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    ...kutyáknak / kutya tulajdonosoknak szóló weboldalhoz használjuk a WPDating plugin-t (). A pluginnak vagy egy Near Me nevű funkciója, ami egy Google térképen mutatja a felhasználókat. Ugyan GPS pozíciót be lehet állítani a felhasználói profilokban, de sajnos nem használja ezeket az információkat. Amihez fejlesztőt keresünk: Szükségünk van real time gps követésre a Near Me funkcióban, tehát ha egy felhasználó bejelentkezik, akkor a többi felhasználónak tudnia kell őt követni a Near Me menüpontban található térképen, hogy épp...

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    Helló, Szeretnénk egy olyan android/ios appot készíttetni, melyet utána könnyen duplikálhatunk azért, hogy m...veszi a service provider szolgáltatásait melyért cserébe borravalót kap. A szolgáltatás idő alapú melyet a szolgáltatás megkezdésekor elindít az SP (és a user validálja ezt), majd a végén hasonlóan állítják le. Az app ilyenkor felajánl egy "borravalót" melyet a user elfogadhat, ezek után apija lefut a háttérben és az összegeket szétbontva tovább utalja az SP-nek és nekünk is. Kell hozzá GPS,...

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    TCP IP gps listener in node js 6 nap left

    I need TCP/IP port listener, which collect the data from GPS tracking devices and store it in MySQL database. It must accept multiple connections at the same time. sever (communication) software will listen on TCP/IP ports, collect the data from tracking devices and store it on the MySQL database. It must accept multiple connections at the same time (Async). 2. I will share the protocol and the person have to process the GPS String by splitting it ,then store it into database tables, like current speed, current location,Temp, Fuel, and few more... for more information read the attached protocol that i want to be processed ,but make sure this listener should be able to process multiple protocol and i will hire him to integrate further protocols also and will pay for that ...

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    looking for a person who can implement a GPS System in our website

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    i have source code of android app that does: 1. shows in a map the position from mysqltable coordinates. it MOVES when new data updates in table (refreshes) 2. replay the track of the history from another table. 3. sends sms to a number with predifined commads. i can provide this source code so you can easily understand the querys and table fields quickly. what i need: NEW DESIGN more modern maps, differente replay and scheme of the app i wil provide an example of another apk similar to which i want

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    GPS (GeoPile Steel) is a steel product supply company that serves the deep foundations, infrastructure, transportation, shoreline/Marine construction we would like the logo to resonate with these markets and possibly utilize a Steel look in the strong bold Lettering and some metallic green to signify geo. I had come up with a few on my own but they just didn't cut it.

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    - C#,, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL - Backend: javascript, bootstrap, jquery, google map API. - Azure SQL DB administration is a great plus. - Experience with GPS Tracking would be good as data coming from over 10k trackers at the same time can be difficult.

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    Live GPS tracking Flutter app 4 nap left

    Hello, I want a live GPS tracking apps for android and ios. I need for the employee to use the app and take pictures. I need for these pictures to upload to the cloud. can you do this in flutter? i need upload to stores i would bring this.

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    Hello, I want live gps tracking app. I need for the people to use the app and take pictures. I need for these pictures to upload to the cloud. can you do this in flutter? I would need upload to app stores also. can you do for the $300 i would bring this.

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    RangerConnect 4 nap left

    (1) Write an iOS and Android apps that discover and connect with a device via BLE radio (2) The apps needs to send and receive data to and from the device via UART service (3) The apps needs to present the data in graphic form or histogram (4) The apps needs to push data with GPS location information to a cloud server. (5) The device hardware is ready with a set of AT commands completed and currently works with nRF Connect apps (Android version) from Nordic.

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    I need custom marker Animal, Bicycle, Boat, Crane, Helicopter, Plane, Ship, Train, Tram, Trolleybus, and van these categories images should be in SVG format

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    Mobile/website Application 4 nap left

    I have some mobile/wesite apps work.I need GPS phone tracker I will share my document you do it, I will award is easy work.i have website in wordpress also

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    Hi freela, I would like a app similar like "Phone Dual Space" (Android and IOS) with this customizations: 1) Insert my name brand + logo in app; 2) Admin panel with data Users contact, Plans and Payments control; 3) Insert Login User by PIN Locker (4 numbers). 5) Afters guest login, Spy's Photo in Guest Mode: Take self picture and sendind to e-mail ; 6) After guest login, GPS turn on and sending location to e-mail. Pictures and more information in attached. Please, final price in your bid! Regards, Robin

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    i have a web php system, that i want to change the menu, orientation, something MODERN. the current system has a menu, view a realtime tracking gps map, reports, geozone create it all works FINE. What i need its to change the presentation, the orientation of the menu, something more modern. i can provide user and demo for you to login and check first.

