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    Logo Design 6 nap left

    INTRODUCTION A health-tech startup that offers preventive ,comprehensive clinical and speciality diagnostic services coupled with a diverse range of actively managed portfolio of cutting edge technological solutions for monitoring health conditions. DESCRIPTION The company offers 1)Preventive AI-based diagnostic packages based on the customer’s health parameters like age,sex,any habits like regular smoking or alcohol consumption. • Includes speciality diagnostic tests like that of genetic makeup analysis . 2)Pre-moduled comprehensive diagnostic packages like diabetes package,heart health package ,bone health check and full body check to name a few. Post clinical diagnosis (if any) the customer would be then offered three packaged solutions(Bas...

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    We are the manufacturer of protein supplements we need health and nutrition content for our website

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    I would like to design a new app that works along with Microsoft calander and helps to keep track of staff, it will need to show whether they are at work, on holiday,working off-site or off sick. This also helps the health and safety and operations of all company's. You will be able to apply for leave and get it approved by you manager. This also will integrate with MS to show you are at appointments or in meetings. This will also be use for the role call in the case of an emergency. This app will also need to be able to be used as a in out board with a click of a button.

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    My project is about abortions and how how if women were given proper health care facilities, they could make better choices. I have to write a speech from the perspective of Christy Turlington, the director of the documentary mentioned below.

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    NEMT Dispatcher 6 nap left

    ...dispatch trips to all manner of providers • Help coordinate mass transportation when needed • Administer trips for independent drivers and mileage reimbursement program • Complete all documentation and process tasks associated with mileage mapping and application procedures if responsible for volunteer/independent drivers and mileage reimbursement programs • Work with transportation drivers and health care facilities to resolve problems • Assign reservations to network providers to ensure that vehicle resources are used most to meet client demand • Manage with transportation providers • Ensure accurate trip data input We are excited to speak to someone with the following... • High School Graduate or General Education Degree (GED) • 0...

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    We’re looking for a graphic designer whom we can build a rapport and form a lasting relationship with! We have over 200 products needing marketing optimization. We would love to start off with rolling ads for our website. Not all of the skills listed are requirements, but would be great for a lasting relationship! We're looking to work on product marketing materials (brochures, web product detailed page PDP, rolling ads, retail product signage, posters, product image gallery, etc.), email campaign, social media posts, packaging, labels, etc. We would like someone who is within our time zone or will adjust to our time zone (PST). Check out our website at

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    ...but not limited to Examining bank statements and reconciling them with general ledger entries Examining expenses submitted by employees Keeping an eye on incoming payments from accounts receivable and outgoing payments from accounts payable Creating company financial reports with the above information included Analysing data collected in order to determine the state of the company’s financial health Analysing data to understand where the company is generating and losing revenue Examining the proficiency of the software programs used to organise data Generating financial reports that display the company’s profits, equity and cash flow Experience working with ZERO software Quarterly BAS preparation and lodgement Billing reconciliation report for both Telco and Sola...

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    I need someone Who want to be a part of an app to make Medical consults on Brazil - need to know about telemedicine and laws of personal data

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    lets vibe 6 nap left

    mobile health app that shows people whose working out app

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    A booklet written for parents about: - what is parental burnout - how is it different to work burnout - what are the signs to look out for - who is most at risk of experiencing parental burnout - what is the impact of parental burnout on yourself, your family, friendships, work etc - what can you do to **I will send further articles once the proposal is accepted About you: you are a parent, a writer and can understand and summarise research articles into words that most people can understand. Your writing style is informal and engaging. You don't need to have a background in psychology or health, and actually it might be best if you don't as you are less l...

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    ...responsible for making quality appointments with very interested prospects. These pre-set appointments are to be exclusive. Meaning these leads are only given to me, and have not been given to other agents EVER and have not been called in the last 90 days for any other purpose. The prospects MUST be between the ages of 55 and 85 and have a CHECKING/SAVINGS account to be drafted for payment of insurance. Health is not an issue, meaning that I can insure EVERYONE. The prospects MUST UNDERSTAND fully that I will be there to sell insurance to them and they are ready to purchase. The name of the insurance company will be disclosed to the winning bidder. The company that I sell for has been around for a 100 years and is a very recognized household name. All appointments will be forwar...

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    Trophy icon Podcast Logo 3 nap left

    The Podcast is called "This is the F Word" It is a podcast about drug addiction and mental health. Please make this BOLD.

