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    I am looking for 3 PowerPoint presentations. Each presentation would have 35 to 45 slides.. I would like them to cover: The American Rescue Act, Consolidated appropriation act of 2021 and the Cares Act.

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    Hello, We need to develop a module which allows us to modify the box creation process and define the quota as allocated to the quota places used. Make it impossible to create a mailbox if all the available quota has already been allocated. We are looking for a solution to limit the "Storage space" form when creating / modifying a mailbox so that it corresponds to the remaining disk s...

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    Need an Azure Cloud Engineer 6 nap left

    We need an Azure Cloud Engineer for a project with the following: · 3-4 years hands-on experience building Azure solutions · 3 years of experience administering and maintaining Azure cloud environments · 5 years of experience with Windows Server administration and related applications, particularly Active Directory, IIS, and SQL Server, Identity and re...

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    I need you to build [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] orient programming in C++(Disk Usage)

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    Need help with setting up Azure shared disk (Premium) with Virtual Machine Scale Set, preferably via GFS2 but open to other suggestions. The VMSS image will be using Ubuntu 20.4 Please reach out if you have done this before.

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    I'm building a website (e-shop) which will sell brake disks for cars and other parts in future. Currently I'm out of ideas and inspiration, looking for expert who can create the logo. Logo should be square format, simple and contain something relevant to brake disk, tire when braking or something similar.

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    You will need to develop a prototype in which you can run your application as a service in the background which will keep on taking continuous screenshots of the user's end screen. Pls, include the commands/programs for installing/uninstalling the service and what kind of environment changes are required within the OS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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    Hi i need someone to mount all disk that not being mounted yet (Total 4TB) from my dedicated server, so i can access it all of it (Total 4TB) via folder. and tell me how to do that, so i can redoing it myself If you need to ask something please dont hesitate to ask me, thank you

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    I'm not able to connect to my linux CENTOS 7 box that is remote. I have access with a rescue system to it . You will connect in my machine and use the ArchRescue system to fix the ssh connection problem

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    Macro needs: Automatically fill in the fields and at the end of the process save the Code that will appear in a notepad or table. 1- step - Image Macro needs to enter a Redemption code There will be several different codes 2-step - Image Macro needs to fill in all fields to proceed 3- step - Image The Macro needs to copy the code that appears and save it in a doc txt or excel. Heads up: Macro...

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    A website for a motorbike rescue company. The business helps people who have broken down, getting their scooter or motorcycle home; this is what a rescue company does. Can also be considered as motorcycle and scooter transportation. Need a very basic, clean, responsive design. Perhaps a mobile first approach. This is essentially a one page website, including logo.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design 4 nap left

    Shalom Rescue Foundation is a Non profit that cater to underage children that has been raped or sexually victimized. Please see the attached picture for logo idea. Thanks

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    Data Recovery 3 nap left

    I have lost my hard disk data anyone available for recover online ?

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    Create a bash script which automatically downloads [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] file, removes Ubuntu and installs Windows on HDD. In order to be able to perform this action on a remote computer, no USB can be used. Suggested solution is available on: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]

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    We have explained the project in the below link. [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Only Bid if you have a solution for the project and as it involves research and development work. May require non-conventional approach for the solution

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    i need somebody who can help me create a partition called /home3 and /home4 on my server. You also need to install the OS, i would like to have Cent os 7. The server has 4 disks 2 x 480 GB SSD and 2 x 1.92 TB NVM SSD. you need to create a boot partition, swap and the 2 home partition. One 1.92 TB SSD should be at /home3 and the other at /home4. The boot partition should be with the 2 x480 GB SS...

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    Create me bootable usb windows 10 on mac

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    NOTE: PAY AFTER WORK!!!! SCRIPT INT. NIGHT. KID’S ROOM It is bed time for the baby around 8pm. Light is dim inside the room lit by lamp in the right corner and moonlight coming from the window. There is gramophone next to the lamp. Mom is standing holding the baby in her hands in horizontal orientation. Mom is trying to make baby sleep however baby is not settling. The baby is crying loudl...

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    I have one server in rescue mode need to move its data to another server via SSH, both have Centos 7 OS.

