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    egy naptár popupra lenne szükségem, mely mm/dd/yyyy formátumot generál, ide: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]

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    Egy Halacskát ábrázoló glb fájl készítése (3d animáció) megadott szempontok (fénykép, videó) alapján. - a hal kinézetéhez az adott fénykép (jpg), videó (mp4) nyújt segítséget, - a halat animációs csonttal kellene elkész&i...

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    We want a Wordpress site for Dental Aesthetics Clinic. The site should have a blog function and a complex menu structure. The site should be dual-language (Hungarian and English) Hungarian Menu text copy located here: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] English will be added later (however we’ve translated the main menu titles to english) This SEO rules need to be...

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    Weboldal tervezés Véget ért left

    Készülő weboldalakon lenne szükség különböző kisebb php, html, css átalakításokra, javításokra (nem működő mobil menu, gombok, toggle, stb). A határidők: max 1-1.5 nap.

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    Looking for freelancer to create a simple html & css mobile website based on prepared graphics. 5 simple page with images, forms, drop-down menus, texts, and lists. Grafikus által előre megtervezett képernyőképekből html & css mobil weboldal elkészítéséhez keresek munkaerőt. Összesen 5 egyszerű aloldalról lenne szó, k&e...

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    Hello, with click on a button i redirect to first file of my IOS app, however i want display a popup then but that's not working, check my code below here, can someone fix it? let shopViewController = [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez](withIdentifier: "Tab2") [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] = shopViewController ...

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    Problem loading pages with ajax 6 nap left

    I'm using XMLHttpRequest() to load pages into a div from a menu. Using innerHTML (which I think is part of the problem) the HTML loads fine, but I have no javascript. I've tried many of the suggestions offered on StackOverflow, but still no luck. Presently, I can only get the js to work is through using a button to call the js function - which means it must be there somewhere. Indeed, ...

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    I have some excel files that need to be simply cleansed and transposed and linked with other excel file ( The data are in arabic language )

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    I want a menu designed for my restaurantant

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    Swing Project: Playing Card Manager In this project you will develop a GUI to allow the user to pick and display cards from a standard 52-card deck. This project does not include the development of any specific game, but it could be used as a platform on which to implement a game. You will download a zip file of images of playing cards. Each .PNG file contains an image of a single card. The name ...

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    1) PARTE VISUAL: a) actualizar fonts (esta debe quedar fija por mas que en el movil tengan otra font programada como default), es decir, no se debe poder modificar. b) actualizar estilo de cada pantalla 2) FUNCIONES: a) en modo video horizontal, debe aparecer todo (actualmente se puso que desaparezca el icono y el chat, pero debe aparecer y en su lugar, se debe esconder todo al tocar la pantall...

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    Simple IT and network help -- 2 6 nap left

    Maintenance for Network in small apartment building office. Connections include security cameras, access control, printers and computers, laundry room etc.

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    I have a web site [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez], it was written in dreamweaver. I need it is wordpress. This process was started, but the guy doing it failed to finish. I need to complete the site. 1) recreate all the menu and navigation, 2) move the content, 3) upgrade and configure the forum, 4) create and tune in a catalog viewer, 5) recreate a search function for t...

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    Hi Ekta R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Very Simple Matlab scripting Task

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    the mobile menu doesn't close when the menu item is clicked. I will provide the files that need work. If you're actually good with javascript this should not be a problem for you. The main component that's on The Layout is [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]

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    Create me a simple software 6 nap left

    This software is used for search engine optimization to create back links for a domain with keywords and then generate to publish the backlinks on high end websites

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    I am looking for uipath developer who can help my simple task. i will share the detail.

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    Looking for a designer who can quickly create a simple infographic (see attached) that matches well with out site (also attached).

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    - We have 5 pictures in a row on the search page from our dating site. Make 4 in a row so that the pictures looking bigger. - Make the popup from the cookie policy we have now popup on the top of the page, and make the text edible. - Make a text block on the footer. - When clicking on any picture from the profiles on the site with the right button from the mouse, don't open the menu.

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    . There should be implemented some functions and classes using concepts of OOP

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    We are using WooCommerce to allow users to order food delivery online from restaurants. You must have knowledge in this industry to be able to understand our tasks. Our website functionality allows the user to view the full restaurant menu / products, choose a delivery time, make payment and complete their food order. Our websites are configured using the WordPress 'Multi-Site' mode wit...

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    I have a page where we can see all the Users in our database To create new users -> we have an API endpoint which takes a CSV as input. In this Users page -> I need this CSV upload to be integrated. You provide a File Upload + action button to upload this CSV. You need to provide "Download Sample CSV" button which will give a sample CSV file for the user so that they know the forma...

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    Simple poster design 6 nap left

    Attaching the poster. which was designed for last year event, need to design like that for this year

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    create 2 alerts that "sound off" when two values cross alert 1: when tick bars on an emini chart intersect bollinger band on the emini chart. the alert should "sound off" several times alert 2: "sound off" when moving average 1 intersects moving average 2; these alerts will be on 2 separate tick charts; and need to run on tradestation 9.0

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    Hey VO artists, I am searching for a voice over for my answering machine. Preferably a female American voice saying "Welcome to MSAV, please leave a message and Max will get back to you shortly" I will be adding a cheesy quality 80's instrumental overlay. feel free to reply with your previous work or exact samples of my quote. Please remember "You gotta make it sexy" - R...

