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    I need an experienced app developer to create an Android application specifically for educational purposes. The primary features would include: - Implementing quizzes and tests - Including interactive lessons throughout. Aesthetic wise, I'm leaning toward ...Android application specifically for educational purposes. The primary features would include: - Implementing quizzes and tests - Including interactive lessons throughout. Aesthetic wise, I'm leaning toward a colorful design to make the learning experience fun and engaging. Potential freelancers should have previous experience in educational app development and UI/UX design. Knowledge of gamification strategies for education would be a plus. Note: The interface needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate for l...

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    I'm looking for a skilled software developer to assist with the creation of an educational mobile app. This app will primarily focus on delivering interactive quizzes to users. Here's what I'm e...iOS/Android compatible app. - Incorporation of a diverse range of fun, engaging, and interactive quizzes. - Creation of an intuitive, user-friendly interface that ensures ease of navigation for users of all ages. The ideal candidate for this project would have extensive experience in mobile software development, particularly iOS and Android platforms. A background in educational software or gamification will be highly regarded. Your ability to adhere to deadlines strictly and provide consistent updates is a must-have. I'm eagerly anticipating your creative input to hel...

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    ...minimizing file sizes to amplify loading efficiency. - Conversion Rate: Techniques need to be applied to increase visitor engagement, enhance user experience, and promote conversions. Separately from the above, I am also looking for the creation of a gamification page on our site to boost engagement levels. For SEO, I need an expert to conduct an audit for on-page and technical SEO optimization, providing actionable insights for improvement. Ideal candidate for this role should have a strong background in website optimization, gamification strategy creation, and solid SEO expertise (particularly on-page and technical SEO). A results-driven approach in previous jobs and evidence of significant positive impacts on website performance will be highly considered. Professi...

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    ...generation and student progress tracking for administrators. 6. Student Progress Tracking: - Implement functionality for students to track their learning progress, fostering motivation and engagement. 7. Gamification Elements: - Introduce gamification elements to courses and tests to enhance user engagement and motivation. Required Skills: - Proficiency in Moodle customization and development. - Experience in integrating online testing and live video learning functionalities. - Expertise in plugin integration for reporting and progress tracking. - Familiarity with gamification techniques in e-learning environments. Timeline and Deliverables: - We expect the project to be completed within [insert timeframe]. - Deliverables include a visually appealing and f...

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    ...period. Should have an existing platform able to connect to appropriate banking systems. - Implement secure payment gateways, tracking mechanisms, and customizable campaign features. - Provide ongoing technical support and updates as needed. 2. Application development: - Develop mobile apps for gamification, mapping, and other types of innovative community engagement, including inclusive and youth community mobilization through tech. - Create user-friendly interfaces, interactive features, and gamification elements to enhance engagement. - Integrate social media functionalities and content dissemination tools and connection to crowdfunding platform (complex), or standalone apps (simple). - Provide beneficiary’s feedback platforms aimed at fostering community eng...

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    ...demographic. This app will require: - Registration and login using FIDO2 authentication protocol - A well-structured node.js backend integration - Custom message push notifications for active user engagement - Local database integration for efficient data management The app should contain a seamless payment feature, promoting accessibility and ease of use. No need for messaging/chat feature, gamification elements or social media integration. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Android development - Profound knowledge of FIDO2 Authentication - Familiarity with Node.js backend development - Proficient in local database integration - Experiences in implementing custom message push notifications - Hands on experience with payment gateways for app integration...

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    ...this project should have a strong background in web development, with specific expertise in the following areas: - Social Media Integration: I wish to incorporate an interactive feature that allows users to connect their social media profiles with the website. - Chatbot for Practice: A chatbot feature that engages users in conversation to help them practice the language they are learning. - Gamification Features: The addition of engaging gaming elements to make the learning process more interactive and fun. - Vocabulary Builder: A feature to help users build and expand their vocabulary. - Live Video Lessons: Incorporation of live video lessons to give users a more immersive learning experience. - Teacher Panel: I also require a teacher panel for instructors to register and gain...

