/CD: Implement CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions to automate testing and deployment. Cloudflare: Use Cloudflare for security (DDoS protection, WAF, SSL/TLS encryption), performance optimization (CDN, image optimization), and DNS management. 3. Specific Integrations or Third-Party Services OKTA: For secure tenant-based authentication and user management. GitHub: For version control and collaboration. DataStax Astra: Managed Cassandra database service for data storage. Netlify or Vercel: For hosting and deploying the frontend application. Monitoring and Logging: Prometheus and Grafana for monitor...

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    Hello, I need a quick fix for my DNS server running on a 2012 R2 system. The major problem encountered is that I'm unable to access my shared files. However, I can ping the IP addresses of the devices hosting these shared files. An RPC Error is shown and some Group Policy issues occur when trying to access these files. • I need someone who understands DNS thoroughly. • Experience with Server 2012 R2 is necessary. • Knowledge of RPC errors and Group Policy is required. Would appreciate quick and effective troubleshooting. Thank you!

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    ...the DNS records and SSL certificates for my domains. Key Responsibilities: - Uploading DNS records: The successful candidate should be able to efficiently upload and configure DNS records for the domains in my WHM/CPanel system. This is crucial for the proper functioning and accessibility of the websites associated with the domains. - Configuring SSL certificates: SSL certificates are integral for ensuring the security of my websites. The freelancer should be able to proficiently install and configure SSL certificates for the domains in my WHM/CPanel setup. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in WHM/CPanel: The ideal candidate should have a strong background and experience in working with WHM/CPanel systems, particularly in the context of uploading and conf...

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    I need a skilled professional to assist with managing my WHM/Cpanel domains and DNS settings. The project involves a mix of tasks including adding new domains, removing existing domains and updating DNS records. Key Duties: - Add new domains to the WHM/Cpanel - Remove unwanted domains - Update DNS records as needed Your expertise in WHM/Cpanel, domain management, and DNS settings will be crucial. Please provide examples of previous work that demonstrate your proficiency in these areas. I look forward to working with an experienced professional who can efficiently and accurately manage my domains and DNS settings.

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    I was configuring DNS settings on my WHM production server when I encountered cURL error 6: Could not resolve host. I need a skilled freelancer to help me troubleshoot and resolve this issue. Key Responsibilities: - Investigate the cURL error 6: Could not resolve host issue while configuring DNS on WHM - Analyze and identify the root cause of the problem - Resolve the issue effectively to ensure proper DNS configuration and functionality Ideal Skills: - Proficient in WHM and DNS configurations - Experience in troubleshooting cURL errors - Deep understanding of server environments and cPanel Your assistance in resolving this issue promptly will be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm searching for a proficient Go coder to develop a software application tailored for the Linux platform. Key requirements include: - Proficiency in the Go programming languag...the Linux platform. Key requirements include: - Proficiency in the Go programming language - Proven experience in software development - Keen understanding of the Linux operating system - Network programming - Geneve encapsulation - CoreDNS development Looking for Go programmers with strong networking background to write a DNS handler plugin for CoreDNS which can receive Geneve packet from client, decap the underlying DNS query in UDP or TCP or DoH preform DNS resolution as normal through the built in forward plugin. On the response side the plugin must be able to encap back to ...

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    1and1 did it to me again. A maintanance migration on their end lead to my websites (About 5 Wordpress and 2 php script sites) going down. I get some database errors and then on a few, I get dns errors. I feel like it might me the cache and cdn's just catching up with it. Key Issues: Seeing these errors on diff sites Error Message: "Error establishing a database connection" Error Message: "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" Plesk Access Issues: Inability to log in to the Plesk control panel Observations: Timing of Errors: The server was operational until 12:08 PM- (that was my last email received) server migration completed at 7:39 AM. - so thats a few hours after migration the server was working fine. Current Server State: The server is accessible only in res...

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    I am in need of an expert who can help me set up an SMTP & DNS server in my Windows system. This server will be used only for sending emails from my SAAS application. Key requirements: - Setting up an SMTP & DNS server in a local Windows environment - Configuring the server to send emails - Ensuring that the emails can be sent from my SAAS application This project does not require receiving emails, and the server will be solely dedicated to sending emails. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in setting up SMTP & DNS servers on Windows systems - Experience in email server configuration and management - Familiarity with SAAS application integration - Strong understanding of email protocols and authentication If you think you ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer to help me redesign my website. The current website was recently done but has constant errors. The coder we used last time has used a "cheat" template so my website gets DNS errors very often and gets malware. I want someone to re-do the website from scratch, unless you are confident that you can fix the error. Happy to discuss both options. Link: If the website is being done from scratch - I want at least 6 months of support with it, in case I counter the same issue again, so there should be some sort of retainer. Main Sections/Pages: - The website will include Home, About Us, Services, Portfolio, and Contact pages. It's important that each page is easy to navigate and visually appealing. Ideal Skills: - Proven exp...

