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    5 page paper double spaced. Topic: Urban areas played a pivotal role in shaping the identity and destiny of the country during Hilda Polacheck’s lifetime. How does her autobiography portray the unique problems or opportunities that cities presented for Americans in the “Progressive Era”? What strategies do the individuals and communities depicted in

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    Comparative study of figures between Amazon(media service, markertplace) , Ebay(marketplace) and Netflix(media...of figures between Amazon(media service, markertplace) , Ebay(marketplace) and Netflix(media service). Please base them off the figures in the excel sheet I made. 5 Single Spaced Pages. I will proved Format information once bid is accepted.

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    develop a video editing software for language learning including functions of adding text, highlighting, repetition, adding short clips, adding follow up expertises, locating, and selecting languages and proficiency level etc.

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    Fill google form (survey) 2 nap left

    You need to conduct survey through google forms (Already created) it ...research among travelers (But you free to conduct in any group) minimum requirements is 5000 entries and every entries should be unique. We will not count entries those having repetition We will not count entries from INDIA & Pakistan We will not count entries which are incomplete

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    I am making an MMORPG Prison server with the theme being Heaven vs Hell. I am trying to eliminate repetition by adding in new features that players unlock by passing the game. This job would be best suited to someone who is already familiar with Minecraft.

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    Number of pages/words: 1 Page / 275 Words / Double spaced Style: Harvard Number of source/references: 1 German language

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    ...brief interview and test will be given to showcase you level of expertise. Let me know if you are interested. We currently pay our writers roughly $10- $20 per one double spaced page or roughly 290 words. There are bonuses if you show quality and efficient work. If proven qualified, this will result in a long term collaboration, we will gladly sign

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    Design Work Véget ért left

    ...Remove the phone number and website 3. Remove the logo 4. Remove the barcode 5. Move everything that is left up to the top of the panel 6. Not evenly spaced, fix 7. Make font all capitals and a little bit smaller 4. Please view "Lamohka Outer - 500 - edit" and complete the following steps by editing the attachment "Outer

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    Style: MLA Number of pages/words: 5 Pages / 1375 Words / Double spaced Number of source/references: 8

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    Task: Create a new / improve the mockup of the 'exercise' screen visible in the...him through the workout, exercise by exercise. The screen I want to have redesigned is the screen that shows the current exercise. Attention: There a 2 types of exercises: repetition based and time based -> I need a design for both of them (see the attached screenshots)

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    Write me a 3-4 essay Véget ért left

    ...defended in an article (attached file) on a topic pertaining to information ethics with all the sources cited This is how it goes: "The critical essay must be typed, double spaced, in 12 point type with 1" margins in Times New Roman, or Times font. The essay should be at least 3 pages long and not longer than 7 pages. The essay should contain these

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    Write an essay Véget ért left

    I need an essay, about 4 pages (double spaced), written as a comparative analysis of two of Jane Austen's works. Choose one text and one adaptation we’ve read in class (You can also use Northanger Abbey as an adaptation of The Female Qixote, P&P as an adaptation or update of NA, or any of the more clear adaptations we’ve watched/discussed) Write a

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    Retype so that all fonts are the same, paragraph formatting is the same and that all other than the top part ( caption) are double spaced. I estimate that this job will take less than an hour and I wold like it completed within a couple of hours after hiring a person.

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    ...the history of flowing jobs, should leave a history in database.. which will also feed the database as a teach in capability.. (a data entered to system can be utilized in repetition of same job after a while) Plant Capacity (machine by machine): There will be a simple visual of production plant which shows the machines. .. the user will be able to

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    Bourdieu und das Recht Véget ért left

    Style: Harvard Number of pages/words: 1 Pages / 275 Words / Double spaced Number of source/references: 1

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    Verbatim and Policies Véget ért left

    Hello, I have a 10 minute video that needs to be transcribed verbatim...a 10 minute video that needs to be transcribed verbatim. And a 40 page document that I need to be typed into word. Times Romans, 12-point font. Much of the form is double-spaced. Easy work for a typist. I will send document to individual directly as information is sensitive.

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    ...PhysicalName= C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] # As the variable names are same for all dictionaries, I would like to add suffix with "_" followed by repetition number,as there could be more than 2 files LogicalName_1= Testing_Script_Dinesh_log PhysicalName_1= C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server[jelentkezzen be az ...