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    ...approximately, presented in a gamification enviroment. Completing 10 objetives, and passing one for one. Receiving stars, and higher degree.  2. Combining videos, texts, summaries, and gamification 3. Test of Learning objetives. Apply for example 10 questions after each unit, and if the student get at least 9 right answers, pass to the following one. If not, should have to complete again the unit. The idea is to be able to setup the process of pass/fail the unit based on the test of knowedge and participation in activities. 4. Bulding a cooperative development. For example if the total of the workers complete the program is a 100%, if the half is 50% of the collective objective. 5. Provide diploma or some certification in p...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to design an engaging reading comprehension app for children aged 5-12. Key Requirements: - Cross-platform compatibility: It must be developed for iOS, Android and Web. - Implement gamification: The application should include a point system and badges for achievements, to motivate user participation. Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with multi-platform mobile app development, preferably in educational applications. A strong understanding of gamification is crucial. An interest in children's education would be an additional bonus.

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    ...robotics. Create the lesson resources( instructional video , step by step guide , quizzes , lesson plan etc) to be currate into our LMS Looking into developing 3 levels ( basic , intermediate and advance ) per course. 36 lessons x 1 hour per level . course delivery include : -modify/create online lesson into our LMS for students self learning (elearning) - modify/create Quiz and interactive gamification during the learning . - modify/create Assessment and upload of project at this end of the day - modify/create Lesson plan briefing guide - modify/create Teacher Planning guide - Each lesson will comprise of lab assignments-100% practical for hands on . - provide respective code solutions Etc *Send in your previous sample online Elearning curriculum that you have done before to...

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    ...membership program. Reward users with discounts, points, or other incentives for successful referrals, thereby encouraging user acquisition and retention. Advanced Reporting, Analytics and Insights: Provide users with access to personalised analytics and insights about their membership activity, including usage patterns, savings achieved, and recommendations for maximising benefits. Gamification Elements: Incorporate gamification elements such as challenges, badges, and leaderboards to incentivize user engagement and participation. Reward users for completing tasks, achieving milestones, or participating in promotional events. Vendor/partner listing in user app Personalised Recommendations Vendor/partner in user app Membership card issuance and validation. Vendor/partner i...

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    I'm in need of a developer who can create a gam...Interactive quizzes User Base: We anticipate more than 500 users on the platform, so it must be scalable and able to handle a large user base. Integration: The platform should be seamlessly integrated with social media platforms, existing school management systems, and third-party payment processors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experienced in Moodle platform development - Proficient in gamification techniques - Ability to create and integrate leaderboards, badges, rewards, quizzes - Understanding of large-scale platforms - Integration experience with social media, school management systems, and payment processors If you have the right skills and experience, please reach out with your portfolio and any relevant informat...

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    I'm searching for an adept app developer who can help craft an interactive educational app focused on delivering quizzes. This app will be geared towards students, parents, and teachers, acting as a useful and engaging learning aid. Key Features: - We're aiming to implement a variety of quiz formats including multiple choice questions, true or false questio...crucial for the design to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible for all age groups. Targeted Subjects: - The quizzes for all standard students Skills and Experience Required: - A strong background in app development, particularly educational apps. - A comprehensive understanding of UX design to make the app user-friendly for our target audience. - Understanding how to incorporate gamification elemen...

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    I have a PowerPoint presentation that is more than 20 slides long and I'm looking for someone to clean up the design, and enhance it with polling and quiz functionality. Key tasks: - Clean up the design of the presentation, making it visually...and professional - Integrate polling functionality to make the presentation more interactive - Add quiz functionality to engage the audience, and test their understanding of the content The purpose of this presentation is educational. I want to make learning more engaging and interactive. Ideal candidate would have experience in creating engaging presentations, and have an understanding of gamification in educational content. A solid grasp of PowerPoint and the ability to create dynamic, visually appealing slides are also essential fo...

