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    Hi, i need you to write a simple Python script, which utilizes the `cryptofeed` package to ingest WebSockets and save them to disk. If you're interested, i can explain details of what I need

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    Ngày hôm nay cái xampp trên Window của mình cứ bị cái lỗi này hoài, 2 tiếng bị một lần. "[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] warning : Table is marked as crashed and last repair failed warning : Size of indexfile is: 54710 Expected: 24576 error : Wrong base information on indexpage at page: 2 error : Corrupt" Mấy ...

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    Help me to fix high CPU MySQL 6 nap left

    I use XAMPP to build my web server to run my website. I receive a error all time: "[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] warning : Table is marked as crashed and last repair failed warning : Size of indexfile is: 54710 Expected: 24576 error : Wrong base information on indexpage at page: 2 error : Corrupt" If I backup and reinstall database, CPU will very ...

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    C++ CUDA image data compression 6 nap left

    There are several compression libraries for CUDA, see the overview at [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] See also the new nvcomp library of Nvidia: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I’m looking for a fast compression for arbitrary image data (photos). The compression is needed for getting better bandwidth between intermediary storage of th...

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    I won't respond unless you add 'I love green cats' in your response...this proves you actually READ my description I'm in a crisis and hoping somebody is an EXPERT with Paypal API and, ideally, somebody who ran across my same issue so can quickly resolve. We've set up recurring subscriptions in Woocommerce and getting an API error when testing a live transaction. We'...

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    Hi. I am starting a new business and have made a web site myself ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]). I am looking for a short video describing what I will do. The video idea / layout can be copied from [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] (this company are provideing similar services and use the same equipment in a large scale) I have picked video, photos a...

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    you can try a CHKDSK scan to repair the disk.

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    we have a wordpress site and when we try to take back up we get the following error: Unable to export: Out of disk space! This is the error in more detail: {"type":8,"message":"Undefined property: WP_Error::$ID","file":"/var/www/vhosts/[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]/httpdocs/wp-includes/[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekint&ea...

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    Softphone Developer 4 nap left

    Wildlife Rescue Australia is a registered charity dedicated to the rescue of native animals. To this end, WRA operates an Australia-wide, 24/7 call centre staffed by home-based volunteer phone coordinators (PCs). PCs use a FileMaker Pro-based search engine developed in-house to draw Google-type maps, send and receive emails, text messages and phone calls. Outgoing calls are made via an external, ...

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    Task Description Data Engineers regularly collect, process and store data. In this task you will develop a deeper understanding of how C programming language can be used for collecting, processing and storing data. In this assignment you get the opportunity to build an interactive program that can manage a list of employees in a company. The list is stored as an array of employee_t type structure...

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    Server Error 500 PleskExceptionDatabase DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1021 Disk full (/var/tmp/#sql_da1_0); waiting for someone to free some space..., query was: DESCRIBE `PleskStats`

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    Want website and FB page to be perfect for launch.

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    Trophy icon Date Center Design case study Véget ért left

    case study based on current research and best practice. Your report will include: • Computing resources to meet current and future capacity requirements • Proposals to manage the computing infrastructure • Discussion of networking and interconnections • Discussion of power, cooling and other services • Location considerations Critical analysis and application of material. ...

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    you must live in UAS - California to bid on this project, i made a shipment through DHL, 2 way international shipment the receiver who must return the shipment for me didnt receive the sticker from DHL to be able to print it, so i need you visit the receiver and collect the hard disk and send it to me through DHL. again you must live in California to bid on this project, i expect you to ...

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    Looking to take this zoneminder machine learning processing plugin ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]) and re-train it to be able to detect people, guns, knives, and vehicles rather than the coco items? It supports tiny yolov4 as well as others and is currently trained on coco dataset. I want to run the tiny yolov4 version and have it detect knives and guns, and if possible de...

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    We had a 500GB partition on our CloudLinux cPanel server and have added another 500GB to our virtual disk in XCP-NG. Now we need a linux sysadmin that can extend our partation to make it 1TB directly on our cPanel server. Must be able to work with logical volume(LVM), pv, lv, vg, fdisk and cPanel. Partition have already been create, we just need someone to fix our issue and juste a 1TB /dev/mappe...

