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    I have a state government job in the US. I must **convert a VB 6 app into Visual Basic .NET**. The whole client-side app just loads an assortment of big text files into MS SQL Server database tables. It does this using DTS. ***The whole app already works fine***--*in VB 6* (loading big government text files with DTS in the VB into it's 1 SQL Serv...

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    NAT Server Needed Véget ért left

    I need a NAT server written prefer in VB6 but would consider other languages. What this does is runs on a central server that has an IP and Port open. Next, a computer that you want to connect to by TCP will have a server program running on it and for it to listen, it connects to the NAT server and waits. It has an assigned name for its connection.

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    OpenLaszlo Guidance Véget ért left

    I'm looking for an experienced OpenLaszlo developer to help me when I get stuck as I develop an OpenLaszlo project. I'm an experiened MS Access/VBA programmer, with mid-level asp skills. But, I've just been introduced to OpenLaszlo and I keep running into brick walls that take me several hours to figure out. The OpenLaszlo forum isn&#...

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    I require an intranet based email-file upload service. The goal is for a user on the intranet to upload a large file up to 1 gigabyte. The system generates an email which is sent to the end user on the internet. They receive a link and are are then able to download the file. This is a similar service to Intranet users will be able

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    Basic Table Database Véget ért left

    ...50 fields per table. I prefer a stand-alone database, but for 'time-frame' purposes, a SQL2005 or MS-Access based db is acceptable - Acceptable, but a secondary choice. Database must be named "m58db" if stand-alone. or the control class/dll, etc must be named "m58db" I need it to be able to be controlled inside a VB .net 2005 app. dotnet framew...

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    ...Basic 6 Service Pack 6 program. I would like another duplicated main stat form and shot chart form and "more stats" form, for the opponent’s stats. This would mean running a second instance of the main screen and shot chart and "more stats" screens for the opponent basketball team. I'm attaching an NDA agreement for your to fill in and

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    Attached is C code for a G.726 audio codec. I am trying to incorporate this into the BASSEnc add-in of BASS audio library as an ADPCM 32K 4bit wav format. [see [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]][1] #1 I need the attached C code compiled to the [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] and dec.exe. #2 If the code works in BASS, I...

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    I am not a programmer but "speak" programmer and know how it all works...the project is mortgage automation, [[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]][1] - awesome, fun, challenging project with a great team. I need one more PT php ACE. Zend certified is a strong bonus. Bug-free code, responsibly commented, properly structured code a...

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    I need an Outlook Add-In that interfaces with CRM114 for spam detection and prevention. The add-in will be used for personal use at first, but I may expand it to be downloaded from a web site. The add-in will be similiar to SpamBayes, which is open source and the programmer can use its code as a foundation or model. SpamBayes can be found here:

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    Hi, Is there a c++ win32 programmer that can assist me with cloning [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] for my company intranet? Don't worry about cloning the website, I am primarily interested in the vnc apps that they have modified. They even have their source code available for their application here: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]...

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    ...incoming video feed from most video capture devices (such as a web cam) and allows dynamic information (in the form of bitmaps and text) to be placed on over the video feed. We do not necessarily need to use DirectShow - it only has to run efficiently under XP and DirectShow was my first guess of technology. Further qualifications of this project

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    File downloader Véget ért left

    Here are the requirements... 1. An application written in Delphi 7. The application will do the following: Display a checkbox tree view (JCL has one...or Virtual Tree View) that will diplay a list of folders from a web server (all folders under the "Data" folder). This checkbox tree view will show the folder name and number of files that have

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    ...have a CRM app for the mortgage industry that has a spec error / miscommunication that needs correcting. It is a difficult task for a very experienced php programmer - do NOT bid unless you're either Zend certified OR experienced enough to know what that means and could pass that test. In short, no php rookies here...if the project goes well, I have tons

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    VB .NET CE Data Entry Véget ért left

    I have started developing this package myself, but have run out of time and hair to pull out. It's a pretty simple data entry application for CE .NET 4.2 devices which will have a login form (not done), a data selection form (for identifying locations - part done) and two types of data entry form, one with a datagrid (part done) and one with dedicated

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    38601 Forum Software Véget ért left

    I am looking for software that will do the following: a. User does a keyword search for his type of niche market. The software will scan through various search engines and extract posts made only in forums using a content puller. The user can specify how many threads it wants to extract. b. The information is created into pages that appear to look


    ...TO EVERYONE WHO RESPONDED. I HAVE CLOSED THE BIDDING DO TO THE LARGE NUMBER OF RESPONSES. I WILL BE CONTACTING MY SHORT LIST OF POSSIBLE CANDIDATES IN 5-7 DAYS WITH A SMALL TEST PROJECT. I am looking at doing a rewrite of an existing loan management application and I require a top notch programmer that I can have an ongoing rela...

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    Hi, I need a version of an unstoppable popup generator created that will run on a windows desktop. Please see the web address below, and take some time to understand where I am heading with this. [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Here's a demo...

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    I have purchased a project management app from [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] and cannot use it because the [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] file needs to be adapted to make it work with my hosting company. The problem seems to be with the database connection part in the .asa file. THe application comes with an example of dsn and d...

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