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    a new game a new game a new game a new game a new game a new game a new game a new game a new game a new game

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    A a ( ) és web oldalakra Értékes linkeket kellene építeni. Jelenleg is vannak ilyen linkek , de a mai helyzetben az már sajnos kevés. Elsősorban Ma a Román és Szlovák oldalunk link építése lenne a fontosabb . The ( ) or web sites should be linked ny new link building by valued links as much as possible. We are waiting for the candidates who can manage this project first of all in Romania.

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    Being in a digital asset era, our primary focus is to create a Solana token to be used specifically as a...understanding of the Solana ecosystem, token minting, blockchain, and smart contract coding. A proven track record in Solana token creation and smart contracts is highly desirable. Familiarity with vesting and cliff structure implementation will be a significant advantage. This project requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. A keen understanding of token economics, mechanism design, and game theory would be beneficial. I’m looking forward to collaborating with an individual that complements our goal to create a seamless payment currency that works within the blockchain ecosystem. So, if you have the skills and experience outlined above, I’d love...

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    Steampunk Styled Card Game Art 6 nap left

    I am in search of an artist to breathe life into my collectible card game. This task will involve creating unique and imaginative illustrations of "ugly cute" animals residing in captivating steampunk environments. We are looking to upgrade from an AI placeholder to final art that people will appreciate. Initially it would be for 80 cards, future work could include more art and further help creating layers for foiling of cards etc. Key Responsibilities: - Develop appealing designs of specifically defined characters or creatures. - Implement the detailed steampunk theme into every piece of artwork. - Ensure artwork maintains a consistent style throughout. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in designing characters or illustrations for card games. - Profic...

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    I am in need of an experienced eye to provide a fresh, second opinion on my landing page and sales funnel. Your expertise will be essential in scrutinizing and enhancing various aspects of my current setup. Key Areas of Focus: - Design layout: I am looking at improving the design layout. Is it user-friendly, visually appealing, and effective in guiding customers down t...will get from our products or services. Skills and Experience: The ideal freelancer would have a strong background in website design, UX/UI, excellent knowledge of sales funnel strategies, and a proven track record in persuasive copywriting. A deep understanding of marketing strategies and conversion rate optimization would be helpful too. I'm looking forward to seeing your profession change the game of my o...

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    For my onlin...AdWords to establish high-performing ad campaigns aimed at driving game downloads. Key Tasks and Objectives: - Design a compelling ad campaign to stimulate interest and facilitate game downloads. - Aim the ad campaign squarely at a demographic of young adults. Ideal Candidate’s Skills and Experience: - Demonstrable experience with Google Ads. - Proven track-record of producing successful ad campaigns meant to increase downloads of digital products. - In-depth understanding of online advertising strategies for reaching young adults. - Familiarity with the gaming sector, especially around games that have a focus on online earning, will be an added advantage. I look forward to working with an Ads specialist who can help me ramp up game downloads a...

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    Medieval Turn-Based Unity Game 6 nap left

    I am looking for an experienced Unity Developer who can assist me in creating a visually appealing turn-based combat game. KEY INFO: - The game should be set in a thoroughly designed medieval environment. - Use a control scheme optimized for gamepad use. - Include warriors, wizards, and archers, creating a rich diversity of characters. DESIRED SKILLS and EXPERIENCE: - Proficient in Unity3D - Prior experience in game character development - Strong understanding of gamepad controls - Familiarity with medieval art styles Great attention to detail and a strong sense of creativity is required for character and environment design. Interested freelancers with a portfolio showcasing previous games are strongly encouraged to bid.

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    SOPs Platform Development 6 nap left

    ...managers and other departments on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Key Features: - User Registration & Login: The platform should have an in-built system where users can register and log in to access the game. - Game Design: The gaming system must be designed to make learning SOPs an enjoyable and immersive experience. It should be interactive, engaging, and instructional. Details of the SOPs to be included in the games will be provided. - Multi-Platform Accessibility: The game should be accessible and responsive on both a website and mobile app platform. Ideal Skills: - Game development experience, preferably in educational or informational games. - Understanding of Standard Operating Procedures. - Proficiency in designing for web and mob...

