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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته عني مشاريع تنفيذ implementation المعايير التالية في احد الدول الخليجية 9001:2015 14001:2015 45001:2018 27001:2022 10002:2018 17020:2012 20400:2017 41001:2018 اذا مهتم او تعرف احد مهتم لو تكرمت ارسلي عينات من شغل حضرتك

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    Hello I need a game on both platforms, iso and android, it's free, and you can buy some chips, play inside the game But there is an important note regarding the rules of the game, on this basis the winner is calculated Below is a picture of the game to understand the issue more I would like to ask the price of this application, how much does it cost, and mention the time for completion

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    Simple Myportal Site 4 nap left

    Wanted to create an my portal. With Gsuite authentication for users. Users - Administrator, IT, HR, ISO, Marketing. The marketing account should have access to change/Modify the content, Pics, Testimonies, and Videos on the front page(Home) from the web. Should have the option to add buttons with Hyperlink to add URLs IT, HR, ISO should have respective Iframe access so that they can edit content only on their Iframe. (Should be able to upload PDF's)

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    Ping me if you are well experienced at IT Audit, Isms iso 27001, risk management, tprm

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    This Flutter app will need major customization for 5 features. I can send you the link to the features. 80% of this app are basic forms and function items that are naturally available in Flutter or React. Remember, I'm adding to your portfolio. 99% of Freelancer developers don't have a viable ISO app that people actually use. Most just have random screen shots and graphics that amount to nothing. I'm offering you an app that will be download and used, with awesome UX. You need a good app in your portfolio to legitimize your skills. I want my app developed in 2 weeks. I want a team to give me the tools I need to bring an amazing app to market that will inspire you. This app can be launched in your country and I will make you the lead company in charge of marketing ...

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    I need someone to help me review the answers I submitted for my quiz. I scored 60/100 and I dont know what I answered wrong and need someone with electronics/IPC standard/Soldering/ISO experience that can correct my answers. 20 multiple choice questions.

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    Validator node 4 óra left

    I need someone to create the cosmos Atom validator node completely using either a virtual machine or on Ubuntu 20.04. on their computer. Then turning that operating system with the validator node on it, into a downloadable bootable ISO file. Create a validator node for cosmos atom then make it into an ISO file for downloading and installing on local hardware. user guide :~:text=Ways%20To%20Make%20Current%20Installation%E2%80%99s%20ISO%201%201.,prior%20state.%20...%203%203.%20Linux%20Live%20Kit

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    ISO17025 Consultancy Project 1 óra left

    A new calibration lab is being established ground up. We are looking for a consultant to start work with our company. Responsibilities include: 1) Helping the laboratory to develop a quality management system (QMS) that complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. 2) Developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all laboratory processes, including testing, calibration, and quality control. 3) Assisting the laboratory in identifying and acquiring the necessary facilities, equipment, and personnel to support the laboratory's testing and calibration activities. 4) Developing and implementing a training program for laboratory personnel. 5) Assisting the laboratory in developing procedures for the traceability of measurements to national or international standards. 6) Ass...

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    Requirement for a Digital Marketing Expert Véget ért left

    Dear Marketing Expert, B2B Testers is an end-to-end software testing service provider with a head count of more than 100+ QA Automation Engineers serving more than 50 clients. We provide testing services for startups and small/mid range MNCs. More details check our website. (B2B Testers: ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company) We are looking for a dynamic and exciting business skilled marketing agent. Our team is in need of talented individuals like you to help us grow and succeed. You have the opportunity to work remotely and on a contract basis, you will be rewarded with a percentage of what our clients pay. We are looking for someone with marketing experience to help connect us to new clients and expand our business reach. This is a good opportunity to use your marketing

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    Tasks: Developing a Flutter plugin for communication with MIFARE Ultralight C tags via NFC using the PAX A920 equipments. Allowing normal read/write raw bytes commands, setting up authentication parameters and authenticating to the tags before any read/ write/ ISO command. In summary: recreating the nfc_manager Flutter plugin, using solely the PAX A920 equipment and Mifare Ultralight C tags.

