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    We are looking for a software product in the field of automation to purchase on a freelance platform. The software must be ready to use...customer relationship management (CRM) - Program for automation of project accounting and management Requirements for the software product: - Full transfer of the source code of the application. We expect to receive all files and documentation necessary for further support and modification of the product. - No patent or other type of software product registration. The software must be free from legal restrictions that could prevent its further use or distribution. If you have a ready-made product that meets our requirements, please contact us with a detailed description of the application, screenshots, a demo version (if available) and a commerc...

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    I'm seeking an experienced translator to translate 500-1000 words of legal content from English to Spanish. Specific requirements are: - Proficiency in English and Spanish - Extensive legal translation experience - Precise interpretation of legal terminology to ensure complete understanding Looking forward to your proposals.

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    ...The objective is to create persuasive content that vividly portrays our commitment to providing specialized care that improves the quality of life, an alternative to assisted living facilities. This project will include: - Crafting heartfelt company narratives that encapsulate our mission and vision - Assistance in preparing for a critical meeting where I'll need guidance on how to navigate legal requirements, regulations and potentially identify mentors within the industry. Ideal skills and experience: - A knack for storytelling with an empathetic voice. - Understanding of elderly care industry would be a plus. - Experience in crafting business narratives and preparing meeting agendas. - Familiarity with compliance and regulations related to group home operations. ...

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    €512 - €1025
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    I'm seeking a Tamil translator with expertise in legal terminology to assist with translating a set of legal documents. The translation must be precise, ensuring that the original meaning is maintained. The project demands a high level of confidentiality, so the ideal candidate will be discreet and professional in handling sensitive information. Key Requirements: - Proficient in both English and Tamil, with a solid understanding of legal terminology - Prior experience in translating legal documents is highly preferred - Able to maintain strict confidentiality and handle sensitive information professionally. If you have the skills and experience required, please bid on this project.

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    I'm looking for a detailed report on the procurement and contract type, laws and should include the following: - Procurement and Contract Type Analysis - In-depth review of relevant laws and tort laws - Case references for better understanding and context I would like the report to focus on the laws and regulations of a specific country. Ideal skills for this job include: - Legal expertise in construction contractual law - Research capabilities for finding, interpreting and explaining existing case references - Ability to provide in-depth analysis of the legal and procurement aspects - Strong report writing skills to present the information in a comprehensive manner. Your work will be crucial in ensuring our construction project is legally compliant an...

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    ...of directors in all local and national news media and social media in native and English. Example of worthy and relevant news: • Bankruptcy/Insolvency announcement/court judgments. • Significant news on the individual(s) or Party(s) as well as related family members (if any). Skillsets: - Experienced in internet research, related to local law; - Experienced in Pre-employment background checks, legal checks or HR is a plus - Strong English language proficiency Delivery elements: • All relevant news, if reported in the native language must be translated into English. • Social media handle of the targets • Weblink of the news, together with + Source link + News date + Summary of the news/information Note: Payment will be released the following w...

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    I require a Malaysian citizen/resident to perform a criminal record check. The purpose of this check is for employment. I'm looking for a standard report that includes court records. Key Requirements:...check is for employment. I'm looking for a standard report that includes court records. Key Requirements: - Perform a criminal record check for employment purposes - Provide a standard level report, including court records - The report should be sent as a digital copy via email Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with conducting criminal record checks in Malaysia - Understanding of the legal requirements and procedures involved - Ability to generate a report with court records - Proficiency in sending digital copies via email Feel free to ask questions if you ne...

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    I am in need of an expert to generate a Table of Contents and Table of Authorities for my Legal brief. The following are my specific requirements: - The legal brief is in Word document format and is for federal court - Central District of California - I require help in creating an organized table of contents & authorities w/ court cases, statues, and other pertinent legal references cited within the text. Must have substantial experience with the above.

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    *** Please only reply if you have experience in filing IRS returns which rely on US-Ca...task involves two key aspects: - Helping understand the guidelines of both forms - Assisting in correctly inputting the data The ideal candidate would understand the complexities of these forms, ensuring that all information is accurately accounted for. Experience in tax law, specifically dealing with estate tax return for decedents, is highly desirable. Your expertise will ensure I follow all legal requirements and meet filing deadlines, while minimizing my tax liability. As the decedent was a Canadian citizen living in Canada I am most concerned with the specifics of the US- Canada tax treaty as well as the relevant IRC provisions. I have completed both forms and would someone to review the...