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    52 árajánlat
    Puzzle games application small task 6 nap left

    I'm seeking a talented app developer to create a medium difficulty level Sudoku puzzle game. The application should be immersive and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for players. Key requirements for this project include: - Expertise in mobile application development, preferably with a portfolio showcasing engaging puzzle apps. - Solid understanding and experience in game mechanics and user interface design. - Knowledge in developing leaderboard features. The goal is to create a dynamic and engaging Sudoku app that tracks players' high scores. This leaderboard feature is crucial, as it adds a competitive edge to the experience. It's a pleasure to collaborate with individuals who have a passion for puzzle games. I look forward to your prop...

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    $30 - Google Cloud Video API - small task job I need some help getting my small 1 page .vueJS app working with Google Cloud Video API. My app currently shows live <iframe> video from stream, and I want to use my Google Cloud Video account to make my app show (eamples): <p>Summary of video is this: Person playing a game, the game is a shooting match, the person is in a chair</p> and <p>Main events of video are these: - person walks into a store - a cat walks past on the street - the security guard is sleeping</p> and <p>Timeline of events is this: 9:31am - blue car drives by on the street 9:36am - shop keeper walks into the store 9>57am - customer buys pants at cashier 1</p> things like that. I want you to set up the Google ...

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    10 árajánlat

    ...this project should have previous experience working with Minecraft, understand game modding and possess programming skills for Windows/MacOS (EXE and JAR versions). The launcher should offer: - Easy updates for mods and an automatic update feature for files I change on a webserver the launcher is linked to ( method, look in pinned document for an example) - Discord Rich Presence for improved interaction - An anticheat system that deletes any files not on my webserver in the %appdata%/.fcck folder - Custom Exe logo that aligns with my PvP-Kingdom Server brand - Support for both Premium and cracked versions (Mojang/Microsoft connections) - Unique Java ARG that allocates at least 8GB RAM to run the game - Links to social media and my official website within the launcher ...

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    Mobile Arcade Game Development 6 nap left

    Hello, please provide me with the price and days to make a simple game like Speed Holic 3D.. No longer available for Apple, and not sure about Google, but I think the source code, etc., is online, a game by Apptention. The only difference with my game is that instead of multiple things like background, etc., it will be 1 of everything, like background, character (black shape silhouette ? bird) touch mode, speed-start from 1.5. Speedholic 3D's highest starting speed is 1.3, though. To include an Apple and Google leaderboard plus an ad network for revenue. I’m also looking for a team to publish on stores and maintain games. Another example of simplicity when it comes to the simple black background, etc:

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    12 árajánlat

    I'm on the lookout for a talented game developer to bring my vision to life. My concept revolves around an RPG First Person Shooter, modelled around the iconic Mario-style, but with a mobile twist. Key Requirements: - Platform: Mobile. The game must be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. - Genre: RPG First Person Shooter. The game mechanics should seamlessly blend elements of RPGs and FPS genre, akin to a Mario-style gaming experience. - Art style: Cartoon. The game should be visually appealing, engaging and captures the spirit of classic cartoon styles. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in successful mobile game development for both iOS and Android. - Strong understanding and experience within the RPG First Person Shooter genre. - Ab...

    €406 (Avg Bid)
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    18 árajánlat

    Game's kit, assets, music and UI is ready. I am aiming to create a prototype of the game from these assets and kit. It's rather easy to do as the kit is already comprehensive enough and there will be no request to code any extra functionalities as whatever is in the kit is already enough. As i've stated, this will be a prototype of the game. Aside from the current request, if the job is done good enough i would like to work more with the developer. Game will be on Unity. It's going to be a first person shooter game. Game will be on Mobile.

    €109 (Avg Bid)
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    5 árajánlat
    Optimize 2D MMORPG Game Client 6 nap left

    ...seeking a seasoned game developer to optimize a 2D tile-based MMORPG game client from the early 2000's. The work will focus on improving the client's window mode features, implementing dynamic camera movement, and enhancing general performance optimization. C++, DirectX7 with DDraw wrapper Specifically: - Windowed mode and resizable windowed mode: I want to make it possible to switch to windowed mode using ALT+F4 and to have a resizable window. - Fluid movement and smooth camera follow: Strategically, I would like a dynamic camera movement that follows the character, to enhance user experience and engagement. This is currently the highest priority - Performance optimization: I'm looking for high performance optimization of the client. The goal is to e...

