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    ...sajtócikkek és más szövegek is. The already finished translation of around 800 pages of Hungarian documents need to be reviewed, and an official affidavit produced, certifying that the translation matches the original. There is no need to certify every single page. The documents are for an immigration procedure. About 80% of them are official Hungarian documents, but there are also private letters, press articles and other texts....

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    ...animation that shows me how to do double digit subtraction. Use the numbers 21 and 17 for this." 3. And then I get some text I can copy/paste into our animation tool. Or better yet - it just opens the tool and shows me the animation. I want chatGPT to do this task, the code logic is already there but I need to integrate chatGPT in our web app for this task (and maybe more in the future) After I press 'send' on that, I wish Grape Assignments would open in a tab and I would see the animation I just requested. For example, I just tried this Expedia one: Expedia: find me flights from SLC to LAX around Aug 20 But it didn't work... I turned on 'plugins' on my Chat GPT... but I'm not sure how to make this happen We have two business goals with ...

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    Full Time Journalist Position -- 2 6 nap left

    ull time writer needed - 30 to 35 hours per week - set schedule. Working on web content, news posts, social media posts and more. A candidate should be proactive and detail-oriented, comfortable with quick turnaround times, and able to ensure that published material is clean and error-free. Experience with content management systems and familiarity with Associated Press style will also be viewed favorably, but we’ll also help you to get comfortable with our backend system and style guide. This role may occasionally require weekend or evening work. RESPONSIBILITIES • Ensuring that published copy is of a professional standard and consistent with the company’s style and voice. • Produce news and other relevant content, both under the direction of the senior e...

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    Hi! My name is [Tom], and I am looking for an experienced Wordpress developer to create a modern, mobile-friendly template for my UK-based website. The primary goal of this website is to provide professional mobile tyre fitting services, and the project's primary focus is on making high-quality customer service seamless and efficient. To this end, we require the website to have an appointment booking and scheduling system. We want the website to have a modern, sleek design, focusing on easy navigation and usability, as well as an eye-catching, inviting look. We plan to use the website both for presentation purposes, as well as to facilitate the booking of appointments and the payment for the services rendered, so function and form are both important to us. We look forward to a s...

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    Press release editing service 6 nap left

    I am in need of a press release editing service. I have already written a completed draft of the press release, and I am looking for a professional to polish it up and make it ready for distribution. I trust the freelancer's expertise and do not have any specific format or style guide in mind. Therefore, the ideal candidate for this job should have experience in press release editing and be able to effectively communicate the benefits of the new product/service to potential customers. They should also possess excellent writing skills and attention to detail.

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    Hi I need a developer for a python/MOJO/Word Press website. This will be a brand new website. So many developers wasted my time and effort. I need an honest bid, if you're gonna charge me more than what you bid for then I will ignore you. Be honest with your original bid. I need ongoing development work, graphic designer, SEO and other marketing skills. Lots of customisations, booking service for transportation service. Customise Itinerary, booking as per selections(vehicle, type of service, passenger, luggage count, and special requirements such as baby seat, child booster seat or ribbon for wedding or for any event hourly rate/as directed minimum is 4hrs or Km based) If the customer is okay with the quote, they can pay via payment gateway(Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe...

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    A press release writer is required for daily basis work. The ideal candidate is expected to work on long-term. In order to prove you are the right fit for the kind of required press release writing, you will be asked to create a test sample. On the basis of the sample, the decision to hire will be taken. Thanks a lot!

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    Word press Website Design 5 nap left

    I am looking for a Word press website design for an informational/blog website. I have specific preferences for the color scheme and design style. Additionally, I need specific features to be included on the website, which I will provide a list of.

