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    ...trying to interpret my text descriptions but here are some key things. This domain is used as my test environment. 1) Hosting will be moved to aws. currently it’s on a vps. 2) Each site has a single file that allows for the customisation of some key factors that each individual site will need. 3) The dbase is mariadb - if it’s of real value I’m open to moving to postgre for the next item... 4) Geospatial queries are used for calculating distance to other members. 5) Stripe and paypal integration 6) Member pictures... they are currently stored in an offsite directory structure that allows for multiple sites being able to access them. I would like to change this to aws s3, lamda to resize and rekognition to moderate. 7) I'd like to add google, fb and ios...

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    I am seeking an experienced Android developer to add a photo option to an existing application. The photo EXIF fields should contain the geolocation as calculated by the Google GeoSpatial API already running in the application. This aims to collect data, and the photos should be stored locally. There are no specific requirements for the photo resolution or size. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in Android development - Familiarity with data collection processes - Attention to detail to ensure seamless integration into the existing application.

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    ...provide details for DSM & DEM (d) What is the practical application of KLV in Aerial Full Motion Video (e) Details and describe the 3 X main categories governing Drone Operations in Europe/Ireland CS431 : Geospatial Science & Computation Assessment Exercise 3. Geospatial Web Architectures & Open Source Technologies (a) Provide an overview of Geospatial Web Architecture, clearly identifying key Open Source Technologies & associated standards (b) Provide an example of a Geospatial Web UI/UX – what do you think is important to consider when designing UI/UX for Geospatial Web applications ...

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    Geospatial Analytics Véget ért left

    Spatial Analysis of Pipeline Accidents in the US Spatial Analysis of Pipeline Accidents in the US Spatial Analysis of Pipeline Accidents in the US

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    I am looking for a React Native developer to create a GIS map with a basic outline of the shape of land drawing. I am open to suggestions for a GIS mapping library to use. The project requires specific functionalities such as zooming and measuring distances, which I will provide. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in React Native and GIS mapping libr...the shape of land drawing. I am open to suggestions for a GIS mapping library to use. The project requires specific functionalities such as zooming and measuring distances, which I will provide. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in React Native and GIS mapping libraries - Experience with implementing zooming and measuring functionalities on maps - Knowledge of cartography and geospatial data analysis...

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    Looking for a social media content creator who can help me increase engagement on my Instagram account. The ideal candidate should have experience creating mixed content (images and videos) for Instagram. The main goal of the content is to increase engagement, and I would like to focus on creating visually appealing content that is both informative and entertaining. The candidate should have a good understanding of Instagram's algorithm and be able to create content that resonates with my target audience. I would like the creator to prepare content in the fields of GIS and AI. I will share our company website with the creator. Thank you.

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    ...Leaflet or Google Maps API for the project. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in , React, and Node.js - Experience with mapping APIs, specifically Leaflet or Google Maps API - Familiarity with data visualization tools and techniques Maplinks v2 Project Scope Document Geospatial Data Visualization using Server Side Rendering Objective: The primary objective of this project is to develop a web application using that retrieves geospatial data from a user's SQL table and displays the data on an interactive map. The application will utilize latitude and longitude fields in the database to plot points on the map and color them according to a function of the other database fields. Additionally, the application will implement cluster...

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    VEGMONITOR Véget ért left

    build me a website which uses google earth engine api to process geospatial data having kml as inputs stored in local memory

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create an information visualization using Highcharts. The project requires the visualization of geospatial data in a minimalist style. The ideal candidate should have experience with Highcharts and data visualization. The visualization should be interactive, allowing users to interact with the data through various actions. The freelancer should have experience with creating interactive visualizations using Highcharts. The end product should be a visually appealing and easy-to-use visualization that accurately represents the data.

