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    ...hangulatú csapat  Munkvégzéshez szükséges tudás: - Basic programming skills (Java) - Algorithms, data stuctures - Object Oriented programming - Version control (git) - Agile software development (Scrum) - Spring framework (Spring DI, Spring MVC, Spring Security, - Spring data, Thyemeleaf) - REST - JPA Munkavégzés helye: Budapest, 3. kerület Our company deals with Junior Programmer training, where our trainers are mainly freelancer developers. What we offer: - flexible working hours (up to 1-2 times a week, but full-time work) - start-up, youthful, cheerful office - competitive salary - youthful, good-looking team Knowledge required for work: - Basic programming skills (Java) - Algorit...

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    Kedves Érdeklődő, Codecool számára keresünk tapasztalt trainereket, külső vállalati trainingekhez. Leginkább BI, Scrum tapasztalat lehet érdekes számunkra, havi 1-2 training lebonyolítása lenne a cél és napi díjas megoldásban gondolkodunk. Várunk csapatunkba !

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    ...informative articles on nutrition for fitness enthusiasts. The ideal candidate will have experience in writing about health and fitness topics in an informative tone. Topics to be covered include: - The importance of macronutrients in fitness - How to eat for muscle gain - The role of protein in muscle recovery - The benefits of a plant-based diet for fitness - How to fuel for endurance training The articles should be well-researched and provide practical tips and advice for readers looking to improve their nutrition for fitness. The tone should be informative and engaging, but not overly conversational or inspirational. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of nutrition science and a proven track record of writing high-quality content in the health and fit...

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    ...Rainbow Six Basically a network that mediates player groups and players. The goal is to enable the most precise mediation possible, with player and team characteristics, system, rankings, skills, hashtags and team -Presentations. In addition to the main occupation of transferring gamers, we want to offer teams many options: whether server lists, to submit their own news; Practice opponents, training partners or the next competition How it works - admins add games/categories - Gaming Communities shall register, add logo and description of themselves - add an "advertisment" that they are looking for players to join in a respective game/category - they can "advertise" they are looking for teams to have a match - players can search in database by game or for cl...

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    ...marketplace based on product attributes, styles, or other relevant criteria. Integration with Marketplace: The freelancer will need to integrate Akeneo with our existing marketplace platform. This includes establishing data synchronization between Akeneo and the marketplace, ensuring seamless product updates, and maintaining consistency in categorization. User Training and Documentation: The freelancer should provide user training sessions to our team members on how to effectively use Akeneo for product management and categorization. Additionally, comprehensive documentation should be provided to facilitate future system maintenance and updates. Skills and Experience: Proven experience in implementing Akeneo or other PIM systems. Strong understanding of data import/exp...

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    This is a 2-month Internship for Ecommerce Website Developer and Designer. You will be presented a certificate upon completion of internship/training. Responsibilities: Design a Front-End Layout in Figma or other. Develop the website using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript. Understand the website design requirements. Clean code and its Documentation. Perks and Benefit: Certificate of Completion.

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    KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. To establish sales opportunities through networking, building relationships, conducting outdoor activities. 2. Area Mapping, cold calling, prospecting. 3. Build corporate database and be responsible for lead generation and deal closure with necessary documentation. 4. Identify potential opportunities to accelerate business volume. 5. Develop and implement strategies for achieving sales goals. 6. Prepare periodic sales report. 7. Should be able to forecast sales in terms of numbers and revenue 8. Achieve sales targets through acquisition of new clients and growing business from existing clients. 9. Identify improvements or new requirements by remaining updated with on industry trends, competitor activities & offerings Required Skills and Qualifications Bach...

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    Team Music BE A MUSIC FACILITATOR! Overview We conduct teambuilding events where groups learn to create and play music as a band/ensemble. Our programs focus on guiding participants through learning a new in...based in Singapore with teams in multiple countries. We are currently looking for people who are interested in doing this program in Tokyo, Japan. Job Scope 1) Teach participants an instrument of their choice 2) Setting up of event space (Instruments, Sound) 3) Tearing down of event space 4) Attending training sessions Requirements 1) Musical experience preferred (Instrument, Singing) -Proficiency in multiple instruments will be an advantage 2) Able to commit to preliminary training 3) Able to speak English We look forward to seeing you as part of our team!

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    ...schedule is flexible. 3: LTL provides teaching material in PDF. Job requirement: 1. Native speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese, or Korean 2. Only accept those who live abroad (West European countries are more preferable). 3: Conversation English 4: Experience in teaching is an asset but not required. 5: An interest in languages and education Instruction will be provided for the entire curriculum and training content using the website and classroom organization....

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    Team Music BE A MUSIC FACILITATOR! Overview We conduct teambuilding events where groups learn to create and play music as a band/ensemble. Our programs focus on guiding participants through learning a new...based in Singapore with teams in multiple countries. We are currently looking for people who are interested in doing this program in Shanghai, China. Job Scope 1) Teach participants an instrument of their choice 2) Setting up of event space (Instruments, Sound) 3) Tearing down of event space 4) Attending training sessions Requirements 1) Musical experience preferred (Instrument, Singing) -Proficiency in multiple instruments will be an advantage 2) Able to commit to preliminary training 3) Able to speak English We look forward to seeing you as part of our team!