    €442 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for Hyderabad Freelancers only. As a bustling...managing our network infrastructure, implementing bulletproof security measures, and effective assistance with our server configuration requirements. Key areas of expertise include: - Proficiency with Windows Server and macOS Server - Troubleshooting diverse server issues - Network infrastructure management - Security measures implementation - Experience with Active Directory setup - Knowledge in DNS configuration - Skilled in Firewall setup Deep technical understanding and rigorous attention to detail will be instrumental for the success of this role. Looking for someone who can hit the ground running and help prevent as well as solve any server issues that arise to ensure the smooth operation of my business's ...

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    I'm in immediate need of a DNS server implementation using UDP sockets in Go. The primary purpose of this server is to resolve domain names to IP addresses within the shortest possible time frame. Key Requirements: - Implementation of a DNS server in Go - Utilization of UDP sockets for communication - Support for resolving domain names to IP addresses - Ability to run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS Ideally, I'm looking for a freelancer with: - Proven experience in developing DNS servers - Proficiency in Go programming language - Strong understanding of UDP sockets - Ability to ensure cross-platform compatibility - Immediate availability to complete the project ASAP Please provide a brief overview of your relevant experience, you...

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    I'm looking for an expert to assist me in verifying my email domain by adding DNS records. Though I manage my domain settings through SiteGround, I'm struggling with the process of adding the necessary DNS records for verification. Key Points: - The task primarily entails adding DNS records to my SiteGround account to verify my email domain. - You must have a strong understanding of DNS settings and verification processes. - Experience with SiteGround's system would be a plus. This project requires a skilled and experienced professional who is able to navigate the specific requirements of DNS settings, particularly within a SiteGround account. If you have a proven track record in managing DNS records and are familiar with SiteGro...

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    I need to transfer my website to a new host, and I'm seeking an experienced professional to help me with this task. Key requirements and responsibilities include: - Ensuring a smooth and seamless migration without any downtime or loss of data - Verifying that all functionalities of my website are properly working post-migration - Providing guidance on any necessary DNS changes or domain transfer process Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in website migration, particularly with the platform on which my site is built (please specify your experience in your bid) - Strong communication skills to explain the process in a clear manner

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    ...on my AWS Lightsail account. Disconcertingly, typing 'www' before the URL does not lead to the correct site, instead, it results in the website being unreachable. This has led me to believe that some adjustments are needed in the DNS settings of my domain name. Key Project Tasks: 1. Investigate the issue with 'www' prefix 2. Detect misconfigurations in DNS settings 3. Correct and adjust DNS settings accordingly 4. Verify that the website is reachable with 'www' in the URL Ideal freelancers for this job would be proficient in: - AWS Lightsail configuration - DNS management and troubleshooting - Web URL and hosting configurations Please make sure you have these specific skills and a track record in resolving similar issues ...

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    ...of a domain availability checker to ensure the desired domain is free for registration. - Enabling DNS management facilities to allow for efficient domain configuration. - **Domain Name Transfer**: The interface should facilitate smooth domain transfers. It should incorporate: - Mechanisms for generating and validating transfer authorization codes. - A system for tracking the status of domain transfers post-initiation. - Tools for verifying domain ownership as part of the transfer process. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in developing EPP interfaces, particularly in the domain registration and transfer space. - Strong Java programming skills. - Sound knowledge of DNS management. - Familiarity with the IN Registry system is a plus, but not mandat...

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    dns of your domain doesnt point to this server or you have htaccess rstricyions, also The IP address sending this message does not have a 550-5.7.25 PTR record setup

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    18 árajánlat

    I need to setup my whm/cpanel to work on my domain. The whm/capel is already installed but is required setup the dns and include the cpanel license that I’ve bought.

    €29 (Avg Bid)
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    11 árajánlat

    ...system should be easy to use and manage. - Blogging Platform: I require a blogging platform to share information and news through blog posts. This should be user-friendly and customizable. - Contact Forms: I need a system in place to collect inquiries or feedback through contact forms. Additional Tasks: - Email Integration: Set up Microsoft 365 for email communication. - DNS & MX Record Cleanup: Remove unwanted DNS & MX Records to ensure smooth operation. - Server Setting: Make necessary setting adjustments on the server for the website to function effectively. It's important that the website has less than 10 pages. Ideal skills for this task include proficiency in PHP, WordPress, and cPanel. Experience with E-commerce, Blogging platforms, and C...

