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    I need to make lipstick case look like a cocoa but abstract, have place to stick diamond. Look very luxury and can become a pendent like louboutin. <3 Hope to find good designer to make my dream comes true.

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    I have business as a florist. I need a design graphic for one of my flower (in Indonesia we call "lipstick flower - Mahligai" / aeschynanthus )

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    I'm looking for someone with extensive experience with editing females for magazines etc. I need the lipstick fixed in this picture (to red color) and upper arm thinner with shoulder muscle slightly more pronounced. Hair that is hanging in face needs to be hanging straight down and slightly curled (not in face)

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    All Customize Duo Mascara, Mascara Primer, Eyeshadow Palettes, and Liquid Lipstick. I desire to use my own colors. These picture are just examples of products I would like to be manufactured a gn d again with my own customize ideas with my logo. If your factory can match them then reply. Thank You!

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    Reference Application- Youc...of the app.. Before going further with the development part we will be needing a demonstration of the app. App demo should contain video face detection feature with either lipstick or eye makeup feature with live streaming video face detection. Note- Require someone who had already worked upon some same sort of project..

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    I want to protect my lipstick colors and need help figuring out how to do this.

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    I need someone who can help me design the packaging for a lipstick container and the logo and design on the container! Don't Have a huge budget at the moment but I will pay you. Need someone who has experience and knows which company would be best to manufacture and produce the design once complete

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    Develop a real-time camera filter with the sticker, makeup (i.e eye-shadow, lipstick, slim face etc.) Just like this: [login to view URL]

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    Hi My name is Cristina and i have my own Brand. I would like to Make design for matte liquid lipstick. Could you help Me? I have my logo

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    ...wearing this black high slit gown for an event hair is on point low pony tail perfectly matches with the out fit and also minimal make up goes will and is perfect the red lipstick adds a pop up to the all black outfit The gown alone is sexy yet elegant but the black leggings underneath total disaster and its also killing the gown's look .. (its tough

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for Lipstick Ended

    starting a brand new cosmetic line selling only lipsticks called LIPZ, looking for a logo design or designer to fulfill a design for the brand and to start a business relationship with, I currently I just want start a contest to se which designer I can move forward with Thank you

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    Im looking for someone who can create a logo that I can put on a lipstick and eyelash line that I am trying to start up, the logo I'm thinking some where a long the lines of "Cillas Beauty", "Beauty C" or "C Beauty" a minimum of 300 DPI

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    I am a makeup artist - [Removed by Admin] and I have my own lipstick line and want to create a logo seperate from my makeup logo for my lipsticks. LIPS BY KATIE WINKLER

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    I'm starting a new business involving breast cancer research and lipstick. Company name is DD lipstick and p a percentage of sales goes to breast cancer research. I need a logo for website and tubes of lipstick

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    77 licitek above 500ml then it should be cut and paste to Europe sheet 2. product with different volume such as in the file it shows 80 ml and on Amazon site it shows 100ml or the lipstick shade in the file is 291 while on Amazon it is 250 then mark it as Yellow 3. Similarly if there is a difference of quantity appear on Amazon site and in the file then it

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    We are just starting a business and on a budget but look...needed in pop art design, without the Lichtenstein dotted background on the face, girl, sexy, waist up, hair dark blue black in an up-do style, mouth open like surprised, red lipstick, blue eyes, would like to see a couple of options. We need the Vector file for commercial use. thanks Pat

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    photoshop our lipstick container in different colour, when sample is good you will get the job

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    Trophy icon Write a tag line/slogan Ended

    ...Digital Monopoly, King Kong, Titan Digital, Bonfire, GateCrasher. Names of actual agencies I don't like: Click Click Media, Click Digital, SEO Experts, Doyle Digital, Lipstick Digital. Other vital criteria for name: Can't have more than 11 characters The .[login to view URL] domain needs to be available It can't be a copy of another digital agency (even

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    I am starting a cosmetic line and need to place an order, before placing an...starting a cosmetic line and need to place an order, before placing an order I need to provide my supplier a design of my lipstick bottle and would like a logo as well. The name of the lipstick is Le'Vanna it's a liquid matter lipstick. Any other questions please let me know

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    I want a video animation of my handle being written in lipstick. My handle is Grenade_Mar . I would like the font to be Fuchsia Pink . I like the cheap lipstick font (attachment) . Brown Hand only .

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    I need someone to alter some images. Remove lipstick from teeth - blend white concealer at the corner if my eyes to match skin amd remive shine from face to more of a matte look

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    We are start up company from Indonesia. We want to launch cosmetic and skin care product that emphasize natural beauty.

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    Trophy icon O'fficially Glam Ended

    O'fficially Glam is a start up...With the images lets make them look realistic, with black hair and lashes, with some color lipstick. I want to logo to be feminine and pretty. That will make a woman WANT to come to the shop and get O' fficially Glam. You can add small makeup images (lipstick, brushes etc.) If you have any questions please reach out!

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    starting a cosmetic company looking for a logo that will look good for print and on small products like lipstick. The name of the brand is "Basic Beauty": Makeup for minimalists. Looking for a flat text logo like the screenshot attached.

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    Color optimisation retouch of 2-3 things: Lipstick correction Eyerings improvement left shoulder/sleeve correction

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    I need someone to alter some images. I need a designer that can edit makeup photography. Take a look at @narsissist on instagram. We need to be...need a designer that can edit makeup photography. Take a look at @narsissist on instagram. We need to be able to make clear complexion and beautiful, shiny lipstick. We may also need to edit lipstick colors.