    €128 (Avg Bid)
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    11 árajánlat

    ...Roblox game developer or studio with a passion for crafting engaging, interactive games. Our vision is to create either a clicker simulator (similar to Legends of Speed) or a tycoon (similar to Barbie dreamhouse) in a modern farm/animal/horse setting. We're also excited to hear your ideas and preferences. Your Role - Roblox Game Development: Demonstrate your ability to create immersive Roblox games from scratch. We especially value experience in simulation and tycoon genres. - Scripting Mastery: Your proficiency in Lua is crucial for implementing intricate game mechanics, ensuring a seamless player experience. - UI/UX Design: Craft intuitive and accessible interfaces that make complex mechanics enjoyable for players of all ages. - Collaboration & Feedback...

    €3436 (Avg Bid)
    €3436 licitátlag
    21 árajánlat

    ...with a knack for creating engaging gaming content for teenagers. This project harnesses the fun and excitement of video gaming, turning it into compelling video content for YouTube, thus the freelancer chosen for this job must have a good understanding of the gaming culture among teenagers and the ability to create content that resonates with this audience. Key Responsibilities Include: - Video Game Content Creation: Create content based on popular video games that align with the interests of teenagers. Experience with gaming is an absolute must. - Video Editing: Edit footage to create engaging, fun, and captivating videos. Proficiency in using video editing software is crucial. - Creative Direction: Assist in shaping the creative vision and direction of the content, ensuri...

    €43 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    9 árajánlat

    As an enthusiastic designer, I'm looking for professionals to create a jigsaw puzzle design that will catch the imaginatio...of children aged 4-8. Here are the specific features I want: - Theme: The puzzle will have an animal theme that appeals to young children. - Complexity Level: The puzzle should be relatively simple as its intended for children in the age group of 4-8. It should classify as a small sized puzzle, meaning less than 100 pieces. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design - Experience with toy or game design - Understanding of what appeals to children in the requested age group The goal is to make an engaging, fun, and educationally valuable jigsaw puzzle that children would love to solve. So, your familiarity with what captivates this age group is a defi...

    €49 (Avg Bid)
    €49 licitátlag
    15 árajánlat

    I'm in search of a skilled artist to create realistic yet slightly cartoony (inspired by googie art style) illustrations for more than 20 pieces for my fantasy-themed board game. Detailed understanding of realistic and googie art style as well as a background in illustration are critical. It's fundamental that you relate with the sci fi genre and could represent it effectively in the game artwork. In your proposal, please include previous works that align with this style and theme. Your creativity and artistic eye will craft the visual gateway into this fantasy world.

    €155 (Avg Bid)
    €155 licitátlag
    57 árajánlat

    Seeking a skilled freelancer to assist in implementing a new feature for our existing game by bridging the communication gap between our Java backend and React frontend through outgoing and incoming packets. Requirements: Proficiency in Java backend development, with experience in handling outgoing packets and data serialization. Strong understanding of React frontend development and proficiency in processing incoming packets. Familiarity with packet communication protocols such as TCP/IP or WebSocket.

    €159 (Avg Bid)
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    48 árajánlat
    Puzzle Android game short task 6 nap left

    I'm seeking an experienced Android game developer to design and code an engaging puzzle game based on logic puzzles. The puzzles should cater to an intermediate skill level of players. Key Project Elements: - Game Type: The game should revolve around logic puzzles that will stimulate and challenge the player's critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. - Complexity Level: The puzzles should be tailored to an intermediate skill level, providing a rewarding challenge but not overly complicated as to discourage the player. - Interface: The game interface should be colorful and interactive, providing an enjoyable gaming experience while keeping the player captivated with each puzzle. Ideal Candidate Skills & Experience: - Proven experi...

