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    ...are almost done with placeholder graphics -The story of the game will be based on Post apocalyptic aftermath nuclear war, player will survive by automating production of weapons and other needs,player will build underground production lines ..etc ,surviving monster and mutants -Similar games "Dig or die" "Oxygen not included" "Steam world dig" "Craft

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    The story of the game will be based on post-apocalyptic aftermath nuclear war, the player should survive by automating the production of weapons and other needs. There is short video attached to outline the concept The video describes the player on the surface,the player built a windmill generator which creates battery provided to power station through

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    Graphics for Mobile Game 6 nap left

    ...the Characters • Defeated Animation: 10 PNG files showing the character when destroyed. • Bullet PNG File • Missile PNG File 35 World Maps & Countries Background 35 enemies weapons Game Icon and buttons. Kindly read the requirements and the attached file and bid accordingly. I will contact you before awarding the project to discuss any unclear scope

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    We are looking to build up a website based on shopify cart. The website is for 1 outdoors camping and survival kits 2 military cloths 3 combat gear not weapons 4 footwear... The website should be on military and outdoors adventures themes. For any displayed products the following options ( Brand,size, color, size chart, Description, delivery options

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    ...type Joan of Arc would have carried under that. 4. Have a man and a woman facing each other lovingly, without touching or kissing. The man is dressed like a police Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team member, carrying an assault rifle. The man clearly holds the assault rifle in the one hand closer to the viewer, The woman is dressed like the woman

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    .../ Shirt / Armor - Hands / Gloves / Gauntlets - Head / Cap or Hat / Helmet Special: Robes that cover Legs and Torso+Arms And for the armament there will be: - One handed Weapons (Swords, axes, Blunts) - Shields - Bows For the helmets, hats and caps i am not yet sure whether it is best to replace the hair (partially) for them, or have them in addition

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    ...characteristics also should be changed like a human being. At different age or growth levels, it would get various super powers like spitting out fire, water, ice, smoke etc. various weapons would also be enabled. To start with this project, we are looking at creating the character and basic animation like basic motions and emotions for us to evaluate the quality

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    ...and tutorials that I have found are either lacking certain information or not current for some of the things that I would like to do. So I am looking for someone to create a simple tank game/coding project similar to this, in Unity: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] The things that I would like to have done with this project are: - Create

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    Hello, I am looking for a 3D Graphic designer to come on board and create 3D Armours & Weapons from 2d Image Representations for the UMA 2 unity Model!, in the style of these images attached. Animation is not necessary.

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    Trophy icon E-SPORTS LOGO / BRAND DESIGN 22 nap left

    ...Knights of Uberstank" Looking for a design featuring a "Horned Rat" several or all of the following influences are preferred; * Medieval / Fantasy Themes - IE Crossed Weapons or Armour ( Preferably Plate helm ) * Plague / Chaos / Sorcery Theme - Fantasy or Warhammer inspirations * Designs to be displayed on either Coat of Arms, Banners (ie Battle

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    ...sometimes players disappears from one place into another. And it's look like that the animation is partially [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] should be Smooth and Sync. 2.Weapons Dropping & Sync is working fine its dropped weapons when game start but we want to drop them at given time and Particular Place. Only Serious and Quick responsive develop...

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    Need an artist who would be willing to...colorfull cards and possibly board for new board game I'm inventing. The style should be epic and attractive sword and shield and magic era. Illustration would consist of weapons, characters, and backrounds. The artist that would be interested would likely have endless work and their name on the cards and game.

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    Pixel Art design for Weapons on urgent basis

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    I NEED A 3D ARTIST Véget ért left

    - Remake/redesign 5 different models of in game monsters. - Each remade monst...hand + feet animations as needed. - Remade/redesigned models will be with same art styles but with added 3d textures for skin, weapons and clothing - Remade/redesigned models will come with props separately such as hats, weapons capes etc… so it can be use as equipments.

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    I want a small set of 15 weapons divided in: 3 Axes 3 Swords 3 Daggers 6 Maces or hammers I give you some examples :) It has to be a progression from the worst looking to the best looking in the hammers and maces. In the other ones i have the 3 first weapons so the progression has to be from that weapons to the best looking ones. I'm spanish speaking

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    Hunting book Véget ért left

    I need the book of Hunting in it should counties fo hunt, traps, weapons for hunting, preys...