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    Hello, I have some mobile apps work.I need GPS phone tracker I will share my pdf you do it, I will award is easy work Thank you.

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    Mobile Apps Expert 3 nap left

    Hello, I have some mobile apps work.I need GPS phone tracker I will share my pdf you do it, I will award is easy work Thank you.

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    Building horse training app 3 nap left

    Make and app that can use when training horses. With GPS and speed in Km/t and show when running in Km/t how fast they run 1000 meter in minute. Like this with pulse meter. And save for later.

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    need developer who can creat gps tracker for mobile phone numbers

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    I need to deploy GPS Tracking Protocols Parser (Protocol listener), The GPS server have two side backend which based in Raw/Core PHP and the other side is protocol side which is protocol parser base in C#. I will provide Source code will help in startup, lets discuss i need deploy different device protocols. Require expert who already deal with GPS Platforms

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    Make a app 2 nap left

    Make and app for horse training with use of GPS and km/t with time running 1000 meter when have the km/t time how many second the run 1000 meter with different speed

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    debian script 1 nap left

    we need a script written in debian to read gps coordinates from a gps chip and draw graphics with speed - direction and location on map.

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    Trophy icon Create CE Solutions Company Logo 1 nap left

    CE Solutions is a civil and mining construction company mainly working in the agricultural sector completing earthworks construction. Our core equipment is motor scrapers, laser buckets, GPS surveying equipment, and other earthmoving equipment. We require a company logo that portrays our primary business, and is easily identifiable. Initial thoughts are to have a 627H or 657 Caterpillar Scraper, a large John Deer tractor and Laser Bucket, and a GPS base station oriented under our company name (CE Solutions). However we are open to any logo that is easily identifiable and simple. Would like the company name (CE Solutions) to be the centre piece, with any artwork supporting the name.

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    We want to build an android app to do following 1. Collect GPS location and gyroscope data from android phone () 2. Compute Vehicle Speed, Acceleration, Braking and mobile handling while driving () 3. Store data at back end for user trips 4. Use rule based logic (provided by us) to build the score for the driver. 5. Show tripwise and overall score to the user 6. Show tips based on users driving behaviour to improve the driving score. 7. Promote insurance selling. Wire frames and PRD will be provided by us. The app needs to be developed in React native or Flutter so that the same codebase can be extended to iOS app later (not in scope for now).

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    Hi, i want a Server part due to GPS trackers sends the Tacho data with AVL packets. Here is the device documentation: Want to recollect Tachograph files sended by AVL packet and save to ftp or mysql. Thanks

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    Configure the Base station and Rover with heading using LORA and xBEE for RTCM correction. Previous experience is Must. Guide us to get Proper Hardware and software solution to achieve Centimeter Accuracy on rover with atleast 3 to 5 Mile open space.

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    AffectPlace is a dating app. I need to finish some things that are missing from the android app and create the same for iOS android app, Locate nearby customers by gps or google maps, insert this function into the app. android app, insert notification system in app for users to view in android menu. android app, change the term of service and put it in portuguese. android application, create application firebase database. 5. Creation of the same android app for iOS

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    Parking application Véget ért left

    I’m looking for someone to create a nationwide GPS map application for use on iOS, and android OS. Users should Register with Cell phone verification and make model of vehicle. The app should allow users to see each other on a map. Allow users to make time/date sensitive reservations with the opposite user. Users should be able to search for one another using city, and zip codes. The app should be able to send alerts to any user on map for reservation. If reservation is 15mins late it will be cancelled and charge to the user. Each reservation should be posted on a live streaming message board, for every user to see. Including date, and location. Users should be able to send and receive payments from each other when app is opened. Users should be able to message each other wh...

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    Sobre o Trabalho Estamos procurando um desenvolvedor freelancer de apps em React Native para trabalhar com nossa companhia em um período de médio-longo prazo. Rightee é um aplicativo de GPS para golfe com conexão BLE com hardware externo. Nosso aplicativo está sendo testado internamente e o nosso plano é começar um teste beta, pré lançamento, com um número limitado de pessoas. Estamos expandindo o nosso time de desenvolvedores e é aí que você entraria: no desenvolvimento de novas features, correção de bugs, e implementando ajustes no frontend. Responsabilidades - Seguem algumas responsabilidades que esperamos do desenvolvedor:: - Desenvolvimento de novos features, - Implementa...