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    Only message if you are ready, or free to have a meeting about the process. preferably need a team instead of outsourcing from different freelancers. I have an enquire about an application to be made, in the line of health, the main focus is for the nurse or worker to update the record of the patient for the day of that particular patient they are with, a database that stores them and that way the worker can access the notes or forms filled by the previous worker who was working with the specific patient, obviously, access control will be set by us. let me know for more details

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    Digital Notepad -- 2 6 nap left

    We are planning to develop digital notepad , using OCR and AI , written text by(image) digital pen should be converted in to text. The img text should be converted on the same location as editable text instantly, This would added with health care system , educational , project management etc..,

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    Looking for a menthal health care system, so counselors can report daily about clients how its going. (group of people live in the same hous and getting observation, the observation will be record in the dossier of the client) Do you have make a system like this before? And can send me a demo ! We can discuss about it and about the price! Only reply iff you can really make this and understand

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    I need someone expert to do a systematic review in health informatics. also to do proofreading, rewarding, content & reference checking. By doing the second reviewer assessment of papers, data extraction, critical appraisal and write more in the result and discussion sections in critical and narrative synthesis way.

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    Need freelancer on blog writing. We are a Nutrition Meal food supplier. We need someone who understands nutrition, Health and Lifestyle of our audience. Create blog accordingly on a regular basis. Topics or references will be provided

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    We manufacture products related to health such as crape bandages, steamers , bandges diaper etc. You get the idea logo should be realted something to healthcare. We have the name of company ready. Contact if you are interested.

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    We have a story of impacting millions to improve their health. We are looking for someone who can bring that story to life, to help a potential investor understand and appreciate our company and our vision. We’ve done this several times before - we have raised capital. We are looking to do an even better job this time. The timeline would be 2 - 3 weeks to elevate and transform our existing investor deck. Visit: for more info our company

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    youtube videos 5 nap left

    hi i need 10 mins video on how to invest for beginners and how to loose weight? videos should have like and subscribe button animation. and i need 1 logo and banner for health channel.

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    ...beach, dressing up on Halloween with your kids, building a snowman in the yard, playing fetch with a dog, acting out charades at a party, or going for a bike ride with your spouse with no destination in mind. There doesn’t need to be any point to the activity beyond having fun and enjoying yourself. By giving yourself permission to play with the joyful abandon of childhood, you can reap oodles of health benefits throughout life. The benefits of play While play is crucial for a child’s development, it is also beneficial for people of all ages. Play can add joy to life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you to others and the world around you. Play can also make work more productive and pleasurable. [Read: Cultivating Happiness] You can play on your ow...

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    i need 10 mins video on how to invest for beginners and how to loose weight? videos should have like and subscribe button animation. and I need 1 logo and banner for health channel.

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    Trophy icon Musculoskeletal Disorders 1 nap left

    ...etc.)relating to any of the health concepts discussed in this course. ❑ A copy of the article must be handed in with the assignment; it must include the date of the article, which newspaper it was printed/ posted, and the author of the article. ❑ This must be a current health topic, dated within 12 months of the class date. ❑ You must use the following headings when completing this assignment. Topic: Musculoskeletal Disorders Explain what the article is about Population Affected: Identify a) who is affected b) target age c) how this health issue can impact the health in your community/family Precautions Needed: What precautions (if any) are recommended? Recommendations: How to incorporate these into your own/ or your family lifestyle? Workplace ...

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    instagram marketing 5 nap left

    instagram marketing for health and food supplement

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    design facebook page 5 nap left

    Design facebook page showing beauty, food and health supplement in AI. Need quality and beautifull design

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    Choose one scientific article related to anything about wine and health. This can either support or contradict the media claim that a glass of wine per day is good for you. Your article needs to be a scientific article.

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    Write a paragraph or two 5 nap left

    Choose one scientific article related to anything about wine and health. This can either support or contradict the media claim that a glass of wine per day is good for you. Your article needs to be a scientific article.

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    Its native mobile app project (iOS and Android) to connect FORA blood glucose healthcare device (bluetooth 4.0 ble) and retrieve health data back to the mobile app. FORA is the brand name of the healthcare device.

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    ...suppliers, factories, resorts, bookings for special business and pleasure or leisure alone, educational touring to visit universities etc... Our services main buttons in the middle of the screen with a background that reflects the major services of the firm... Legal Engineering Contracting Construction Translations Medical Oil & gas Trading Environmental Education Citizenship Financial Sports Health Heavy equipment Marina & shipping Transportation Insurance Automotive Franchise Food and beverage Events Exhibitions Funding Auction Stock market & crypto Cyber Technology Digital Transformation Building Material & building tech Offshore services Renewable energy Spas & recreations Agriculture Live stocks Chemicals ICT Individuals Automation & controls Auditi...

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    Trophy icon Logo For PWH 2 nap left

    I need a logo for an organization that offers services for the well being and mental health of Pacific islanders. The colors of the organization are blue & green. The name of the organization is Pasifika Wellbeing Hub. Preferably a modern design that depicts mental health and overall wellbeing.

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    Help me in building a design for my health and fitness supplements brand

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    Its health related products, has doctors, patients, beds, other

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    Build a website 4 nap left

    I’m looking to launch a health and wellness coaching website/page called optimum performance coaching that gives information on coaching and speaking on everything health and fitness and human optimization that can also sell products

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    I need a content writer for website . Contents are on topics of health and nutrition.

