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    Fintech Web app MVP developmenthez keresünk freelance frontend codert. Projekt munkáról van szó, nem szükségszerűen full-time (eddig jellemzően heti 10 és 30 óra között raktunk bele munkát). A meglevő kódot én raktam össze, de a jövőben más projekten kell dolgoznom, és ebben mint lead dev mar...

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    I need a SiteBuilder/Graphics pro Ihave a site but it is very old and ugly. Need to make it modern and responsive, to meet the needs of this year. It has a custom engine with Smarty, no need for WP or any other frameworks. SiteBuilder / grafika egyszerre kellene. Egy már meglévő de öreg és fapados oldal átalakítására keresnék embert, a...

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    Van egy működő WP oldal, amibe szeretnénk importálni a régi (egyedi cms-t használó) oldalon publikált cikkeket, szerzőket stb. Néhány száz cikkről van szó, a legtöbb egyedi szerzővel rendelkezik. A cikkek a legtöbb esetben egy folyóirat cikkei. Az importáláskor nem számít a publ...

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    Van egy működő WP oldal, amibe szeretnénk importálni a régi (egyedi cms-t használó) oldalon publikált cikkeket, szerzőket stb. Néhány száz cikkről van szó, a legtöbb egyedi szerzővel rendelkezik. A cikkek a legtöbb esetben egy folyóirat cikkei. Az importáláskor nem számít a publi...

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    Hello. Szeretnek keresni valakit aki ert a phpsockethez. Egy chatet szeretnek aminek custom commandjai lennenek. Loginnal, kulonbozo user rangokkal es bizonyos dolgokat adatbazisba kene mentsen. Akit erdekel az irjon es megbeszeljuk privatban. Koszonom!

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    I need my wordpress website to be updated, i want it to be revamped with themes, plugins, ans some custom changes

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    Custom math tutoring order.

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    I need someone who can do custom design on Contact us page in Wordpress Only Individuals

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    Email organizer Tool Needed! 6 nap left

    Hello, today I will explain what I need. I have thousands of emails and get new ones daily. I need the ability to store them fully and retrieve them or part of them in a new list when needed. Clients ask for all kinds of lists so I want to be able to put in search terms and the app will find those emails and compile them into a new list based on my search terms. I usually work on Mac’s but...

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    Android Custom Soft Keyboard 6 nap left

    This is about creating a Custom Soft Keyboard ( in-App) for an Android App. It means the custom KB will only show inside the App when a Text Field is attached with a Listener. The OnKeyListener, can't be used with the Standard Android Soft KB as it only works for Hardware Keyboard. 1. The GUI of this Keyboard will have all the standard keys and symbols and should have professional Look. 2. I...

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    I need professional t-shirt designs. Need someone who can design custom graphics for t-shirt designs. I do have few pictures and quotes to make designs which need to be edited to make t-shirt graphics. I'll also share the theme with the designer and it will be a plus if you can give some design suggestions. End product would be pictures of t-shirts having the designs in format eligible for o...

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    I need 2 custom coded product templates for my shopify store. One of them needs to have this functionality found at this link: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] The other will be the exact same template but without the product estimator. Attached is a drawing of what needs to be there. Also at the below link you can see what is currently in the store. [jelentkezzen be az...

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    I am looking for someone who can build custom scripts for Epictrafficbot

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    Wordpress Ajax save custom select fields when use selects a new option (So they do NOT have to click a save button, as soon as they select a new option it autosaves) Also when the fields load to edit there last saved choice is selected and showed. The job will require you to create a form with 2 Select fields and implement the code to update the forms I state this needs to use the Wordpress Aja...

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    Wordpress Article Posting 6 nap left

    Hi, READ FULLY BEFORE YOU BID I have 160 pre-written articles, Which needs to be posted in a Custom coded Word press website. (Custom HTML Coded website) No elementor or Visual Composer Type. Everything is Pure HTML. I am looking for someone who could design a beautiful article template, so that look and feel of all the article look same. A person will be responsible for related graphic design ...