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    Data entry Véget ért left

    Data entry is the inputting of data or information into a computer using input devices, such as a keyboard, scanner, disk, and voice. ... Data entry is a job where an employee inputs data into a computer from forms or other non-electronic forms of data.A data entry clerk is a member of staff employed to enter or update data into a computer system. Data is often entered into a computer from paper d...

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    Server Corrupted - Need a re-setup You will get login details to Namecheap and need to fix it with them, but I can assist some you if needed The data on the disk needs to be saved with a rescue Iso

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    Hi Joel L., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. The project repo: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] The ruby calls (you'll notice payload now has the language of the subreddit as well): ``` client = Aws::Lambda::[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez](region:'us-east-1',http_read_...

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    I would like to create a software for Mac that can work with text to voice google Api I want to insert the api token ( It could be change time by time), the text that I want that will be read, the languages and the voice I want to select , audio device, speed and pitch and the system can reproduce the voce and recorder it on a mp3 or wav audio file that can be saved on the Mac hard disk. The so...

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    In this job, is need to complete and finish the installation and configuration of OpenStack Victoria using RDO and the packstack installer with CentOS 7.9 or the latest OpenStack capabilities on a stable platform such as CentOS 8.3. I will provide all settings that are possible to set up a Hetzner root server, in which I will prepare an environment for OpenStack . I need to add a floating ip su...

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    I have a disk of copper 126.5mm diameter and it has holes drilled in it which are 3mm, 8mm and 9mm. We need to make some more but do not have original autocad file to make them. So must make new autocad drawing by importing images. A color scan and I made a BMP image from it. But some noise and maybe distortion is present. Please import the best image into autocad accurately.

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    I need someone to draw these characters in a form that makes them awesome and magically. I need someone that really VIBES with this. Please show me what you have done and I will choose who ever fits best to my vision. I would like them in the fashion of Magic the gathering the game. Google Magic the gathering and Google Alpha Set, Arabian nights, Legends, and Revised to see the style of art I woul...

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    Urgent help needed. My server was attacked. My host suspend the account, but they give me access to download the data. Problem : i need autorisation to download somes files. So they give me access to rescue ssh to change autorisations, but i cant find files. So i need help to download my files (sql + php files). I have only access to SSH rescue mode (i don t know how it works) and i need to downl...

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    Compensation: Based on experience Hours & Location Mon-Fri, 8 hrs a day 8 am - 5 pm Mountain Time. Overview: We are looking for someone fun and enthusiastic to join our team as an Executive Assistant to our CEO, who runs [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez], [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] & This is a fast-paced...

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    As part of an application in development, we need to include a spatial display and selection feature. Need to display spatial information in 2D to show the location of sampling points in non-urban areas. The application must display previously defined points, lines and polygons (geojson) and allow the user to select map background layers that they want to display, as well as the selection of coo...

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    hi we need assistance to mount a shared SAS volume on one of our Centos blade. i previously did without issue and for some reason one of the blade is saying : too many connexion when trying to mount on the shared disk i cant get this ridiculus issue fixed lol

    €8 - €25
    €8 - €25
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    I am needing a service tool that can be used in a computer repair shop. The end goal is to have a tool that can scan through a computer (windows and mac) to clean out files like the disk clean up does, run a virus scan, run updates for windows, then run diagnostics on the hardware to then produce a report of how much was cleaned, how many malicious files where cleaned, and the longevity of the har...

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    The project consists of the following: - Create a .msi file for Windows. It would take a max. 2 days including testing. - For macOS: Create a .dmg file using the disk utility wherein the image is created of the .app file. In this case, the user will have to drag and drop the .app file in the system Application folder. This approach will take only a few mins. Total Hours - 16 Cost - 250 USD

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    We are hiring tech professionals with proven experience with Phantosys on the cloud, to provide services for our projects worldwide, such as technical presentations, hosting webinars, training, and consulting. We provide free license and training material for those interested in getting to know Phantosys in order to qualify to work with us. It's a great opportunity, as we are looking for Pha...

