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    HD Sticker designs for hat brand .

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    Looking for a graphic designer who can create a set of modern and minimalist branding graphics for my product. Photos shows the fruit packer robot in place over a conveyor with multiple units next to each other. Logo, branding colors and photos of machines in a factory are in the data set. Machine currently have a blue logo sticker. This will be removed and replaced with new branding. Orange should be used sparingly as there are lots of machines in a row next to each other and don't want the branding to be over powering. The front an rear needs a location for an ID numbers (shown in the photos) Clear windows can have some branding but it needs to be subtle and not obscure the view too much. The top of the machine is not visible so does not need branding or minimal brandi...

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    Edit a sticker 5 nap left

    Hi Freelancer, I'm interested in designing and editing some stickers and if like the work we can continue for a bigger venture

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    ...featuring the brand logo and business information. I envision having various logo types to complement different product lines, including a simplified version for smaller branding opportunities. Requirements: Logo design reflecting the essence and values of the brand Labels and packaging designs that resonate with the target audience Stickers with the brand logo for promotional purposes Brand identity guidelines for consistent use across all products Deliverables: High-resolution logo files in various formats (JPEG, PNG, Vector) Label and packaging designs ready for printing Sticker designs suitable for both digital and physical use Brand identity guidelines document outlining logo variations and usage guidelines Timeline: Please provide an estimated timeframe for com...

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    I got a simple taskm lokoing for somebody who can intergrate a sunny grape leaf into the letters of my logo. it must be perfect in detail so i can use it for a car sticker with the size of 125-30 cm I'm looking for a talented designer who can help me fine-tune my logo. I want to make changes to the color and font of my current design. Key Requirements: - Adjust color: I want the logo to have a bold and vibrant color scheme. - Modify font: The desired font style for the logo should be modern and clean. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in logo design and branding. - Experience in using bold and vibrant color schemes. - Strong understanding of modern and clean font styles. Please provide previous examples of your work when bidding.

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    ...looking for a skilled and creative designer to work on sticker and Moqups designs for our eCommerce work on Amazon and Flipkart. Your task will be focused on: - Designing promotional stickers for our grocery products. - Building Moqups for our product listing to enhance our online presence and attract customers. If you have a background in eCommerce design, specifically with experience working on Amazon and Flipkart, and are well-versed in creating effective visuals for grocery products, then your skills are exactly what I'm searching for. Previous experience in advertising, branding, packaging, and product listing within the grocery sector will be highly advantageous. Be ready to showcase your portfolio and demonstrate what makes your design skills perfe...

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    QR Code Paintshop Inventory System 3 nap left

    I am looking to innovate my paintshop's inventory management by implementing a QR Code system. The system will involve each paint tin being assigned a unique QR code, which will be printed onto a sticker. This QR code will have the product name and product code printed underneath it. Key Tasks: - Generating a unique QR code for each paint tin - Printing the QR code and product details on a sticker in color - Ensuring the QR code can be scanned by mobile devices - Ensuring the product name and code are prominently displayed - Ensuring the stickers are durable and able to withstand the paintshop environment This system will serve a few purposes: - Tracking Consumption: Our staff can scan the QR code when they use up a tin, allowing us to track consumption in r...

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    I am in need of a talented graphic designer to create an engaging and visually appealing large boat decal sticker. This project involves banner design, but with specific focus on a boat decal. Key Requirements: - Design a banner that will be used as a large boat decal sticker - Understand the unique design requirements for a decal sticker - Create a design that is not only visually appealing, but also durable and suitable for outdoor/boat use Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio of previous banner designs - Experience in creating decals or stickers - Understanding of material and design requirements for outdoor use - Creativity and an eye for detail Please include samples of your previous work and let me know if you have...

