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    The artist will be in charge of re-modeling, texturing, and Rigging (low poly) an upgraded version of my pre-existing 3D model and concept. The model must be exported in a file format that is supported by blender and unity. Message for more details.

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    Hi Oleksandr Hope you're alright My name is Ran and I am from FineTune Creative Inc. We need to do an immigration to AWS and build production environment there. Here is the brief: I'd like to receive your fixed quote for this please. Thank you Ran

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    ...renovation of 5 conference rooms. For this matter, the awarded freelancer will be in charge of drafting the following documents: 1) Proposed Project Management Approach & Planning which must include at least the following (50 pages): (a) Project Organization and Management Plan ; (b) Delivery and Installation Plan (c) Training Plan (d) Pre-commissioning and Operational Acceptance Testing Plan (e) Task, Time, and Resource Schedules (f) Technical Support Plan (Pre and Post Deployment) (g) Quality Assurance Plan (h) List of project deliverables and acceptance criteria (i) Transition Plan (j) Roles/Responsibility Matrix for the Supplier & the Purchaser (k) Integration Plan (l) Warranty Service Plan (m) Post-Warranty Service Plan 2) Methodology for contro...

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    It is an app startup in which people can either register as customers and request custom tasks such as personal shopping and delivery and the other users would be taskers who are the ones that will complete those tasks to make money. We are currently in the pre-launch phase so people are currently registering to be taskers before the app launch. I just need someone who can handle website customer service via the texting/call service provided on the website in case someone needs help signing up or has any questions about the soon-to-be-released app.

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    Hi! We have a production company and tracking time is very important for us. Today we use excel and we need someone to build it in a more professional way for us.

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    Hi Maheswari Sreekantan, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. As discussed over chat,I need you to draft high quality single article on topic :- Workflow of virtual production in 1000 words before tomorrow 12

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    Logo Design 6 nap left

    ...coupled with a diverse range of actively managed portfolio of cutting edge technological solutions for monitoring health conditions. DESCRIPTION The company offers 1)Preventive AI-based diagnostic packages based on the customer’s health parameters like age,sex,any habits like regular smoking or alcohol consumption. • Includes speciality diagnostic tests like that of genetic makeup analysis . 2)Pre-moduled comprehensive diagnostic packages like diabetes package,heart health package ,bone health check and full body check to name a few. Post clinical diagnosis (if any) the customer would be then offered three packaged solutions(Basic/Platinum/Diamond) to actively manage and improve his/her health. REQUIREMENTS 1)Catchy brand name 2)Brand catchphrase 3)Brand logo design ...

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    .... Knowledge of SD-wan, IPVPN and Network related technics 2 . Knowledge of JavaScript, Python and Selenium Robot Framework 3 . Experience with versioning control tools such as Git 4 . Knowledge of APIs, both internal and external from 3rd party suppliers 5 . Pre: Experience with BDT test tools such as Cucumber or similar 6 Experience working in DTAP environments 7 • In-depth knowledge of CSS and HTML (console debugging, etc.) 8 • Implementing and preparing the release notes 9 • Participate in pre and production deployments. 10 • Functional application management such as creating and managing end users and business partners. 11 • Provide third-line support to end users and customers of the eCommerce portals. 12 • ...

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    Case Management | Email Automation Experience Azure Web Apps Azure SQL Server Visual Team Studio/Git .NET (C#) Development At least 5+ years of experience in the production of quality code Project Using the above environment the project requires integration to Insightly CRM to automate the sending of emails via Sparkpost to clients and providers based on a selection of templates. Creating and running Test Plans Work to agreed schedule Effectively implement source control and release management Building new code Dealing with customer changes Troubleshooting and customer support Enhancement and improvement of existing software Fluent English Insightly API Sparkpost API API Overview - SparkPost

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    3D model of a hairdryer 6 nap left

    I am looking for a production quality 3d poly model of a hair dryer. I can supply a 3d scan of the hair dryer for re-topology. It needs to be - Sub-dividable - Clean topology - No UVs, I can do that on my end I have attached a photo of the hairdryer to give you an idea of how detailed it is. Please send me an example of an OBJ of a previous model or some detailed wire frames showing topology. Thanks!