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    ...experienced WordPress developer to help me build a site that focuses on support and tracking mechanisms. The core requirements of the site include live chat and email integration, alongside an "About Us" page and a fully-functional contact form. As an aspect of innovation, I'd like to imbibe features like an interactive timeline and a AI-powered chatbot. Also, I am intrigued by incorporating gamification elements into the site. However, I do not have a specific design or theme in mind; I’m looking for your creative input and expertise on that front. The contact form should enable inquiry submission and allow users to subscribe to newsletters. To recap, here's what I'm expecting: - A WordPress site centred on support and tracking. - An "Ab...

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    Hello! I am looking for a freelancer who can create a basic interface using AR Foundation. I just need arrows that rotate the object and a zoom function. There is no gamification.

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    ...users who will be encouraged to interact with one another. Key Features: - Reviews: Users should be able to leave feedback and rate each other. - Rewards: Implement a system to incentivize user activity. - Gamification: Add game elements to make the usage of the app more fascinating and addictive. - Maps/Navigation: User-friendly navigation is a must for users to easily navigate through the app. To perfectly execute this project, the chosen professional should ideally have proven experience in leveraging Flutter to create cross-platform apps. A good understanding of gamification concepts, reward systems, and the ability to integrate user review functionality is key. Applicant should also have experience in implementing Maps and Navigation within an app to aid user...

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    I am in need of a skilled Flutter Developer to design and develop an app for Android and iOS. The app will include features such as User Authentication, Push Notifications, In-App purchases, Geolocation, Maps, REST APIs Integration, Reviews, Rewards, and Gamification. Therefore, the ideal candidate has profound knowledge and experience in these areas. Our app is primarily targeted at the general public and women. Consequently, a successful candidate needs to possess a keen understanding of the needs and expectations of these user categories. We are looking forward to engaging a developer who can bring our vision to life with a user-friendly and engaging app.

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    ...interface. Smart, clever use of interactive elements like shaking the app to shuffle the cards or tilting the phone device downwards to deal? Gameplay Mechanics: - Accurate implementation of the game rules. - Smooth card-flipping animations and sound effects. - Mechanism to track and display the number of cards each player holds. Metrics/Scoring/tracking the play: - Display on who’s winning. - Gamification basics: - Leaderboard for when players are in play. - Display winners. - Add a series of ways to win - Like choosing ‘Best out of 3 games wins,” etc. Multiplayer Functionality: - The game should support two players. - Consideration for future updates to include online multiplayer capabilities. Platform Compatibility: - The app should be compatible...

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    ...include high-quality gamification features centered primarily around informative quizzes and points scoring system with rewards and loyalty center. The key features of the app will include: - Quizification: engaging, informative quizzes to raise awareness about climate change and sustainability. - Gamification: user engagement through points and rewards system to incentivize eco-friendly actions. - Connection with Insurance Companies: The app needs to integrate with insurance companies' systems using APIs, mainly to fetch insurance quotes and policy purchase options. The ideal candidate should have experience in: - Cross-platform app development to ensure a smooth and consistent user experience across iOS and Android platforms. - Creating engaging and educational ...

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled mobile app developer with experience in Android and iOS platforms to build an eco-conscious photo application. Users of the app should be able to take pictures specifically of trash/landfills or anything that negatively impacts nature. This is a unique chance to contribute...application should include: - User-friendly interface for taking photographs. - Integration with Google Maps API for automatic tagging. - A personalized dashboard and profile page allowing users to track their points in real time. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a strong background in mobile app development and API integrations, with a particular focus on user interface design. Experience in gamification and tracking user points is also highly appreciated for the success o...