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    ...distance falls below a certain threshold, the villagers are alerted via an sms. Also, a camera is attached to the raspberry pi, which when detects a human and object like weapons (using tensorflow), sends the image to the website and alerts the forest officials. For project purpose, just detection of humans and any random object is enough. Deadline:

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    ...custom vehicle controller that may need custom engine code (At least for UE4). Applicants should have an excellent understanding of vehicle physics in UE4 as well as, A.I. and online and local multiplayer. All code/visual scripting should be well laid out; properly commented and documented in a way that would allow other team members to quickly understand

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    ...defence mechanics. The player has to defend their raft from waves of sharks and birds. There are 30 waves in total. The player can scavenge the sea for items, craft, purchase weapons and more. Here is a video of the build -- [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I need a programmer who can: - Integrating Steam works ( Steam

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    Trophy icon Illustration of Linus & Dragon Véget ért left

    ...They should stand or run beside each other and towards watching the viewer. They must look very heroic. The boy should have simple clothes like the time of Robin Hood or rebels in star wars, leather belt and stuff no weapons!. The dragon needs to be very strong and tough but still cute. Not a black dragon. I'm not asking for some specific techniques

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    In E-Commerce Website, you will work to build a can sell items like • remove two options; • show the correct answer; • a pack of 3 remove two options. The items for an adventure/RPG game developed for Game can be • Weapons and armours; • potions and accessories; • Character outfits or costumes; • Experience or skill points.

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    I need to create a template for an game, i will use this template to find the real positions and size of armors, weapons etc

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    About Us: We are an Online Video Streaming Platform, and we create a huge array of content for our YouTube Channel. We are looking for professional content creators to join us for our endeavor. About the Videos: We're looking to create 10-15 Apex Legends Gameplay Videos (console or PC), with commentary, for beginners to Apex Legends, covering the

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    Through integration of Vendor-related assets from Unity Asset Store, build a new Unity3D Project that has Managers of those features. Managers can be Weapons Manager, Suits and Costume Manager for player (for example), Insects Manager, Bugs Manager, Dangerous Olants Manager, to name a few. For Start, I need only 3, In this first project built from

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    ...and sell to everyone. (No cops required online/Instructions to change locations as needed) Police/EMS whitelist jobs (with uniforms) Proper Admin menu (easy to understand and add/promote people) Custom Wages for Jobs (instruction how to change if needed) Restricted weapons (No explosive or Fire-based weapons) Weapon Cost adjustments (instructions how

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    Project for Stavros L. Véget ért left

    Hi Stavros L., 10 articles , 500 so that i can give you advices on the niche itself not the technical review I will suggest the following titles to start writing on them: Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Ghosts 2 weapons Ghosts 2 perks Ghosts 2 maps Ghosts 2 killstreaks ... release date ... multiplayer ... single player ... deathstreaks ... (any rumors)

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    Logo designer Véget ért left

    Im a Firearms instructor that offers firearms training and concealed weapons classes

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    I need some science fiction writing for a game. The game is about a crew of a spaceship. They are: Commander, Weapons Officer, Engineer, Medic, Scientist. The spaceship is traveling in hostile environment and crew members are performing various tasks like shooting enemy ships, repairing broken hull, researching alien life form, researching alien tech

    €152 (Avg Bid)
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    I am making some board game miniatures for 3D printing. • I have 15 human-like character models created in ZBrush and separate models of weapons. • I want a weapon placed in the hand of each model. • I need minor geometry cleanup and exporting each model into 1 STL file. • There may be further opportunities for designing vehicles and other models

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    Conan exiles mod Véget ért left

    ...Conan Exiles in UE4 using 4.15.3 engine. What I want in the mods. I need some new weapons and armor. I am looking for 90 new weapons with a mix of Swords (1h, 2h, dual wield) Axes (1h, 2h and dual wield), Staffs, daggers, and bows. 10 new complete armor sets. Weapons and armor should have particle effects. Yes, even the armor. I want them to glow and

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    Through integration of Vendor-related assets from Unity Asset Store, build a new Unity3D Project that has Managers of those features. Managers can be Weapons Manager, Suits and Costume Manager for player (for example), Insects Manager, Bugs Manager, Dangerous Olants Manager, to name a few. For Start, I need only 3, In this first project built from

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    Build me a intro video Véget ért left

    ...for 2 video intros like the ones in the links below. I like the "range" type video as we will be doing firearm saftey videos on our channel to help educte people on firirng weapons and owening them in a safe way and tr responsibilities with them. so that type of into would be nice to have. The other into is a more generic but would like somthing similar

    €163 (Avg Bid)
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    Through integration of Vendor-related assets from Unity Asset Store, build a new Unity3D Project that has Managers of those features. Managers can be Weapons Manager, Suits and Costume Manager for player (for example), Insects Manager, Bugs Manager, Dangerous Olants Manager, to name a few. For Start, I need only 3, In this first project built from

    €186 (Avg Bid)
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    ...character I would like animated is my pillow character Sak™. I have attached images to show you what he looks like. He wields swords, axes, shields, and other medieval fantasy weapons. I would like to get a sprite sheet of Sak walking, running, dashing, low jump, high jump, ladder climb and crawling, as well as a couple of sword swings, stabs, and then on

