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    I have hired a freelancer to do my project but the quality of the essay is extremely poor. I need someone to correct the mistakes, to fill in the text with missing information and to make a good project in maximum 4 days. The paper should be about Operations management, logistics and supply chain management. There is a ...

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    ...Gathering & Assement questions and 1 Long Essay question I sat for the exam one time and failed. I need someone who can sit for the exam online and complete the task in 3 Days. P.s I do not really need the certificate as my work has changed but as I had already invested in it last year thats why I do not...

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    ...Everyones, I am looking for someone who has many years writing and research experiences relevant to an electrical engineering field. I would like to ask someone to draft the literature review with no plagiarism and fully understanding the technical contents of the essay writing without copy and paste works. The topic is relevant to...

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    fashion related academic essay. A 3,000 word essay presented in an academic format, excluding reference list. I already wrote 1958 words. Need someone with good academic writing skills correct my grammar mistake, edit this essay, adding new points, rewrite or expand it to 3000 words, please do not keep saying same stuff. The e...

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    I need someone to edit an essay that I wrote and make sure it reads professionally. Therefore I am in search for a proofread and edit my project. simple but involving task. Do not bid more than $7. It is a simple task that wont take more than one hour..Prefer kenyan writers

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    Women and Asian DO NOT bid! I need someone to help me to translate my essay written in English to any European languages.

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    im a student and i need to write 3 pages research paper essay and Family Dysfunction, of course, plus works citation of 3 different sources. it should be 12 font new times roman, double spaced. i just paid someone on fiver to do it and it was a mess. please if you are not passionate about it then do not take my order.

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    I would like someone to edit and proofread my personal statement for application. I am applying Master of Public Health so relevant experience would be appreciated. Word count is apporoximately 500. I need to improve my essay, so I would like someone who do not hesitate detailed conversations during the...

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    Help me with Marketing Véget ért left

    Hi my name is Chris and I am currently interviewing for marketing jobs. i was given this prompt to fill out and i was looking for a template to use. I was wondering if someone who is a marketing professional could answer the questions for me. Please do not make the answers sound to complicated, I do not have market...

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    Have you ever developed an essay website script with a client and admin area and a writers area. I need to purchase that system in wordpress as. I haven academic writing website and I need a system in wordpress so i can just transfer my website contents and host it. I am not looking for someone to build a new syste...

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    Write a Report Véget ért left

    Hi I need a essay for my History of Graphic Design there are two prompt, I will let you choose which prompt easier for you here is the directions Prepare a response based on ONE of the prompts below. Your response should be 3-5 pages long, follow all of the conventions of good academic writing (e.g. Use of formal, third person prose; refer to

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    ...worth 45% of my final mark. its a research essay only about 1300-1400 words. I have already done the Propsal( first part) and do not have time to complete the remaining. I need someone who has high level of knowledge in Fine arts. This is not the ordinary typical type of Essay, it requires a lot of artistic terminology as well as be...

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    A short 2,000 word essay written about your chosen question from the attachment (please ONLY choose question from the sheet I have attached). Harvard style referencing and I need for this to be done by Friday 27th January 2017 please. So that I can look through it before submitting. I have also provided you with all journals and websites that will b...

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    Write a Book Véget ért left

    Hi guys, My friends and I are looking at writing a book [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] will also need someone to do blog posts to help market the books on our websites and other relevant sites. We therefore need a big team preferably 8 to 10. Some to write the book and others to do the mark...

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    I need someone who has a great knowledge of the "four quadrant Post-Keynesian model" and currency rate knowledge to write my essay. Good english is a must. I know a lot of you guys are just sourcing works to others, if you are one of them, do NEVER bother me! the essay is very important to me. I hired...

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    Essays corrections Véget ért left

    It's pretty easy and less effort job. I have English test coming soon but I do not have time to go for classes to get checked and feedback for my essays. Therefore, I am looking for someone who can check it and advise me for improvement. It will be 10-15 essay within next weeks. I do not need re-write only fe...

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    analysis essay Véget ért left

    I have written a strategic analysis essay, but need to strengthen on the analysis part and reorganize the paper according to the requirement of my supervisor. the detail of it will be discussed once I got someone agree to do it.