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    I need a professional with experience designing pop-up booths. The primary objective is to create an interactive experience for users, making use of touchscreen displays, augmented reality, and gamification to provide a memorable engagement. Key requirements include: - Knowledge and experience in creating immersive digital experiences. - Ability to create a sustainable structure that doesn't compromise on design. - Hands-on experience with augmented reality technologies. - The booth must also be easy to build and transport, enhancing convenience and functionality. Experience in similar projects will be highly preferred.

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    39 árajánlat modules across various formats. Phishing Simulation Management: Creation and management of customizable phishing simulation campaigns. Reporting and Analytics: Detailed dashboards for tracking user progress, performance, and engagement. Integration with Third-Party Services: Including Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Gamification and Engagement: Implement gamification features to motivate learning and engagement. Customizable Training Paths: Personalized training pathways based on roles, departments, or learning needs. Cybersecurity Knowledge Base: A searchable repository of articles, resources, and best practices. Incident Reporting and Management: Features for reporting suspected spam emails and tracking incidents...

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    ...accept applications. - Payment integration: The platform should facilitate seamless transactions. - Recruitment management: This includes the ability to assign roles and manage teams, alongside a robust recruitment and application process. - Team chat: A built-in chat feature for efficient communication between team members is crucial. - Rating and Gamification: To incentivize user engagement, the platform should have rating and gamification functionalities, if possible. Additional Features: - Email notifications: Users should receive email updates for better communication and engagement. - Customizable branding: I'd like the marketplace to accommodate branding changes as needed. Role Assignment and Chat Functionality: - Role assignment: Users should be abl...

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    ...(desktop, mobile, tablet). Secure user authentication and data encryption. Scalable database to handle large volumes of users and content. Integration with payment gateways for reward redemption. Content delivery network (CDN) for fast content delivery. User activity tracking and analytics tools. Additional Considerations: Content moderation system to ensure content quality and user safety. Gamification elements to encourage user engagement. Notification system to keep users informed about new content, rewards, and messages. Accessibility features to cater to users with disabilities. Next Steps: Develop a detailed project timeline and budget. Finalise website design mockups and prototypes. Develop and test the platform functionalities. The platform can be built on wordpress fo...

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    The requirement is to create a mini-game for the gamification of introducing a detergent at select outlets with real-world awards like free product sample, discount vouchers etc. The game could be on a white background, a cursor in the middle (brand logo) which is drag-able to all areas of the screen to eliminate incoming elements/enemies/projectiles/dirt. The web app must be user friendly and intuitive with basic functionalities. For example, it must have features like: ● 60-second timer (Time limit) ● Drag-able cursor ● 2D Graphics ● Window or Pop-up menu for New Game, End Game, Display Award won by Player at end of game

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    ...Games: Develop interactive learning games that engage children. The games should include educational quizzes, memory games, and puzzle games. Experience in designing and developing interactive UX/UI is ideal. - Reward System: Create a reward system that incentivizes learning. This includes virtual badges, points/coins and unlockable levels after achieving specific benchmarks. Experience in gamification would be a significant advantage. - Planners: The platform needs to include editable planners that can be accessed both from an online platform and a mobile app. Therefore, expertise in mobile and web application development is necessary. I am seeking a developer who is passionate about children's education and who can contribute ideas for making the platform more engagin...

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    ...-There will be multiple plugins and possibly custom ones will be needed this is a long term project. - Gamification: Implement sections with educational games to engage the children and encourage learning. - Progress Tracking: A system to keep track of each child's accomplishments and progress in their learning journey. - Virtual Rewards: Rewards that children can earn as they progress through the lesson contents. The website should be able to host and seamlessly integrate educational games, animated videos, and illustrated storybooks as learning aids. Ideally, you have a strong background in WordPress and have previously worked on kid-friendly websites or projects. Experience with gamification and reward systems will be considered a significant plus. The successf...