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    I need a uniquely skilled graphic designer, proficient in illustration, to create a print design for a T-shirt sticker. The design must be unique, engaging, and capture the attention of anyone who sees it. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficient in illustration - Experience in creating print designs for merchandise - Strong conceptual and artistic skills - Ability to interpret design requirements and create unique design Your creativity will have the freedom to explore and create a design based on the given sample. Your design skills will be key in bringing this project to life.

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    I need a skilled and experienced graphic designer with expertise in logo design and brand identity including Arabic text integration, to collaborate on our Logo Evaluation and Enhancement Project. The primary objective of this project is to assess and potentially modify our company logo to enhance its versatility, readability, and visual impact across various marketing channels and platforms. Responsibilities: 1. Evaluate the current company logo including Arabic text elements and identify areas for potential enhancement. 2. Propose modifications to typography, proportions, and design elements to improve logo effectiveness while maintaining the integrity of Arabic text. 3. Collaborate with the project team to ensure modifications align with brand identity and guidel...

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    I'm seeking a creative graphic designer who can achieve a clean, minimalist style that is simultaneously utterly delicious and attractive. I want the design to stand out from other products on the market, looking like a premium, high-quality item. Above all, it should be so appetizing that consumers can't resist the urge to buy it just by seeing it. I need creativity. This designer will be crucial for creating the logo first, and then for designing the label on the top of the lid and the sticker label for the container.

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    Trophy icon Diamond Green Diesel 2024 Sticker Design Véget ért left

    As an integral part of our 2024 turnaround, I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to create a professional yet fun hard hat sticker design. The design should incorporate the following: - Company logo - 2024 turnaround year - A symbolic element related to the project In addition, it would be a great bonus if the Texas Flag could be subtly integrated. However, this is not a requisite. I would like the design to predominantly feature blue and green. Appropriate experience in designing for the industrial or energy sector is advantageous. The ideal freelancer should have the ability to convey professionalism with an element of fun and excitement in their design.

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    ** I want to make some modifications to my book cover ** The redesign is prompted by the release of a new edition, which includes fresh content that I'd like to reflect on the cover. The changes would be minor, such as adding a few details or stickers. Do NOT change the overall style of the cover, it's simple, just adding some sticker of slight modification to the cover to reflect the following: Main highlights people appreciate: Prompt Engineering Data Analysis Also, we might consider adding something bold like "+2,500 prompts" on the cover to make it stand out even more.

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    I...boat named 'KILLER B' and I'm looking for a talented designer to create a custom vinyl sticker for it. The sticker should: - Be appropriate for a boat - Incorporate a real tiny bee in the design to pay homage to my family - Potentially include a conventional reel, similar to 'Wasatch Wasp' - Have a color scheme of blue, white, silver flake, and possibly gold flake Your design should be visually striking, durable enough for outdoor use, and ideally, have a touch of humor or uniqueness. Ideal skills and experience for this job include graphic design, particularly for vinyl stickers or boat decals, experience in custom illustrations, and a good understanding of color theory and the psychology of color in design. An inte...

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    I'm seeking a talented graphics designer to create a cartoonish style sticker of chicken Joe as a paratrooper for personal expression. Cartoonish, chicken strapped as an 82nd airborne army. The key requirements are: - Sticker design centered around personal expression - Cartoonish style artwork - Sticker must be medium-sized, between 5 and 10 cm Not much experienced, just make it funny and have fun with it. Need 40 stickers. Please send me your quote.

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    I'm in need of an expert in sticker design, particularly in creating logos that follow a nature theme. My preference leans towards designs that use earth tones, as these stickers will be for a product line related to spices. The ideal freelancer for this job will have a strong portfolio demonstrating their proficiency in logo creation and sticker design, and ideally have experience in creating nature-inspired logos. Mastery of color theory, specially in working with earth tones is also a plus.