    €18 - €152
    Sürgős Rejtett
    €18 - €152
    28 árajánlat

    I need a website developed using PHP and deployed on cPanel. Additionally, I require the following tasks to be fulfilled: - Setting up and removing DNS records - Configuring server settings - Removing unwanted MX and DNS records The site itself is intended for the purpose of email integration and a contact form. Please note that the nature of the site's content is currently undecided and may be a mix of text, images, and videos. Ideal candidates for this project should have a strong background in PHP development, cPanel deployment, and DNS record management. Experience with email integration and contact form implementation is highly preferred.

    €96 (Avg Bid)
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    78 árajánlat

    I need a DNS expert to assist with managing and optimizing DNS records for my project. The tasks include improving website performance, configuring email delivery settings, and ensuring domain security. Key Responsibilities: - Set and Optimize DNS records to enhance website performance. - Configure email delivery settings for smoother operation. - Ensure maximum domain security through appropriate DNS management. Requirements: - Proven experience in DNS management and optimization. - Expertise in configuring email delivery settings. - Strong understanding of DNS security protocols. - Ability to work quickly and efficiently under time constraints.

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    4 árajánlat

    I'm in need of a skilled DevOps Engineer who has experience working with Digital Ocean Managed Cluster. I require assistance in setting up the DNS and installing specific services on my cluster. Requirements: - DNS Setup: Since I use Digital Ocean as my DNS provider, I need help integrating my current domain into the system. - Service Installation, I need to install redpanda cluster, too. Even though the operating system wasn't mentioned, I expect you to be able to work with any common OS. Ideal skills required for this job: - Proficiency in DevOps and server management. - Experience with Digital Ocean and their DNS setup. - Strong knowledge of Nginx, Docker, and Kubernetes. - Proficiency in working with various operating systems. If you have t...

    €32 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    48 árajánlat

    I have a powershell script that is made to work as a DNS utility that will allow me to create/delete/update DNS entries. It is not currently able to handle CNAME as i think it was made to handle A records based on the create scetion of it. I need it be able to do all 3 fuinctions on different record types with thier individual required inputs. One of the main problems im running into is it is not able to handle a hostname instead of IP4 when trying to run it. I need it done very promptly. Preferably today.

    €463 (Avg Bid)
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    I need assistance in pointing my Namecheap domain to my WordPress site and migrating it. I currently have a wedding planning website hosted on WordPress. I'm seeking a skilled professional who can help me with the following: - Domain Pointing: I need my domain with Namecheap to be configured to point to my WordPress site WITH SITEGROUND. This includes setting up the necessary DNS records, ensuring the domain properly resolves to my website. - Website Migration: I need assistance with migrating my WordPress wedding planning site to a new web host. This should be done with minimal downtime and ensuring all the content, functionality, and design elements are correctly transferred. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in managing and configuring domains v...

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    ...file that prints 'Hello World @sainath_reddy' in any language. This file will be hosted on Azure Cloud using extended support services. I have a DNS and would like the deployment to be done on that DNS. The specific requirements are as follows: - Develop a single HTML file with 'Hello World @sainath_reddy' output - Host and deploy the file on Azure Cloud - Utilize extended support services for the hosting - Ensure deployment is done on my own DNS There's no need for a continuous deployment setup, as this is a one-time deployment. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in HTML - Experience with Azure Cloud services - Understanding of DNS and deployment processes - Ability to create a simple, functional website - Knowl...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
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    Description: I am seeking a skilled freelancer to optimize and enhance my WordPress website. The website currently faces several issues, including outdated templates, slow loading times, low Google PageSpeed Index score, and security vulnerabilities. Tasks to be completed include: Update outdated templates and plugins to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version. Im...Improved website speed and Google PageSpeed Index score Configured search engine indexing for enhanced visibility Enhanced security measures to combat spam comments and bot visits If you possess the necessary skills and experience to tackle these challenges effectively, please submit your proposal outlining your approach, timeline, and cost estimates. Thank you. Hosting & Domain Server: GoDaddy CDN/DNS...

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    I aim to consolidate my online presence by linking a Google Site to two existing domains. The domains are currently live and host content (I am aware that this will 'disappear'). Despite not being well-versed in web hierarchies and structures, I am open to suggestions. I have changed the DNS (Text) records to verify ownership - one domain seems verified, as it brings me to google console and the website is still not verified/linked. the other domain stays unverified too. I even tried Forwarding on one domain, but no luck. Ideal professionals for this project would: - Have extensive experience with Google Sites and domain linking - Be able to work with existing domain content - Possess strong communication skills to explain potential structure or hierarchy changes.

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