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    Retrive and rescue a compromised Wordpress site

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    In a paragraph: -------------- There are a lot of software robots trying to access the servers in the Internet without permission. It is neccesary to make an application running continuously in the server to be a guard of what is happening related to attacks, work-load and unauthorized access to the server. Server characteristics: --------- Hardware: CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1270 v6 @ 3.80GHz...

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    Azure Administrator Véget ért left

    Design and Build Azure Cloud Infrastructure environment Network and Subnet Design Security Rules / Azure Firewall config Provision VMs and Storage per specifications given Leverage Availability Sets and Availability Zones to design fault tolerant architecture Storage performance tuning – implement Storage spaces (disk striping) Backups Configure Azure Backup service for incremental a...

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    **We have chosen a programmer on another site. This task is no longer open for bid. Thank you for your consideration** I need a VERY basic command line tool to capture and analyze an image from a USB webcam and give me coordinates of corners for boxes of all multi-color items on a plain white background shown on camera. Specifics of the small program I need: Fairly efficient (will be running on...

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    I need a web developer Véget ért left

    to design a website for a breed specific dog rescue. This will include aproximately 7 different sections to include: about us, about the breed, contact us, donate button and links to other websites and facebook. I have photos of dogs and a logo that I would like included.

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    WhatsApp API Expert Véget ért left

    We will need an app that using WhatsApp Business API will a - Get a list of Whatsapp groups to scan b - Get a list of keywords to search c - locate all messages that contains the keywords d - make a photo (screenshot or other) of the located messages e - save the photo data (origin group, user, times etc ..) in a text file and save the photo on a disk App should be installed on google app engine...

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    We will need an app that using WhatsApp Business API will a - Get a list of Whatsapp groups to scan b - Get a list of keywords to search c - locate all messages that contains the keywords d - make a photo (screenshot or other) of the located messages e - save the photo data (origin group, user, times etc ..) in a text file and save the photo on a disk App should be installed on google app engine...

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    I have some copyright work I need for a new company. Copyright must be cybersecurity related. We have 10 main products that need research and product descriptions written. My website is new: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Here are the 10 products that I need content written. 10 pillars of security #1 - Email Protection Inky FortiMail #2 - Endpoint Protecti...

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    database in java Véget ért left

    implementing the core modules required to access stored data on disk by working on six [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] java

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    Update Ubuntu Server to support unicode / special character filenames and convert disk We require someone to update our Ubuntu Server to support unicode filenames instead of renaming them to ????? for example see attached image. I believe this is possible from reading online to add support and convert the disk without having to format any data as the server has alot of data stored & although...

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    Ingest ○ Read a file from a local disk and write to a message system such as Kafka. ● Detection ○ Write an application that reads messages from the message system and detects whether the attacker is part of the DDOS attack ○ Once an attacker is found, the ip-address should be written to a results directory which could be used for further processing ○ An attack should be detected one to two minute...

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    Need a python code that can build cloud VM and mount a disk and install postgres

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    Will to create an Azure template which creates a vm with bunch of custom attributes, of which the mandatory one is that the managed disk should be a vhd (through a SAS URI token). This template needs to be on go on to the Marketplace as a private offer plan of an Azure App

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    We are only interested in talking to a freelancer that is an aeronautical engineer with propeller hub design experience. We would like the design to be mechanical and electrical (not hydraulic). It will use 12 V DC for the power. We would like the propellers to be able to provide reverse thrust in the design. The hub design needs to be enclosed because of the application being used on airboats. A...

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    I have a failed to open a session for virtual machine on virtual box. It happened after deleting files from downloads. I still have my snapshot files and disk file but it won’t run.

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    I am needing someone to take the State, Organization, Email, Phone #, and Address for every organization listed on this page and put it into the Google Sheet template I created: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]

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    Hey there, My system administrator has quit the job. And I received this email from the hosting provider. "Your server has been started in 'Rescue' mode. This has either been requested by you in the OVH manager or a technician has had to do this because of an error that needs to be resolved in Rescue mode. This mode means that a basic Linux/BSD system has been launched on your se...