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    I'm looking for a senior-level paralegal well-versed in civil litigation to support my case handling and management. Your responsibilities will encompass: - Legal Research: Delve deep into case specifics with accuracy and speed. - Document Drafting: Assist in drafting litigation documents with keen attention to detail. - Case Management: Organize, track, and manage extensive caseloads effectively. Ideal qualifications: - Proven experience in civil litigation cases. - High proficiency in legal research and document drafting. - Excellent case management skills. - Senior-level paralegal expertise. Please share your past work experiences and successes in civil litigation to join hands in successfully solving interesting and challenging cases.

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    I'm in need of a competent legal professional with expertise in B2B contracts to help me understand my options and obligations and consequences regarding a potential contract termination. Here's a bit more about the situation: - The contract in question is a Business-to-Business (B2B) agreement. - I'm considering canceling it due to the availability of a more appealing offer from another party or due to the rate being low compared to the market rate. - I have already reviewed the termination clauses in the contract but I am still unsure if that means I can proceed with canceling. The ideal candidate for this job should possess: - Proven experience in contract law, specifically with B2B agreements. - Exceptional knowledge of termination clauses and their implications...

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    Trophy icon Custom Website Design 6 nap left

    ...oprimisation Sections for Get Started, Home, Services, About Us, Contact Us, FAQs, Sign In/Sign Up, and Chat with Us. Featured services section to highlight Accommodation, Travel, Admissions, CV maker and job finder, Legal services and Assignment Help. User Registration Seamlessly embed a connectivity where chatbot connects to an agent via text and call Service Listings: On front page need hover for all these services when clicked it should open a dedicated page for each service Accommodation: TBA Travel: TBA Admissions: TBA CV maker and job finder for students Assignment Help: TBA Legal services for international students TBA Contact Forms: Easy-to-use contact forms for users to get in touch with us. Payment Integration: Integration with payment gateways Content Manag...

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    I'm in need of a logo expert for the development of an abstract logo specifically for my website. We are a law firm that has an existing site and brand: This is a side project/branding effort. We will be marketing legal services to the landscape and green industry, with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions. Key project requirements: - The logo will primarily serve a function in website branding, serving a key role in the website's aesthetic. - Preference for the logo's style leans towards abstract design, allowing for a more creative and unconventional appearance. - I'd like the design to prominently feature the color green, infusing the website with a sense of growth, harmony, and renewal. Ideal skills for freelancers include: - Exte...

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    I have a PNG image which needs a boost in quality. Whenever I print it in a legal paper size (8.5x14 inches), the output arrives blurred and fuzzy. Being a core part of myproduct, this is quite disconcerting. So, I implore the skills of an adept graphics designer who has proven expertise in: - Image resolution improvement - PNG format understanding - Print quality optimization This task requires careful, precise execution to ensure the resolution enhancement does not distort the final representation of the image. Please, only reach out if you're confident you can deliver efficiently. A little background. This image will be used to print on paper as well as put on a coffee cup.

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    I need a professional to help me register a service trademark in Colombia and Mexico. This is for personal use, and I expect the task to be completed within a month. I understand the register will take more time, but the filling the the request must be done inmediatly. Key Requirements: - Experience with trademark registration in Colombia and Mexico - Knowledge of the legal procedures and requirements in both countries - Ability to handle the process efficiently and within the specified timeframe Your responsibilities will include: - Advising me on the specifics of the registration process in Colombia and Mexico - Preparing and submitting all required documentation - Ensuring that the registration is completed in a timely manner. Your proposal should outline your relevant exper...

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    ...of directors in all local and national news media and social media in native and English. Example of worthy and relevant news: • Bankruptcy/Insolvency announcement/court judgments. • Significant news on the individual(s) or Party(s) as well as related family members (if any). Skillsets: - Experienced in internet research, related to local law; - Experienced in Pre-employment background checks, legal checks or HR is a plus - Strong English language proficiency Delivery elements: • All relevant news, if reported in the native language must be translated into English. • Social media handle of the targets • Weblink of the news, together with + Source link + News date + Summary of the news/information Note: Payment will be released the following w...