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    Trophy icon Unique Mezcal Label Design Véget ért left

    ...white sticker label. The ideal designer should be able to create an elegant and minimalist design style, incorporating the following elements: - Brand logo - Mezcal origin information - Tasting notes - Dolce de Leche The theme of the label design should be elegant and minimalist, with the use of geometric shapes. I’ve added the logo and the icon that can used for the design. I will choose one for the Original Mezcal and one got the dolce de leche . The designer should be able to incorporate these elements in a way that complements the luxury quality of the brand and helps the product stand out on the shelf. The label may also extend to the bottle neck and possibly to the cork. I’ve attached a barcode and other assets . I’ve also attached ...

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    ...a classic and elegant touch. The design should prominently feature emerald green and wooden colors, complemented by a black sticker with golden fonts to enhance the overall elegance. Ideal skills for this job include strong understanding of color theory, excellent 3D designing skills, and a keen aesthetic sense. Key Features: - Curved glass bottle: We're going for a timeless and elegant look with curved shapes. Incorporating a glass design is essential. - Color scheme: We're looking for a beautiful blend of emerald green and wooden colors. It would be a bonus if you could creatively integrate a black sticker with golden font. Experience in designing perfume or cosmetic packaging would be highly beneficial for this project. The ability to work in a...

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    Sticker Designs Véget ért left

    Hi, this is regarding stickers as discussed.

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    As the owner of a kimchi business, I require an adept graphic designer with strong skills in typography modification and illustration changes. For this project, I'll look forward to: - Although I'm ...color, I'm open to professional advice that will enhance it. - Modifying the typography of our logo to a bold and modern style, to appeal to our target audience. Ideally, the candidate will have a flair for designing commercial logos in the food industry. Plus, creating a comprehensive sticker detailing the product explanation and nutritional info is also part of this project. I expect a design that is informative, visually appealing, and in line with our brand's aesthetics. Strong knowledge of visual design, branding, and food industry trends woul...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer who can create custom shape stickers for my black cardamom bags. Key Requirements: - The stickers sho...of the cardamom. - The usage instructions must be included in a clear and concise manner. The preferred size for the stickers is large, exceeding 4 inches. This is to ensure that key information is easily visible to customers. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design and custom sticker creation. - Experience in designing for food or product packaging is a plus. - Attention to detail to accurately reflect information on the stickers. - Ability to deliver a high-quality, visually appealing design that aligns with the product's brand image. Looking forward to receiving proposals from talented desi...

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    I am in need of a skilled designer who can create an engaging sticker GIF. - Type of GIF: Though the use and theme of the GIF were not specified, the requirement is for a sticker style animation. - Skill Set: Experience in graphic design, particularly in creating sticker GIFs, is preferred. Ability to creatively interpret briefs with limited information will be useful. - Other Requirements: All other specifics can be negotiated as part of the project discussion process. The ideal freelancer would have a keen eye for detail, produce high quality work and adhere to the delivery schedule.

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    I have a personal photo in which there's an object in the background that I'd like to have removed. This is for personal use, so I'm looking for it to be done with high-quality editing. The task involves: - Removing a background item from a single personal photo (sticker on window in attached photo, Pokémon/icons on the bench and other cable car) - Ensuring that the edited photo looks natural and professionally done as the photo will be for personal I think this should be pretty straightforward but I’m open to your creative suggestions on how to best achieve this edit!

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    I need a large quantity of sticker designs, 1 new design every week. They are designs for collectible toys, you can look at the folder for samples: SAMPLE GRAPHICS. The designs have to be high quality like the samples provided. Here is the file folder with the DESIGN SHAPE AND SIZE, many SAMPLE GRAPHICS, and the 6 CAR COLORS. I will need the RAW Photoshop file. Successful winner of this bid will have a contract to produce 1 new design every week. You can view all the files here:

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    I am seeking to develop an image editing ...professionals and beginners like me. The tool should support: - Basic editing functions such as crop, rotate, and resize. - Filters and effects to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. - A variety of text and sticker overlays for customization. - Aspects of Photoshop’s functionality, although I am flexible and open to suggestions on this regard. The ideal candidate for this task would be someone with experience in software development, particularly in the field of graphic software, who can respect the balance between simplicity and professional capacity in the tool’s design. Your understanding of Photoshop would be an asset. Looking forward to your proposals! I would like to create the Vibes image colour...