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    Food delivery app Véget ért left

    That is the briefest description for this app. The customer app helps the customer to access the online food ordering platforms, search for the right restaurant or the dish they want to order, place their orders and pay easily. : gpay,phonepe,,,COD must be booked in advance. morning timing 6 am to 11:30 start 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm... are provide lunch only 5.GPS tracking interface reviews. to use app

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    ...connected to the 1st point by a line. In case the User selects 10 points, then the 10th point should automatically be connected to the 1st point. In case the user selects only 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 points and clicks on the complete fence, then the last point should be connected to the first point by a line. As and when the User Clicks, a Marker with Number will also have to be displayed. 4. The GPS Longitude and Lattitudes of all the Points of the First Fence shall be captured and stored in a Text File and also displayed as a pop-up on click of saving the first fence. 5. Similarly Three Fences like this should be done and all the Fence's Longitude and Lattitidue should be saved. 6. In Case the User needs to Edit an Existing Point, there should be an option for the Us...

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    d...Ans: Philippines / English 3. Mobile apps will be android based only or iOS as well ? prefer : Andriod but also have ios for future website/software is to track the inventory and monitor technian location/app location app to track the task and and job and also time record and check the technian location just update me the timeline to build main feature we need *schedule & dispatch * map and GPS tracking * job managment * custom forms * time tracking * field service CRM * contract mangment * inventory managment * invoicing * mobile app * customization * customer portal , to track client Hi this is the main feature we want ( FIELD SERVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ) its web and app you can see on reference just message me portal : admin : company : client

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    The Bluetooth device would attach to a board used for kiteboarding. It would measure the speed and location of the board. Combined with a smartphone or watch, it would record the GPS tracking information to be displayed on a map. Take a look at the Woo and Surfr apps to get inspiration for the mockups. Woo: Surfr: In addition to screens similar to the ones in the Woo and Surfr app, there should be a screen to display the last known location of the board on a map. I would like mockups for both a phone and a watch.

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    I need something as described bellow. Basically: Website will be about finding cheapest transportation / optimization of costs. There should be re...weight, height, width,..) - special conditions of transport (low humidity, etc.) - notes Person B searches for transport by - transport path - companies - date and hour of needed transport - lowest price willing to offer per transport - number of pellets (optional additional details for example weight, height, width,..) - capacity - special conditions of transport (low humidity, etc.) - distance by gps/approx. location and starting locations Person B can bid on auction. lowest bid gets elected on bid end. Payment trough our website with 1,5% fee on A side and 1,5% fee on B side. Is this something you can develop, if yes let me know y...

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    Hello, We are developing and producing GPS Tracker. We need to program our accelerometer LSM6DSOTR FSM to generate interrupt. 1 interupt is generated for a fall detection 1 interupt is generated for just a movement detection We already have the conditions, just need to program the FSM. Best regards

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    AWS/Azure IoT developer Véget ért left

    At our startup, we are planning to use AWS/Azure IoT for the deployment of our product (remote tracking device) to multiple customers. We need a AWS/Azure IoT developer for this purpose. Some of the responsibilities of the job are listed below. 1. Create a world map view with the GPS coordinates data sent by the device. 2. Generate visuals for the sensor data like temperature and humidity w.r.t time. 3. Generate email/call alerts in case of any abnormality.

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    Watches: Time with Dimming Application: we must implement a simple Smart Watch, which should have two different basic modes to display the current ti...night mode is automatically controlled using the Light Sensor Unit with Photo-resistance. In addition, you should develop an extra mode. For example, a stopwatch mode or a flashlight mode. Vehicles: Road Condition Monitoring Application: a bike can be used to determine road anomalies. For this purpose, the acceleration sensor of the M5Stack should be used in combination with the GPS module. The GPS sensor is to be put into operation first and then the acceleration sensor. The data of the respective sensors should be displayed on the screen and sent to an InfluxDB server so that the data can be stored, displayed and evaluat...

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    ...and second mode is the admin mode. The application will have only login mode there is no signup in the login page. First mode, when the father login he will see 3 options 1-to call the student which is a function that you will program when the father arrive the school the system will automatically call the student throw the website that I’m gonna talk about later, you can do this function throw GPS and saving the location of the student school in the father information. Second option 2- View student report here the father will see full report of each student that he has in the school he can search for student and when he press the name of the student another page will open and he will see a full report of his student attendance for ex the day and if he was absent or atten...

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    App project Véget ért left

    Hello there I want to make an app can connect technicians with customer Main features 1- GPS locator 2- mini store 3- profile management 4- third party secured payment

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    ...lista negra todo desde un teléfono móvil. si la patente que lee el programa esta en lista negra. automáticamente en la versión de escritorio debe llegar la alerta y de forma inmediata se rastrea el teléfono vía GPS. el detonante del rastreo es la patente de lista negra. por otra parte esta aplicación móvil también debe tener un botón de pánico en pantalla que también repercuta en central nuestra en nuestros server y sala de monitoreo. en la pantalla del móvil no debe figurar nada mas mientras rastre solo el botón de pánico. con activación de botón de pánico también comienza el RASTREO GPS. el usuario del teléfono jamas se entera que de...