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    I am in need of a unique and professional logo for my trademark applicati...unique and professional logo for my trademark application. The design should primarily convey Professionalism and Trustworthiness. Key Points: - The logo will be used for a trademark application. - The color scheme should predominantly feature Black. - The logo should be unique, avoiding any chance of similarity with existing logos. Ideal Freelancer: - Proven experience in designing logos for legal purposes or trademark applications. - A strong sense of professionalism and understanding of the importance of trustworthiness in design. - Proficiency in working with specific color requirements. Please provide a portfolio of your previous logo designs to help me gauge if your style is the right fit for thi...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can provide general and legal translation services across English, Spanish, French, and German. Additionally, I need assistance with various PDF-related tasks including conversion, editing and merging. Key requirements: - Proficiency in general and legal translation - Ability to translate between English, Spanish, French, and German - Experience with PDF conversion, editing and merging.

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    I am seeking an expert in Company Law, capable of tackling a research assignm...formation and incorporation of companies - Detailed examination on shareholders' rights and responsibilities - Understanding the directors' duties and liabilities Primary Objectives are to: - Explain breaches of general law - Understand and analyze the duty of care, skill and diligence - Examine and interpret the liability for insolvent trading in general law Ideal candidates should hold a credible legal background and display an excellent understanding of company laws and their nuances. Previous experience of handling similar assignments will be an added advantage. Your professional insight and knowledge will be invaluable in comprehensively exploring these facets of Company Law and complet...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create my law firm's logo in both EPS and PNG formats. The design is already established, and you will be supplied with the pre-made concept. The color scheme for this logo is primarily black. The style of the logo leans towards the typography design, and it includes specific font specifications which will be provided...towards the typography design, and it includes specific font specifications which will be provided. Ideal skills: - Proficient in Adobe Illustrator or other graphics design software - Knowledge of logo design and formatting - Good understanding of font aesthetics - Great attention to detail - Ability to replicate an existing design accurately Experience in logo creation, particularly within the legal field, is highly valued fo...

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    Stix billiards 5 nap left

    Menu creation and design. Can be 2 sided 8.5 by 11 or legal size. Bigger menu but nothing out of the ordinary. Light background as it's a darker pool hall/bar/restaurant. We are technically a sports bar by default. Attached is an idea we've tried but definitely think it needs help.

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    I am looking for a talented professional to create a comprehensive, written 32-hour training course for security guards that complies with city guidelines and is entirely free of plag...of plagiarism Requirements: - Strong background in the security industry - Experience with curriculum development and training materials - Understanding of city security guidelines - Excellent writing and research skills - Prior experience in developing security guard training materials would be a plus The materials should be divided into chapters and sections, and emphasize key areas such as legal and ethical responsibilities, physical security techniques, and emergency response procedures. These materials will be used to train security guards, so clarity and comprehensiveness are of the utmost i...

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    ...including task breakdowns and timelines for each phase 7. Budget and Pricing 7.1 Budget Estimates Provide an estimate of the project budget, if applicable Detailed cost breakdown including licenses, implementation services, customization, training, and support 7.2 Payment Terms Payment terms and conditions (e.g., milestone-based payments, payment upon completion) 8. Terms and Conditions 8.1 Legal and Contractual Requirements Compliance with local regulations and industry standards Confidentiality agreements and data protection measures 8.2 Vendor Responsibilities Deliverables as per the project plan Ongoing support and maintenance User training and documentation 8.3 AUC Responsibilities Providing access to necessary systems and data Appointing a project liaison Facilitatin...

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    ...eyewitness accounts, and legal documents that detail the abuses and violations. Your ability to analyze and weave these into a compelling narrative is critical. You will also be expected sign an NDA before proceeding. - **Objective of the Expose:** The end goal is twofold; First, to raise public awareness about the abuses that have occurred within this organization. Second, to hold the organization accountable for its actions. Your storytelling must be compelling enough to ignite public interest and action. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Investigative Journalism:** Proven experience in investigative journalism, particularly involving human rights violations or corruption within organizations. - **Analytical Skills:** Ability to dissect and understand complicated ...

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    I am seeking an experienced legal professional to file a civil complaint in the US District Court in NY against Lyft for negligence. Requirements: - Drafting a complaint with specific details of the negligence perpetrated by the defendant. - Prior experience in preparing documents for civil lawsuits, especially in the ride-sharing industry, would be highly beneficial. - Knowledge of the legal framework around negligence and injunctive relief in the relevant jurisdiction. The desired outcome of this lawsuit is injunctive relief. The complaint should be thorough, well-researched, and legally sound. Please provide your proposal for this job, along with your relevant experience in similar cases.