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    Build a website/online store 6 nap left

    Hello, This will be a website for HighBae a new online store that sells modern glassware. I have photos ready to go but all items will be for pre order. Preferably square space , wix or Wordpress as we are not tec savvy!

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    We are an android adult game developing company, looking to hire smart and frank females for dialogue practice. You will be assigned a character and a situation and will be asked to chat in real time. Below are our requirements - Web searches and generating report - Chats upto the extreme of frankness Below are the pre requisites - Should speak English, Hindi/Urdu - Young age less than 23 - Should be active on instagram and whatsapp

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    Context: My business sells gift boxes that are available for pre-order. I would like to add an interactive calendar to the checkout of my website that allows customers to select a delivery date for their order, and, streamline shopping for Perth customers vs Australia wide customers since experience different shipping options and product availability. $150 AUD Website: DETAILS: Calendar For Perth Shoppers: - Allows customers to pick their delivery date - Restricts customers from picking dates I have set the delivery availability to 0 - Allows me to set a limit on the number of deliveries for each/any given day - Allows me to set the limit of deliveries to ZERO on any selected day, at any time - Once the order is complete, the selected date will show up on both the

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    NEMT Dispatcher 6 nap left

    Full Description Looking for a Dispatcher to schedule, route, and dispatch trips to third-party providers. You will handle the coordination of pre-scheduled trips to and from medical facilities. You will report to our Operations leadership team. You will... • Schedule, route, and dispatch trips to all manner of providers • Help coordinate mass transportation when needed • Administer trips for independent drivers and mileage reimbursement program • Complete all documentation and process tasks associated with mileage mapping and application procedures if responsible for volunteer/independent drivers and mileage reimbursement programs • Work with transportation drivers and health care facilities to resolve problems • Assign reservations to network provid...

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    Workplace Lifeline is an organization that will be a lifeline for young budding professionals who will need objective, private feedback regarding any non-proprietary assistance with day to day career moves. Workplace Lifeline will review emails if and when a professional needs to hit the pause button for another set of eyes. Strategic planning ideas, essentially a lifeline for navigating pre-meeting planning. We also have a place for questions regarding equity challenges, career advancement and career development. The impact of moving the chess piece before actually making the move in order to determine possible impact. Bios for the site will follow

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    Need a demo app in 2 days 6 nap left

    Need a demo app to be developed with the help of a SDK and use Xamarin (as mentioned in the website) to develop such product. The idea is to see a vi...see a viability of the product (as the company claims) and pay & buy the product for further usage. Need a branded (white label) product to try & test it. Once the app is ready, development/source code to be shared for our internal integration. Get a Demo license key using the below website. Try creating a login to download all the aspects. and look specifically for Xamarin under the Production mode. Attached files for Iphone specific for you to download. Select Number of devices as 100-150, Build for corporate B2B corporate, Xamarin Framework, IOS platform to download the Iphone SDK to try and test it.

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    We need a wordpress plugin by integrating Plaid + Dwolla. The objecti...sandbox provided by dwolla and also test account from plaid so that you can test it immediately. The rest of other information can be directly searched on their website. Should you be awarded with this project, please provide woocommerce store for testing. Once the testing/sandbox implementation is succesful this will be implemented in production environment. You will also need to fix any plugin conflict that may arise with the other existing plugin at the production site. Currently there are in total 3 sites that will use this new plugin. Attached are the reference document from plaid and dwolla. I have also attached the outdated dwolla plugin to be reviewed If something is not clear, you can dire...

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    Job Duties: • Create and texture (diffuse, bump, specular maps) low/high poly 3D meshes • Able to model environments and creature (biped, quadruped, multi-limbed) models • Accurately build 3D representations from 2D concept art and model sheets • Able to light a scene and produce high resolution pre-renders • 2D digital illustration skills • Technical skills like character/object skinning and rigging (bones and character studio)

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    ...could be you becoming the lead dev for this new site. -Site has a top page that shows the most voted items and at least one preview image. -User can search the site for any items using any keywords in the item records. -User can enter a new record along with up to four images. -User can select which image to be the preview image. -Use can pick from a list of brands/model numbers that admin has pre-created. If none exists, they can enter a new brand/model number to be approved by admin. If admin approves, that brand/model should become part of the pick list. -Visitors can vote on any item so long as they register and confirm their email. Bonus if they can use a social media site BUT without needing API's required by those sites. I do not want to see demo / example web site...