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    Geospatial Data Analyst Véget ért left

    I am looking to hire a geospatial data analyst to help analyze datasets and generate reports. The specific type of analysis needed is spatial analysis, and I already have the existing geospatial datasets. Gotta use the google earth engine for the analysis. This analyst should be proficient in the use of QGIS in order to conduct high-level analysis, as well as being knowledgeable in software development, if needed. I require someone who can work quickly and accurately to produce results that meet goals. If you’re an experienced geospatial data analyst and you think you have the skills and experience necessary to take on this project, please apply.

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    GIS Mapping Project for Geospatial Data Visualization I need an analysis of different locations in Germany. The following information is important: • Catchment area inhabitants: 500 meters / 750 meters / 1 kilometer • Purchasing power • Customer Types • Number of retail spaces • All banks within 1 km • Average age: 500 meters / 750 meters / 1 kilometer how much does it cost and how long does it take, is it also possible in german

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    I'm looking for a talented freelancer to build me a location based AR app for both iOS and Android. This is only an MVP, so it will have limited features. No design needed for MVP. Completely stripped and basic. Additionally, I won’t need any other services apart from the app itself....Additionally, I won’t need any other services apart from the app itself. The right freelancer must have experience with location based AR applications and be able to work within my budget. If this sounds like something you can help me with, please don't hesitate to apply. Please make sure you have experience with this by showing it in your portfolio or demo's. It's a plus if you've worked with Google Geospatial before. Once this MVP is completed you will be assigne...

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    I am looking for a professional with expertise in geospatial analysis to help me with my project. The most relevant part of the project is analysis of vegetation distribution. I do not need any specific geospatial data, however I am open to suggesions. The goal of the project is to simply count the number of plants, and not to track their growth or decomposition.

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    ...Troubleshoot any issues that may arise during development and deployment, providing timely resolution - Maintain clear and concise documentation of the project, including code comments, technical specifications, and user guides Requirements: - Proven experience as a programmer with a strong background in Python and JavaScript - Familiarity with APIs and integration processes - Knowledge of geospatial data and mapping tools, such as Google Maps or OpenStreetMap - Experience with geo-fencing and location-based marketing techniques - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically and creatively - Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team - A strong commitment to meeting deadlin...

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    I am seeking an app developer who: 1. Can sign NDA prior to being supplied with all details 2. Is proficient in Android development along with a backend to support future Windows/Windows CE deployment with as little effort as possible (in the future that is) 3. Has geospatial experience in terms of locating objects in the real world 4. Experience with data exchange via cloud 5. Is willing to provide a budgetary estimate at this stage (until funding comes through) 6. Can potentially provide a staged approach and deliver a demo version before full scale 7. Experienced with APIs and implementing software from API data 6. Speaks fluent english

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    Geoevent Server Pro Véget ért left

    I am looking for someone to help design the requirements and maybe help develop a "GeoEvent Server" solution. This project requires someone who is knowledgeable in Stream Processor based geo-event processing, and can handle both geospatial and non-geospatial data. The data that needs to be processed is in GeoJSON format. The person selected will be responsible for creating a customized solution that meets our specific needs. We understand that there may be additional elements involved and we are willing to discuss any additional requirements accordingly. If you believe you are the right individual for this job, please get in touch with me. Thank you. Must have hands on experience with Enterprise GIS Server. Must Have deep knowledge of AWS / Assure.

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    11 árajánlat and customers in order to support national policy development for NRCS and USDA. The Contractor shall provide labor and services necessary to perform the four major tasks required by RAB and RIB and their support for other work throughout the agency, as described in Section 6. 1) Relational database design, development, integration and analysis 2) Data assessment and data mining. 3) Geospatial data acquisition, development, integration, analysis visualization and display. 4) Research, development and editorial review of content for technical and non-technical reports, technical posters, presentations and web content development. The data development, integration, analysis, delivery and presentation itself is primarily focused on these areas of work: 1) National Reso...