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    ...preparing essential legal paperwork for a defamation lawsuit, including a demand letter and discovery document requests. I'll also need legal research to ensure all criminal and civil charges associated with the defamation are included. This is an urgent matter, and I need this work completed as soon as possible. Key Deliverables: - Defamation Lawsuit Paperwork: I need assistance in preparing the necessary documents to initiate the lawsuit. - Demand Letter: Crafting a formal demand letter to the accused party. - Discovery Document Requests: Assistance in creating the necessary requests for further information and evidence. Skills & Experience: - Legal Expertise: I'm looking for a professional with experience in defamation law to assist in the pre...

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    I need a skilled professional to help me track down someone who's infringing on my copyright. The individua...- The target audience for these videos is professionals. Your main task will be to locate the infringer and send a Cease and Desist letter to them on my behalf. This is a crucial step to stop the unauthorized use of my content and protect my intellectual property rights. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in copyright infringement matters, especially related to online content. - Legal background or experience with cease and desist letters. - Strong investigative skills to track down the infringer. - Excellent communication skills and professionalism to represent me effectively. Please reach out if you have the expertise and can assist in resolving this m...

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    I am in need of an individual with expertise in legal assistance, specifically in the domain of filing court documents and coordinating document exchange for a civil housing and discrimination lawsuit in federal court. Your task will involve primarily handling legal paperwork involved in the lawsuit within federal court jurisdiction. Key requirements include: - Proficiency in legal document handling and filing in Federal courts - Ability to coordinate document exchange effectively in the context of a court case - Proficient with PDF format for document preparation and sharing Experience in this exact area of law is ideal. The chosen freelancer will be cooperative, systematic, and meticulous to ensure that all documents are handled appropriately and filed in a time...

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    I'm looking for a professional to help me with a delicate situation involving negative content. - The negative review is bas...- The negative review is based on photos and videos that were taken unlawfully by customers. They were explicitly told not to do so. - The content is damaging to my business and I need it removed as soon as possible, to prevent any further harm to my reputation. - I'm not seeking legal advice at the moment, just a practical solution to the immediate problem: the removal of the content from Google. Ideal skills: - Experience in online reputation management - Knowledge of Google's review removal process - Legal background might be beneficial - A proactive, solution-driven attitude is a must. Looking for a freelancer who can tackle ...

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    I need a professional to draft a rental application for commercial tenants. The document must include: - Specific clauses on renewal and termination conditions - A condition that a No Objection Certificate (NOC) will only be provided after the tenant accepts the conditions of the agreement. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Legal background preferred - Experience in drafting rental agreements - Understanding of commercial tenant requirements - Attention to detail and clarity

    €55 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Requirements: Poster must be unique and intellectual property myself only Poster must include at least ONE topic from each subject (physics, biology and chemistry) Include a paragraph (6 sentences minimum) explaining: What's on your poster, Why you chose that topic(s) What are your biggest takeaways from grade 9 science and At least 1 connection between 2 subjects digitally designed poster must be on legal sized paper 8 ½ x 14 inches Words (phrases, sentence(s), equations, etc) AND visuals (diagrams, shapes,symbols, images, drawings) should be used to communicate the learning in each topic a relevant invention/ scientific discovery/contribution done by a Black scientists...

    €35 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm a UK citizen looking to set up an EU company and bank account. I require expertise in accounting, administration, and legal matters. Key Requirements: - Assistance with company setup: I'm well-versed with legal requirements for setting up a business in the EU, but need a professional to guide me through the process and handle the paperwork efficiently. - Bank Account Opening: I'm open to both remote and in-person solutions. If in-person is needed, I'll need assistance in making necessary arrangements. Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience in company formation and bank account opening in the EU. - Profound understanding of EU business regulations. - Excellent communication skills and ability to guide a client through the process smoothly. - Flexibi...