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    كتابة إجراءات إدارة الخدمات التقنية طبقاً لمتطلبات الأيزو 20000 باللغة العربية من خرائط العمليات نطاق العمل تم تحديده بعدد 23 إجراء وتم عمل 3 نماذج للإجراءات يشمل عقد اجتماعات مع المسؤول لمناقشة الإجراء وتعديله الإجراءات يتم كتابته باستخدام متطلبات إدارة الخدمات من تطبيق (ManageEngine) والمتاح أونلاين يشمل العمل تصميم نماذج العمل المطلوبة لكل إجراء وبعدد 15 نموذج عمل يشمل العمل تعديل خرائط العمليات في حال الحاجة (خرائط العمليات جاهزة على تطبيق ميكروسوفت فيزيو) يشمل العمل التأكد من بدء تطبيق الإجراء مع المسؤول من خلال اجتماعات بعدد 12 اجتماع عن بعد مدة المشروع شهر لغة المشروع العربية الإجراءات محل العمل:  إدارة الحوادث (تم بناءه كنموذج)  إدارة المشاكل  إدارة دعم الخدمات  إدارة التغيير و  إدارة الإصدارات (تم بناءه كنموذج)  إدارة التسليم  إدارة التخطيط للخ...

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    We need to adjust a a project/them of an online store, to once be geolocated by IP, show specially on the Home Page the right and specific content designed for that specific market/location. In particular the banners of the home pages. We need an option of introducing a ISO country code, in each shopify section/image, so that the code recognizes specific content per country. Shopify has a tutorial explaining the whole implementation on Dawn Theme in the URL: Liquid code needs to be introduced on all image sections of the template.

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    I have a swagger specification file that I would like to add example fields for schemas, fields and inputs. The example content will be provided as well. For example one of the fields in one model is: properties: currency: type: string description: Currency in [ISO 4217]() format I would like to add the example field to the currency example: "USD" More details on adding examples here:

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    Can be made in APK and iOS or in Flutter/react native so it works across all devices running iso/android. I am looking for an app to be made that when you enter a certain allocated pin number to unlock your phone, it will BRICK the phone to make it unusable/unrestorable/unreadable. Phones must not require to be jailbroken/rooted. Basically the app can run 'rm -rf /' if a certain pin number un the unlock screen is entered. Also, the app required 'remote bricking' to be active so it can be bricked via 'Google/Alexia with 'hey google brick my phone'

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    Trophy icon company profile 19 nap left

    We need to create a company profile, from 5 pages, 1st page is the cover 2nd page is business setup 3rd page is documents clearing 4th page is management 5th page is ISO and Contact us + Address NOTE: All our information are on our website

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    ...language Modeling Concepts and Applications The Counterfactual Method Models - types and uses Introduction to adjustments Uncertainty for planning and reporting Contextual Considerations M&V in contracts M&V in programs Guiding principles Role of judgment Performance Verification Approaches Whole facility vs. retrofit isolation Four “Options” defined in FEMP, IPMVP® Other definitions in ASHRAE, ISO Basis for Adjustments Measurement boundary Selecting a baseline Routine vs non-routine adjustments Whole Facility Approach Setting the measurement boundary Identifying relevant data Selecting the model type Statistical (regression) Physical (simulation) Advanced modeling concepts Uncertainty assessment Retrofit Isolation Approach Strengths and weaknesses ...

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    ...language Modeling Concepts and Applications The Counterfactual Method Models - types and uses Introduction to adjustments Uncertainty for planning and reporting Contextual Considerations M&V in contracts M&V in programs Guiding principles Role of judgment Performance Verification Approaches Whole facility vs. retrofit isolation Four “Options” defined in FEMP, IPMVP® Other definitions in ASHRAE, ISO Basis for Adjustments Measurement boundary Selecting a baseline Routine vs non-routine adjustments Whole Facility Approach Setting the measurement boundary Identifying relevant data Selecting the model type Statistical (regression) Physical (simulation) Advanced modeling concepts Uncertainty assessment Retrofit Isolation Approach Strengths and weaknesses ...

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    ...piece of data represents a request for a loan. Some of the data is already annotated in YAML format, see attached. I need the 2500 posts to all be annotated in the same format. Title and Body are fields that are given and the other fields are classified based on those. Other fields: - Amount: the amount the user wants to borrow as a number, denominated in a particular currency - Currency: the ISO currency code, e.g. USD for US Dollars. Note that some users specify the wrong code in their text such as users specifying CDN for Canadian dollar, although the correct term is CAD. Some users don't even specify the currency but you can work it out based on their country. - Location: in this format 'San Antonio, TX, USA'. Some users don't specify the state and coun...