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    I need a contract written for a one time partnership to put on a musical event. Essentially it will need to say that we are splitting the profits after all costs and taxes are taken from the event. The event will happen under my LLC (all payments, taxes, etc will be under the LLC) and my partner will be paid out at the end of the event.

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    Hello I'm on the pre initiation phase and I need experienced word press developer to assist technical team on the estimation and proposal writing

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    We are producing an NFT game. Benchmarks: We have a person who is in charge of designing the game's NFTs. The marketing structure (influencers / investors for the game to start / community management) is ready too. I... We have a person who is in charge of designing the game's NFTs. The marketing structure (influencers / investors for the game to start / community management) is ready too. I need a person who makes the game contracts in solidity. (It will run on binance smart chain) That includes: Consulting and monitoring to ensure project safety NFT Mint contract ERC 20 Token contract Token pre-sale contract Vesting Coin burn governance If the company has experience with game development, we also analyze proposals.

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    Hello - a client is a project and network marketer. He need for a presentation a small Battle Royal Game with default features. He bought for that project some Unreal Engine Assets in the Marketplace. He...customer. He want to show the growth into the Gaming Business. So we need this FEatures: - Create a Player - Player Profile ingame (Just avatar funtionality and change username and password) - Main Menu with this functions: • Search Battle Royal 1vs1 • Options (Volume settings and sensivitiy mouse) • Operator (Choose Skin) • Exit Game - Battle Royal Game with this functions: • Multiplayer function • Pre Game (Like Lobby in COD) • Jump out of Plane • Parachute and fall damage • Shrink Zone and Winner animation The Hourly is FIXED an...

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    Around 100-150 DSLR photos to be edited. Not expecting any professional or first class editing, but should be decent and attractive. ( It should be desktop software editing only.) Connect with me if you are enthusiastic about it.

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    Looking for someone to make Pre-set appointments with individuals for life insurance/final expense. Leads are for the state of Ohio. I want someone that speaks clearly,good english, and with little or no accent. This is a must!!!! Where the outsource lives makes no difference to me. Would prefer someone who has done this before many times. This person/company would have the marketing/call center already in place. What I am looking for is for a person/company that is currently making calls and setting pre-set appointments for life insurance/final expense for a life insurance agent/company already. Person will be responsible for making quality appointments with very interested prospects. These pre-set appointments are to be exclusive. Meaning these leads are only given...

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    1. Ans...closing. 4. Advises present or prospective clients by answering incoming calls on a rotating basis and different telecommunications technologies. 5. Maintains operations by following policies and methodology and functional changes. 6. Keeps up quality service by adhering to organization guidelines. 7. Reaching potential or existing clients to advise them about an item or administration utilizing pre-defined scripts. 8. Responding to inquiries concerning things or the organization 9. Posing questions to comprehend client necessities and close sales 10. Considering the details of each offering and staying side by the side of updates to these contributions. 11. Acquiring and updating an individual's contact details. 12. Calling active or old customers to encourage the pur...

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    We are developing an app for cryptography in both IOS and Android. The app needs to read any one of (i) the pre-master secret, (ii) the master secret, and/or (iii) the PSK negotiated by the standard libraries and TLS 1.3. Assume IOS 14+ or Android 11+. Our research doesn't show how to read any of (i) - (iii) above for network connections we create, either on IOS and Android and the OS stock TLS libraries. The only option seems to be building OpenSSL into our apps, which we want to avoid. So, the project is to confirm, for both IOS and Android, either : - (A) code to read any of (i) - (iii) above for our own App, or - (B) the values (i) - (iii) cannot be read and then OpenSSL (or equivalent) must be used instead.

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    Hi! Our team is creating a graphic novel and we have built a 3D model of a fantasy city that we will use to speed up production.