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    I'm in need of a creative and experienced designer who can bring my vision to life. My project involves creating a cartoonish avatar...following emotions should be clearly identifiable: - Happy + Thumbs up - Sad - Angry - Surprised - Facepalm - Pensive - Mind Blown - Bored The design must be done in a distinctly cartoonish style. Prior experience in creating cartoon characters and understanding non-verbal emotional cues would be highly desirable skills for this job. Please kindly ensure the depiction of each emotion is clear and relatable. Your creativity in detailing these expressions consistently across the avatar's design will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing your application and portfolio. Looking for something similar to:

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    ...Experience: - Proficient in graphic design - Experience in designing children's products - Knowledgeable about adhering to safety standards for toddlers - Adept in leveraging color schemes and designs that appeal to toddlers, in particular, car and truck themes Job Scope: - Design vibrant stickers with car and truck themes fit for a toddler's toy car - Ensure designs are appropriate for application on a plastic surface - Develop design drafts for review before finalization - Incorporate revisions based on feedback (if any) - Deliver final designs in ready-to-print format This project requires a combination of creativity and technical skill, coupled with the understanding of what visually appeals to toddlers. If you have experience in children's...

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    I'm in need of an artist with a knack ...creating tasteful designs. Going off my limited design preferences, we could definitely use something that looks scrumptious and appealing more than adhering to a specific style. What I'm most concerned about: - It doesn't matter if it's minimalist, retro, or modern, I want the design to scream tasty! - I want illustrations of the food product that make it look irresistible. - The sticker must be 14x23.55 cm. Please only apply if you have experience in product design, specifically within the food industry. Knowledge of designing for print is also required to ensure the best quality when the design gets printed onto the stickers. You should be able to take my limited design knowledge an...

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    Seeking to create custom Whatsapp emoji and sticker for my brand. I'm looking for someone who can design and develop a set of cartoonish emojis and stickers. These should be compatible with both Android and iOS. It’s important that the emojis and stickers are creative and visually appealing, helping to promote my brand effectively. Key Requirements: - Design and develop custom cartoonish emojis and stickers - Compatibility with both Android and iOS - Create both static and animated versions Ideal Skills: - Experience in Emoji and Sticker creation I need 7 emoji & 2 whatsapp stickers as attached here to use in my whatsapp group for my product to motivate my sales team members Details about emoji & stickers are attached here. Please check. ...

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    Hello I had a designer working on some work, he did well but disappeared. I need help finishing my bags and work. 10 bags total, need design text edited, sticker and bag model created

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer to address a problem with the stickers on my website. Unfortunately, the specifics of the issue weren't detailed, but I'm hopeful that a proficient developer can troubleshoot and resolve the problem. Key Responsibilities: - Diagnose and fix the issue with the stickers. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in web development. - Experience in troubleshooting and fixing website issues.

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    Project for Ram K. Véget ért left

    Hi Ram . We have already worked with you. Now i have one more wish. I have PNG needed to convert in DWG . This PNG is word - sign "Bulldog" which i need to make sticker for my motorbike.

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    Sticker by number pages Véget ért left

    we have a bunch more sticker by number pages.