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    Need mobile app developer and designer that have more than 7 years of knowledge that able to build mobile application in ios and android in either swift, objective C for ios and Kotlin for android. This will be like booking food and room and board with food menu. Which mean chef will visit customer home to cook or customer can visit chef home for dining and sleepover. Customer can pick food menu ...

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    Cordova Issue on IOS - simple 6 nap left

    I have cordova app, it works well on android, but it doesn't work on ios. After splash, it doesn't redirect to other page - about or login page. Need to solve the issue urgent.

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    Hi Timur A., Need an EXACT replacement. The appearance, popup menus, all existing functionality including any drag and drop, size colours etc must be the same. A user should not know be able to know that it has been changed.

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    im looking for a grapich designer for an simple task

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    I have a load of data that needs reformatting. A simple macro will be able to do this and is what I am looking for. This is a 2 minute job for the person who knows how to write macro's. I would like the macro sent back with the spreadsheet

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    Build a website 6 nap left

    For restaurant with menu details, payment gateway as well Mumbailoungexpress

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    I'm looking for someone who can use Delphi language to implement OpenGL imgui menu

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    About 3 years ago I had a freelancer from this website creating me a simple load cell software. He made it for windows. Now I need it to be made for MAC. Can anyone help me ? Original creator have his account closed. I have all the files he sent me.

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    Simple Instagram Task 6 nap left

    Hey, I need a simple Instagram task done on the Instagram app on phone, I can't do it because I reacehd the maximum ammount of profiles on my phone. Best regards

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    Hi I have a requirement for a simple touch sensitive electronic counter that counts up 1 and displays on an digital screen on each press. There is some basic logic on displaying historic counts along side the active count, and also logic when the counter should reset. This is for a prototype.

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    1) Need to pass TRAI-approved template id when SMS is sent to the customer. 2) Website slow speed, need to explore Cloudflare CDN 3) Secure URL (Hide .html extension) 4) Header menu overlapping or showing in double line in low-resolution screen. (e.g. 1366*768) 5) Image Alt tags not mentioned 6) Code minification not used, long js and CSS should be minified for better results.

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    Food Ordering Wordpress Site 6 nap left

    Hi There, I want to create a website for my restaurant, from which people can order food. Basic feature mentioned below: 1. Restaurant description page 2. Home Page 3. Menu page 4. Order Page 5. Push Notifications 6. Wait for orders received 7. Filters (food based on categories) 8. Payment Gateway Integration Cost wise I am looking at 30K INR. If you can show me a sample of the site you have ...

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    Simple Logo 6 nap left

    We are an investment house in Zurich. We manage financial products. A product usually have several sub products. We want to have a logo to use on our reports. Product name is Global Alternative Opportunities, we call them GAO. we have several of them GAO 1 2 4 etc... The logo needs to capture the idea that we allow easy investment diversification to alternative asset class in one ticket. Sup...

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    I need you to fix the error on this website: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] "0 Call to a member function q() on null" PHP Version 7.2.34 Joomla! 3.10.2 Stable [ Daraja ] 12-September-2021 11:01 GMT Second fix the menu structure: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] If it is possible to do...

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    Looking to hire new freelancers with basic english communication. Must be willing to learn and do simple and quick task.

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    Please bid only if you understand the project and the correct amount only (based on the budget range). Also include relevant tasks(vue and laravel) in the proposal. Automate Vue Laravel code generation: CRUD generator Looking for an expert developer or team/organisation Need a system/code generator/auto-mater similar to this generator [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] but wit...

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    Should be able create Social Media Posts, Brochure, Pamphlet, Menu and Board designs for the company - Work is every week not just 1 time Should have Knowledge of Coral Draw / illustrator / Photoshop

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    I would like someone to create a simple view rest api for 1 MYSQL table. And document how It works so I can replicate for other tables.

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    1. We add category , we can't see in admin page but display in our online shop menu 2. Some category show inappropriate page position, can not moved, change, or updated. It can only be hidden 3. customer login page , can see other customer's orders [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] need to check and fix all bug, If necessary you need check the DB and re-index the D...

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    I need to have a simple website showing the visitors' postal address similar to [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] . I want it to be multi-lingual. I want to have admin panel, on the panel, i will be able to add new language supports for the whole website. In fact, the whole website will consist of 4 main pages: 1- a dynamic homepage 2- a standard abouts page 3- a dynam...

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    Fix contact form, add few contact forms in the site as needed. Add few content , max 10 posts or pages. Fix menu navigation, single page website [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]

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    Trophy icon Logo - simple cat cartoon logo 9 nap left

    Please see attached the logo design brief Open to ideas and creativity. The idea of it is to make it look silly File format: Ai PSD PDF PNG JPG

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    Corporate Identity Homepage Design 6 nap left

    Hello, we are open soon a real estate company, for that we are searching a professional Homepage. We have some ideas. But we need first the Design, than you should tell me what CMS or custom we do this design in homepage. Understood? So i need a main page, and subpages. Pages/Menu: Startseite ( Mainpage ) Kaufen (all pages below look the same, but when you click on apartment, house, busines...

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    Simple animations to a background music that is 5 mins long.

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