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    ...couple of websites to build - based on WordPress - and my current coder is swamped with work - so, I need to add another developer to the team part-time / on a project-by-project, hourly basis. The projects are usually much more interesting (i.e. challenging) than straight-forward WP blog-style sites. About you: * Obviously you need to...

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    Help me write something Véget ért left

    I need you to write some content for a [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] all, I'm looking for someone who can write articles about systems such as system audit, security audit, network audit, database audit, software application audit. Your articles will be posted on my website. Overview of the website Proofreading service for those wh...

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    Academic Writing Véget ért left

    For my graduation film, I need writing and research support in the form of 3500 words. The 18min film is about a lake in Hungary and its absurd triple-relationship of a power plant, the water and the people. Synopsis: In 1960, a power plant was built in Oroszlány, with an adjacent artificial lake to cool the power plant. The Utopian mission at the

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    I need to hire a ‘college entrance consultant’ for my nephew. He lives in Maryland, I live in Florida. I’m trying to help him get into a University in California, San Francisco area. I’ve never done it, we don’t have anyone to assist, and I’m busy with work and a baby. He recently took the SAT and scored about av...

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    Academic Writing Véget ért left

    I need someone who speaks spanish fluently. My spanish teacher assign us to do an essay about my favorite song. She said no gramtical errors. 5 parragraphs essay in spanish about the song( I will message which one is). For today

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    Hi, I need someone to help write a 1500 report for my client. You will be required to interpret few graphs and statistics from an excel document and then discuss what they show about the topic. Topic: Whether firms should let their employees telecommute, namely do some or all of their work from home. You will be expected to report on...

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    I would like someone to Copywrite all my website pages. There are around 15 pages, but none of them are big or require any Essay style writing. I will supply you with the context of what I need to be written, and you do your magic.

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    Academic Writing Véget ért left

    I have a quick 750-word essay on a CSR topic and I am horrible at grammar. I have been getting blasted for not having my papers edited properly. My content is good, but I need someone to proofread read my paper to a Master Course standard. If you can do my paper quick and a quality job I will u...

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    Boko Haram Essay Véget ért left

    Boko Haram International Relations Essay: I already have the sources, and an annotated bibliography. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY IS ATTACHED • Due in tutorial March 7th - no late extensions given after Feb 29th unless there is an emergency. In all cases, you’ll need documentation, unless we have already discussed this • Worth 25% - late penalty is

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    ...ENGINEERING THEN DO NOTTTTT BOTHER PLEASE -i want it to be similar to my friends essay (ALEX essay) and those below along with the comments on the document itself is what i got. those are the comments i got after my tutor read the essay: I don't know much about this particular type of tissue eng...

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    Hi, i need my website at google top ranks in United Kingdom so targeted engine url is [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] . My keywords are Below: 1) Write My Essay For Me 2) Essay Help UK 3) Essay Services UK 3) Buy Essay Online 4) Pay Someone To Do Your Essay 5) Essay ...

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    Hi, i need my website at google top ranks in United Kingdom so targeted engine url is [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] . My keywords are Below: 1) Write My Essay For Me 2) Essay Help UK 3) Essay Services UK 3) Buy Essay Online 4) Pay Someone To Do Your Essay 5) Essay ...

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    Academic Writing Véget ért left

    i need someone to do a powerpoint presentation for my college class which should be about 3 minutes long. you don't have to write a essay, just make a powerpoint presentation on my research topic, which i will give you if you want to take this job

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    I am looking for someone who has knowledge and experience with personal statement writing. There will be multiple 200 words and 500 words personal statements. In total, the whole thing will be around 4000 words. I'm looking to get started soon so if you are interested please give me some relevant details concerning your background, your expected

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    Academic Writing Véget ért left

    Hello I need someone who can write small essays about one or two pages in HR related topics. There are around 15 to be written. My budget for this project is USD 60. I am looking for people to work on it today itself and who can provide me with one essay every hour. Must be familiar with referencing and Agents and Outsourcers, please d...

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    Write a Report Véget ért left

    Hi I need some assistance writing a 1250 work essay, I need someone who can research and knows how to do Harvard referencing. My report is MSI Computing I have done about 800 words but I need help to get it to the level in which it needs to be.

