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    [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Hungarian new domain SEO keywords

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    A Google SEO segítségével minél előrébb juttatni a Google találatai között az adott webshopot.

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    Biztalk implementation

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    Szeretném megoldani, hogy a hírlevelünkre Facebook, Google (esetleg Twitter) fiók segítségével is fel lehessen iratkozni. Ennek a technikai megvalósítására lenne szükségem. Jelenleg meg kell adni az űrlapon a keresztnevet és az email címet. A jelentkezés után PHP script dolgozza f...

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    google sketchup Véget ért left

    Családi házat építek amin van udvar és autó

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    We would like to get store information on google map either by using Maps Places API or just crawling the map. The area is written on this page [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] The process should not be difficult if you have such experience, but just for reference. When you use Maps Places API: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] If you do not use API, ...

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    To apply please message me with previous woocommerce stores you’ve designed and created. I’m looking for a woocommerce expert who can set up a new woocommerce store and design the site based on my colors and layouts. The site needs to load fast with speeds of 1-2 seconds so speed optimization is necessary. I need the store setup with following features: Abandoned cart email reminde...

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    PROBLEM 1: Modify the code in the [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] file so that the assembly program will: Present 2 dialog boxes that ask a user to input a number (User validation is not required) Once the two numbers are input, perform the following calculation: (3X + 4Y)/ 2, where X is the first number entered by the user and Y is the second number entered by the user....

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    I am looking for a Shopify Expert to connect google analytics and google ads with my Shopify store so I will be able to track purchases and revenue!

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    I just need a very simple code in Xcode and google firebase. Please contact me for more details. Thanks

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    Zoho site creator 15 pages 6 nap left

    Create website zoho site based and good design janitorial service based business

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    google sheet programming 6 nap left

    need help transferring data to excel sheet using google sheet

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    [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] This website is open source build of [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] We need some skin re-work. We will provide initial guidance to the web redesign. Art will be done by others. The design changes must work on other screes. In order to do that intial changes will be text related.

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    Google Ads campaigns for eCommerce 6 nap left

    Estamos buscando un administrador de campañas. Se requiere experiencia y saber como generar ventas con un ecommerce utilizando las campañas de Google Ads. Se requiere alguien que logre generar ventas, no buscamos a alguien que quiera probar o solamente sepa publicar una campaña. Necesitamos un especialista, además esto puede crecer a mediano y largo plazo. Es importante...

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    I need a person who can transcribe Sahir Ludhianvi's qawwali into Shahmukhi Script (Punjabi). The person must work on Pages (MacBook). Thank you

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    Hi there. Can you upload my app to your Google Play Account?

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    Create Doc in google drive 6 nap left

    Need a VB.NET WinForms app to create new named google doc on google drive and open it. Also, a Listbox to display docs, based on search word, and a double click on a list item will open that doc in a web browser. Context popup on right click of the list box, with Rename, delete the active highlighted doc.

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    I'm looking for front-end developr who has experience in HTML, bootstrap, CSS, and others for extending and creating HTML pages. We have already got an HTML template from [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] and here is a demo for the template: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Now what we need is to add extra HTML pages to meet our requirements. Here i...

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    Hello, I run a Shop on WooCommerce in eleven different languages. This store has been created as a network WordPress site. I have a tracking problem for a long time. Especially bad is the plugin "Facebook for Woocommerce". tracks buyers but not really content view. The solution to include everything via API and Google Tag Manager respectively. Facebook tracking is the most important fo...

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    **Update to a previously posted project** Looking for someone with proficiency in Google Search Console who can make sure all of the sitemaps and such are delivered to Google at a frequent pace for two sites that also use Google News sitemaps. Also, using the Search Console, being able to fix any AMP validation errors my website might have while at the same time ensuring mobile usability for my r...

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    The company I am contracted with gives away free phone service. Anyone that qualifies can get free cell phone services which includes free unlimited talk and text plus 4.5 G of data monthly. I would like to be able to advertise on social media sites, pop up ads on email sites and any other social media sites that could give me a good return on the advertising dollars I would spend. Free Wireless...

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    Hello! I am needing PSD mockups of webpages for a high-converting funnel. I need one of each page made: 1. Lead Magnet opt-in 2. Case study opt-in 3. VSL page 4. Calendar page 5. Thank you page The colors that I want used are black and white with #DAAC01 for trim (button colors, clip art color, etc.) Please make desktop and mobile versions of these mockups. Here is a list of pages to model th...