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    ...requirements of the program with control structures using appropriate pseudocode and JSD. Program requirements: The program will be used to determine the total amount due for the purchase of a vehicle.  It will need to input device for basic price and the trade-in allowance. Use programming components that will indicate if the buyer wants additional accessories: stereo system, leather interior, and/or GPS “Global Positioning System”. A frame for the exterior finish will contain optional components for Standard, Modified, or Customized Detailing. The program should allow for the facility to amend the prices of the additional accessories.  Have the trade-in allowance default to 0; that is, if the user does not enter a trade-in value, use 0 in your calculation. Valida...

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    Develop an app Véget ért left

    A very simple app is required, that will point to the user's selected GPS coordinates. The user will save GPS coordinates and when selected from a drop-down menu, the app will display an arrow that points to the coordinates (in real time) updating as the user moves. (also an indicator of whether the coordinate is above or below the user: height)

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    I want data from Teltonika FMB920 gps device to mySql database

    €122 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi together, we are starting a new project and need a new webpage like Flickr where people can upload and geotag there pictures on a global map. - Webpage like Flickr to upload and geotag photos from laptop or mobile device - Identify location via GPS, geotag and/or IP when uploading - Show locations where photos exist on global map - zoom in & out - share location photo as social media post from location for instagram, facebook, whatsapp -> create post - create and manage user profile, manage pictures, upload, change, delete pictures - users can buy premium packages with PayPal, and credit card payment like Stripe - Statistics (how many people/pictures total, on continent, in country etc) Please share similar projects you have built and your experiences neede...

    €1151 (Avg Bid)
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    -Technical name: Moblity Safty Platform -Service name: My own Siren "Myren" -Service Introduction:Moblity based on AI-deeprunning technology, no...-Service Introduction:Moblity based on AI-deeprunning technology, non-mobility safety control solutions. -Where to use 1) Moblity( Car, Taxi, PM, Rent car, Chauffeur, Bus, Ship, Train etc) 2) Non-Moblity( pedestrian, disabled person, wheelchair, senior, dementia, children, students) -Major function In case of a traffic accident, insurance company register in real time through the app, GPS delivery to legal guardian ,911, police, automatic linkage. -Traffic Accident Information: Provide process(Things to do after an accident) -a traffic accident record check -UI taking pictures of traffic a...

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    Hello, I am looking for a developer who is specialized in Joomla extensions. The idea is to develop a plugin that fetches the GPS data of an accommodation via a key from a database. (This we provide). (The key determines the customer, in the individual modules should then be selected the respective accommodation (Sometimes 1 customer has several accommodations)). With the help of modules, various widgets are then generated according to this GPS data: - Weather o Big o Small o Macro - webcam - Snow / weather map We get the weather data for it from The webcam IDs and their data (as shown in the attached screen designs) you get from us. Data

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    Hybrid App Developer Véget ért left

    We are looking for a Hybrid app developper to help us co-build an app using GPS-based technology. Responsibilities • Design and build a Hybrid mobile application • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features • Work with outside data sources and APIs • Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability • Work on bug fixing and improving application performance • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency Technical Skills • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject • Minimum 4 years of working experience in Mobile app development • Have published at least one original app on Google an...

    €9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    software developer -- 2 Véget ért left

    we are looking for software/web app developer who can develop the system for us and give what expectetion , we are looking for the one who develop scheduling managment system with gps and app reference to develop :

    €4669 (Avg Bid)
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    software developer Véget ért left

    we are looking for software/web app developer who can develop the system for us and give what expectetion , we are looking for the one who develop scheduling managment system with gps and app reference to develop :

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    ATAK Plugin developent Véget ért left

    Datalink is seeking a qualified plugin developer for a small project. Android GPS and two-way texting App exists between SMartphones/Tablets and our CLOUD windows host server. We need to link our server software host to ATAK and CIVTAK gateways. PLEASE DO NOT respond unless you are a skilled ATAK CIVTAK plug-in developer.

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    Hi for Md ABDULLAH. Véget ért left

    Hi Md profile it is really amazing ask Allah to bless you I have a question about lead generation if you can just give me a hint where to find leads info I planning to submit and entry to contest GPS Tracking Leads so I searched in yellowpage to find Construction and Heavy Equipment category I found barely some info ,also I searched ageneral search in linkedin I need your help really I cant acess to salesnavigator linkedin cause its need a paypal aaccount or visa

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    A legjobb gps közösségi cikkek