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    Small Indian Dance Act 6 nap left

    One of my clients require small classical dance act based on a subject good and evil. Need only a good female dancer with a suporting male. Can be shot in a room and with normal camera. Costume can be traditional classical dance outfit. Message me for more details.

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    I would like to print different Chinese characters in 金梅新毛筆楷書 font (in 3d model)

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    28 árajánlat We want an app that is fully compatible both Android and IOS. Please send us a quotation / timeline for this project. Thanks! Summer Palace Dubai Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant gives the offerings of abundant variety of authentic Chinese cuisines and typical hotpot in a fine-dinning ambience. Meanwhile, an impressive selection of alcohol, such as cocktails, wines, white spirits, draught beers can be served whether in the lobby or private rooms. Starting the February of 2022, Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant JVC branch kicks off at JVC area, Dubai. Featured in Chinese cuisines and hotpot as well, It combines culinary excellence with panoramic views of the city from the rooftop. Our website: Best Regards, Summer...

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    We need a good translator to translate our brick manual from English to Chinese. Some of the technical contents can remain in English, just need to translate the rest of about 25 pages contents.

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    ...and wardrobes which I can share, but I need to put it into a brochure or catalogue so I can present it to potential clients. In this brochure/catalogue, there needs to be pictures of kitchens/wardrobes which I can do to know you read this, please tell me your favourite colour similar ones, my methodology on how I carry out my business, a focus on the types of kitchens/wardrobes I manufacture (traditional, contemporary, modern), and a focus on the material being used, such as the wood type, cabinet style, colours, backsplash type and design, and countertop type and design. I require a content developer and copywriter who understands interior design, more specifically kitchen and wardrobe design, and also a creative person who can showcase it nicely and aesthetically in a brochure/...

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    ...Build Live Smart Contracts From a User Interface”. We will be extending this concept to create value chains for banking, insurance, healthcare, supply chain, warehousing, construction, ecommerce, military and social markets. Introduction The need to have our own protocol for enabling international payments using a relatively stable crypto currency supporting it, stems from the fact that the traditional fiat route of transferring the money using SWIFT and such archaic systems has become outdated and too expensive for the current millennium. In order to facilitate these transactions economically, we need to create our own block chain protocol that is robust, decentralized, secure and can scaleup to a global solution for interchange of value. Protocol Design – Ideas: ...

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    We need a 24vdc in to 7vdc out - buck converter @ approximately 1.5amp to power an Arduino Mega / DUE. The onboard regulator gets hot if driven above 8vdc, so I want to have a dedicated 7vdc PSU that doesn't get hot like a traditional linear LM7812 does. I've used AL8805's in the past and even LM2596's, so am open to ideas as long as they're not end of life components which will be hard to source later. Just need a schematic and formulas for 24vdc in - 7vdc out. Milestones will be paid: 1. 50% on supply of the circuit details 2. 50% on completion of testing the circuit (will need 3 days to get parts and build it)

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    I need a translator to translate articles like this one from English to Chinese and Mandarin languages. Also looking for Tagalog translator. @nightingalecopywriting/the-science-of-why-doughnuts-are-irresistible-but-broccoli-sucks-9c2d8f225275 If you understand the brief, quote the last line of the article in your bid so I know you are paying attention.

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    Circuit design for DC motor 5 nap left

    I am working on a project. In this project - we need to rotate a 9V or less DC motor for 10seconds at particular speed and then stop for 30seconds. Again rotate in the same direction for 10 s...small handle designed. Dimensions are roughly 50mmX50mm The motor will rotate a shaft made of plastic which has weight approximately 10-20gms. Following are the things I need - a circuit design - Programming for the micro controller - recommended parts to buy including motor, battery, and other necessary parts - BOM - purchase links for the parts listed in BOM. (Only local Indian products. No Chinese website links like alibaba, alisource etc.) - Price estimation for the project including all raw materials for 100pcs. The application is for real world use. So Arduino is not preferable and...

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    Our artistic style was enclosed for your reference; We (N Studios) are looking for a full-time professional employee to continue working with our current project with similar artwork! If you are interested, let us know to negotiate the project and payment. Note: Out project is black and with (traditional Japanese manga style). However, if you are familiar with manga ink, that will be very helpful.