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    wordpress传媒公司网站设计 5 nap left

    ...大赛简介、大赛视频、分赛区、合作伙伴,全部导入好我们网站的 大赛简介 中去,是个页面分段放在一个页面 (所有内容全部采集并按他们的排版导入到我们网站的,导入后的“上海国际模特大赛”全部替换成“道伽国际模特大赛”) 7:将哈喽麻豆-高颜值网拍模特兼职接单买家秀平台 () 首页 全部导入到我们网站的 模特公会 中去,将 平台案例、模特广场、邀请奖励、帮助中心、小程序 全部导入到模特公会 下列对应的页面去,同时这个网站的预约下单功能、及微信小程序全部功能也要复制过来(所有内容全部采集并按他们的排版导入到我们网站的,导入后的“哈喽麻豆”全部替换成“Model Guild”) 8:以Playo的主题为基础,在Playo上进行设计,将Google地图,在源码中改成 百度地图 ;将wordpress里面的插件及主题全部在源码中改成 简体中文 ,同时整个网站的语言可以选择 中文或英文 观看;将word press里面的全部插件,以最优的方案,全部设置完毕; 9:将微信、微信视频号、抖音、小红书、微博、快手、优酷、腾讯、爱奇艺、哔哩哔哩、Instagram、whatsapp、tiktok、facebook、tinder、line添加到WordPress,一键分享所有内容及一键采集同步第三方平台发布等内容) 10:在wordpress中的利用Youzify 插件,做一个模特论坛(中国区域可以选择省市县,海外区域可以选择国家州等区域选择等) 11:第三方账户一键自动登录(谷歌、微软、apple、Facebook、line、微信、QQ、手机号、邮箱等账户一键登录wordpress) 12:将 服装分类_东方美服装租赁北京有限公司 ()的服装分类 全部按分类把商品导入到店...

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    I'm looking for a talented freelance designer based in the US to create the perfect book cover for my non-fiction book for small business owners on how to garner their own press. The book cover should be classic, fun and professional, conveying the message of the book to the readers. The book will be a physical book, and the format of the cover should be suitable for both print and digital formats. I'm looking for a creative and professional approach to the design versus a purely minimalist approach. I'm open to any suggestions the designer might have to make the cover stand out in a unique and attractive way - however I will need to approve any artwork before final production so please bear this in mind. I'm also open to any questions or ideas you may have.I�...

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    ...labyrinth structure should be stored in the form of a table of numbers total. 3. Each of the numbers specifies the entrances / outputs for a given labyrinth chamber: Bit values determine which door can be passed. 1 (2^0) - left, 2 (2^1) - right, 4 (2^2) - up, 8 (2^3) - down. 4. One -way passage is allowed. 5. Each of the chambers should be implemented as one screen with four buttons on its edges. Press the button causes a transition to the chamber lying on the side of the screen on which there is a button. 6. Determining the possibility of moving to the neighboring chamber should be determined The color of the button (you can use graphic elements). 7. The end of the game consists in reaching the specific alloy chamber value 0. 8. The start chamber has a bit 4 (2^4). Example of a ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create mobile website buttons for my website. The buttons should have a flat style, and the primary color scheme of the website is white, blue, and yellow. The purpose of the buttons is call-to-action. The ideal candidate should have experience in mobile website development, proficiency in CSS and HTML...buttons should have a flat style, and the primary color scheme of the website is white, blue, and yellow. The purpose of the buttons is call-to-action. The ideal candidate should have experience in mobile website development, proficiency in CSS and HTML, and the ability to create visually appealing designs. I want 5 buttons created: 1) Text 2) Call 3) Login 4) Book. My website is built on word press. I use Elementor and Astra for design and...

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    Bypass Press Fixture Redesign -- 3 4 nap left

    I have a current design, just need to adjust it a bit base on the 3 configurations. I have build a sliding mechanism which will go into the head diagonally. The head will move into the sliced out portion based on configuration.

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    We would like to make edits and update tags to our current page, which has been developed using Elementor on WordPress. See details on the document attached. Also, currently, leads to an unsecured We want to be re-directed to our secured page https://zagitas,com Finally, image optimization is needed, according to Any additional SEO optimization is going to be considered in our freelancer selection. Please send us your proposal and indicate I HAVE READ YOUR REQUEST at the top for consideration.

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    44 árajánlat The word Nazra is also important to me. Therefore, the designer must take into account that the design is understandable and simple, and the identity is clear to both the Arab and English audiences. I do not have a specific vision about the colors of the design, but the colors should be classic, and I want the design to include 3 colors, no more than that... The site is competing with a press organization called Raseef 22 and it already has an existing website that the designer can search for on Google. We adopt the opposite point of view, so the designer should take into account the idea of ​​​​competition in the logo. The word “naraza” in Arabic is written like this (نظرة ). Thank you to everyone who will work on that project, Whether its design has been c...