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    App development Véget ért left

    I'm seeking an experienced app developer who can create an educational app for both iOS and Android platforms. This app is aimed at both children and adults, so it needs to be user-friendly and engaging for all ages. Key requirements are: - Proficiency in both iOS and Android app development - Experience in creating educational apps - An understa...requirements are: - Proficiency in both iOS and Android app development - Experience in creating educational apps - An understanding of child-friendly and adult learning strategies - Ability to design intuitive and interactive user interfaces. The ideal freelancer will have a strong portfolio of successful apps, particularly those designed for education and learning purposes. Familiarity with gamification of learning would be a si...

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    Hello am currently building an an app that revolves around social media ecommerce gamification drop shipping blockchain nft In a few weeks time I have to pitch the app in front of investors. I would like to start building a team to include in my presentation. If you have great experience in the above mentioned areas and would like to join the team then let me know. At the moment no work is involved so its a no pay journey for the time being upon a successful capital raised each of you will be paid at an agreed rate when work commences thank you

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    I need a competent full stack developer to help with the creation of...translation) and they have to be able to be sorted in different decks that are linked to lessons. And I need to be able to view a list where I can upload image and audio file for each. EDIT: Actually we should use Dall-E API to generate all the images. And use ChatGPT API to come up with a prompt first for an image that fits the word - It should generelly look nice and be fun to use with a bit of gamification (make it look like a game) No mobile app development needed currently. Just for website Skills and Experience: - Has built applications for Wordpress sites before - Previous experience in creating learning tools is a major plus I would be interested to hear your suggestions for which technologies to use t...

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    I need a comprehensive 1000-1100 research done on the effects of gamification and gaming on academic performance. Your job will be to analyze the data collected through a survey of 38 responses and present the results, highlighting any significant trends or patterns. - Purpose: The aim of this research is to understand the impact of gamification and gaming on academic performance in detail. Special care should be given to ensure that any trends or patterns in the survey responses are clearly identified and interpreted. The findings should lead to actionable insights contributing to the improvement of academic performance. - you will need to use tables and graphs given directly from the google forums - Explanation Level: The survey data analysis process should be explained...

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    I require a detailed, 1200-1400 word research paper assessing the impact of gamification on student academic achievement. The chosen freelancer will need to understand trends pertaining to gamification in education and possess knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Key duties will include: - Using data from my survey for analysis - Undertaking additional desk-based research as necessary - Writing a comprehensive, structured report on the findings The ideal freelancer should have: - Proven experience in academic research - Excellent understanding of technology trends and education - Mastery in working with quantitative research methodologies I look forward to receiving your bids and discussing the project further.

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    I'm seeking a skilled web developer to create a robust, web-based application for me. This application serves to dashboard sales performance instantaneously and design in-day sales incentives for our sales teams and gamify the experience for the sales team. Example of what i want to build : In-depth Knowledge of real-time data analysis and dashboard design is essential. An understanding of these key indicators will be critical: - Total Sales - Average order value These data points will need to be updated in 'real-time' to give an accurate reflection of our sales teams' performance. As for the incentives, ideally, this application should enable me to implement: - Cash Bonuses - Products or Services Discounts -Award points to sales agents which accumulate to win ...

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    ...experienced developer to create an Android application aimed at education. The key feature that I'm interested in is quiz functionality. This application should serve as a tool for users to test their knowledge on various subjects. Here are some specifics: - Must have experience in developing quiz-based educational apps. - Expertise needed in Android development and UI design. - Familiarity with gamification and user engagement strategies would be a big plus. - Prior experience in integrating user-friendly features and easy navigation would be required for better user experience. The end product should create an engaging atmosphere where users can effectively learn and challenge their understanding through quizzes. If you have a proven track record in creating such Androi...

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    ...of user scores and rankings in a global or subject-specific leaderboard. 7. **User Progress Tracking Module:** - Tracks and stores user performance, allowing for personalized recommendations and adaptive difficulty levels. 8. **Social Integration Module:** - Integrates with social media platforms for optional sharing of achievements and engaging with peers. 9. **Gamification Module:** - Implements gamification elements, such as badges, rewards, and virtual currency for user engagement. 10. **Settings and Profile Module:** - Enables users to customize app settings and manage their profiles. 11. **In-App Purchase Module:** - Facilitates in-app purchases for premium features, additional content, or an ad-free experience. 12. **Ads Integration Module:** ...