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    YOUR BID PRICE IS FINAL/NO LATER CHANGE IS ALLOWED. I DON'T DEAL OUTSIDE FREELANCER. PLEASE CHECK ALL THE ATTACHED VIDEOS FIRST. I have an existing HTML5/JavaScript,...Attached) Users should be able to add Text watermark where text size, font, font color, font background color, underline, co py ri ght symbol can be added. Logo as image file can also be added. Both text and image can be repositioned anywhere with the help of a mouse and opacity can be controlled. 3. User should be given a set of choice of Canvas size as per video attached User should be able to pre-set his canvas size as per his purpose. I need full sourcecode and co py ri ght of code and you need to install/integrate it. I need a regular work updates. Code must be clean and well commented. Lowest Bidder wi...

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    We are a non-profit helping homeless youth in St. Louis. We are looking for a videographer to produce a few short promo videos for us to use to help promote our services to the community and to donors. Services could include our youth center, homeless outreach and/or ID program. We would like to stay under $2k for our total budget which includes 3 videos. Or $500ish per video. Videos could be produced at different times throughout the year. Spring/Summer would be a good start date.

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    ...or a voiceover in English 6. add a background music (music is given from us) The exact places, for the first 13 videos will be Kuching • Astana Kuching Palace • Orchid Garden Kuching • Astana Negeri Sarawak (residence outside and public area) • Kuching Old Courthouse • The Broke Gallery at Ford Margerita • Taman Botani Sarawak • Masjid Jamek,- The State Mosque • Tua Pek Kong Temple (Pre-1839), Kuching • Miri Fish Market • Sarawak Cultural Village • Kuching Esplanade • Sarawak Museum • One typical dish of Kuching – beef noodles In case any place is closed refer to Coronoa, you can just contact us and we choose another place. If our work is successful, we have over 200 videos waiting to...

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    Bonjour, Nous souhaitons filmer en mode "Modelisation 3 D" notre Etablissement de production à Roissy CDG afin que nos salariés puissent le visiter virtuellement. Proposez-vous ce type de service ?

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    Solutions Not Sides (SNS) are looking for a Web Developer with experience of working with the D...and relevant content for SNS’s key audience groups, Reflect and showcase the work and values of SNS more effectively, Increase the number of repeat visits and the engagement of visitors when on the website, Increase the number of SNS programmes booked and donations collected via the website. In addition, given SNS’s limited resources, we are also seeking to streamline and automate more of the production and publishing of the content on the site, reuse of content across different platforms and search engine optimisation (SEO). This is also an opportunity to correct or amend a small number of design flaws – especially in the mobile version – and copy errors not ...

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    Implementing DOLIBARR CRM 6 nap left

    Our company produces jewelry which is sold to private customers and retailers. The jewels usually have different characteristics and variants, for example a product can have different stones with different characteristics of weight / purity / cut / color, etc. We are using the open source Dolibarr ERP / CRM system to manage product inventory, warehouse, production, purchases and sales and we need to customize it. We don't use accounting modules. Requirements • PHP / MYSQL, HTML5 / CSS, JAVASCRIPT developer, to provide customized php files with proper documentation/comments • Knowledge of Dolibarr ERP and the development of its modules • Provide 2 months of bug support in developed modules. Products/Stocks Stocks will focus on jewelry, such as bracelets...

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    Dashboard development for displaying data taken from the database of an OKR System. The data comes from a system made in Laravel. The Layout can be a pre-defined one like for example those of Theme Forest. There is no need to develop a unique design. In the attachment there is an example of the style we like. Development should preferably be done in Laravel or another PHP framework.

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    We have a client who wants to load a Custom Tab in his Excel. This tab will host a number of pre-designed macros. These macros are simple format based macros. Refer to the attachment to get an understanding of the identified items. Our development effort is towards creating a sort of a 'setup file' such that whoever uses that setup file will have the Custom Tab on his Excel on his machine. Some parameters of the format based macros may change. We will have to accordingly identify 'variables' for each of the items and give a simple interface to an admin user to make changes in those variable values. For example, standard fill colour may be blue but we will give a chance to the user to change it to red. All these changes will happen in the setup file. As the ad...