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    MySQL Geospatial Query Véget ért left

    I need help writing a Geospatial Query in MySQL. I have a table with GPS coordinates generated from tracking devices. These are linked to trips by a vehicle ID and start and end date. I then have another table which includes routes as Linestring geometries. I need a query which for a given datetime range, will give me the following: All the trips that followed the routes in the routes table (or part of the route) and the time spent on each route (time is saved with coordinates). A single trip will follow multiple routes. A single trip might include the same route multiple times. Multiple trips for different vehicles could follow the same route. I would also like to know which portion/s of a trip are not on a route.

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    ...concerns with development through spatial planning, modelling, socio-economic analysis and environmental assessment tools. ICEM is now seeking to employ a Web Application Developer based in Hanoi, Vietnam (or working remotely in the same or nearby time zone). The position will have the following responsibilities: • Overall role: Support the design, development and management of open-source geospatial web-based applications that focus on real-world environmental and sustainable development-related projects. A core ICEM service is developing spatial and knowledge-based decision support systems for government, non-governmental organisations, and local communities. • Application development: Provision of input to designing and developing user-friendly, interactive, respon...

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    Unity 3D Developers Véget ért left

    ...Improve and develop existing projects and platforms. - Write down documentation for products you are working on. What you need - 2+ years of real-time 3D Unity modeling and applications development experience. - Knowledge of C# and preferably one or more object-oriented languages (Java, Python etc.). - Knowledge of how 3D data sources (LIDAR, RADAR, GPS, GIS and Camera Data) and modeling tools (geospatial, CAD/BIM, large data rendering, photogrammetry, or point cloud domains) are used in various industries to create Digital Twins. - Solid understanding of algorithms, data structures and system design (classes, methods, collections etc.). - Solid understanding of IT architecture concepts, such as API servers, clients, databases and others. - General ability to communicate in Eng...

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    need to convert files in native ArcGIS "mxd" file format into AutoCAD Map. I need an ArcGIS user to work with me to extract the elements and export them into a format that retains the geospatial and object data.

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    €28 - €233
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    Boatworks Conversion Véget ért left

    I need to convert files in native ArcGIS "mxd" file format into AutoCAD Map. I need an ArcGIS user to work with me to extract the elements and export them into a format that retains the geospatial and object data.

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    About Schmidt Geospatial Solutions: Schmidt Geospatial Solutions is a data processing/analytics company specializing in environmental/survey data. Project Description: Blending environmental and tech in a modern style

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    About Schmidt Geospatial Solutions: Schmidt Geospatial Solutions is a data processing/analytics company specializing in environmental/survey data. Project Description: Blending environmental and tech in a modern style

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    FarmTech/Supply Chain: Geospatial technology can also close visibility gaps in the supply chain by allowing businesses to see where raw materials are coming from, the routes taken by factories, farms, and warehouses, as well as their current status, allowing them to identify and address potential problems before they become serious.

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    Languages: - Python - JavaScript - css - html - sql Framework: - Django - postgresql - VueJS - Postgis (geospatial Postgres database) - internationalization i18n (nice to have) - tailwindcss (nice to have)

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    We need to extract geospatial information about the occurrence of natural disasters and merge this with regional GDP data, in Python or R. For that, we would need a function which is able to crop country borders from shapefiles in Python or R. We need to work with datasets such as the DFO, EFAS, GLOfas, EDO, GDO and EFFIS and we need a function that extracts information about a large number of countries in an efficient way (for instance, automatically deleting the files after the download to avoid using too much space). For the country borders we want to use the GADM 3.6 database (see ). The extracted geospatial data should then be merged to a regional macroeconomic dataset at the most granular level. *** No scraping, no blockchain, no software development

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    34 árajánlat • Demonstrated experience with using Python to interact with web tools • Experience with creating user interfaces using web platforms • Experience with deploying solutions to the Google, Microsoft, or Amazon cloud Desired Qualifications • A bachelor’s degree in computer science • Experience training and using machine learning models • Data mining experience • Experience developing new geospatial methods and technologies from an operations research framework • Experience with advanced statistical analysis and data visualization of large datasets • Demonstrated experience with one or more of the following: HTML 5/Javascript, NET, C++, JAVA, Python, Model Builder, Oracle, SQL, GIScience, GeospatiavAnalysis, Statistics, Arc...