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    1. Install this app. 2. select one logo. (Edit logo screen) need all functions / you can say a replica of that screen and function now I need this screen. where you can add new graphics, text, and bg. after that, when you add graphics, you see some functions like shadow, colour, curve, and more. I need the same option and function. check the details in detail. no fully functional app is needed. We just need a screen which offers logo modification functions. take your time and share me the list of which things(functions) are included and your best price for this project with the timeline. Thank you

    €348 (Avg Bid)
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    12 árajánlat

    Just need help with making a window sticker that looks like the one attach. Duplicate the same format, but different company information. We will provide company info

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    107 árajánlat

    Main label design that will serve as the basis for the other products, in 2 versions: - 2.5"x2.5" - 3.75" x 2.5"

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    1 árajánlat

    ...someone who has the exact same version of this inverter, with experience in handling this kind of devices, to locate the original working resistor on the board, and take a photo of it, with a visible full code. The version of the inverter must be an exact match. It must be the Xian Ke Zhi, 48V, 5000W, and the sticker, and board layout, must be the same has the provided photos. This version does not seem to be manufactured anymore. There is a new version, that has a different sticker (blue instead of orange, and other differences), but the board layout is different, and it doesn't have the same resistor, in the same place. Priority will be given for someone who actually has the same inverter, since it would be a quicker and safer repair. But I will consider other of...

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    I require a talented and creative designer to produce appealing vinyl, bumper, and logo stickers specifically tailored for food product packaging. The stickers need to be not only artistically compelling, but also functional and practical on the packaging. Key requirements: - Prior experience with product description sticker designs, preferably in the food industry - Ability to translate and convey the product's values and attributes through visual tools - Proven skills in creating designs that enhance a product's aesthetic appeal and its salability. Your portfolio showcasing similar works will be a decisive factor in the procurement process.

    €14 (Avg Bid)
    €14 licitátlag
    41 árajánlat

    ...for a talented designer who can create an impactful bumper sticker for a cause I'm passionate about. The sticker should be standard in size, 3x10 inches. The visual design should aim to appeal to a wide audience while clearly conveying the message of the cause. Key Requirements: - Prior experience in creating visually appealing promotional designs - Understanding of how to effectively convey a message through visual elements - Ability to work with specific color schemes while also providing creative input - Proficient in graphic design software and able to provide high-resolution design files Overall, I need a bumper sticker that is both visually engaging and clearly communicates the cause it supports. If you have a strong design ...

    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    48 árajánlat

    ...schemes be cool tones; blues, greens and purples. Key Requirements: 1. Design Experience: Ideally, you've previously worked on graphics in the food and beverage sector and understand how to portray an appealing brand image. 2. Imagery: I'm particularly keen on incorporating a coffee bean theme into the design. Whether this is a pattern or a subtle repeat icon is up to your creativity. 3. Delivery: Please provide all final designs in a vector format. 4. Time Frame: All designs should be completed within a month of project start. Ideal Skills: • Graphic design prowess, with a knack for elegant and stylish visuals • Understanding of color theory and combinations • Adept at incorporating specific elements into design in an appe...

    €210 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Mining Humor Sticker Design Véget ért left

    I am searching for ...involves designing a mining sticker with a humoristic theme targeted at miners. The sticker will depict two cartoon characters in high visibility gear trying to access an underground coal face. One character, the miner operator, will be uttering the phrase "Seek approval before coming on my face". To be successful in this project, you ideally should: * Have experience in creating cartoon character designs. * Be able to effectively merge humor with illustration, as the humor in the design is crucial and should be conveyed through both text and character expressions. * Understand the mining industry to create a relatable and enjoyable design for miners. This project provides an opportunity to showcase your creativity and humor, ...

    €48 (Avg Bid)
    286 pályamű

    I'm looking to create a themed Telegram sticker pack, specifically surrounding the theme of THC and 420. - Quantity: I'm anticipating the completion of more than 20 stickers. - Design: I'm open to the stickers being a mix of both custom designs and stock images. Creativity and uniqueness are key. Ideal skills and experience for this job would be someone who has a strong understanding and knowledge of the 420 culture, along with previous experience in creating engaging and visually appealing stickers. Additionally, proficiency in graphic design and illustration would be advantageous. SEND ME EXAMPLES OF STICKER PACKS YOU'VE MADE ON TELEGRAM PLEASE

