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    Project for Tayyaba G. Véget ért left

    approx. 2000 words per blog-post: I. Quantum computers (what it is, how does it work, its applications) II. Programming education (Programming Theory, C language basics) III. Tech news (New hardware gadets) IV. Educational games (Programming & Boolean Logic learning material for schools regarding computers)

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    ERASMUS+, pályázat(ok) írására keresünk pályázatírót, aki némileg járatos az elektronikus oktatás (e-Learning) világában is. Egy vagy két pályázat megírására szerződnénk. A pályázatot az útmutató, valamint 2 oldalas brief alapján, folyamatos kapcsolat-tart-s mellett kell megírni. A partnerekkel való kommunikációt és az admininsztratív folyamatokat menedzseljük, kifejezetten írnin kell. Fix díjas vagy sikerdíjas megoldás is lehetséges. Van már nyertes pályázatunk, tudunk mintát adn...

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    HR tanácsadó cég vagyunk. Főbb területeink: Keresés-kiválasztás és szervezetfejlesztés (tréing és coaching). Szervezetfejlesztési, tréning, coaching tevékenységekkel foglalkozó divíónk számára szeretnénk olyan tanulás támogató rendszert (LMS) fejlesztetni amely együttműködik a jelenlegi keresés-kiválasztási és ügyfélmenedzsment rendszerünk főbb elemeivel (beléptetés, hozzáférési szintek, belső projekt adminisztráció, jogosultsági rendszer) de önálló rendszerként képes ügyfelek ig&...

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    Digitizing design for embroidery 6 nap left

    I am looking to have a logo digitized for embroidery Using a Husqavarna Viking Topaz 40 embroidery unit. The machine can load the following file formats: SHV, .DHV, .VP3, .VIP, .HUS, .PEC, .PES, .PCS, .XXX, .SEW, .JEF, .EXP, .10* and .DST.

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    We are a webshop who are specialized in selling trading cards (priced between 100-10 000 euro/ card). Our customers ask for detailed pictures of these cards, front and back. Doing this manually takes a lot of time so we are looking for a faster way to do this. We want to automate this. We are looking for somebody who can develop the software and the machine what can be used for this.

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    IVR greeting 6 nap left

    We are an IP PBX company. right now we want a greeting for dominos pizza. the example music greeting, we will provide you. as similar to another backgroud music and voice that want our customer. the voice must be a human voice, not machine voice.

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    ...inside of the bucket, dybde, tykkelse". These are in cm-s. Those must be multiplied with a default value and then a kg/price. If you could help us to customize it with a few other options like "do you want it with a subproduct - yes or no" etc the budget is about $150. But we like to get it by Saturday. let me explain a little bit: So basically it's a customised product, a bucket for grabber machine. As a first step you need to add the size of the bucket, then you will have few questions if you like to add extra product to the main but all other products has fixed price for each. We manage it with WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce (Premium) So you can customise a bucket with some 'subproduct' Also they will need some rules like if you add thi...

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    ...and the next trading day is a Monday). Ultimately, I’d like to be able to pull specific data points from the output to determine price predictions for specific option contracts. Here is a link to the full study: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/ I do not have much experience with deep learning, and one of the main challenges I am having is figuring out how to pass through 3d data that has different dimensions each day (different days have different amount of data points). I would like the model output to produce the same amount of datapoints as the input from the previous time period (so the day before). python code in a Jupyter Notebook ...

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    Are you familiar with Graph Neural Networks (GNN)? also have you done any work with Intrusion Detection? The project deals with applying GNN to Intrusion Detection. Because of the project focus it requires an understanding of GNN and Intrusion detection. The data file are pcap.

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    Are you familiar with Graph Neural Networks (GNN)? also have you done any work with Intrusion Detection? The project deals with applying GNN to Intrusion Detection. Because of the project focus it requires an understanding of GNN and Intrusion detection. The data file are pcap.

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    Are you familiar with Graph Neural Networks (GNN)? also have you done any work with Intrusion Detection?