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    Need a 3 page single-spaced essay about the organization's culture. The organization is any company chosen of your own but should have some culture. Can make up things or organization too! More info in the uploaded files.

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    The essay should be 4-5 double spaced pages. The essay is based upon the book 6 of the Iliad.

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    ...such as Scotty's, S (single initial), SBJS (company abbreviation), SJS (company abbreviation without "by"), JSA (J Scotty's Attire). Maybe also some versions with the letters spaced with fullstops e.g. S.B.J.S or J.S.A etc. I am looking to create a main logo which can be used for social media and my website. However, I would also like different variants

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    Position memorandum Véget ért left

    this memo is written from the perspective of your assigned role. In about two single-spaced pages, it presents a set of policy options for consideration by the NSC and recommends one of them to the president. The recommendation, or position, outlined in this memo is the one you will defend during the role-play. You will write the second memo, called

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    hello, i am seeking a designer who can create a 3d model of a round bead (sphere), with animal figures debossed on the bead. the same animal will repeat on the bead 3 times, spaced equally. if you have any examples of animals/figurines with detail, or any other designs that may be relvant, please send as reference. thank you.

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    I would like to have an infographic created which reflects the hand drawn attachment. You will need to follow ...the key thing to emphasise is the dramatic drop-off from the end of Q1 2021. The figures in red are from Feb 17, Aug 17, Feb 18, Aug 18 and Feb 19 – so need to be properly spaced. Please type ANGEL to demonstrate you have read this brief.

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    Briefing Paper Véget ért left

    ...position? It can’t be evasive or ambiguous; you must take a stand one way or the other. The opinion is an important part of the briefing paper. (2 to 3 pages maximum double spaced 12 point font) No need to have too much writing it can even but 2 pages. The most important thing is the top four 4 questions on Medicare are answered correctly! I have some

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    I only accept writers with philosophical writing experience. The required time for completion is 2 days The article requires 900 words Just write three double-spaced pages Please stay away from copying and pasting. You may emulate good pieces of writing in style, the choice of words, concepts, and ideas. But borrowing complete sentences and paragraphs

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    ...turquoise - indicating a channel in use). The circles shall be positioned in the 100 x 100 pixels file, so that when the icons are arranged next to each other, the circles are spaced like on the enclosed example. This means, the circles shall not go till the boarder to of the file, but leave some space at the boarder. Please do not bid for the project

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    Its a page or half page paper on CWright Mills and what is sociological imagination How...divorce and chose two to three societal factors the researchers believe may contribute to that particular problem What solutions if any for divorce Paper should be double spaced one inch margins with 12 pt Times New Roman font as word doc also a cited page

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    ...******************************************* 1: NAvGGG full width (responsive), with Home icon at the left (black on white background in a square space) then 7 links evenly spaced out with a white separator. On Mouse hover, the colours are reversed and drop down appears on one link. Compatible with IE11. The navigation bar stays at the top of the screen

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    4 page summary/analysis Véget ért left

    ...academic research or concepts that have a scientific basis (the source does not have to be a journal article but should have some link to science) • Paper is typed (double-spaced) with a standard size (12) font, and turned in on time. • Paper is at least 4 complete pages, appropriately divided between a summary of the source and a personal analysis

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    I am beginning a project with a very soon deadline and need a literature review upon which to build my policy suggestions. get me off the ground would be most welcomed. Details on the project and focus will be provided to the hired person, but the general length will be sixish pages (double spaced). Time-frame is 18 or hours. Thank you!

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    Project for Edita -- 2 Véget ért left

    Ich habe Ihnen zum Projekt eingeladen. Subject: Politikwissenschaft Topic: Materialistische Rechtstheorie Style: Harvard Number of pages/words: 1 Pages / 275 Words / Double spaced Deadline ist 02. Februar Ich zahle 15 Euro

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    Style: Harvard Number of pages/words: 1 Pages / 275 Words / Double spaced Number of source/references: 1

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    3D Modeling Animation Véget ért left

    Render 3d Scene for 30 to 50 second with at least 6 photo frame. As a final output you will have to submit : 1) Rendered video scene with 6 Photo frame. As a final output you will have to submit : 1) Rendered video scene with 6 Photo frame placement. 2) and. all the "individual object" used in video, with no repetition of any objects.