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    Hi Jarrod. A friend of mine has a project that he is desperate to get off the ground. Sadly my knowledge is not good enough to do what he needs. If I can briefly explain what we need though, perhaps you can tell me if you would be able to take on the job :) This box is not big enough to type out everything we need, so is there anyway I can send you a longer message here on Freelancer to explain...

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    I need an IOS Shortcut developed for sending pictures of receipts to our accounting department's email. I need the shortcut to take a photo, ask for a text input which will go in the email's subject line, and send that photo in an email via OUTLOOK to our accounting email address. I would like the photo to be sent as a PDF in the body of the email if possible. I need this to be perform...

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    €8 - €25
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    Nejmo mobile UI project: The project is: 1- Create the UI designs for the application based on the wireframes and the workflow shared in the below links, 2- Conduct UX review and provide suggested detailed modifications in the UX design (wireframes and user flow) 3- Unlimited Revisions on the UI edits till satisfaction 4- Full-time support for developers while coding till publishing 5- final ...

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    Coordinates in Shopify Product Page 6 nap left

    Hello, I'm looking for a Shopify expert that can implement a coordinates generator in a Shopify Product. Pretty simple. Like this website: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Thanks!

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    I want an app that is exactly as Mobile cTrader: same functions and options. Customers can login with their CTID credentials. BUT, i want them to be able to use/add custom written indicators & cBots. cTrader uses C# as program language for indicators and cTrader Automate API library for cBots trade functions. cTrader offers Open API for developers. As i can judge, for a skilled developer this ...

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    Need a CMS website for a fast food restaurant in Arabic and English with roughly the sitemap attached. Need outstanding and very look and theme matching international standards. We should be able to edit the menu, gallery etc. No need of domain and hosting. Should provide 30 days time to do any changes required. Only those who have experience in building such website, please bid. A. HEADER 1) ...

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    projects management +ticketing + vehicle tracking • The system allows entering project data and contractual quantities • data on employs and the possibility of dividing to teams • ability to distribute the teams to different geographical areas • Issuing work plans based on the number of units in the geographical area, the number of workers and the available teams automatica...

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    Hi. I am trying to get a website, [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] to work with flash again using the [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Here is the link to that: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I hawe set the custom mimetype to wasm and added the [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] to the template, but the swf fil...

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    I have a website on another platform that I am debating about pulling it off and adding it to big commerce. I just need the design taken(100%) from one platform to another. It would be just the homepage we are quoting currently. Once that is done we would likely need some custom work done to the product pages to keep the consistency throughout the website. I can supply the images and data from the...

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    I need my wordpress website to be updated, i want it to be revamped with themes, plugins, ans some custom changes

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    [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I want a working demo of the following link on a test account. all the steps are there, just need someone to build.

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    We are launching a new online car finance brokerage where customers apply for finance online through a web application. We already have the website in production as our CRM provider supply this for us. But we are looking to build a custom portal for our customers. Once they have filled out all of their details online to apply for the finance (this is already included on the site) - We want them to...

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    hi my friend, do y have experience in server dell and das storages ?

    €2 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for a custom theme / design / Animations for IPS forum Looking for a quality design.

    €415 (Avg Bid)
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    Magento 2 frontend developer to make me custom mobile responsive menu

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    I have bought a plugin for calculating pregnancy length and would like to customize some of the features within it. The calculator can be found and tested here: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] (please use Google translate) The changes to be made are the following: - Change the calculation of total pregnancy length from 39 weeks and 6 days to 40 weeks and 3 days -- The cal...

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    We are the incumbent of a contract to provide flight safety education and promotion to the General Aviation community in the UK on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority. The contract is being re-tendered and the ITT which we have received has to be returned by 11 February. I am the Chief Executive of a small charitable Company (The General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo)) and am the proposal ma...

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    I want to add blog section to exiting laravel website The blog section admin will be able to post articles It shoud have title section, featured image and body section Text in the blog section will be in RTL format, also i want a custom font

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    My website is in Laravel. The URL structure is such the city pages comes like [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I need it to be [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] The category comes like [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] it should be [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] It should work for all such all exiting & fu...