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    ...along with an ongoing percentage of net profits going forward assuming the company is successful. The success of the company is going to be hugely hinged on whoever the person that gets hired is. That's why we need someone who has the desire to succeed and technical know how to do so, as well as can handle the daily pressures that come from any angle with problems/fixes/changes/customers and still press forward to meet the goals and demands ... in regards to the 24/7, the power markets don't sleep, so if there are issues and our product is not working correctly the paying customers using the product don't have much patience for downtime and issues need to be resolved immediately no matter when they happen. This position will be excepted to do whatever it takes to ...

    min €46593
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    min €46593
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    Hi Ali R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Create a website for me 4 nap left

    I need to develop a website - service! I have an analogue of the site - I will send it to messages on demand! How the service works You are registering You enter your personal account Then, in your personal account, you drive in the database of contacts (phone numbers) into one window, and in the other window you insert the audio file recorded by you (the audio file of the services offered), press the start button and the bot automatically starts ringing the contacts that you entered and when a person picks up the phone from him in the speaker, the audio recording that you inserted If this offer is relevant to a person, then he presses the number 1 and in his personal account it is displayed that the application has arrived The application comes in the form of a number whose user pr...

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    114 árajánlat be programmed via this made app. There are 3 programmable procedures. This button connects to your mobile via Bluetooth. Single Press. Double Press. Hold. We are working with a company called FLIC ( ) and you are to copy a few of their app features and add further security features that we require. Example: This will be a panic button. Lets say we have 10 commands for the button. 5 run on single press, 4 on double and 1 on hold. Single Press: - Send email to multiple addresses - Send SMS to multiple addresses - Call a number and play a pre-made WAVE file - GPS Track enabled for 60 min - Phone records video and voice for 20min Double Press: - Send email to multiple addresses - Send SMS to multiple addresses - Cancels GPS Tracking - Cancels voi...

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    ...Additionally, we need the website to include certain functionalities that will help us better serve our target audiences. Specifically, we need to be able to articulate our company messaging, programs, and long history of serving patients for 30 years. Most importantly, our site needs to represent the great work we do to bring in more sponsors, grants, and funding We've already have the website in Word Press, but its old and clunky. We've already started formatting the new site, but we need a designer/creative to make it look great. If you think you're the right person for this job, and have experience in the healthcare sector, please apply! Our behavioral healthcare nonprofit agency provides mental health & crisis response services to adults with serious psy...

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    Weekly Blog Poster (Ongoing) 3 nap left

    ...We can pay $10-20 per post, and we are looking for a minimum of 5 posts to start. So $50-100 for the first 5 post, which will have 5 milestones. Must be proficient in HTML, Java, website design, Wordpress, SEO, etc You will need to post the blogs weekly as they can be scheduled as well, if we have multiple blogs completed already. You will also need to complete the SEO on the blog on word press. You will need to post pictures with SEO The template of the blog must be changed every week, and we already have a few template sections to choose from. Here are some rules: 1. The name on the blog must be the name of all the pictures, as well and the alt text, the caption and the description 2. If you need more images, you will need to have a subscription to one of the image web...

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    Buna ziua, Doresc un magazin on line gen :;; care sa aiba : 1,modaliatati de plata implementare plata in rate cu cardul 3,mobul de implementare plata in rate cu TBI 4,modul de estimare transport de administrare bannere site SEO on page fie reponsive sigle banci pplus ANPC>....... Doresc ca persoana sa fie din IASI,din alte orase nu ma intereseza. Va multumesc. Andrei 0744.509.409

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    I own a group of companies but there is someone who shares my name who has been getting some negative press recently. I would like to create some positive PR around my name and later port that over to the business brands.