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    ...of user scores and rankings in a global or subject-specific leaderboard. 7. **User Progress Tracking Module:** - Tracks and stores user performance, allowing for personalized recommendations and adaptive difficulty levels. 8. **Social Integration Module:** - Integrates with social media platforms for optional sharing of achievements and engaging with peers. 9. **Gamification Module:** - Implements gamification elements, such as badges, rewards, and virtual currency for user engagement. 10. **Settings and Profile Module:** - Enables users to customize app settings and manage their profiles. 11. **In-App Purchase Module:** - Facilitates in-app purchases for premium features, additional content, or an ad-free experience. 12. **Ads Integration Module:** ...

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    ...of user scores and rankings in a global or subject-specific leaderboard. 7. **User Progress Tracking Module:** - Tracks and stores user performance, allowing for personalized recommendations and adaptive difficulty levels. 8. **Social Integration Module:** - Integrates with social media platforms for optional sharing of achievements and engaging with peers. 9. **Gamification Module:** - Implements gamification elements, such as badges, rewards, and virtual currency for user engagement. 10. **Settings and Profile Module:** - Enables users to customize app settings and manage their profiles. 11. **In-App Purchase Module:** - Facilitates in-app purchases for premium features, additional content, or an ad-free experience. 12. **Ads Integration Module:** ...

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    Trophy icon GeoQR Application Logo Design Véget ért left

    I'm seeking a creative d...must possibly integrate key elements such as the "tapping" gesture and smartphone scanning, representing the fulcrum of the interaction. The landscape and points of interest converge into a single organization, reflecting GeoQR's goal of uniting different elements and points of interest under a single tool. The logo must also represent the playful and interactive aspect, evoking the use of gamification through treasure hunts and quizzes. The visual harmony of the logo represents tourist enjoyment, while its overall structure communicates the simplicity and effectiveness in the creation and monitoring of QR codes. In short, the GeoQR logo is a distinctive symbol that embodies the connection, dissemination and immersive experience of the...

    €30 (Avg Bid)
    345 pályamű

    Expanding educational horizons, I am in need of an expert in Learndash development who can actualize my vision of a comprehensive e-learnin...even dynamic video lectures. Access and Progress Tracking: - Secure User Registrations: Learning platform should include a secure user registration and login system for students to access course material. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in Learndash development and understands how to transform coursework into an engaging online format. - Exceptional capability of inserting gamification elements that not only keep learners engaged but actively tracks their progress. - Knowledgeable in creating a robust user login system. Flex your Learndash development skills and let’s create an engaging, robust e-learning experi...

    €18 - €43 / hr
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    €18 - €43 / hr
    51 árajánlat

    Develop a culture and gender-neutral storyboard visual representation of a mental health game's story from current archaic standardized tests. Generate sketches and technical instructions depicting main scenes of the game that can be moved around for organization in set and alternative story sequences to test game logic and flow. Final storyboard should represent fun characters, plot points, interactions, tone, actions, gameplay functionality, and key aspects of the game for maximum end-user engagement. Tasks: - Develop an engaging and educational culture- and gender-neutral mental health storyboard - Incorporate elements related to provided materials - Ensure the game encompasses test batteries provided Desired Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in mobile game developmen...

    €850 (Avg Bid)
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    35 árajánlat

    As an LMS website creator, I am looking to incorporate gamification into the course creation process. This will involve introducing a system for points, badges, leaderboards, rankings, as well as rewards and incentives. My desire is to imbue academic, professional training, and personal development courses with these added elements to encourage and measure engagement in a fun and appealing way. Though, these features will not be open to all users. They're intended for course creators that using our platform. Ideal applicants will have substantial experience in creating and integrating gamification systems, as well as a deep understanding of learning management systems. They should be proficient in designing points and badges, creating leaderboards, generating appealing ...