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    Develop LOGO Véget ért left

    We need to develop the logo, without significant changes, with the introduction of additional colors that help the beauty of the design, business cards, mail footers, visuals for the (very limited) website, correspondence, and invoices. We need two different designs. The company's activity is air conditioning and ventilation >>> ISO 14001/45001/9001 certified >>>

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    I need someone that knows how to build membership sites and market them. SEEKING ONLY INDIVIDUALS that can do it all -- you are basically replacing me (for reasons I'll explain in the interview process). Camtasia is a must (the client submits videos in Camtasia). You will be editing stock/options videos, posting on social media, managing the new membership backend (WordPress built) and helping put out a newsletter. If you are saavy on YouTube, Google, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, they'll be marketing as well. This is a great opportunity to add a steady client to your portfolio. I changed careers last year and I've tried to keep pace with him but it's growing to quickly and I don't have the time.

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    I am looking for a mobile developer with strong knowledge in Android to develop a mobile application on payment terminals in the banking field. Knowledge in EMV and ISO 8583 banking protocol needed.

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    Design of website Véget ért left

    I am looking to get my ISO Consulting website redesigned and wanted to hear if someone is able to help with it? The main objective for the new website is as follows: • It needs a professional look to increase conversion. • It needs to have call to action across pages to increase conversion. • Be flexible so it is easy to add additional subpages. • It needs to have fast loading speed to improve SEO and get more visitors. • Be appealing to clients to retain them on the site for longer. • Improve SEO in general to get the pages listed higher on Google and increase visitors. • Make the site more user friendly to ensure clients easily find what they need and will contact us about our services. • The website must be stored on my server and must be ...

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    We have applied for planning permission for two 12Kw wind turbines. The planners require a Simplified Noise Assessment. Prepare CadnaA noise model to predict wind turbine noise levels at the nearest noise sensitive receptors (NSRs) using manufacturer data (we can provide this). Noise model will ideally use the ISO 9613: 1993 module. Assess predicted wind turbine noise level against the simplified assessment methodology contained within ETSU-R-97 and IOA Good Practice Guidance for Wind Turbines.

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    We are looking for a developer to develop Compliance Automation Tool based upon ISO Guidelines. Source code of the project will be our property. Untill our project is finished, you can not do any other project. There should be an Open Source Tool which can upgrade later to Cloud Based Tool. There should be all challenges defined in the tool. Client should be able to only connect the tool with their servers and it should detect everything what type of loopholes are their in their network. There should be HR Automation Tool, where client should be able to monitor all type of HR activities. There should be background check tool with easy to access API for all languages. This Tool should be easily compatible with all technologies. Interface should be very beautiful, light and responsive...

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    Redesign of website Véget ért left

    ...easily can be added as of when required. • Carousel with client feedback on the main page. • All existing blog posts would need to be moved over to the new website. The page structure for the website should be as follows. • Home • Consultants o ISO 9001 Consultants o ISO 14001 Consultants o ISO 17025 Consultants o ISO 27001 Consultants o ISO 45001 Consultants o IMS Consultants • Audit o Outsourcing Internal Audit o Outsourcing Supplier Audit o Legal Compliance Audit • Training o ISO 9001 introduction training o ISO 14001 introduction training o ISO 45001 introduction training o 8D Problem Solving Training • Blog o Blog post template • About Us • Contact Us Could you please let be know h...

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    Technical file creation Véget ért left

    ...instructions for use. (Note: You will need a translation for the local language of the EU country you plan to enter). Detailed information on design and manufacturing. (It is recommended that you make use of flow charts to clearly show processes and relationships). You need to show the manufacturing process, suppliers, and materials used. Detailed risk management information in compliance with ISO 14971. General Safety and Performance Requirements (GSPR), formerly known as essential requirements. It identifies all the things you must do for your device type. From a design control perspective, the contents of your traceability matrix will assist you with addressing the criteria of GSPR. Verification and validation information. In terms of verification and validation, the Euro...

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    ISO a seasonal, part time, experienced Graphic Designer. Remote, 1099 position. Work on your own time. 1 week turnaround requested. Roughly 5 hours/week. Some weeks more. Some weeks nothing. We publish maps and magazines and need an additional Ad Designer. Work directly with clients, get paid on Fridays. Set Ad prices per ad size. Illustration and layout experience a bonus.