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    Providing opportunities to those who are looking for some work/graduate who have not placed/employee who not satisfied with job/people who lost jobs in lockdown We are providing totally work from home opportunity by working only 1-2hrs(flexible). Training and incentives will be provided. Apply those who have: •Serious mindset •Communication skills •Have patience •Learning attitude and want to explore new things •Intreset in business •Age must be 18+

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    We are developing an e-learning site for video based watercolor lessons and need some support about SEO for we are a few week from launching

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    34 árajánlat at ), OR have been substantially transformed in the US or designated country prior to delivery pursuant to FAR 25.403(c). - Completed submissions must be uploaded to the Challenge page before the deadline, May 1, 2022, at 5:00 PM ET. No late submissions will be accepted. - All written submissions must be in PDF format, in English, and machine readable (not handwritten). Data solutions must be in .csv format using the template provided and uploaded to your GitHub repository before the deadline. PAYMENT For any prize award, the winner will receive the full amount awarded; any Freelancer seller fee will be refunded to the winner. If participating as a team, all payments will be made to the Team Leader who is solely responsible

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    ...colours, and yellow/orange for the secondary colour. For the tertiary palette, we need a variety of vibrant colours for e-learning content creation, motion graphics and social media content. Fonts and typography: Some guidance on rules for using our primary font family, and potentially incorporating a serif font as a secondary, highlighting font. Imagery/shape: We want to incorporate geometric background/accent shapes into our brand identity and designs. They should be intentional and come from the brand story. Iconography: We need guidance on an icon style that aligns with the rest of the brand, as well as easy to follow guidelines for designing new icons for e-learning and social media content. Phase 2: Once the brand guide is finalised, we would like to develop temp...

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    Trophy icon Company Logo 6 nap left

    I am starting a new english learning community based center in Barcelona, and I would like a brand new logo for the center. The center's name is BLOOMING COMMUNITY

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    Job description RESPONSIBILITIES Attend daily standup and report development progress by EOD Develop microservices in Core Write tests in XUnit and Moq. Learn Blazor and frontend frameworks such ReactJS as required later on Should be open to learning new technologies such as Python or ML framework in .NET which will be required later Respond promptly to all communications, providing the best possible team experience INTRESTED IN INDIVIDUALS THAN AGENCY!

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    Optical flow estimation for fish eye images un supervised appproach ( can discuss methods) data set is provided

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    Hello, I’d like a simple elegant logo for an equestrian business, in jpeg and svg formats. I’d like it to include the name ‘Serendene Stables’ plus a star/s and either a horses head or horseshoe or similar. The timeframe isn’t too urgent, in the next week or two would be great but if longer, in jpeg and svg formats. I’d like it to include the name ‘Serendene Stables’ plus a star/s and either a horses head or horseshoe or similar. The timeframe isn’t too urgent, in the next week or two would be great but if longer that’s ok too. I really want just a simple logo, nothing complicated or colourful. I’d like jpeg format for documents but an svg file of the same for my cutting machine for stickers etc. So ...

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    ISGISGISGISG -- 3 6 nap left

    Require a full time developer to work Monday through Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM. C-Sharp developer that understands .net, databases, LMS (learning management systems) and can code full automation on website. I am looking for a trustworthy long term programmer with possibilities to grow. Will also have to be able to pick up unfinished projects and know how to finalize them. We are an education company and also video capabilities and knowing how to catalog and integrate into websites is necessary (no video production/editing needed). Price can be higher depending on experience. Hourly can be higher depending on experience but this is for full time work.

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    We need to show a simulation of a kitchen where a robot picks up a bowl and puts it under a machine which dispenses food items to make it a food bowl and then the same robotic arm will put it on a conveyor belt which moves the bowl till the end of it

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    Need help to install a php script 6 nap left

    Hello, I have a PHP script when I a trying to install it's giving me an error i mean when i open its just show me an error the script in my local machine and you have to do it remotely ' thank you

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    This is face mask detection project using the concepts of transfer learning, i.e MobileNetV2 and VGG-16. Github link has been provided for the same( 2 tech). Github Link: Requirement is just to run the project on my system, after rectifying the errors if any. IDE: VSCode.

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    Machine leaning, Keats model, tuning the hyper parameters

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    Create text clustering function 6 nap left

    ...information which can then be used for visualisation. We do not need a service or API to be built, only a method that can accept and return data. An example of data to be supplied will be an array of objects: [ { "title": "Data Mining in Python", "content": "Collection of libraries for machine learning." }, { "title" : "KDD Lab: knowledge discovery from large spatial data." }, { "title": "Data Mining", "snippet": [ "Data mining uses machine learning ...", "... automated knowledge discovery tools." ] } ] The resulting object for the above-supplied data: { "clusters&...