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    Develop a PR and Communications Strategy for Glovo Georgia with the aim to differentiate our brand in the market. Consider always-on press office activities that will cover corporate communication, B2B, and consumer pillars. Note: Assume that you have access to Glovo data and work hand-in-hand with your marketing partner as well as the social media manager. What we expect to be included in your presentation, yet not limited to: ● An evaluation of our media presence and key recommendations on themes, topics, quick wins. ● SWOT analysis of Glovo's overall PR presence in the country - an outline of a future 12-month strategy including objectives, key results, resources needed, and proposed timelines. ● Proposed activity that can be realistically and comprehensive impleme...

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    I would like someone to create a solution to reliably avoid triggering a press and hold to prove you are human. To be clear this has nothing to do with bot automation or testing frameworks. We have a buying process on certain websites, some of our human buyers are efficient enough to trigger bot captchas. On some computers flipping the IP gets by these, but certain computers are unable to get by even flipping the IP, using VPN, and totally reinstalling the browser. We need this to work on a specific browser (a chrome based proprietary browser). Once you have demonstrated to me that you have done this and can do it without using an external proxy (any proxy solution would need to be within our network), and can do this consistently, I will then award and give you the specific br...

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    I need to change the home page design 2 or 3 sections(), add content ,icons, images, and there are subfolders of 60+ Demo Real Estate sites that needs to linked to Designs preview page in front end. and add razor pay as integration or any other payment gateway needs to be added. 30 mins work for linking and 30 mins for minor design changes. In total a 4 -5 hours job. My budget is Rs 5000

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    i want a web developer who understands cpanel and can use the word press and other software to set up various sites. i have hosting with host papa. Initial scope of work is to set up the back end for web sites and assist with uploading content.

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    62 árajánlat

    This project is to first evaluate the 4x free accounting and ERP software programs below. Then create an invoice similar to - Be sure to use the free version (see ). After installing each program, please try to recreate the invoice at . We want an accounting software program that has most of the features in the

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    9 árajánlat

    I got a special request for you. Can you check if it's possible to publish crypto related articles on the following websites: Coin Telegraph, , Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, CoinPedia, CertiK, Crypto News, Crypto Inside, Blockchain Media, Digital Journal, CoinSlate, Blockzeit, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Crypto Insider, The Crypto, Crypto News Flash, Analytics Inside, , AMB Crypto, and BitcoinBazis? Let us know on which if following sites you can publish artical. Thanks

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    Geo Blocking for Word Press Website I need a developer to implement geo blocking on my WordPress website to block access for visitors from the states of Idaho and Washington in North America. The block should be permanent, and the entire website should be blocked for these visitors. The ideal candidate should have experience with WordPress, as well as knowledge of geo blocking technology and techniques. Additionally, they should be familiar with website security and be able to implement this feature without compromising the integrity of the website. Key requirements: - Experience with WordPress development - Knowledge of geo blocking technology and techniques - Familiarity with website security - Ability to implement this feature without compromising the website's integrity

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    Hello! I am looking for an experienced Freelancer to help me integrate content from a JSON URL into a WordPress page. The JSON URL is provided in the project description, and I require a custom design for displaying the information. Additionally, I do not need any additional functionality for interacting with the JSON content. If you feel you are the right fit for this project, please apply and let us discuss further. Thank you!

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    We are a new non-profit, Speaking on Cancer Patient Advocacy. The non-profit is expected to go LIVE on May 29th. We focus on finding new ways to empower cancer patients to make the best decisions for their cancer treatment and care. Our second focus is Clinical Trials as only 3% of cancer patients are enrolled in clinical trials, and without them, drug development stops. Our website address is or Looking for someone with experience in non-profits. Would prefer someone in US (optional) or who has experience doing PR in US.

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    We ne... The reveiver should have a "teach mode" button. After pressing the button, arduino is in the teach mode for 10 seconds and the user presses a button on the transmittor. After the 10 seconds, the arduiono stops the teach mode. During the teach mode, I want to flash a LED. In case of no power, the arduino should still know the signal from the transmitter. Maybe with a memory? Later on, if I press the teached button on the transmitter, the arduino needs to swich on a relay for 3 seconds but that's not a big thing :-) Radio distance: 10m One transmitter should open several linked arduinos at the same time. Task: - Find a transmitter on Amazon with 4 chanels - Tell me requested board, and reveiver module (original arduino) - Show me the wiring width the &quo...