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    Estoy buscando un desarrollador de Android experimentado para crear una aplicación de aprendizaje del idioma inglés atractiva e interactiva utilizando gamificación. El objetivo principal de esta aplicación es crear un ambiente divertido y educativo donde los usuarios puedan aprender y mejorar sus habilidades en inglés. La aplicación debería poder: - Permitir la creación y delegación de tareas que guían el aprendizaje del inglés de manera estructurada. - Habilite el seguimiento del progreso para monitorear la mejora continua del usuario a lo largo del tiempo. Habilidades y experiencia ideales: - Dominio de Android Studio - Experiencia previa en la creación de aplicaciones educativas o de aprendizaje de idi...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to build an Android Edutech app, similar in functionality to PW App. It should encompass a range of interactive features including: - Online courses - Live classes - Progress tracking For ...Android Edutech app, similar in functionality to PW App. It should encompass a range of interactive features including: - Online courses - Live classes - Progress tracking For an engaging user experience, I am also interested in integrating the following learning techniques: - Gamification - Microlearning - Adaptive learning The ideal freelancer for this project should have proven experience in developing Android applications, previous experience with Edutech apps, as well as knowledge on implementing gamification, microlearning, and adaptiv...

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    Introduction: We are seeking a talented and passionate freelancer to join our team and bring our innovative Reading Habit Builder app to completion. The app, centered around the world of books, aims to revolutionize how users cultivate the habit of reading through positive feedback and gamification. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the development cycle was interrupted, and we are now on the lookout for a skilled individual to review and address existing bugs and features, ensuring the app is ready for its highly-anticipated launch. Project Overview The selected freelancer will be responsible for addressing a list of issues that have been identified and also help improve the user interface to enhance the app's performance. The current tech stack for the app is ...

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    Potrzebujemy aplikacji w celu grywializacji usługi transportowej (transport zbiorowy). (1) Aplikacja skanuje bilet i sprawdza jego ważność na podstawie zdjęcia lub biletu .pdf. (2) Następnie w czasie ważności biletu (dzień lub miesiąc) użytkownik odwiedza różne miejsca i skanuje w nich QR-kody. (3) Zeskanowanie kodu zapewnia punkty przypisane do poszczególnych kodów. (4) Zebrane punkty mogą być przekazywane określonym instytucjom. (5) W aplikacji musi istnieć ranking instytucji i użytkowników (za określony okres np. miesiąc, rok) (6) Aplikacja musi być zabezpieczona przed samowolonym powieleniem kodu QR i oszustwem. (7) Docelowo aplikacja powinna potrafić obliczyć odległość między pierwszym i kolenym zeskanowanym QR-kodem i także tę odległość zliczać i rank...

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    Seeking a seasoned dev...updates and maintain user engagement. - Develop a way to add in-app purchases to monetize the product. Gamification Elements: There's a special emphasis on gamifying this project. This will entail: - Designing and incorporating levels and challenges to keep users motivated and engaged. - Developing a leaderboard system to invoke a competitive spirit among the users. - Introducing a reward system to celebrate user achievements and to encourage continuous play. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Android Studio and game app development. - Familiar with user authentication, push notifications, and in-app purchases. - A knack for emerging trends in game design, particularly gamification. - Strong working knowledge in developing leaderboa...

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    I a...Programming (OOP) - Expertise in Front-End Development and Software Development - Proficiency in Programming - Experience with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Zend, and Symfony is a plus - Expertise in web development and e-commerce. - Familiarity with including multimedia components (video) within a website. - Experience in designing and implementing educational websites, particularly incorporating gamification elements like quizzes and exams. - An understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) principles. - Proficient in dealing with diverse content and subject matter. The best-fit freelancer for this job would be detail-oriented, possess a firm understanding of creating engaging educational content, and be passionate about using technology t...

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