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    Need someone to help writing this research based argument on " alcoholism is a disease" in not less than 1200 words. You should define any relevant words but NOT use a dictionary or a dictionary definition. Explain any relevant qualities of significant things mentioned in the essay . You must use at least 4 sources , use APA style including the title

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    ...UEGENT, i need this in next 4-5 hours! I am writing a essay and i have wrote down lot of stuff (not organized) i need someone talented to help me finish my narrative essay. I need you to proofread it, edit it, add more details, thick description and extend it (make it longer). Write "Narrative...

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    Academic Writing Véget ért left

    I need someone to do my extended essay. On one of the any subject : ENGLISH,BM or HINDI. You just need to write around 2700 words by doing some research on that subject

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    ...everyone. I need someone to write an essay for me on Job satisfaction and performance at job. The length should be between 1400-1600 words with many references in harvard style. I'm willing to pay anyone who comes first. The budget is low so I can pay only $ 10 AUD or a bit more. I have other writing projects for you waiting so if you...

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    ...be provided. From this I need to construct a 3000 word case study essay/report at PostGrad level. Owing to limited time constraints and my previous work being researched and written to high standards (70%+) I require someone to formulate a potential diagnosis, provide up to date and current research references (mult...

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    help in editing!Urgent Véget ért left

    My previous writer, adudexter did a horrible job for me. He refused to do the amendments and keep asking me to pay him. I can't stand this kind of attitude. I feel like i have to kneel down and beg for my essay. This is horrible attitude. Anyways, I am now hiring someone to clean up his residue shit! ...

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    I have a 5 page essay which needs to be edited and modified to make it into argumentative essay. In order to do this project you will need to have knowledge about Personal Identity. I will provide you feedback on what my teacher has said about my graded essay you need to follow his directio...

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    Academic Writing 4 Véget ért left

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to do Academic writing for me I need two different copies with totally different words, but they will be in the same subject. The topic is skepticism in a course of the name of philosophy of knowledge. the length od the essay is two pages long, double spaced. You should answer from the attachment these three quest...

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    Academic Writing Véget ért left

    HOW IS THIS PAPER IMPORTANT TO YOUR LEADERSHIP VISION MOVING FORWARD? I have attached the LEADERSHIP JOURNEY PART ONE. You can read over my part one and more sense to write this one. While this reflection is a significant part of your grade, it also is the opportunity for you to follow up on your semester and identify what was most significant for

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    Write some Articles Véget ért left

    I need someone who is able to write an admission essay between 300-600 words. So I can send it with my application for a bachelor application in the management department. The litter essay be about one of the following topics : 1. Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted your act? Would you make the same decis...

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    acadmic writing history Véget ért left

    The My Lai Massacre in the Vietnam War (March 1968) Description The Vietnam War was America’s longest and most unresolved military conflict in Asia. During the war and continuing today, the American public has disputed about their attitudes toward U.S. participation in the war. The United States first became involved in Vietnam after World War

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    Academic Writing Véget ért left

    ...artist and I need some inspiration to do some writing, I'm looking for someone ideally with a background in Art History or Philosophy. Who I can use as an editor/advisor in eventually preparing an application for a practice based Fine Art PHD. Before all that begins as a preliminary task to find a suitable person I want to co...

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    shooting an elephant Véget ért left

    i have a essay due. i wrote the introduction and two opinions on the main theme of the story shooting an elephant. i need someone to finish this essay. a comparison paragraph of the two opinions and why "my" opinion is superior and a conclusion the essay needs to be 1000 words. i don't mind if you w...

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    I am trying to sell a property in Italy privately and need help in attracting people to my Google-ad and website. In the past that has involved submitting an essay to multiple websites. I need someone who knows how to do this and may have other ideas as to how to attract potential buyers. Thank you.

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    Heretical Essay Véget ért left

    I need someone to do my essay which is about heretical cartoon essay and I'll send you the image once I hired you ! its about 3 pages so don't bid too much :) thank you

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    ...information below. I am looking for someone who can suggest and give advice as well: I need only WHITE HAT sales, marketing, build links to my website, Facebook likes, and twitter followers. I am currently building a few online writing courses for beginners and intermediate levels (essay writing - creative writing)... I nee...

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