    €1288 (Avg Bid)
    €1288 licitátlag
    8 árajánlat

    I am in need of an experienced game developer who can assist in creating a game using Java for backend and React for frontend. Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Java and React With the details yet to be solidified, I'm seeking someone who is flexible and can brainstorm together to come up with the best options. I look forward to your bids. This task will not take much time as it only involves the implementation of a feature.

    €359 (Avg Bid)
    €359 licitátlag
    44 árajánlat

    I am seeking an experienced Java Backend game developer with skills in React and TypeScript. Project Objectives: This is something that we can discuss further. This task will not take much time as it only involves the implementation of a feature.

    €804 (Avg Bid)
    €804 licitátlag
    15 árajánlat in the process of planning for a new marketing strategy for an Android game app that I intend to develop. Here's what I'm looking for: - An experienced freelancer with a strong background in Network Marketing especially for game apps. Your experience with Android app promotion will greatly benefit this project. - You should have a deep understanding of the Android user base to help define marketing strategies and plans that will best promote the app. - Your ability to create and implement new business strategies will also be essential for the success of the project. - Your knowledge of both marketing and android gaming will be a significant advantage. The ideal freelancer will not only help in promoting the game app but also play a crucial role in h...

    €309 (Avg Bid)
    €309 licitátlag
    7 árajánlat

    I want a full copy of the game "spin to kill" written in unity. It's a copy that only includes the parts that appear at the beginning of the game where swords rotate around us. The game will be mechanically almost identical to the beginning of the spin to kill game. I will give the assets. There will be sword abilities available and then we will add a few different sword abilities. Game iwll be written in unity with object oriented approach not data oriented (ECS etc). Only one level, 1 our player, 7 another players(bot, not real player)

    €187 (Avg Bid)
    €187 licitátlag
    13 árajánlat

    I am looking for an experienced game developer who can help me implement a simple leveling system for a mobile game built on Godot 4.2. We will provide you a detailed plan of what we need and we will provide all the assets.

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    4 árajánlat

    I need an experienced mobile game developer to help me recreate the Kess game with a fresh, modern touch for both Android and iOS platforms. While the game mechanics should generally remain similar to the original version, your creativity in adding unique and contemporary elements is highly encouraged. (btw is paying attention to how absurd the ai generated descriptions are ? i had to delete all the nonsense and edit it, adding extra time wastage) the kess game (currently on for android and ios) but this version is different and very simple: This is two people playing on the same device, such as a tablet or phone. they are not on two phones, but on same device, basically they are using it like a actual physical game board, two perso...

    €270 (Avg Bid)
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    21 árajánlat

    In need of a talented graphical designer to create a unique, abstract design that captures the esse...jigsaw puzzle will consist of 60-80 pieces and must be visually engaging to draw interest from puzzle enthusiasts. Ideal skills and experience: - Experienced Graphic Designer with a portfolio featuring abstract subject matter. - Good understanding and ability to use elements of art like texture, shape, form, color, and line to create a balanced design. - Previous experience in jigsaw puzzle or game design is considered as a strong plus. - Knowledgeable in nature-themed designs. - Ability to deliver high-quality digital files suitable for puzzle production. When bidding, please provide examples of similar work you've completed in the past. I look forward to seeing your cr...

    €49 (Avg Bid)
    €49 licitátlag
    25 árajánlat
    Stomod Blog Content & How-to Guides 6 nap left
    HITELESÍTETT our users can focus on sharing their ideas and creations with the world. We're on the lookout for a talented content writer to join our team and help spread the word about what we do. The Role We need someone who can craft engaging, informative articles that resonate with our audience and align with our SEO goals. You'll be writing about topics related to Stomod and how our platform can be a game-changer for content creators, bloggers, and anyone looking to establish an online presence. Responsibilities Write 5 high-quality articles each week, focusing on topics relevant to Stomod and our users. Research and propose new topics that would interest our audience and drive traffic to our site. Optimize content for SEO to improve visibility and rankings. Stay up-to-date...

    €27 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €27 / hr licitátlag
    46 árajánlat

    ...Tasks: - Create monster characters relevant to the environment and story of a horror game at a mid-poly count similar to PS2 games. - Ensure models are optimized. - Rigging not necessary. - Play an active role in conceptualizing what monsters are suitable for the environments of the game. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in 3D modeling techniques. I don't mind which software is used. - Prior experience in creating monster characters. - Strong understanding of how Unreal Engine operates. - Must be able to confidently conceptualize and create. You are the artist bringing things to life, I'm just the math guy. Compensation: You will be paid the amount that you ask for and credited within the opening and ending of the game with links to your social media or what...