    €247 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a content writer for website . Contents are on topics of health and nutrition.

    €263 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like someone to develop some policies and procedures, and an employee handbook for a upcoming business for me with all the required guidelines in the rules and regulations book I have to base my policy on. The program is Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women Here is the website for more information...would like someone to develop some policies and procedures, and an employee handbook for a upcoming business for me with all the required guidelines in the rules and regulations book I have to base my policy on. The program is Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women Here is the website for more information for the program I’m interested in opening.

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    €665 - €1330
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    quick python adventure game 4 nap left

    ...want to have a brief intro for them to read with the option to see a more detailed description which they can skip. I will add the intro and story after. There will be a simple GUI for this game. Preferably using tkinter . It must have a button for seeing inventory, a frame to show current health and magic. So the player can read what is happening in the story while have quick access to see inventory if needed as well as seeing how they are with health and magic levels. Player: Each class will have health and magic stats. Inventory will be kept for weapons, items, and spells. weapons will use attack strength level to determine random damage and spells will use magic level to determine random damage. Obviously if you have no magic (warrior class), you will not be a...

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    Ghost article 3 nap left

    Ghost article oral health article

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    Hi.. I'm Taj.. I'm a sales agent for herbal base health product. I want to build an apps for : 1) Recruiting new agent 2) Agent sponsorship monitoring 3) Can blast marketing advertisement to social media e.g Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube etc. 4) Can store video, downloadable training tools.. 5) Agent performance tracking

    €1386 (Avg Bid)
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    Must be open to adapt to the local language. Réf.

    €339 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Build me a new logo 17 nap left

    I need a new logo for a brand new company. Business name: "Vault Mental Health" Please referred to attached file: for colour, feel and font inspiration. Be creative with it and feel free to try some of your own ideas while using this as inspiration. Be unique. Be original. ***************Must be FLAT VECTOR on WHITE BACKGROUND. NO 3D LOGOS!!***************************

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    During the writing of this research proposal, COVID-19 has rapidly deteriorated into a second wave, distressing health systems in each affected country. COVID-19 determines the need for healthcare in a large number of people in an extremely short time and, like a giant wave, overruns emergency, infectious diseases, and pneumology departments as well as intensive care units, choking healthcare services. Rehabilitation services are also affected by this epidemic which forces radical changes both in the organization and in the operating methods. In the absence of adequate reference literature on this issue and recent treatments and vaccine efficacies, this proposal aims to provide a background documentation to support physicians and healthcare teams involved in recovery and rehabilitat...

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    Health Care 6 nap left

    Hi Wafa S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    We are looking for a graphic designer to help design physical signage boards for our health clinics - based on our current logo

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    Hi! My name is anna, i'm a part of Core Spirit family. I saw your wonderful profile and decided to invite you to our community, that unites professionals in the health industry: mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic, and physical health We have an option, called services. It means that you can add your services (like online or offline sessions) or events. All you need is just: 1. Registration is free 2. Confirm your email 3. Add your services/events/videos/prerecorded materials for sale. We are building this platform for practitioners and organisations like yourself. So you can learn and express yourself, find your mentors, and become one, be surrounded by like-minded people. We are developing the platform every day and if there

    min €44 / hr
    min €44 / hr
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    ...responsibilities include: 1. Work on Flutter app development 2. Work on State management, application local database, HTTPS, and animations 3. Work on the Native side of Flutter (Android and Ios), such as notification and background services. Two main screens to be developed for our application: 1. Our one screen which has a neumorphic UI, water level indicator, weight selector, and dropdown with other health features will require high-level flutter bloc state management and backend integration. 2. Our other screen requires image upload to the backend, neumorphic UI, scheduled alarm for notifying users about their diet plans. We want other specific features to be developed in our flutter application: 1. Background service that should trigger with our schedule for both Androi...

    €306 (Avg Bid)
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    Create 1 full ebook (cover with my name, contents, chapter, images and creative design) Write about any topic! Genre: horror, self-help, finance,romance, wellness, biography, spirituality, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, mysteries, fitness, health, internet, real estate, relationship, tech, wedding, software, education, marketing or business. Language: English Zero possibility of plagiarism and full transfer of copyright over each completed work Maximum pages: 30 or 50 File Format: docx

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    ...discounted “Gympass” membership & free health checks via Nuffield Health Retirement savings plan, save between 4%and 7.5%, Tesco will match your contribution Life Assurance. 5x contractual pay Share Schemes – Join our ‘Buy As You Earn’ & ‘Save As You Earn’ share schemes after 3months service Colleague Clubcard (including a 2ndcard for a family member) after 3months service Colleague Discounts: 10%increasing to 15%after every pay day for a four day period,off most purchases at Tesco 10%off One Stop 10%off pay monthly & SIM only deals with Tesco Mobile 20%off all F&F purchases 20%off car, pet and home insurance at Tesco bank. T&C’s apply 25%off Tesco Café 50%off complete glasses purchases & free e...

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