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    Risk Assessment Report Véget ért left

    IT, Cybersecurity, Risk Assessment,– ISO, ISACA/COBIT, OCTAVE, or NIST

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    Risk Assessment Report Véget ért left

    IT, Cybersecurity, Risk Assessment,– ISO, ISACA/COBIT, OCTAVE, or NIST

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    ISO 9001,14001 & 45001 Véget ért left

    ISO 9001,14001,45001 certification & implementation

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    Job Summary: Responsible to adhere to the Company’s Internal Audit Program as outlined in the ISO 9001:2015 (Clause 9.2) quality system requirements, participating as an Auditor and/or Lead Auditor. Currently, the program is structured to audit 1/ 2 of the quality system processes on one day (1 shift) in the first quarter and the other half of the quality system processes on one day (1 shift) in the third quarter of the year. Is also responsible to draft timely audit reports of the audit and document findings including non-conformances and recommendations for improvements to processes and Quality Management System. Qualifications: Must be an ISO9001:2015 certified internal auditor and provide OE of certification an accredited or certified ISO9001 training provider. Job Type...

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    We need to get access to certain camera controls as part of a node-red flow - the Sony Camera SDK is a C++ package that we need converted into node-red accessible modules that we can use to connect to a camera and then send commands to adjust camera settings (ISO, ND Filter on/off, aperture, etc) Needs to support the Sony FX6 (in terms of auth / connection and settings)

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    I use a number of computers running Ubuntu for students; these are not on-line. When a new long-term release comes from Ubuntu, I create an iso on a usb so I can install the new release on the off-line systems. I also need to be able to install the gnucobol package from the ubuntu repositories but I want to be able to do it from a usb - not the apt-get install on-line method. I need help in knowing exactly what to do both to down-load the package and then to use that usb to install the package off-line. (The traditional method of updating an existing computer is too slow.)

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    E.M.F project -- 2 Véget ért left

    ...emf[3] by converting other forms of energy into electrical energy.[3] Other electrical equipment also produce an emf, such as batteries, which convert chemical energy, and generators, which convert mechanical energy.[4] This energy conversion is achieved by physical forces applying physical work on electric charges. However, electromotive force itself is not a physical force,[5] and for the current ISO/IEC standards consider the term deprecated, favoring the names source voltage or source tension instead ...

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    Trophy icon Diary designing with services details Véget ért left

    ...(Inside front Page) - you can position graphics element, font and position of tag line "leading global...." and background etc. Page 3- (Backside of inside page front) - whole text and graphics can be rearranged and fonts can be changed. Page 4- (4th Last page - Right side) : This is basically new service of "packaging material testing" we wanted to launch. Text content to be rearranged. "''ISO Certified ..." these are key featured nd to be highlighted. Then whole lists are test we can conduct. Last is our tag line highlights Page 5- (3rd Last page - Left side) - these are our two sub brands except logo all graphics can be arranged and placed in better manner Page 6- (2nd Last page - Right side) : these are our two sub brands e...

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    Android / IOS APP Véget ért left

    Dears, I'm looking to make a city directory app for both Android and ISO The app should look like this: It should have an online control panel to control the entries. The app must support English & Arabic languages with the ability to add any other language. Please check the app in the example then send me your proposals. Fast and short proposals are not welcomed at all and will be dismissed. Many Thanks

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    want READY multi vendor website platform but must be ready and want demo asap with two languages and mobile apps ISO and andriod

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    want READY multi vendor website platform but must be ready and want demo asap with two languages and mobile apps ISO and andriod

    €517 (Avg Bid)
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    Website development Véget ért left 3.1. Information and cyber Security 3.1.1. ISO 27001 LA 3.1.2. ISO 27001 LI 3.1.3. ISO 27001 LA + LI 3.1.4. CISA 3.1.5. CISM 3.1.6. PCI DSS 3.1.7. SOC2 Implementation 3.2. Privacy & compliance 3.2.1. GDPR 3.2.2. ISO 27701 3.2.3. HIPAA 3.3. Quality Environment & Occupational safety 3.3.1. ISO 9001 LA 3.3.2. ISO 9001 LI 3.3.3. ISO 14001 LA 3.3.4. ISO 14001 LI 3.3.5. ISO 45001 LA 3.3.6. ISO 45001 LI 3.3.7. IOSH Managing Safely 3.4. Business continuity and Risk 3.4.1. Information security risk management 3.4.2. Enterprise Risk management ISO 31000 3.4.3. ISO 22301 LI 3.4.4. ISO 22301 LA 3.5. CISO...