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    21 licitek videos and we have a clip that runs for about 45 seconds. I have a script that I need narrated. This will be used as a core piece of marketing material. It should be spaced out with gaps to fill up the full video. I have the clip which you can view here: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] The script

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    Project---1 Véget ért left

    Case should be around 4 Pages and 12-point font, double-spaced five steps to a good case: 1) Identify your role. Place yourself inside the case - think like a participant. 2) Identify the problem. Once you have determined what the problem is, you are well on your way to identifying a reasonable solution Writing down a problem statement gives you a

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    I need a 5 page paper, double spaced APA formate with at least 3 resources on Instuitite of Nursing report due in 2 weeks

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    1 licitek and building electrical, power supply and distribution systems, lighting and lighting technology.   (2) Originality requirements: China's core journals require a repetition rate of no more than 10%.   (3) Readability requirements: the article must be readable and the article must have science   Basis, technical terminology. (4) Novelty requirements:

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    I need a essay writer Véget ért left

    I need a double spaced essay with source page with APA format. Need it urgently.

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    I need a 4 page double spaced paper with source page and all necessary components to an APA paper.

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    I'm looking for someone to help me ceate a bluethooth strip with 42 recievers. It must be around 1.8 meters in length with the recievers equally spaced along the strip. They can be connected together along the strip with a wire that is able to gathered the collected data together in a device at one end that is powered and can be networked.

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    ...looking for a creative writer that will right a 750-1000 word description on just one category of my products. i would like this writer to include multiple search keywords with repetition so the article will stand out to google. Example Using Company name 25x in article. Use Category Name 20x in article. If you feel like you are capable of doing this or have

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    Discuss the general impact of the mass media on crime and discuss the impact information presented in the media that has on viewers. Discuss recommendations regarding t...the media that has on viewers. Discuss recommendations regarding the impact on crime. APA format In-text citations Title/ Reference page 2 to 3 page maximum/ doubled spaced

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    Style: A4 Format Number of pages/words: 1 Pages / 275 Words / Double spaced Number of source/references: 1

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    Reflection Paper Véget ért left

    ...argued for God that is. What are your thoughts in regards to these three concepts? Please read chapter 10 very carefully!! Your reflection paper needs to be 2-pages double-spaced, excluding references. Your submission MUST be in Word format (i.e., *.docx). Please follow the guidelines of a reflection paper, as posted, both “Suggestion to Writers” and

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    ...very roughly I need two sets. one where the outline of the letters is BLACK and one where it is WHITE Design should look exactly like mine with regards to how the flags are spaced in the letters. I want you to present to me 3 different font types that are simillar to mine that can be used Keep in mind i want to sell these as tshirts and phone cases

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    Specific requirements: (1) Originality requirements, the repetition rate required by China's core journals cannot exceed 10%. (2) Readability requirements, articles must have certain readability and articles must have scientific basis, professional terms must be        specification. (3) The novelty requirement must be sufficient for the new camp to

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    Personal Statement Véget ért left

    ...level and the reasons for pursuing master-level education in social work. Applicants must submit a statement that uses Times New Roman font size twelve (12) and is double-spaced. In social work education, the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual (APA Style) is used for formatting and style. Applicants are required to use this guide

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    I have a nonfiction book proposal that’s approx. 30 pages double spaced that I need proofread/copy edited. I'm looking for typos, grammatical errors, passive sentences etc. It’s a quick turnaround...I’ll have the draft ready for Thurs Jan 24 at 5pm and need it the next day for Friday Jan 25 at 3pm. The content deals with xenophobia, Islamophobia and

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    ...- To use keyword planner and choose the relevant highly searched keyword - To add the keyword 3 times in the text + in the title - To use the keyword one time and avoid repetition of it in other articles - Add Key in the meta title and meta description - If Possible add the keyword in the image name, title, caption 2- Images: - To search for relevant

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    Write an introductory paragraph for a hypothetical essay that you might write in response to...hypothetical essay that you might write in response to the following question: Is it ethical for parents to create ‘saviour siblings’? Technical details: - Typed, double-spaced, 12 pt font –Length: up to 250 words maximum (no more than one page)

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    19 licitek