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    Required Pneumonia Detection using deep learning Min Experience - 5 - 6 Years

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    Business Development Consultant 6 nap left

    ...clients on behalf of your candidates Professional responsibilities: • You will be responsible for proactively looking for new business opportunities. • You'll need to be able to make effective sales calls to decision-makers in order to win new business • Researching organizations and individuals online to identify new leads and potential new markets • Researching the needs of other companies and learning who makes decisions about purchasing • Contacting potential clients via email or phone to establish rapport and set up meetings • Negotiating the business opportunities and charge rates • Taking on detailed job specs from new clients You must be UK based for this project to work for both of us. Ideally recruitment experience would be p...

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    Online there is a scan of an old technical document from 1976 that has been photocopied a lot and now has mushy indistinct text that - in places - a machine cannot read. You can see it here: I would like the text typed out. The diagrams and equations can images to be left in place in the text although if you manage to get text reading software to replicate the equations then great. Money will be paid when I have checked that 5 pages from throughout the document have been replicated accurately.

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    hi we want learning management systems front end user website and backend dashboard admin faculty and student and exam application separate sub domain

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    I need someone skilled who has worked in machine learning applications before on MRI data To build a brain disorder diagnosis using preprocessed structural magnetic resonance images from the ABIDE suite, manually extracted features and automatically extracted features are combined in the diagnostic process and some demographic information is taken into account. An example of the work :

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    ...and C The following requirements shall be performed in Ansible Configuration: a. SSH “passwordless” login to Machines B and C from Machine A b. All the machines should be secure with iptables. Block everything except SSH and the services running on the Servers (as in the diagram above) : a. Download and configure nginx to run on Machines B and C. i. nginx to listen on tcp/8080 b. Download and configure haproxy to run on Machine A i. haproxy should listen on tcp/80 ii. haproxy should load-balance (round-robin) between Machine B and Machine C c. When a user opens http://<Machine A>/ in a browser, a “Hello world from Machine [B or C]” should be returned based on the round-robin load balancing algorithm. Any other page...

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    In INDIA, there have maximum problem faced by bank customers to deposit cash or send money to other state vai Money Transfer service by giving heavy commission to Money Transfer Agents, so I want to Create a ATM Machine with All in One Cash Deposit software which can accept cash and deposit to any bank to which user want to deposit, in this software all banks should be integrated.

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    Phase 1 - see MySQL PYTHON document. Phase 2 --see GenOverview PDF. Combine datasets to produce set of data features and train an “AI Learning Optimizing Ranking Algorithm / Ranking model AND/OR other Mathematic algorithm” based model to obtain estimations of probabilities from historical Data analysis and Anomaly Detection to understand factors in predicting horse racing results using FLASHNET + EPONIES historical data. Generate daily PDF reports and top trends.

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    Alpha Stone Capital is in need of a senior quant developer to help build an algorithmic trading platform. That allows rapid research of trading ideas and implementation of new strategies. Core features should include backtesting engine, trading engine, risk and position management, order and execution management, forward-walks, and creation of new strategies. The applicable platform would be running on either websocket/rest api based exchange connections or running through fix depending on needs. Our initial goal is we want to ensure we are not overfitting or underfitting strategies to meet the market. This is a global position we are looking for. Most existing staff work out of Singapore, but we can accommodate other timeframes. I have following questions. What experience do you have...

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    We are migrating our site from a Centos 6 Server to a Centos 7 server and have setup a Test environment in our office. The current Live site is running on CentOS 6 Server which is running PHP 5.3.3 and MySQL database version 5.5.61 The new CentOS 7 Test environ...environment is running on PHP version 5.6 and My SQL is 5.5.62. The website data has been uploaded and we are getting a 404 message on Test Centos 7 server We are looking for a developer / team who can work on fixing the 404 issue caused due to new CentOS 7 setup including a different PHP version. The project will require the work on our Virtual Box Test server which is setup on a Windows machine which can be accessed remotely via AnyDesk / Team Viewer. Please read the attached PDF for Error message and additional...

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    Hi AFFILIAZION, We need urgent assistance with Quickbooks to one of our clients, we need understanding about the current installation and fix the issue of opening two different companies on the accountant machine.