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced professional to help generate leads specifically for my law firm, which specializes in immigration and real estate law. The focus should be on individuals in need of these services ...firm, which specializes in immigration and real estate law. The focus should be on individuals in need of these services within our regional area. Key Responsibilities: * Identify, engage and secure potential leads * Accurately target individuals requiring legal assistance in immigration and real estate Necessary Skills & Experience: * Proven success in lead generation, particularly in the legal services field * Expertise in targeting and reaching individual clients * Familiarity with marketing for immigration and real estate legal services * Stro...

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    ...qualified solicitor, to guide me on the compliance requirements when hiring a contractor/employee in Pakistan for online work. Key Points: - Understanding the legal obligations: I need information on the compliance requirements in both the UK and Pakistan. This includes obligations set forth by HMRC in the UK and the relevant authorities in Pakistan. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Employment Law Expertise: The ideal freelancer should have a specialization in Employment Law. - International Experience: Understanding of cross-border compliance requirements would be beneficial. - Clear Communication: Ability to explain complex legal requirements in a clear and understandable manner. I just need the expert to confirm and get me the relevant information. Please include y...

    €104 (Avg Bid)
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    Law School Faculty Email Collection 5 nap left

    I am in need of a dedicated professional to assist me in collecting email addresses of law school faculty members in the United States and Canada for research purposes. . We need about 7,000 email addresses of faculty from law schools in the USA and Canada and we are open to various approaches. The sites that we have already s...collecting email addresses of law school faculty members in the United States and Canada for research purposes. . We need about 7,000 email addresses of faculty from law schools in the USA and Canada and we are open to various approaches. The sites that we have already selected have website directories and it is relatively easy to pull down the needed information. We need name, email, school, title and legal or subject specialty. Open to other collection s...

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    Develop a website for blog 4 nap left

    Need a website for blogging content on finance, Market, Business and Legal. were I can authorize any user to write a blog, news. Can upload image, Pdf and Docs and reader can download the resource. it is a personal blogging website

    €36 (Avg Bid)
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    As a solar company looking to increase our sales, we need an expert in generating high-quality leads. We are specifically targeting local businesses, as we...Proven track record in generating leads - Experience targeting businesses, not individuals - Knowledge of local markets - Background in the solar industry is preferred Your responsibility will be to provide us with authentic, valuable leads of local businesses. These leads should be likely prospects for our solar solutions. Any strategy, route or method is welcomed, as long as it adheres to legal and ethical codes of conduct. By increasing our customer base locally, we believe we can make a significant impact on the local economy, environment and the businesses themselves. Help us in our mission of sustainable energy pr...

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    I have an old revenue sale deed in Urdu, which I'd like translieterated into Punjabi. While I prefer Punjabi, English or Hindi would also be accepted. Key details: - The document is 3 pages long. - I only require a general translation; certification for legal purposes isn't necessary. - The purpose of this translation is for personal reference. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in Urdu and Punjabi - Previous experience in translation / transliteration (preferably legal documents) - Attention to detail to ensure an accurate translation - Ability to retain the original intent and meaning of the document while translating it into Punjabi - Strong communication skills in order to clarify any ambiguities in the text, should they arise.

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    ESG Writer 4 nap left

    ...regulations, and innovations in the ESG sector. 3. Develop content that covers a wide range of ESG topics, including environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance. 4. Ensure all content is accurate, well-written, and aligns with our brand and editorial standards. 5. Proofread and edit content to ensure accuracy and consistency and ensure that all copy is compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. 6. Generate ideas for new articles and contribute to the editorial calendar. 7. Collaborate with editors and other writers to refine content and incorporate feedback. We are seeking talented writers to join our team. Compensation will be based on the number of articles submitted. Rates will be negotiated with shortlisted candidates. Please no...

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    61 árajánlat

    Being an integral part of our team as an administrative specialist, you will handle calls and emails, ranging from 10 to 50 each day. The subject matter revolves around law and related administrative tasks, requiring someone with prior experience in a similar field. Key Tasks: * Filtering and sorting emails * Drafting professional, coherent responses * Scheduli...requiring someone with prior experience in a similar field. Key Tasks: * Filtering and sorting emails * Drafting professional, coherent responses * Scheduling appointments * Reporting important calls and emails back Ideal Skills: * Strong organizational and multitasking skills * Exceptional communication and writing ability * Proficiency in office management software * Background in legal settings or familiarity with ...