    €443 (Avg Bid)
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    38 árajánlat

    I need help embedding articles on my website using a WordPress plugin. Unfortunately, the "Press It" plugin is not working due to a compatibility issue. I have not tried any other plugins to embed articles on my website. I am looking for both a customized solution and plugin recommendations to solve this issue. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Expertise in WordPress plugin development - Experience with troubleshooting compatibility issues - Knowledge of various WordPress plugins for embedding articles - Ability to provide customized solutions - Strong communication skills to collaborate with me throughout the project.

    €37 (Avg Bid)
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    31 árajánlat

    We are looking for a professional to help with website maintenance on our WooCommerce website. We need someone who can successfully update the theme and fix other issues that are broken. Dedication to meeting timelines quickly and efficiently Experience with web development and troubleshooting Experience with Word Press and WooCommerce (or similar platforms) Communicates clearly, efficiently and promptly.

    €144 (Avg Bid)
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    SEO for a wordpress site 1 nap left

    I a...optimization - Exceptional knowledge of current SEO best practices and techniques - Ability to analyze and report on website performance using tools such as Google Analytics - reasonable communication skills, ability to work collaboratively within your team/s. Kindly understand this is not a consulting or a PM deliverable and it is purely a collaborative deliverables across the content, SEO wording, word press and associated product code changes too, especially owning end to end. Finally, please don't waste your time if you are unable to own the full suite of deliverable. Unfortunately we are in a helpless situation, no marketing approaches. Most importantly we are unable to offer you to use our website details post completion of this work. kindly bid if you are comfo...

    €206 (Avg Bid)
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    113 árajánlat

    ...with techlead, BAs, developers and us. Therefore we require also a tech lead to also manage the tasks. Afterwards the tasks will be assigned to the developer(s) and BA(s) So a planning will be done upfront and thus a daily/weekly/monthly plan is available - Affiliate commission conditions As soon as the payment is Non-repudiation and non refundable paid and on bank account (after stripe/paypal releases), we typically require 3-6 weeks for the affiliate payment. The commission will be paid on accumulated on monthly basis. - project management tool Either gitlab tracker or redmine tracker Project durations - for a MVP: max 3 months - for final v1.0: 6-9 months - we look only for partnerships with mutliple years agreement Do you have any specific APIs to integrate? Yes, but the ...

    €41 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    44 árajánlat
    Set up Blog Theme Word Press 21 óra left

    I want to create a informational blog about auto repair. Main page blogs, and a section for categories to find specific auto repair information. A future area for e-commerce to sell automotive gifts. I have hosting and Wordpress. Need a user friendly theme like Divi setup. It will need to have the ability to add affiliate links. When finished the site needs to be optimized. It will need to have an about me page, contact, signup, social media links, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I need a fully functional site. I have articles and pictures ready to upload.

    €413 (Avg Bid)
    €413 licitátlag
    183 árajánlat
    Looking For A Press Release Writer 20 óra left

    I need a press release writer to write press releases on a daily basis regarding businesses, products, and services. The ideal candidate will work for the long term. The press releases I need are different from general press releases that's why in order to know if you are the right fit, you will need to create a test sample of under 400 words. The sample will not be published anywhere and will be used only to assess your capabilities for my project. You will get paid for the sample upon hiring. If your test sample will be according to the exact requirements, we will move toward hiring. Thank you!

    €362 (Avg Bid)
    €362 licitátlag
    36 árajánlat

    I am seeking a freelancer who can support me in developing measures in Power BI to track the quality of batch releases, in order to ensure timely delivery. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing similar measures in Power BI. The project is very urgent and should be completed within one day. Please include your experience in your application. I am Having trouble to display he number of batecjes released in the past, and see in a chart which are expected to be released in the future. The lLots are counted by Column "Lote de Inspeccion". Each Lot has a unique Lote De Ispeccion Number.

    €127 (Avg Bid)
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    14 árajánlat
    wordpress project 10 óra left
    HITELESÍTETT getting a functioning app in a couple of weeks so I can get stickers for the QR code for it printed on my products before I order them. It will basically be like pressing a big button every time someone needs to forgive, or maybe a couple of simple screens/games you press to forgive and that’s it. The brilliance of the idea is it needs to be simple, easy and fun/funny. Fun crazy cartoons or animations that scream things like “I’m free!” or something when they forgive would be great. I also like the ifea of you press the button and it says “I forgive you” and each time a prison bar disappears to release the person. I know nothing about app creation, have zero designs done or in mind yet so I apologize in advance (I had way too man...