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    A Pytorch project that focuses on computer vision aspects of deep learning.

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    I need a PLC Programmer 6 nap left

    I am building a winder machine and need plc programmer to program servo motor drive and actuators, and gripper

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    I need help to write report for deep learning CNN model

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    I have a python need to need to fix error related to loss function

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    I want to develop my proposed algorithm which enhancing clustering algorithm and to detect outliers with different algorithm in order to get the outlier scores & increase clustering accuracy.

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    I've built a portal into an existing application I wrote and used bootstrap for the menu and layout. While my overall software design skills are pretty decent I lack skill in responsive design and the portal needs to work correctly on a mobile device that is scaled appropriately to the viewport size so the the end user can fill out the application on their phone without zoom...overall quality of the existing CSS... It will take a day or so to organize that and get that over to you. Would not hurt to download telerik ajax suite (demo) as those controls are referenced in the project. You don't need to modify the functionality (except for the supersignature but that is so specific that could be a different bid/project. Need to be able to communicate in English though I'm ...

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    ...and is responsible for summarizing and evaluating the promotion effect. • 10. Responsible for coordinating relations with relevant news media, and responsible for preventing and preventing the emergence of negative reports that are unfavorable to the company. Copy writer Department Job Application Requirements & Qualifications: • 1. excellent copywriting work experience, love writing, love learning, and use copywriting to implement strategies. (must have a case) • 2. Have certain experience in online and offline event planning, understand design, and be good at communication. • 3. Strong overall quality and self-confidence. • 4. Love to think and execute, withstand pressure and fall. • 5. There is something interesting and predictable (Intern...

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    How comfortable are you in building exercise equipment? Also before proceeding we would need you to sign an NDA before we can release any files to you to review. We are looking to build a machine that encompasses several different exercises without the subject moving and without compromising safety of the exercises. These would be placed in medical facilities. Also would you be willing to jump on Zoom or some conference call to go over any specifics after legalities are dealt with? Thanks. CEO/Founder--Stephen Davis

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    Hello. Hiring this job out is a new idea for me. This is my YouTube channel- I'm looking for someone who can edit various video clips to create a topic-specific video. For example, when I am working on a dog training video I often have more than one clip with different dogs learning or their learning stages. Similar, when I'm doing a dog treat video. If possible, I'd like my videos to be around 10 minutes. Sometimes, they may be longer due to the content. Ideally, once a week.

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    Teachers' effectiveness has been theorized as important to student performance According to Darling Hammond effective teachers have improved subject matters knowledge, are capable of designing and deliver instruction, can better manage and evaluate classrooms and can better support student learning. Other scholars suggested that effective teachers use new teaching strategies pay more attention to student learning and use assessment to change their practice. Writers must be expert in relevant field.

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    Teachers' effectiveness has been theorized as important to students performanc. According to Darling Hammond effective teachers have improved subject matters knowledge, are capable of designing and deliver instruction, can better manage and evaluate classrooms and can better support student learning. Other scholars suggested that effective teachers use new teaching strategies pay more attention to student learning and use assessment to change their practice. Writers must be expert in relevant field.

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    Logos design 6 nap left

    I would like 10 different designs of my existing logo, the main character is the Mole, i would like each design to be holding a different tool. 1) holding a shovel 2)holding a pick ax 3)holding a fiber optic cable 4)holding a post digger 5)holding a measuring wheel 6)holding a wearing a hard hat 7)holding a operating the machine 8)holding a bag of money 9)holding a bitcoin 10)holding the word "crypto" I do not want the name of the company in the logo. Just the mole.

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    Your bid is for FOUR hours of work. This should be plenty of time to understand what you need to do and be able to fix the problem. Our dev has contracted Covid-19 and is away sick. While we certainly hope he will be well again soon, we have some issues with a site that he maintains that need attention. I need an EXPERT yii 1.1 developer to look at some things and see if you can fix easily looked up using Alexa. If you do a good job and are able to understand the site, then we will call upon you for more help and of course, that could lead to ongoing work. If you start working with us regularly, you would eventually be given direct access but it takes time to get to that point. PLEASE, no amateurs, this is a live production site and I cannot afford someone who is just lear...

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    A legjobb machine learning közösségi cikkek