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    The traditional file transmission mechanism is as follows: 1.A file is divided into equal length packets. sends packets one by one. acknowledges each received packet as well as lost ones. re-sends packets lost. Here is the example :

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    I have a beautiful love story and want a ghost writer / researcher to help me pull it all together. It will entail traditional writng and research and review of messages / social media and other material to write a classic love story but also introduce some new areas. Excellent english, writing and organisational skills are required. We will work together and plan it will be part time over a month. I am thinking the ghost writer should be a women. But also could be a man that has empathy with female readers and understanding of love so can balance my male perspective of the story. Plan to break the project into phases as per the 10 chapters of the book. Can pay bonus on completion and if the story gets published

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    Trophy icon Lucent Development logo design 2 nap left

    We are a real estate land development company. We are also home builders of single family homes. We take raw ground and develop open and inviting single family home neighborhoods. Our home designs tend to be more modern than traditional. We are in need of a logo for our company - Lucent Development. Looking for a logo design that is not too complicated. We like blue, black and/or green elements. Thanks!

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    Providing Arabic And English Calligraphy Services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 1- Arabic Calligraphy: Calligraphy Logos, Creative Arabic Calligraphy Designs. 2- English Calligraphy: Wedding Cards Calligraphy, Certificates, Invitation Cards. 3- Engraving Services: Engraving On Exclusive Perfumes And Luxury Items. 4- Events And Parties: We Do Guest Names With Traditional Bamboo Pen. 5- Calligraphy Paintings: We Do Unique Style Islamic Calligraphy Paintings and Calligraphy Portraits.

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    About RainbowGO Our team travels around the world, exploring different gay lifestyle and brings you the first-hand gay travel info to you. From the info which we share through written, visual, and social media content. We strive to balance contents across all race and gender diversity. We invite you to find out how to travel the world as we do: open-minded, respectful, and warm-hearted. Job Description As we are providing latest gay traveling information for Chinese speaking LGBTQ community, we are looking for part-time freelancers to help us conduct desk research and translate relevant content into Chinese. Desirable talents should have proficient knowledge and experience of LGBTQ community. Overseas students with strong bilingual capability is preferrable. P...

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    I need to run an application on 9 different home computers in the background it can not be a paid server it has to be on wifi home computer with different ip addresses from one of the following countires o...addresses from one of the following countires only: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States of America. If you can run 8 or 9 applications in the background does not use alot of data please bid. please not MUST BE DIF...

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    Search top 100 UK-based sellers who specialize in Reading glasses on , Amazon. co. UK NO Chinese sellers/addresses Sellers contact name/address/telephone number/web link/online store HYPERLINK

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    Hi I have 60-minute audios in Chinese which I need to be transcribed directly into English. Files are medical in nature. Must be fluent in Chinese and English. Each audio must be submitted within a 24-hour period. Note: Budget is per 60-minute audio

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    Search top 100 UK-based sellers who specialize in Sunglasses on , Amazon. co. UK NO Chinese sellers/addresses Sellerscontact name/address/telephone number/web link/online store HYPERLINK

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    Logo designing 4 nap left

    Looking for a designer to design a Logo for a start up company. Company sells chinese cuisine ‘Dim Sum’ Hence, looking for a designer which has some knowledge in chinese cuisine and culture

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    95 árajánlat

    This logo is for my University's football club. The logo must include the name "UiTM" or "UITM" (team name) and "FOOTBALL CLUB", the color of my university's logo especially (purple and yellow), and either a Malay traditional weapon, "keris" (kris) or tiger(s) or both. The "keris" and the tiger (s) can be designed as a 2d model. The "keris" must be designed with the weapon has its cover on (as in the "2d keris model " file. The logo must be unique and attractive. I have attached my university's logo and the weapon that I want to be included in the logo (both image of the logo and the weapon used only for references)

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    48 pályamű

    Payment is $10 per page it it’s not an Employment it’s a Contract that would be awarded to any freelancer that would pass the Test Of Accuracy Contact me for more information

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    This regards to a subtitling project for an Indian movie. The movie duration is 90 min. Following are the details of the project: 1. The audio language is Hindi. 2. The output needs to be in .srt format. 3. An English script will be provided. We require Subtitles in the following languages- English to Chinese If the project interests you then do provide a quotation for srt , the timeline for estimated completion along with a list of prerequisites that would be needed from our end.