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    We are developing a custom platform and would like to allow our users to create their own affiliate programs and track all affiliate links, payments, payouts, share promo material and etc. We need to have multiple accounts, multiple admins, multiple affiliate programs tracked and managed with this tool. Here is a quite good example of what core features and functions we are looking for in such a...

    €761 (Avg Bid)
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    14 árajánlat

    I have already setup ampps and xampp on a stand alone computer (Trying to see which one is better). I also have already installed a opensource accounting program (Akaunting) within the ampps localhost (Apache). When I try to install the akaunting program within xampps, it gives me a error message that (2) of the php extensions need to be upgraded. I also noticed that the mysql file extensions for ...

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    Hi Mashiur R., I've seen you were awarded with this project here: I need the same functionality to create a coupon that removes any tax calculation and message or notice in the cart and I'd like to know your price for it.

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    I need 30 Typographic Custom tshirt designs. I will share the typographic information with you. I expect you to share the images with me in a high quality PNG file within 3 days of Project being awarded. I will have full access to commercial use of the designs shared by you. The designs need to be eye catching and will need to be reworked upon if i am not satisfied with the design. I also expect ...

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    20 árajánlat

    A Chinese New Year animated greeting mobile web app in HTML5 targeted for Android and iOS. Sender can write custom greeting phrases in Chinese and English, and choose animated characters, and sends it to friends. This project has to be completed and delivered by 10 Feb 2021.

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    I'm looking for a creative graphic artist to design several posters for children. I will provide ~10 facts about a child, and you'll create a custom designed wall posters for them. I'm looking for a real creative artist that can tailor the theme (colour, font, style etc) of the poster based on the attributes of the child. Eg. 10yr old Boy who likes football and Lego vs a 5yr old ...

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    Hi Daniel X., How are you friend, I am interested in a match on card biometrics software by nfc, here in my country there is a system like this, I want to make similar software, please can you give me a chat to talk about the project

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    Please show me your custom sites you build in magento 2 and modules

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a detail orientated developer, who can make make Adobe XD to a Wordpress template pixel perfect and high quality and clean code without use of page builder and few plugins. • 14 pages • Possibility to add / remove sections backend on all pages, to be able to add custom fx. F.A.Q, CTA section, full-width section with horizontal scroll or video, half-width section wi...

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    Twig is a new fundraising and social platform that uses AI to build hyper personalised 'giving portfolios' for funders, in line with the SDG framework. Funders are currently faced with a paradox of choice - Twig understands the specific requirements of each user, and sources nonprofits from a curated database that fully align with the users giving motivations and values. In the future, w...

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    Hello, i am looking for someone who can help me to generate a 3D Mockup Design / Illustration of a virutal trade fair hall similar to the picture attached. We can do all the custom work for the clients by ourself but need a "blan" version that looks similar to that one. We also need some more "rooms" to be designed so we are looking for a long partnership with a good designer.

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    34 árajánlat

    Our client is prepping to launch their new B2C e-commerce website on the BigCommerce platform. This site is completed and being managed by a separate group. The client would like to also roll out a B2B version of the same site, focused specifically on wholesale products. The products are the same as the B2C products but would have different pricing. We are open to suggestions on the best way to i...

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for someone who have experience in google ads script / know how to build script for google ads script Api & sample reference Link > [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Goal: 1. Help me pull data from Google MCC account to Google spreadsheet 2. Write a script if condition match & what action will do next 3. A feature to keep log for custom days ( example: log...

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    Crear Un logo 6 nap left

    Un logo de una ilustracion de una moto custom, color roja en una curva. El conductor debe ser un huevo. El nombre debe ser Huevito´s Team. En la valla de proteccion debe haber un grafiti que ponga Aguantalo!!!

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    logo designer 6 nap left

    someone to design a custom and stylish logo for travel company.

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    ERP Next create cuustom Module , have custom docType and custom print format.

    €41 (Avg Bid)
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