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    Dear developers, We are looking for a Flutter developer to create a relatively simple app on ISO and Android. The app will be used to manage how parents can pick-up their kids from school every day. The main functionality of the app is to: 1- Allow parents to register accounts. Upon successful registration, they can select a school and add their kids information (student ID, name, class ,DOB etc..) 2- School admins can view new registrations, and approve/reject them. School admins should have their own registration page. They are approved by the main admin. 3- Every day, the parents will use the app to indicate to the school when they are arriving to pick-up their kids. They will choose a status such as: “on the way”, “will arrive late”, “waiting ...

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    I am using Panasonic Lumix G7 camera to record video. I would like to record in 24fps but when I try to do that the vertical lines in video becomes distorted when moving the camera left/right. It kind of gets a chopped effect of vertical lines. I played with shutter speed, ISO, camera matter what I do nothing helps. The only way I loose this weird effect which gives you headache is when I turn the video to 50fps and setup the shutter speed to higher then 1/50 then this vertical chooped line effect disappears. Who ever will find a way to record the videos in 24fps/25fps without this effect I will choose as winner. I am not interested in post production solution but only in camera settings solution that will solve this. I even uploaded the video on youtube to show the pr...

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    Would require 12 image files to be converted into the following high resolution sizes:- • 2:3 Ratio for Printing: INCH: 4x6 / 6x9 / 8x12 / 10x15 / 12x18 / 16x24 / 20x30 / 24x36 CM: 10x15 / 20x30 / 30x45 / 40x60 / 50x75 / 60x90 • 3:4...high resolution sizes:- • 2:3 Ratio for Printing: INCH: 4x6 / 6x9 / 8x12 / 10x15 / 12x18 / 16x24 / 20x30 / 24x36 CM: 10x15 / 20x30 / 30x45 / 40x60 / 50x75 / 60x90 • 3:4 Ratio for Printing: INCH: 6x8 / 9x12 / 12x16 / 18x24 / 24x32 CM: 9x12 / 12x16 / 15x20 / 30x40 / 45x60 • 4:5 Ratio Printing: INCH: 4x5 / 8x10 / 12x15 / 16x20 / 20x25 / 24x30 CM: 10x12 / 20x25 / 28x35 / 40x50 • International Size (ISO) for Printing: INCH: 5x7 CM: 50x70 A1 / A2 / A3 / A4 / A5 • 11x14 inch Therefore, for every image file, i should ...

    €17 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to create a Joomla component that allows my clients to review products, their features and which regulations they comply with according to each category, for example, work footwear, if it has a safety toe, if it is anti-perforation and which standards it complies with, whether in ISO 20345 or F2413 from ASTM. I need to be able to add documents for these products to be downloaded. It must also present a FOB price, based on a price list that is in Brazilian reals and converted to dollars but with the option of a fixed exchange rate, or a market exchange rate at the time or a fixed price in dollars. This is for a specific client, each client can have several users. Users can consult all the products that have been assigned to them, so they can prepare proformas and generate prod...

    €524 (Avg Bid)
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    ISO 90012015 Quality Management Systems ISO 450012018 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems ISO 140012015 Environmental Management Systems Do Gap assessment, assist in ICT systems implementation, Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit verification and final certification

    €1645 (Avg Bid)
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    Position Summary: The Solidworks Design Engineer is responsible for design related topics in order to execute and ensure the on-time development of reliable power generation applications, manufacturability of new or modified products, meeting customer specifications, and maintaining company standards. In addition, they s...controls, prototyping, component, power system testing and new product launch activities. Work with customers, suppliers, and internal departments, such as sales, purchasing, and quality on design topics (i.e. definition of specifications, input for calculations, technical release of deviations, etc.). Ensure completion of all 8-Ds for design-development issues. Ensure departmental compliance with all ISO, UL, AWS policies and procedures. Perform other duties as...

    €31 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ISO of a QB proficient bookkeeper on regular basis familiar with accounting rules for small business in CA ( 10 employees) . Requires reconciling accounts, reconcile payroll, calculate and process 401K, process annual business city tax ( in Los Angles ). Must be knowledgeable, familiar , and comfortable with preparing all accounting reports to CPA at the end of each quarter.

    €24 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for an appointment setter for our ISO (independent sales organization). Our pitch is extremely simple and easy to adopt. We pay on a pay per lead basis. We provide the dialer (predictive), the VoIP and the data. Furthermore, we are looking for people with experience in the telemarketing industry and in particular appointment setting for home improvement companies.

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