    €22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I have a base blocking 3d model of a flare gun i need to have it completed base on the photo reference given, most acurate possible with mid poly modeling, and uv done. atatched to the project are all the file you need if you want to check

    €48 (Avg Bid)
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    require a skilled writer who could provide us 30 Unique names, Description writings, specifications with unique terms,..Like giving Sci-fi description of each character, his weapons and their namings etc,... Who could name different collectables and sci-fi elements, its functioning

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    Trophy icon Draw Down Detection - Logo Véget ért left

    Design a logo for the company Draw Down Detection. This company offers a SENSOR which detects Gunpowder. That means they are a technology company, but the goal is to detect weapons or ammunition prior to entering. You may choose to build a logo with that in mind. I would like to see a D in black with a gun pointing down as the center. NOT ALL OF YOU.

    €49 (Avg Bid)
    218 pályamű

    ...POLYGON (think Overwatch game quality). We'll need around 12-14. -Item Models: Each character will have 5 sets of armor (helmet, chest, boots, gloves, pants) and 5 sets of weapons -Monster Models: We'll need about 60-80 monster models, medium polygon. 10 bosses (large). Each will have 1-3 attacks, small amount will have more. -Pet models: around 5 very

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    Build Gmod Server Véget ért left

    I need developpers and 3D Modeller to making objects / entities / PNJ / vehicles / weapons / etc... for Garry's Mod ( Using Source Engine² ). We paying after the work is done ! 700$ for 3 developpers (More if there are more works ) We need developper with : 3 years of experiences in LUA. or 2 years of experiences in GLUA. or 2 years of experiences

    €549 (Avg Bid)
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    Weapon simulation system I am creating a weapons simulation system for small arms. I require a electrical engineer to design the electronic circuit and coding for the system. The system will include, but no limited to. Infared optics WIFI RFID Online/offline servers GUI I need some one experienced in these fields. I will explain the project

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    Trophy icon Gamer Server Logo Véget ért left

    We have a discord server called The Oasis to which we want a logo designing. We would like the below image example to also incorporate a PUBG loot box and weapons and loot leaning against or next to the loot box (pictures below). Also we would like the surfer to be taken out of the image.

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    Pubg game android Véget ért left

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a 2017 online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. The game is based on previous mods that were created by Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene for other games, inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, and expanded

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    ...Phone or tablet Motherboard or logicboard is crime scene Componets are suspect Issue or trouble is the crime happend on logicboard And Finally I am a detective I have my weapons like professional tools for soldering and desoldering componets and measurements tools.. But the most really important tools are LOGICAL THINKING ANALYSIS SKILL OF LINKING

    €96 (Avg Bid)
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    ...pale skin and white eyes usually living under the earth. They wear simple cloth robes and belts with a few small bags, but nothing else (also they are barefoot). Cavelings are rather affine to magic and do even small allday tasks with their magics. They do not see any use in weapons or armors, except for trading which is one of their passions. Their

    €289 (Avg Bid)
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    ...complementary font that you would suggest for each team. Here are some details for the four groups (let's call them teams for now): 1. Kreeg. A red color, war-like, aggressive, weapons like hammers, swords, spears, fire. Your typical dwarf, orc, barbarian group. 2. Aria. Color white or slight off-white, healing, righteous, justice, thinking maybe a stained

    €221 (Avg Bid)
    60 pályamű please confirm you'd be able to develop them if required? We will also need In app purchasing: This will be in forms of random spin crates for skins, premium skins and weapons which are all cosmetic. Types of play: Quick match: A quick match against a random user, if no users available then a AI bot. Ranked play: Doesn't have to be ready upon initial

    €2528 (Avg Bid)
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    16 licitek

    ...battle so each team has 3 players and a captain the objective to the game is to take out the other teams base with your teams bomb. offensive and defensive weapons defense weapons with simple AI for enemy firing graphics aren't an issue need functionality before artwork Read Less ******* LOW BUDGET ********...

    €409 (Avg Bid)
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    Multiplayer tank battle Véget ért left

    I have a concept for a multiplayer tank battle game also have located the exac...battle so each team has 3 players and a captain the objective to the game is to take out the other teams base with your teams bomb. offensive and defensive weapons defense weapons with simple AI for enemy firing graphics aren't an issue need functionality before artwork

    €601 (Avg Bid)
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    action style 4 vs...multi map several offensive and defensive weapons to use life/hp system premade base layouts random map/base location login/registration functions main lobby for chatting and battle selections group system for battles graphics will be very basic only for functionality probably get them all free online images for example only

    €303 (Avg Bid)
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