    €49 (Avg Bid)
    €49 licitátlag
    17 árajánlat

    I'm looking to create a themed Telegram sticker pack, specifically surrounding the theme of THC and 420. - Quantity: I'm anticipating the completion of more than 20 stickers. - Design: I'm open to the stickers being a mix of both custom designs and stock images. Creativity and uniqueness are key. Ideal skills and experience for this job would be someone who has a strong understanding and knowledge of the 420 culture, along with previous experience in creating engaging and visually appealing stickers. Additionally, proficiency in graphic design and illustration would be advantageous. SEND ME EXAMPLES OF STICKER PACKS YOU'VE MADE ON TELEGRAM PLEASE

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    €73 licitátlag
    53 árajánlat

    I am looking for an experienced professional to print 2000 clear holographic foil stickers, with an image design sized 15mm x 75mm. The stickers are intended for general use, hence a thin yet quality finish is required. Key Skills: - Background in high-quality sticker printing - Experience with holographic foil material - Proficiency in resizing and reproducing image designs on small formats - Attention to detail in terms of quality and finishing

    €98 (Avg Bid)
    €98 licitátlag
    51 árajánlat

    I'm in need of a talented designer to create a file for a sticker label. The label will be rectangular in shape and the design should be in a minimalist style. I have a picture of the label i want to copy Measures 45x35mm

    €282 (Avg Bid)
    €282 licitátlag
    135 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a creative designer to craft original mini clip art style in the theme of musical theatre that can be reused to make sticker sheets, bookmarks, posters ect. Key Elements: - Theatre masks: A significant component of the design. - Specific Musical Theatre Show Elements: These could range from iconic objects, symbols or characters. - Hand Drawn Text: Incorporate artistic, hand-drawn text containing a specific musical theatre show lyric. - Future Requests: Will require other items that will be specifically requested later on. Deliverables: - SVG Files: The primary format for the clip art. - Resized PNG and JPEG Files: The designer will also need to resize and provide these file types. Application: - I'm particularly interested in detailed project pro...

    €101 (Avg Bid)
    €101 licitátlag
    58 árajánlat

    I am seeking a graphic designer who can assist with a variety of design work for my brand. The core deliverables will include catalog, banner, and sticker designs. Primary Purpose: - The catalog design should serve as a tool for both brand promotion and product showcasing. The aim is to present our products in a visually appealing and professional manner. - The banner design will also be a key element for brand promotion, potentially for online marketing or events. - The sticker design will likely be used for different purposes such as product packaging or marketing collateral. Key Design Elements: - You must be skilled in creating visually appealing and professional designs. - The ability to understand and incorporate brand elements s...

    €74 (Avg Bid)
    €74 licitátlag
    15 árajánlat

    ...structures. The 2nd and 3rd structures are easier and similar to each other The main product we target is canvas painting, in this category there will be sales of both ready-made images and personalized paintings. We need a product design page, we can do this as in the link, I can evaluate an alternative if there is one. There will be minor differences, such as the number of sizes and the option of adding a frame, I will write the details about these later. Requirements for Product Design The customer will be able to see the uploaded photo on the wall and adjust the framing. We have several photo ratios such as square, horizontal and vertical. As the size changes, the price will increase. The original photo must reach us. Min

    €1922 (Avg Bid)
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    172 árajánlat

    ...small, round decal/sticker for my RV. It will be inspired by nature and travel, with a specific focus on trees. The design should encapsulate the essence of "Wanderers On Wheels RV Life," and incorporate earth tones with a striking pop of color. Key Requirements: - Design Theme: Nature and Travel - Specific Element: Trees - Size: Small, less than 6 inches, suitable for an RV - Color Palette: Earth tones with a pop of color Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proficient in graphic design, particularly for stickers/decals - Experience in nature and travel-themed designs - Ability to work with a specific color palette - Understanding of size constraints for small stickers, especially on vehicles I'm excited to see your interpretation of this concept, an...

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    63 árajánlat