    €528 (Avg Bid)
    €528 licitátlag
    53 árajánlat

    I'm seeking a qualified professional with a strong background in patent creation to draft a provisional patent for my consumer product prototype. The primary advantage of my product is that it significantly enhances efficiency. Therefore, a deep understanding of functionality analysis and improvement aspects would be beneficial. The perfect candid...products - Experience with patent drafting - Ability to understand efficiency-focused products - Excellent communication skills to understand and express intricate concepts Your task will include assessing the prototype and crafting a well-dissected provisional patent that brings out the uniqueness and efficiency aspect of the product. Understanding consumer products and how efficiency can be a game-changer in this industry is ke...

    €81 (Avg Bid)
    €81 licitátlag
    24 árajánlat

    I'm seeking an experienced game developer who can successfully integrate Xbox controller support into my RPG Maker MV project. The crucial functionalities needed are: - Directional movement - Button interaction - Vibration feedback Additionally, I require seamless compatibility with the functions of my engine and its custom plugins, specifically the plugin for ABS Combat. Being well-versed in RPG Maker MV and understanding the subtleties of will be highly beneficial for this task. This project demands efficiency and attention to detail, therefore the right candidate should have a strong background in custom controller configurations and engaging user experience.

    €321 (Avg Bid)
    €321 licitátlag
    6 árajánlat

    ...for a talented graphic designer who can breathe life into a board game through: - Cartoonish-style graphics - Instructional baseball themed elements The ideal candidate for this job is skilled at creating engaging and simple cartoonish / Realistic graphics that can be easily understood by a broad audience. As this board game is Instructional Baseball-themed, experience, an understanding, or a keen interest in baseball would be a bonus. Your primary task would be improving design aspects of the game board. The goal is to present the specific requirements & existing board ideas to design a more professional & fun in appearance Specific skills/experiences required: - Graphic design experience - Familiarity with board game design - Strong portfolio ...

    €281 (Avg Bid)
    €281 licitátlag
    56 árajánlat

    I am in urgent need of assistance with two game servers I am currently developing. The first is a functioning Faction server. Despite being up and running, I am open to advice and improvements which could enhance performance and gameplay. The second is a Life steal server still in its initial stage. I require help to set it up, with key functionalities being player versus player combat and player progression. I have 2 servers for minecraft on the same serverhost , they both run paper version 1.20.40 , They both have 12GB off ram and 3 threads each 1 server is a life steal server the 2nd one is a faction server. I have the faction server set up and running but I haven't set up the lifesteal setup on the second server. I'm looking for that to be installed with all its ...

    €17 (Avg Bid)
    €17 licitátlag
    2 árajánlat
    GameFI and Crypto Strategist 6 nap left

    We're looking for a web 3 strategist and trader to do research for the following requirements. - GameFI market analysis - In game NFT trading strategies and research - Community outreach for game specific metadata and mechanics - Creating reproducible trading and analytic methods If you feel like this is you or believe you have the right skills, please shoot a message! A brief description(a few sentences at most) of how you would accomplish such tasks would also be appreciated.

    €75 (Avg Bid)
    €75 licitátlag
    2 árajánlat
    ERP-WordPress-Woo Integration + API 6 nap left

    Look for an experienced developer to assist our internal team with integration of ERPNext, WordPress, and WooCommerce platforms for an...knowledge and experience in ERPNext, WordPress, and WooCommerce platforms, as well as the integration of various external APIs including payment gateway APIs like PayPal and Stripe. Problem-solving skills and the ability to work within tight deadlines are prerequisites. This project requires a meticulous blend of technical skills and understanding of front-end and backend integrations. Bring your A-game and let's build something amazing. Looking to hire on hourly basis until project completion. I have been contracted as a project manager on several other projects as well, leading to possible additional work in the same areas for the succes...