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    Seo for google maps 6 nap left

    Need to make my Salon profile on google maps

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    Hello web designers, I'm working on a startup in the localization industry. We do bootcamps for students who want to learn and experience what the career looks like. We also work with companies that use these bootcamps as a way to hire better employees. The project is called Localization Academy (.com), you can look it up. I designed the site by myself. And while I do like the process, it...

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    API Analyst 6 nap left

    Hi I'm looking for a full time API System Analyst who is familiar with these:- The API Systems Analyst (SA) will support the HACPS initiative. The SA will work closely with SSA's business partner and SMEs in the definition of requirements, testing/validation, and technical writing. The SA will collect information to analyze and evaluate existing or proposed systems, perform research, pl...

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    Hi, everyone. Task is to write 20 pages of a specific topic in 2 days

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    Hi, everyone. Task is to write 20 pages of a specific topic in 2 days

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    I need a digital marketing who can help me to post my phone number in google in order to get calls

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    We need to Add the Address in the text box and then go to this address by google map

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    I need a handwritten manuscript typed out onto an MS Word doc.

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    I have a handwritten manuscript that I need to be typed onto an MS word doc.

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    I want list my company website on google and also want to establish the google ad campaign

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    1. Write a java program that prompt the user to enter his age. The program should display “You cannot ride a car” if age is less than 18, else it should display “Enjoy your ride!!” 2. Write a java program that compute salary by prompting a user to enter his/her salary and Years of service in an organization. (Hint Salary= Salary + bonus ) i. Assume that a bonus of 5% of s...

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    Dears we need a few page design for travel website

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    I am an online therapist and life coach. And I need professional help with setting up ads and marketing strategies. Anything that would help me gain more clients.

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    Publish google play app in play store

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    Need someone to help us set up smart lists and display ads (we will make the banners) Need someone to audit google ads and google analytics and create reports on how to greatly improve both.

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    Need Global SEO availability of website and blog pages as first results in every search engine.

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    google shopping ads set up 6 nap left

    Hi there, I'm looking for someone to set up a google shopping campaign.    I already have this set up but want to use a new CSS partner as leaving my old company.    The css you pick must be free to use. 1. Create new feed (woo commerce website) 2. Set up through NEW css partner 3. Optimize feed For someone the knows what they are doing this is simple job as all the...

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    APP QR validation 5 nap left

    1. App para llevar un invetario de almacen con codigo QR 2. La app debe general codigo QR de forma masiva con numero o letras de forma aleatoria y jamas podran repetirse [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] los codigos escaneados y determiner si un codigo nuevo o si ese codigo ya fue marcado como utilizado [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] códigos cre...

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    Hello, we are Lazzoni Design Furniture. We would like to hire Google ads expert for our U.S. Google ads campaigns. Answer those questions below. Can you issue an invoice from U.S.? Have you worked with a high traffic website and a furniture company before? Can you also share your portfolio and references if you have any?

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    i need Help Getting My First Google Ad Approve That Was disapproved Disapproved Destination not working Ad violates policy and can't run: error Destination not working Platform: desktop HTTP error 404 Final URL: Expanded URL: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Platform: iOS HTTP error 404 Final URL: Expanded URL: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Rea...

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    Hello I'm Fred Hans, I'm contacting you from (HCL Technologies) and looking for workers in USA , CANADA only, who can handle the google around 19,500 addresses for me and also We're excited to invite you to interview for the position, working from home with a pay of $41 per hour? Additional Information: *This is a Full Time/Part Time Job. *Hourly payment: $45.00/hour . *Location: ...

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    With Google Chromecast device managaement solution, Guest can access the TV set in their hotel room with a smart phone or tablet. Images, videos and content can be streamed directly on the TV set with secured code. 1-The link between mobile devices and the Google Chromecast device is established within the used apps via Google Cast. A QR code is displayed on the TV screen for an easy login. 2- E...

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    Permanent job: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Kindly, open and fill this Google form. I'll reject those bids if you not fill it. Your task is to create 1000 of these forms per week. All the data will be provided, you just have to creat these forms. Monthly Salary: 80-100 bucks. Happy bidding.

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    run google ads 6 nap left

    i need a experienced professional to take care of the digital marketing part,seo and google ads preffered candidates with 2-3yrs exp (min)

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    16 árajánlat

    Need a few people to help with data validation and articles correction job. This is only for Indian residents only

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    58 árajánlat

    Read text in Arabic: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Hi, we need to collect 500 photos of different objects with Arabic text only (!) in Apple Live Photo format, made with iPhones or iPads. The acceptable models: iPhone X iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max The task takes about 6 hours to complete and pays USD 80. If yo...

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    Need someone to recreate google slides layouts from scratch based on [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Note: Same accent should be used however the background should be recreated to remove any branding

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