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    wants to create an Augmented Reality (AR) location-based gamified platform that enables brands and businesses to create AR ad campaigns. I want the developer to Handle Unity AR Development with API Integration We need a mockup or wireframes to be buil...gamified platform that enables brands and businesses to create AR ad campaigns. I want the developer to Handle Unity AR Development with API Integration We need a mockup or wireframes to be build in the meantime. we are trying to design something like the pokemon go concept Unity AR Developer - Handle Unity AR Development with API Integration Backend Developer - Setup User Account/Login and Geospatial Points Storage Product Designer - Create UI Screens for Unity and Web App Front end Developer - Handle Admin Dashboard D...

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    I have to develope a composite index for drought vulnerability using some machine learning algorithms in python. For that, i have six different geospatial datasets for around 20 years of my study area. I have to combine all those using the most appropriate algoritm in order to get a composite of all.

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    Design and development of the front end of a geospatial website that fully aligns with desktop, mobile, and different browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Microsoft Edge. Design different facet searches like location searching (using a map), time facet (using a calendar), and other essential attributes the same as the template given to the freelancer. Explanation of design and development regarding HTML, CSS, Javascript, and bootstrap by having some meeting

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    ... and submit a final report in the form of a slide deck. Your project could be theory or implementation-oriented. Examples of topics are the optimal distribution of covid vaccines, the best pairing of wines with foods, robot search and rescue planning, drone video analytics, natural language processing-based mental health classifier, AI-driven wireless networking, spatial data analysis, and geospatial data analytics. Format: ---Title slide ---Problem Description (high-level, plain English description of the problem; why it is important?) ---Optimization Model (objective function, constraints; explain the rationale behind your model) ---Proposed Solution (is it convex/non-convex?; what is the feasible set?; why you concluded a solution may exist; closed-form solution; numerical...

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    Prospect mapping Véget ért left

    I am a sales rep. I have a specific territory. I want to know where all the medium to large size homes and commercial buildings are inside my territory. Looking for help from someone who knows Geospatial analysis or any way to do this easier than scanning Google maps

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    I am data analyst ,and have high experience in data manipulation I am using excel , power pi (Dax and power query, building dashboard and stories),tableau, python tools for analyzing . for the project , i will work on part 1 and part 2 of the project for making data analysis for each dataset will the details written in the Assessment

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    ...user-end with all search or movement features with the globe. Allow the end user to share their private or public Pins. What is Google Earth KML? KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth. You can create KML files to pinpoint locations, add image overlays, and expose rich data in new ways. KML is an international standard maintained by the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC). ...

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    We are looking for a Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Developer from LATAM or US region. The skills candidates should have: Experience using PyTorch, , and relationships with top researchers in the field of Geospatial ML (people at Microsoft, Facebook, etc.) Please send a proposal if you are interested. Our team is excited to have you on board.

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    Datasoil is a B2B startup that built a sw platform that enables monitoring IoT data and workforce sourced data bridging the two thanks to a correlated geospatial view. Our solution is single pane of class digital twin of the entire company infrastructure and processes. We are young, based in Italy and work a lot with machine learning, AI, for manufacturing, utilities and telco companies. We both accept new logo proposals and actual logo redesigns, we are both interested in the logotype and "datasoil" word redesign as we need a little bit more of a corporate and executive look. We'd like to keep the actual color or small variations of this "business blue". We'd like a very light and simplistic logo with just one color, sort

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    Dear all, I'd like to develop a website in order to search geospatial data from the developed ontology. To this end, I'm looking for someone who is expert in python programing (e.g., for django part), java, and "ontology" (e.i., "jena"). Diego

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    ...Responsibilities: You shall be part of a growing team of Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Architect and Data Steward within Farm & Field Data Products (FFDP - Data specialization for Farm & Field initiatives within Digital Ag Solutions) Your core deliverables will be to build and maintain Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Catalog, Data & Analytics APIs, experimentation workbench for Data Science, Geospatial Analysis and Business Intelligence You shall work closely with different Product and Engineering teams within DAS to build data flows, pipelines with traceable linkage and lineage You shall study the input data source to develop ETL specifications for data integration development and implementation Input Data Source could be Kafka Events, streaming data fro...