    €418 (Avg Bid)
    €418 licitátlag
    38 árajánlat

    I am looking for a WordPress expert to upgrade my website with fast functionality. I upgraded my word press to the latest version (6.2.2) a couple of days ago. I want to give my site a modern look and I am open to suggestions for a theme or design. However, I do have a specific list of features that I want to add to the upgraded website. The ideal candidate should have experience with WordPress upgrades and be able to integrate the following features seamlessly: - Check the functionality of 'Client Log In" - Allow me to post blogs - Improved site speed and performance - Enhanced security measures I also contact my host company and they listed the following that require fixing: The following errors may provide additional help: For the ninja-forms-legacy plugin: PHP Fatal...

    €437 (Avg Bid)
    €437 licitátlag
    130 árajánlat
    Shopify Developer Véget ért left

    ...Implement and maintain SEO best practices to improve search engine visibility and organic traffic. App Integration and Configuration: Identify and integrate third-party Shopify apps and plugins to enhance website functionality, customer experience, and marketing capabilities. Configure and customize app settings to align with business requirements and optimize performance. Stay updated with new app releases and features to leverage the latest e-commerce tools and technologies. Analytics and Reporting: Monitor and analyze website performance using Shopify analytics and reporting tools. Generate reports on key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and customer behavior. Utilize data-driven insights to identify areas for improvement, optimize website performance, and ...

    €576 (Avg Bid)
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    26 árajánlat

    Packaging design for the "Flower Press" product, following the graphic identity of the brand and the client's instructions. Prototype renders and pdf previews will be made for the required corrections. PDF files will be delivered with the technical specifications for the printing workshop.

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    Mycroft Skill Véget ért left

    I am a user of the Mycroft () artificial intelligence environment, on a laptop running Fedora 38 () Linux. I have added the Desktop Control skill () to Control the mouse and keyboard by voice. Some examples include: • "type Mycroft is awesome" • "press the enter key" • "move mouse to 400 and 100" • "scroll up a bit" • "scroll down a bit" • "scroll down some" • "scroll down a lot" • "hold space key" • "release space key" • "screen resolution" • "select all" • "select all and copy" I have installed the Diction skill () for writing indication with LibreOffice ...

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    25 árajánlat

    WS102722-1 needs to be redesigned to cater to all configurations. Left, Right and Center are illustrated on the picture. I would want WS102722-1 to have a thickness of 3mm.

    €123 (Avg Bid)
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    16 árajánlat

    The Foreign Press Center has a need for a Studio Engineer to manage their broadcast studio for four months. This could expand into a longer term assignment.

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I read your Job Description and I can work on your Project same as given in details and complete it perfectly, you will get satisfactory results. I have 5+ years work Experience of WordPress Experience of WordPress development. I have Skills in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Shopify, opencart,WordPress(CMS), Bootstrap, PSD to HTML, Website design etc. Have a look on my work samples:- ➤Services Offer: ✔ WordPress, Theme Customisation, Website Speed Optimisation ✔PSD, XD, Figma to WordPress ✔ Wp Bakery, Divi, bever bulider, Elementor, or any type of builder websites ✔ Word Press (Woo Commerce) ✔ Plugins & widget development ✔Payment integration React Project Laravel Project Thank You

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    Education-focused Website Blogging Project I am looking for a skilled blogger to join my team and produce daily blog posts for my education-focused website, Make Money Finance Niche. The ideal candidate will have experience in writing informative articles that engage the reader and provide valuable insights, if he has word press skills also is plus. Key Requirements: - Experience in writing educational content - Ability to write in an informative style - Consistent daily availability - Strong research skills - Familiarity with SEO - Affiliate sale conversion Responsibilities: - Produce daily blog posts on various educational topics - Conduct research to ensure accuracy and relevance - Optimize content for SEO - Collaborate with the team to develop blog post ideas and topics If ...

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