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    Payment is $10 per page it it’s not an Employment it’s a Contract that would be awarded to any freelancer that would pass the Test Of Accuracy Contact me for more information

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    We're looking for freelancer for Web comics job. Please give your quote to me if you can service below task. - Translations - Editing ( Proof editing) - Lettering For below Languages pair (can be quote 1 pairs at least) -Chinese into English -English into Japanese For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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    Cryptocurrency futures exchange. 3 nap left

    ...(slave partners can see all information about their members Transaction list, balance, fee details, etc.) (No. 6 and 7 are actually systems that is running.) 8. We want you to maintain site creation and server hosting in asia rigion 9. Hosting and maintenance costs are all paid in Bitcoin. Also needs to have language versions such as English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese...

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    Trophy icon Business Stationary 3 nap left

    I am looking for a designer who can create business stationary for my brand The brand name is "See Smart" This is a method by which short-sighted people can correct their vision without the need for surgery, glasses or traditional contact lenses. Similar to braces for your teeth that straighten your teeth, See Smart are aligners that your wear at night time that corrects your short-sightedness. So during the day, you wear nothing. No glasses or contacts, you enjoy complete 20/20 vision with total freedom of nothing on your face or in your eyes. All without the need for risky eye surgery. The winner will show ideas for business cards, letterheads, email footers and favicon design for social media profile pictures. There will be potential for ongoing work for the winner...

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    We are developing a POS software by C# which we need to find a solution to support printing both chinese and spanish character for receipt printers, with native escpos command, package use ESC-POS-USB-NET on github link:

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    8 árajánlat

    I need to install some packages in centos 6 in a traditional way using yum, but I find a problem with the repositories, I know that it can be done even after EOL, that's why I ask for the job, thank you very much.

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    English to Chinese translation 3 nap left

    Hi, I have a bulk project of English to Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) project. Will you be interested? If yes then you will have to do a small sample. Thanks

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    ...would want both buyers and sellers to set up and sign up for alerts for specific keywords and/ hashtags to alert them via e-mail and for the app via a push notification on their device. We would also want the sellers location to be captured and also enable alerts related to that. Users also needs to be able to add descriptions of the content loaded. In terms of payment methods, we would want traditional payment methods to be the main options (credit/debit/paypal etc) but would also like to understand if their are options to accept cryptocurrency payments as well. A majority of the content being bought and sold on the marketplace will be time sensitive so we would need to ensure that the solution is stable, can enable large file size uploads and downloads and can do this at hi...

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    We are professionals that obtain the opportunity from language line solutions! We need hardworking, honest, punctual and skilled native writer who is good with software that can write some software documents in Chinese

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    Website Re-design 2 nap left

    Website re-design in English (and do other language translation at later stage - mainly Chinese and German) We are looking for a web designer who works to re-design the official website of an investment/asset management firm. (experience in serving financial services clients most preferred). Successful candidate should give the firm recommendation to best present the website and provide similar project experience that has been undertaken. the tab about posting industry presses and firm's event photos and insights articles are needed in particular. (change of detailed content will be provided but freelancer also gives ideas on ways to present in infographics. Hirer will short-list freelancers for further discussion). Bonus to successful freelancer for good job done, and ma...

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    Trophy icon Vending Graphic design Véget ért left

    Please design the graphics on the attached vending machine for a 4-5 star hotel lobby. I have attached a photo of something similar to what i would like, using the machine i have also attached. I'm thinking the machine colour changed to gold, white and gold, black and gold maybe and set in a 5 star hotel setting. Do not want it to look like a traditional vending machine.

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    Mo's - Artisan wood fired Pizza 2 nap left

    Traditional Neapolitan style Pizza served from a food trailer

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    Video has subtitles in traditional chinese, need words copied into a Word document.