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    ...need a graphic designer who can edit makeup images. We need someone who can make lipstick shiny/even and completion clear. look at @narsissist images on Instagram for examples. We have several professional photos that just need editing. We may request to edit the lipstick color....

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    We produce liquid lipstick, now I need designer to design of our container and box for the lipstik Our brand is [login to view URL]

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    ...bone. . Enhance cheeks . get rid off double chain. . Face dimples (one or two) Classic makeup: . Face: Soften skin and wrinkles, Foundation Blush, face contour . Lips: Lipstick, Lip tattoo, lip filler. . Eyes: Eye Shadow, High lights and Glitter, eyelashes extension, eye liner, enhance eyebrows, under eye Circles, change eye colour. . Hair:

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    Need a part time or full time staff who can handle the FDA registration of our product line: toiletry sets in different scents; cosmetics mostly lipstick sets and possibly food in the next near future

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    ...carousel that pauses every time the mouse hovers over it. When the mouse is not over it, it just slowly cycles through the images. We are making a funnel for dropshipping lipstick and want to make our product and checkout page simpler. We are using too much space having 10 individual images on the funnel step. We also want a code that zooms in on

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who could design my three cosmetics (lipstick) retail packages.

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    ...implementation will run server side and will be accessible as an api endpoint - response time in < 1 second - Filter requirements: Simple retouching, applying makeup like lipstick, rouge, eye liner - We need to be able to obtain full licence of the software Please only apply for the project if you are experienced in developing and applying these filters

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    ...Taobao and Tmall shopping sites over a screen share. There will be questions / instructions during the walkthrough ("what does that button do?" / "how would you shop for a lipstick?" / "take us to <this> section of the app") which the translator will be required to answer / help with. Can answer more questions about the job if there is interest...

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    Hey, Please Reimagine/recreate the image making her locs smaller/slimmer. Is it possible to have the eye make up a subtle Green and Yellow? Lipstick in subtle Red. How soon do you think you could complete? Thanks :)

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    ...growth factors, hair growth factors, fractional RF, cosmetic grade peels, wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers, and more. We will not be selling cosmetics products such as lipstick, foundations or related products. The site is for Indian customers, so you need to know the Indian culture and make sure that the content is culturally sensitive and appealing

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    Need a new series of Packaging design for our Cosmetics product, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, cheeks...

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I want a virtual makeup try on plugin and module for both woocommerce and sibe...try on plugin and module for both woocommerce and siberiancms. I'm developing a mobile app on siberiancms, I want to add a virtual makeup try on features, virtual hair and lipstick try on. Can it be built for me

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    ...a SOLD sign. Character should look happy, friendly, pretty and be wearing a red dress and red lipstick... and approximate the likeness of the lady in photo provided. She should look professional, pretty with just a hint of sexy. Both Scene Designs should be roughly landscape 6x9 and scale-able with enough background in the margins to crop at various

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    ...word document. You will need to crop the individual lipsticks from these images and assemble them on the page (just like page 2 in the Example). You'll also need to input the lipstick number (ie: P005) underneath the image. The primary differences will be: 1) we will use a white background. 2) our images will be bigger. If successful, we have 10+

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    Remove lipstick from teeth in picture and remove light shadow from top of photo

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    I am starting a Cosmetic Line featuring Lipstick, Lip gloss, eye shadow, Nail polish. I need a logo for my business that will look good on tee- shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. I need a logo that's awesome

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    I am looking to hire an artist who has done book covers for both print(all sides) and kindle. The colors are navy, pink and metallic. The subject of the boo... The subject of the book is style of leadership of women in the workplace. The authors name is Cheryl Mckenzie and the title of the book will be either unleash at work or Lipstick in leadership.

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    I need a logo designed. I’m the owner of Legacy luxe we offer hair Extensions eyelash extensions and matte liquid lipstick

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    I need a logo designed. I have a makeup and lash business focused towards women of color. I have a vision in my head of 2 women with Afros and yellow lipstick with lashes. The business is called My Sisters Keeper .

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    I need a logo designed. I have a makeup and lash business focused towards women of color. I have a vision in my head of 2 women with Afros and yellow lipstick with lashes. The business is called My Sisters Keeper .

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    To grow my SM Instagram and Facebook followers for my company MYX Blend Bar. Product is custom made lipstick and lipgloss. The client makes their own. Look at [login to view URL] for steps and products. 20 hours per week work. Followers are female ages 10-65. Additionally party planners, event groups, fashion bloggers, makeup bloggers, Texas and Louisiana

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    Trophy icon Build a Beauty Brand Logo Ended

    ...would ideally be something easily recognised and not one to forget. I enjoy handwriting styles and have thought of the text being written by a lipstick. The IDEAL Brand Logo: - Images such as a lipstick, eyes, lips incorporate (some similar ideas on [login to view URL] - Must only included DOLLED UP as the text nothing else - White Background or

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    I have a beauty podcast that I want a cover designed for. I want the cover to be an illustration of me, talking into a microphone, holding a lipstick. The podcast is called 'BEAUTY BLOGGERS DIGEST' In your proposal, respond BEAUTY for me to consider you otherwise I'll think you're all automated.

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    Hi Achini Lanka N, I need to change the lipstick color on one of the photographs and tone down the highlights on the skin to match it a cream lipstick texture. Here is a link to a photo I want to change and an example of lipstick color I am looking for.[login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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