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    This food ordering system lets users order food from this restaurant via app which has menu of all sorts and make payment to collect the food from the restaurant .This is kind of a pre-order booking app for a restaurant which should have scalability of approx 1000 users everyday.

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    Buscamos un escritor /adaptador de documento legales estándares en el mercado, que se nutra de base de datos de documentos ya pre-realizados tipo o similar. El primer documento a realizar sobre el que tenemos que tener una propuesta es un traspaso de negocio, donde una sociedad "vende" la "entidad legal" y el "know-how" a otra (aunque sin transferir fondo de negocio). Un venta sencilla de una estructura, un respaldo de documentaciones listas para su actividad y la involucración de sus directores en dos niveles de compromiso. Uno de ellos más involucrado en el desarrollo del negocio, gestión general, y el otro como asesor 1 vez cada dos semanas por videollamada.

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    Need a custom coded woocommerce website for my e-commerce solution. Can not use a pre-existing store format, need to completely design the site using the instructions given in attached sheet and design provided in attached sheet. READ THE ATTACHED INSTRUCTION SHEET BEFORE QUOTING. NEEDS CUSTOM CODING. Attached is the instruction sheet which I had also uploaded while posting this project on Freelancer. Please read the attached instruction sheet, API document so that you have a better idea of what I want and then watch the attached video in Hindi which will answer your questions. I want you to do this so that we are on the same page before I award this project to you. I have two questions, I am of understanding that if we customise the woocommerce then we will not be able to upgrade...

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    This food ordering system lets users order food from this restaurant via app which has menu of all sorts and make payment to collect the food from the restaurant .This is kind of a pre-order booking app for a restaurant which should have scalability of approx 1000 users everyday.

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    Need developers who can create API or use pre-existing APIs built over experience BSE StAR MF for our Mutual Fund app, similar to Groww app

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    Hi Dream Line Production, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Dear, I am looking for a sourcing agent in the footwear industry in Vietnam. We are looking to have a relationship with the best Manufactories who has excellent track record, reputation and production quality. We are also looking to negotiate the deal and the contract with them. Thanks

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    We are into making of Spirulina tablets which is a super food and we are at a very initial stage so we need a label designer to start making the label so that as soon as we complete our production and we can start with the sales and i hope the labels are unique and different.

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    Looking for Web Application developer having strong work experience in the areas of PHP + Nodejs + Angular Developer. Should be a full stack developer having strong experience in server setup, deployment process. Load balancing, Application security, Session management etc. Should be able to work independently. Should have good knowledge with Git commands. S...Developer. Should be a full stack developer having strong experience in server setup, deployment process. Load balancing, Application security, Session management etc. Should be able to work independently. Should have good knowledge with Git commands. Should be able to pull application from Gitlab and setup developer environment in local host. Should understand the current application and work on production bugs + New enhancem...

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    Needed to upgrade my website 5 nap left

    Needed to upgrade website for production section

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    Hi Julio Alexander G., I would like to continue lovers in paris backing track but had an issue with my account. There is another website SPECIAL for music editing called Would you consider creating a profile there so we can continue this project? (also has milestones and reviews and better visibility in music production)

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    I have created a WIX Landing page for my consulting business but get frustrated trying to get it completed because I am impatient :-) Please assist constructing/revising the site after a pre-scoping session to run through what I have done so far and my business vision, mission and values and offering to display. Some details on the content attached for an understanding of what the business is etc.

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    Mobile app for Android / IOS 5 nap left

    Hy, I am looking for creating simple mobile app, with the staging and production environment. Backend will be Django and data will be provided by Rest api - current frontend in Angular. Three to four different inside app - First TAB - Visual from data provided by API Second TAB - Data to be shown in table Third TAB - Query form Please let me know if you have worked on similar project and ETA.

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    Trophy icon Agency3 Logo Véget ért left

    Agency3 is a one stop shop for NFT production, development, creative, listing, launching with deep high level connections in the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Agency3 also support coin listing and metaverse projects, offering pre-listing services, access to tech teams, crypto PR teams and legal teams worldwide. We are a new company, based in Dubai attending a huge demand of founders and funders in the crypto/blockchain space.

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