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    Welcome to ASSA SERVICES INC. We are a company based in the U.S. offering our services throughout the nation. We help fund small businesses with funds up to 2.5x their total monthly gross income. Why choose us? Thats a great question. You'll find a presentation on why we are better than traditional banks and financial institutions. Everything you need, you'll find in the presentation below. If you feel you can handle this and become profitable with us, send us a reply and we'll be in touch shortly. This is a Commission-Only position with a competitive commission structure.

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    We have a number of construction-related documents that need to be translated from English to Chinese. We would like to find a translator with a background in the construction industry, who is fluent in both English and Chinese. We are paid for our work on a time basis.

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    I need to retype the document, so I can do the translation. I need the design of the document to be the same too There is 4 pages

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    Hi Aayush, after reviewing your profile, we need to make the design animation as follow, Carnival in 3 different colours. Blue, Light Red, Chinese Red.

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    29 árajánlat

    Fluent Chinese and English. Like to play games.

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    Hey Clair, I have a small research and content writing project rated to the Coworking industry in Melbourne, that will compare costs & benefits of a business operating being in a Coworking / Serviced office environment compared to a traditional commercial office in the Melbourne CBD. I have attached an example piece we did in the past comparing for a different area in Melbourne. This piece should focus on the Melbourne CBD

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    ...minimal supervision, and in collaboration with team members You are a strategic, analytical and well rounded marketer who thrives in getting things done You have previous video editing experience You have experience with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google My Business Experience in inbound and content marketing Excellent in telling stories and copywriting in both English and Chinese (Simplify and Traditional Chinese) You must be high energy, coachable, adaptable, and collaborative ...

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    29 árajánlat

    We are looking for someone who can help us on a sample Chinese project

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    17 árajánlat

    We are looking to build a WordPress platform to deposit & pay using QR code of Alipay. The right candidate must know how Alipay works and the platform should be built in Chinese. Thank you

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    152 árajánlat

    We're a cameroonian restaurant serving the mostly our traditional meals namely; - achu and yellow soup - eru and water fufu - ndole and plantains - e.t.c We're looking to expand as a catering service and for that we wish to get a well designed business card we can hand out to our potential clients. On the card, we would like it to easily convey the message about what meals we can cook, if possible using one or more images of the different meals listed above. Below are some of the designs that have caught our eye as well as something we tried designing ourselves.

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    We are looking for a PHP Developer to create an Asterisk call center page that allows us to generate statistics based on inbound and outbound calls to our telephone number. We will provide a copy of the database with a specific layout to work on and once the task is completed the functionality will be implemented on our system. We need to generate stat...need to generate statistics based on the daily/weekly/monthly (and so on) comparation of data such as amount of inbound and outbound calls, call duration, missed calls, avarage waiting time for the answer to the call. We will work in milestones (5x €100,00) Depending on the level of skill of the freelancer and the work provided we can decide to cooperate for further tasks Indian, pakistan and chinese applications will not ...

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    Ox21 domain apk for domain register, edit, in-app trade Check the attached document for more details Must have IPDB an...not for the leading or ending character. Special characters are allowed, please check the link, Ex. of a 5 digit domain: the length of the domain is a mix of 5 letters, numbers, or special characters, e.g., Mynam My_na m5/na m5 na, (space is ok, no leading or ending spaces) /5_=P And letters can be in any language 我的名字是 – in the Chinese language Regular cost at 1 JIN, which equivalent to US6 for length of 6 or longer, Shorter domain more expensive, 5-digit domain, 100 JIN 4-digit domain, 10k JIN 3-digit domain, 1 million JIN 2-digit domain, 100 million JIN 1-digit domain, 10 billion JIN

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    We're looking for freelancer for Web comics job. Please give your quote to me if you can service below task. - Translations - Editing ( Proof editing) - Lettering For below Languages pair (can be quote 1 pairs at least) -Chinese into English -English into Japanese For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    €74 (Avg Bid)
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    16 árajánlat

    We'll translate your website into Simplified Chinese in about the agreed timescale. Thank you.

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