    €9 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €9 / hr licitátlag
    100 árajánlat

    ...Roblox development, specifically, I am absorbed in game design for role-playing games. Experience in the following areas is key for this project: - Deep understanding of Roblox game design - Previous experience in developing Role-Playing games - Fluency in scripting and asset creation My game development project will focus on these elements: • Character Customization: Users should enjoy the freedom of creating and customizing characters. Their creative ideas should be brought to life in the game. • Storyline Progression: A captivating and compelling narrative is vital. As users connect with their characters and the world, they will want to follow where the stories take them. • Quest Systems: The quest system should maintain interest in t...

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €19 / hr licitátlag
    27 árajánlat
    Minimalist Art for Casino Game 5 nap left

    ...seeking a talented 2D artist to join my mobile game development project. The game will be themed around tic-tac-toe in a casino setting. What's needed: - Background environments: The design will need to reflect a minimalist yet appealing casino environment. This could range from the gaming table to the overall casino outlook. - User Interface elements: These should keep the minimalist aesthetic and be designed with intuitive game navigation in mind. Ideal Skills: - Experience with the 2D minimalist art style is a must - Past work in designing User Interface elements, preferably for mobile games - Background in designing environments for games I would love to see your portfolio and get a sense of how you could contribute to bringing this game to life. ...

    €54 (Avg Bid)
    €54 licitátlag
    63 árajánlat

    I'm seeking expertise to convert an unsupported browser Flash game into a fully operational Android game for personal use. My goal is to replicate the original Flash version faithfully without altering the game's design and aesthetic. I am looking to integrate: - In-app purchases: Adding the capacity for game expansion - Google account save system: Replacing the existing username/password system, enabling players to save progress directly to their Google accounts Ideal candidates will have: - Extensive experience in Android game development - Proficiency in converting Flash games to Android - Understanding of in-app purchase integration & Google account linking - Strong attention to detail to ensure a design that mirrors the original Flash versi...

    €376 (Avg Bid)
    €376 licitátlag
    26 árajánlat

    I have one video game. I need to upload this game to epic and steam. You must work via Anydesk. If you can do this, please don't hesitate to apply this.

    €103 (Avg Bid)
    €103 licitátlag
    7 árajánlat

    ...Capture interest by highlighting the exciting opportunities offered by The Credit Builders Club. - Introduce Seed Capital Financial's role in powering the group to establish credibility. Key Features: 1. Community Powerhouse: - "Welcome to a vibrant community of go-getters, dreamers, and financial warriors!" - "Connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about leveling up their credit game." - "Share your journey, gain insights, and celebrate victories together!" 2. Expert Guidance Galore: - "Receive personalized guidance and tailored strategies to skyrocket your credit score." - "From credit repair tips to advanced financial strategies, we've got you covered!" 3. Exclusive Resources Extravaganza: - "...

    €14 (Avg Bid)
    13 pályamű

    I'm looking for a professional with sound expertise for my video editing project. The primary task includes: - Isolation and removal of a specific swear word from the video's audio without affecting the remaining ambiance, specifically the crowd cheering. It is a 30 sec vidoe from an iphone obtained at a child's basketball game, the swearing is about 1 sec long. Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate for this project should have a good ear for audio and exceptional attention to detail. They should have vast experience using audio editing software capable of processing video file formats compatible with iPhone. Previous experience in removing specific voices or words from audio tracks while preserving the rest of the soundscape is highly required. Project Timeline:...

    €67 (Avg Bid)
    €67 licitátlag
    26 árajánlat

    I need an Excel expert to develop a sophisticated power ranking system for college basketball. Main tasks will include: - Creating a formula that combines specific weighted stat categories: Rebounds per game, Margin of Victory, and Turnovers. - Ensuring the spreadsheet updates automatically with new game results. The ideal freelancer would have extensive experience with Excel and a knack for sports statistics. Knowledge of basketball and ranking algorithms would be a huge plus. The goal is to create an efficient and yet detailed basketball power rankings tool.