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    I would like an app that will have an interactive game of ‘save the marine life’ which would consist of children creating their own avatar and going through an adventure of climate change and earning equipment to rescue marine animals from plastic waste Simple game, don’t want it complicated or complex. Small budget Thanks

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    My company specialises in Search and Rescue operations. My project is for a proof of concept to deliver aid to those in need even when it is impossible to get a communications link with the drone. When a drone is a long way from the pilot it must be high in order to keep the communications link. If the pilot then descend to low level the communications link will be lost. I would like a small ...

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    I need help and advice to help me implement my ideas: I have a Simple Site webpage where I sell two books. [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Vibrant in Menopause And Luke’s Rescue by the Bach Flowers-a children’s book about Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy. I have recently self published on Amazon after getting the files from the previous publishers. F...

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    Computer running slow Véget ért left

    Needs to figure out why computer is working slow and 100% disk

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    We are a 501c3 non profit humane organization. We subsidize dog and cat spay and neuter activities in some of Southern California's poorest neighborhoods - we do animal adoption - animal rescue work - and increasingly, legislative advocacy to assure that animal shelters adopt shelter practices that are humane. We also seek to make the general public more aware of the need to address runaway p...

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    We are a 501c3 non profit mostly all volunteer humane organization. We have been around since 1955, are based in Long Beach, and serve most of Southern California. We subsidize spay, neuter and microchipping of pet cats and dogs in low income areas- promote animal rescue, animal adoption - K-12 humane education, and increasingly involved in legislative advocacy at the local and state level - all t...

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    Task: We will provide a cloud storage link that needs to be shared to a movie group of more than 100 people, with a brief introduction. Screenshot 24 hours later to save the release record. ***Example: Black Widow's latest resources, one-click save to their own cloud disk ~ 【Black Widow】 [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] 【A Quiet Place Part II】 [jelentkezzen be az URL me...

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    Task: We will provide a cloud storage link that needs to be shared to a movie group of more than 100 people, with a brief introduction. Screenshot 24 hours later to save the release record. ***Example: Black Widow's latest resources, one-click save to their own cloud disk ~ 【Black Widow】 [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] 【A Quiet Place Part II】 [jelentkezzen be az URL me...

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    Task: We will provide a cloud storage link that needs to be shared to a movie group of more than 100 people, with a brief introduction. Screenshot 24 hours later to save the release record. ***Example: Black Widow's latest resources, one-click save to their own cloud disk ~ 【Black Widow】 [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] 【A Quiet Place Part II】 [jelentkezzen be az URL m...

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    Finding a solution for slow hard disk reading

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    OVERVIEW Our company shot a film and now in edit. We are an American film production company associated to Rescue the Kids .org that raises funds for orgs who actively rescue kids from child trafficking. We seek a video artist that can create a great looking intro video introducing the top 9 actors. Each will be about 4.5 to 5 seconds. Please see this video I just created to give you and idea. [je...

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    PHP Scraping script Véget ért left

    I need a PHP script to scrape products of a website. Scrape all products from a website. Fetch and store locally all images, product names, description, sizes, sku, gender, category, attributes. Around 800 products. Please don't bid if over budget. I'm not interested. --- 3 steps script: 1) fetch all products from xml, populate a mysql database table. XML file with all products URL a...

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    Hi, I have 60 GB VPS. On that there is CentOS 6 installed. I have 3 websites: - wordpress blog - shop on prestashop - big website - mobile app using the database of big website Normally all of this use less than 15 GB. Now almost all my disc space is used. 2 days ago I deleted some big log files. But something "eat" all the disc space. Because of this disk space problem I do not h...

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    HI, I am Bikash, I am a student. As per my regular task , i got some issue that, unable to convert the csv file to json format. Script - import-csv "C:UsersDesktoppsVM details" | ConvertTo-Json | Add-Content -Path "C:UsersDesktopps[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]" While run this script , out put is not correct as am getting null values. Could yo...

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    Assignment 1: Relational Model and Relational Algebra Keep in mind that this is a homework assignment, not an exam. You can save your answers and come back to revise or continue as many times as you like, before the assignment becomes due. PART 1 (10 points): SQL CREATE TABLE In each database, write a SQL CREATE TABLE statement (with proper data types for attributes and proper primary key) for ea...

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