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    you will write a program that reads a FAT32-formatted volume in C language. You are provided with a disk image, but you are both: 1. Encouraged to make your own disk image, and 2. Encouraged to read a USB flash drive as a raw device (e.g., /dev/sda3, provided that you have physical access to a Linux or macOS machine, e.g., not WSL).

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    I need a header and a footer done in .php to be called for a webpage. The top navigation is simple, as is the footer. Header: 1. Time at location (Gold Coast) "The time at Specialised Training Co on the Gold Coast is ..." 2. Logo 3. Navigation - Home | Verification of Competency | Trainee Policy Courses Links are [jel...

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    Hwid spoofer EAC/RUST Véget ért left

    Need a spoofer to change hwid of Disk Drivers, NIC, Ram, GPU, bios and almost everything. Source + .exe

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    This is a set of API's written in PHP Laravel. The API's connect to another slave core PHP API to obtain data. This Laravel set of API's add a layer of security so that some of the slave API's are not called without proper tokens. Tokens expire in 24 hours. The API's are used to build a website. The API's receive encrypted POST calls and they - base64_decode in me...

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    Reduce server disk space my removing unused or duplicate images Currently showing as 26 gig disk space. Need to get it below 20gig Im certain the last developer has left allot of unused images with WP Media or possibly the database

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    I am looking for a list of useful SNMP OIDs list to monitor in Solarwinds. This list should be based on device vendor and OS (will be provided by me for example cisco nexus 9k switches and their OS version etc.). Vendor in scope is mainly cisco, checkpoint and F5. Exclusion: Some hardware stats like CPU, Memory and disk are already being monitored by Solarwinds.

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    Yesterday my WordPress website disk space is full 100% then i increase disk space (resize droplets on [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]) from 25GB to 60 GB and increase ram from 1GB to 2GB but now my website is down. normally I control the server via runcloud but now it disconnected too. i need someone can help me now and finish job in 3 hour. Fix it via teamviewer my pc.

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    Project needed Véget ért left

    This be should be completed within max 6 days *** application to maintain and fetch the records of Banks using NodeJs with connection to a MongoDB database: Each bank record must contain the following details State - the state the bank branch is in Bank - the name of the bank Branch - the branch name Address - the branch address Code - a number auto-incremented from the last branch of the same...

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    I have a unifi controller installed on a virtual server (10GB Ram, 4 Cores, 500GB disk) with 400 APs. I upgrade the controller and it was working ok but today stop working and this error appears: Mar 31 11:24:53 unifi systemd[1]: Starting unifi... Mar 31 11:25:07 unifi unifi[849]: 2021-03-31 11:25:07,540 main ERROR Error processing element InMemoryAppender ([Appenders: null]): CLASS_NOT_FOUND Mar...

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    i need uirgent some how free up disk espace fro my root

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    Code Shortening Véget ért left

    Hi, I am reasonably OK with VBA. I have attached a piece of code that I would like to be shorter for processing speed and reduced size on disk. As you can see the code is repetitive and with some existing structures. The code is currently (5) long. The end code will need to be 40 long. A "For iIndexA = 0 to 39" may work but I am not sure on what I do with iIndexA to make it concatenate w...

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    SimpleDB is written in Java. We have provided you with a set of mostly unimplemented classes and interfaces. You will need to write the code for these classes. We will grade your code by running a set of system tests written using JUnit. We have also provided a number of unit tests, which we will not use for grading but that you may find useful in verifying that your code works.

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    Ayris Dream Machine Véget ért left

    We have contacted already 14 programmers to build this search engine for underground art and classical art. We are a group of artists who would like to see our own community finally built to start a renaissence in architecture art and literature. We have built a prototype now all you will need to do is take a good look at it and tell us if you can build it. You can be awarded a first disk of 400 E...

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    Looking for professional help set up cPanel & WHM on NAS (Model : Synology NAS Disk Station - DS 218 ) . Allow us easy use WHM set Up hosting account. Meanwhile , Set up corn job for the web backup . We will provide a remote tool (Teamviewer or Google talk ). ** Our ISP is random IP ** Synology NAS Disk Station - Model : DS 218

    €134 (Avg Bid)
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