    €401 (Avg Bid)
    €401 licitátlag
    30 árajánlat
    Revitalizing Offline 3D Game 5 nap left

    My project requires updates for an offline 3D game originally created with Unity. Here’s what I’m looking for: 1. **Additional Levels:** The game needs to grow as the player progresses. I want to increase the number of levels to keep it exciting and challenging. 2. **Enhanced Gameplay:** There’s always room for improvement. I seek enhancement to make the gaming experience smoother and more interactive. 3. **Player vs AI:** Let's add another dimension to this offline game. I'd like to introduce an AI mode where players can compete against computer-controlled characters. The updated version is intended for Android, so I need someone with experience optimizing for this platform. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in g...

    €525 (Avg Bid)
    €525 licitátlag
    10 árajánlat
    Typescript pixi developer needed 5 nap left

    WRITE THE GIHTUB PROFILE AT FIRST We in need of an experienced Typescript Pixi developer to help in developing an engaging and interactive website. The freelancer selected should have the following: - Proven experience with the PixiJS framework - High levels of proficiency in TypeScript/React.js - Substantial background in game development While specifics about particular functional properties of the website have been defined, the overall objective is to create an engaging, interactive user experience. Therefore, a strong background in user interface design and real-time interactivity is a must.

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €18 / hr licitátlag
    83 árajánlat

    In need of an imaginative and playful logo for my website, GameNight.Host. The tagline for the website is "Host · Play · Repeat" The platform promotes interaction between gamers interested in private or public gaming nights. To capture the spirit of our community, ideal logo elements would include dice, playing cards, tabletops, and potentially some iconic board game pieces cleverly incorporated in letters. (e.g. the dot a dice fo the dot in .Host) A colorful and lively scheme, maybe even incorporating neon shades, would be appreciated. As for the font, I'm leaning towards a playful, whimsical style. If you have a knack for creative design and a deep understanding of the gaming culture, I'd love to collaborate with you to make this vision a real...

    €138 (Avg Bid)
    Garantált Rejtett
    249 pályamű

    I'm looking for a skilled game developer to create an engaging image-based puzzle game for Android. The precise details of the project are as follows: - Platform: As noted, the game should be developed for Android. Expertise in Android game development is a must. - Game Type: The project revolves around the creation of an image-based puzzle game. Freelancers with experience in developing this category of games will have an edge. - Art Style: As I have not specified any particular art style, I'm open to creative suggestions. Whether it’s realistic, cartoon-style, or abstract, I'll welcome your innovative ideas to make the game appealing. The ideal freelancer for this project would have a strong background in mobile...

    €79 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Engaging Flyer Contest Design 1 nap left

    I'm in need of an outstanding designer for a unique flyer/ ad contest project. The main objective here is to highlight Ahri, my daughter in her basketball accomplishment . She had been invited to play in the North South All-Star game and I have listed other accomplishments to be included on the flyer/ad Here is the info that needs to be included as well Congratulations Ahrianna Scott #23 North South Basketball All Star Westside High School 2x AllState Player 2x State Champion Top 5 4A Senior To Watch 1000 Career Points + 2x All Region Helpful info: School colors are maroon, grey and white Mascot is a Ram attached below KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: • Understand project requirements and create compelling flyer/advertising design • Adapt design elements to varying...

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    I am excited to share the scope of my upcoming game project! This job is for a skilled game developer experienced in Unreal Engine ..... ( i found template on you tube i bought it and i want to edited it change it to unreal 5 and add some features ) ..... Theme and Setting: I am aiming to create a fantasy-based RPG. The atmosphere should invoke a sense of wonder and intrigue, with a deep lore behind it that will be progressively revealed throughout gameplay. Gameplay Mechanics: My vision for the game revolves around several unique mechanics: - Terrain Exploitation: Utilize a variety of landscapes which will significantly impact battle strategies, encouraging the player to take advantage of the environment in combat. - Squad Management: Navigate the strengths and...

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    I’m looking to have the default theme replaced, I have example of how the new theme layout should look. It is a basic 2 col layout. I have attached what the existing layout looks like (img_0265) and what I would like the new theme to look like () the default layout uses bootstrap3 but the new theme would need to be bootstrap 4 or 5. I have also added a file with instructions how to set up for you to access the codes and see how it is structured. It needs to be mobile responsive also to which I will add mobile layout for you

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