    €14 - €23 / hr
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    €14 - €23 / hr
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    ...integration tests. *Experience with microservice architecture *Practical experience using Git, designing and implementing REST APIs, open API documentation, cloud platforms, test driven development, continuous integration *Comfortable working with agile development methodologies such as Kanban and general understanding of concepts such as micro services, message queues, machine learning, and geospatial data...

    €14 - €23 / hr
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    €14 - €23 / hr
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    Senior Software Developer - required skills: - Completed specialized training or study of specialization (geo-) co...of specialization (geo-) computer science, or comparable qualification with at least 3 years of professional experience - Experience in the design and implementation of software architectures for distributed applications - Good knowledge of software development of object-oriented systems in Java or C # /. NET technologies - Good database and SQL skills - Ideally first experience in GIS / Geospatial and / or Agile Development (SCRUM) - Another advantage is experience in dealing with source code version management (central and decentralized) - very good English skills - Responsible and solution-oriented working method as well as high motivation and sense of resp...

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    Geospatial query Véget ért left

    Given my current location in form of latitude , longitude find boutique shops which are within 6 kms radius (X km in general). The solution needs to be in Java

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    The project is to produce 1 or 2 sample mockup dashboards (jpg) in regards of - Consolidated information/analytics/predictions on landslides in Malaysia: rainfall info, past & recurring landslides - Determination of red zones for land slide in Malaysia: ie location of high rainfall, steep heel incline, high population, major highways - Geospatial analytics for land slide disaster management: ie: locations of nearest shelter, police station, fire station The dashboard will finally be coded on tableau, so some restrictions needs to be in place in terms of design. Data can be mocked up accordingly. Please refer one sample dashboard that i think looks good, also another for the theme and color preferred.

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    Trophy icon Create exploration images Véget ért left

    Just a query. Can anyone create any of the attached examples of images for exploration or mining companies using geospatial data? Would be really helpful if you could use QGIS or any other free software to import points with global coordinates etc. If you have access to graphics software you could always trace the locations based on a screenshot I send you.

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    User Interface creation to display the DEMs, Flow Accumulation, Flow direction etc. along with automatic delineation of the watersheds which can be used for extraction of features etc. using Openlayers, Geoservers, PHP, Javascript, CSS, python etc. Login details are required to enter and use the website. All the DEMs, flow accumulation data and other GIS files shall be supplied.

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    As Lead Frontend Enginee...interactions. The proven ability to collaborate with designers to create highly functional frontend products is required. Beyond the above, specific tasks that may be required include: - Creating interactive data visualizations using Visx, Vega or D3.js - Writing clean, functional code - Web socket programming using libraries such as - Developing novel UI components - Developing geospatial, network, and hierarchical visualizations - Delighting users with elegant transitions, motion, and animations Responsibilities - Collaborate with team members and be responsive in real-time (Slack and Notion) - Be detail-oriented (e.g. perform your own initial QA before submitting for review) - Participate using Agile processes and associated tool...

    €14 - €23 / hr
    €14 - €23 / hr
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    - Create database with shapefile and associated information (relational database and geospatial database) - Integrate with website, retrieve and visualize the information on a map with possibility to enter additional data - Integration with back-end with remote sensing capabilities such as retrieve satellite imagery - Application of forestry and agriculture algorithms such as LULC/NDVI, including graphical and GIS visualization of results - Python - ArcPy - GeoTIFF files - React - React.JS - Leaflet - Chart Interface - RestAPI - PostGIS/mongoDB/PostgreSQL - Google Cloud/Google Earth Engine/Google Maps

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