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    14 árajánlat

    Requiero la creación de un Documento de divulgación de franquicia (FDD) de mi Fiaquicia, Dicho documento legal que la Comisión Federal de Comercio (FTC) exige que los franquiciadores proporcionen a los posibles franquiciados antes de vender una franquicia. Esto lo necesito para una Franquicia que iniciaremos en Estados Unidos.

    €168 (Avg Bid)
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    15 árajánlat

    I require an adept legal professional to draft a robust Business Sale Agreement with a focus on combination acquisition. Expertise in the following areas is essential: - Detailed knowledge of drafting legal business documents - Profound understanding of combination acquisition, particularly detailing assets and shares The output should be an exhaustive and precise legal agreement, detailing the components of a combination acquisition including a thorough description of assets and shares. Meticulous attention to detail and a solid background in legal document creation for business sales will be highly advantageous.

    €223 (Avg Bid)
    €223 licitátlag
    32 árajánlat

    I am a subcontractor who has recently completed construction work, but unfortunately, have not been rightfully compensated. I am seeking legal assistance to put a mechanics lien on this job as part of my debt recovery process. Here are the specifics of the job: - Type of Lien: Mechanic's Lien - Nature of Unpaid Work: Construction Ideally, I am looking for someone with the following skills and experiences: - Proven expertise in liens, specifically mechanics liens, and how to correctly file them - Familiarity with the legal process surrounding unpaid construction work - Experience working with subcontractors in construction industry Your duties would include providing guidance on the lien process, preparing necessary documents and ensuring that we navigate this situatio...

    €2371 (Avg Bid)
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    12 árajánlat

    ...of a court case from over 35 years ago. Your investigative talent will help shed light on critical aspects of racial disparities. Scope of Work: - Analyze the court case, focusing particularly on the judicial decisions and court proceedings. - Unearth and document discriminatory words and actions by the involved lawyer and District Attorney during the trial. Valuable Skills: - Experience in Legal Research or Judicial System Studies - Demonstrated proficiency in researching historical archives - Knowledge about the Racial Justice Act or similar topics Goal: The aim of this project is to highlight racial disparities through a thorough analysis and provide comprehensive data that fosters policy solutions for systemic racism. Your work will play a meaningful role in pushing for j...

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    7 árajánlat
    Washington Licensing Lawyer Needed 4 nap left

    We are seeking an experienced licensing attorney to join our team in Washington. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in licensing laws and regulations, RFPs and certifications in Washington. As a Licensing Attorney, you will provide legal advice and guidance to the firm regarding licensing requirements, compliance and regulatory issues. Required Skills: - Thorough knowledge of Washington State licensing laws and regulations. - Experience drafting and reviewing licensing agreements. - Excellent research and analytical skills - Strong attention to detail - Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    5 árajánlat

    I'm in need of skilled and experienced legal professional to help me transfer a quitclaim deed. The primary objective for the transfer is to change the property status from trust to community. As I'm not completely sure about specific terms or conditions that need to be included in this kind of transfer, I highly value your expertise on this issue. Ideal Skills: - Experience in handling quitclaim deeds. - Strong understanding of property law. - Ability to communicate complex legal ideas clearly. - Detail-Oriented in considering potential stipulations. Experience with transfer of properties from trust to community is a big plus. Please, only experienced professionals need apply.

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    12 árajánlat

    ...personal information like name, location, phone number, and any other potentially helpful data. - Online Presence: Analyze social media profiles, websites, and the scammer's general internet footprint. - Financial Records: Investigate any information regarding bank accounts, transactions, or financial history to form evidence. - Additional Information: This might include but is not limited to, any legal information, evidences, assistance, or travel history. The persons of interest's basic details, such as name, email and phone number, and potential location (not confirmed) will be provided when the project commences. Please be prepared to delve deeper with advanced research tactics. The ideal freelancer for this job has investigative skills, experience in OSINT, kn...

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    Discovery Paralegal Needed 4 nap left

    As a part of my ongoing legal project, I'm looking for a skilled paralegal to assist in the preparation of responses to various discovery requests. My requirements are centered around document drafting, particularly the preparation of responses to discovery and the documents produced in response to these requests. Key Responsibilities: - Drafting responses to discovery - Preparing produced documents The specific types of discovery documents I need responses drafted for are: - Interrogatories - Requests for production - Requests for admissions Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of legal procedures and terminology - Proven experience in drafting legal documents, specifically in the realm of discovery - Excellent written communication skills - Fam...

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