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    BE A MUSIC FACILITATOR! Overview We conduct teambuilding events where groups learn to create and play music as a band/ensemble. Our programs focus on guiding participants through learning a new instrument and collaborating Singapore with teams in multiple countries. We are currently looking for people who are interested in doing this program in Seoul, South Korea. Job Scope 1) Teach participants an instrument of their choice 2) Setting up of event space (Instruments, Sound) 3) Tearing down of event space 4) Attending training sessions Requirements 1) Musical experience preferred (Instrument, Singing) -Proficiency in multiple instruments will be an advantage 2) Able to commit to preliminary training 3) Able to speak English We look forward to seeing you as ...

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    Team Music BE A MUSIC FACILITATOR! Overview We conduct teambuilding events where groups learn to create and play music as a band/ensemble. Our programs focus on guiding participants through learning a new i...based in Singapore with teams in multiple countries. We are currently looking for people who are interested in doing this program in Taipei, Taiwan Job Scope 1) Teach participants an instrument of their choice 2) Setting up of event space (Instruments, Sound) 3) Tearing down of event space 4) Attending training sessions Requirements 1) Musical experience preferred (Instrument, Singing) -Proficiency in multiple instruments will be an advantage 2) Able to commit to preliminary training 3) Able to speak English We look forward to seeing you as part of our team!

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    I am seeking a freelancer to help me analyze the effectiveness of our sales training and development program through a case study. The main objective of the case study is to analyze the training effectiveness and identify development opportunities. The ideal candidate for this project should be proficient in using Microsoft Excel as this will be the primary tool for the analysis. Both historical and current sales data will be provided for the project. The freelancer should have experience in analyzing sales data and be able to provide insights and recommendations for improving our sales training program. PLEASE NOTE THAT- 1. YOU NEED TO COMPLETE IT 2. YOU NEED TO PROVIDE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH TASK YOU PERFORM (LEARNING PURPOSE) 3. PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND FIRST.

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    ...primary objective is to assess the current cutting-edge techniques for the classification of skin lesions. To achieve this, various deep neural network architectures that have been pre-trained on ImageNet are utilized through transfer learning and fine-tuning. These architectures are applied to a combined dataset comprising publicly available dermoscopic and clinical images. In order to enrich the training data, real-time data augmentation techniques such as random rotation, translation, shear, and zoom are employed. Furthermore, lesion parameters including symmetry, color, size, shape, etc., are utilized for the detection of skin cancer and to differentiate between benign skin cancer and melanoma. This research provides a comprehensive systematic review of deep learning techniqu...

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    I am a beginner with Microsoft Teams and I am looking for someone to provide one hour of tuition to help me navigate and set up the platform. Specifically, I would like to focus on basic navigation and setup. I prefer the tuition to be delivered through a written tutorial with screenshots. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in Microsoft Teams - Experienced in providing tutorials and training - Excellent written communication skills - Ability to create clear and concise instructions with screenshots that can be saved for printing.

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    Yakka Training 6 nap left

    Hi; I need assistance to complete my business plan. I need a touch of professionalism to it. Attached is our capability statement.

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    I need a logo design for my personal training company, Scoop Fitness. I don’t want the logo to look like a generic gym/fitness company. I want it to look a little bit trendy and different, yet still professional, but definitely not boring. I want the logo to look good on t shirts and catch peoples eyes.

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    105 árajánlat me with Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Visual Analytics plots. Specifically, I need a machine learning model to solve a specific problem. Dataset Creation: I do not have an existing dataset for training the model. Therefore, I need a dataset created. The freelancer will need to have experience in creating datasets that are suitable for natural language processing. Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate will have a strong background in machine learning, particularly in natural language processing. They should have experience in creating datasets for training models, and be able to work with large amounts of data. Additionally, they should be able to choose the right algorithms for the problem at hand, and be able to fine-tune the model to achieve...

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    Hi Denis just wanted to touch base with you again see how you are going? I hope you are well and in a safe area. I wanted to continue your training in Survey Drafting in NSW if you are at all interested. Please let me know. You may be busy with your own work? I am just looking to train you up as I always have too much work but no gifted people. I remember you had some skills. Work may come in every now and then but I wanted to engage you again. Wishing you the very best Denis.

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    Tele-calling to customers in the US 6 nap left

    YOUR LOCATION No constraint YOUR ROLE You shall work remotely for our company. Your role is to call & email clients in the US to invite them for a meeting with one of our senior sales specialists. Sales training, company phone, company email id will be provided. TIMINGS Two hours between 12 noon and 4 pm New York time (Eastern Time) BONUS This is an ongoing project. As you gain experience & expertise, there is a provision to add performance bonus. ELIGIBILITY 2+ years cold calling to US customers

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me scale up my profitable blog and increase revenue. Here are the details you need to know: Blog domain details: - Code: Drupal Traffic: My blog currently receives 20,000-30,000 monthly visitors. Target audience: Industry professionals (Public Education and Corporate training, learning & development) Revenue: My primary source of revenue is approx. 100 USD through advertisements (AdSense) Target: I am aiming for a monthly revenue increase of more than 100%. Payment: You will get 100% of the added revenue (compared to the current rolling 12 average) during the first year and a bonus of 1000 USD at the end of month 12 if you have succeeded to at least double the rolling 12 revenue compared to the current. Ideal

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help with my project of adding a pop-up onto my webflow website. The pop-up should appear on the Home and and several other of our "training" offerings pages, with the main purpose being to promote an offer using the code displayed on the pop-up. My hope is that this pop-up will be eye-catching. I am seeking someone with experience in using Webflow and creating a pop-up on the website to achieve this. The freelancer must be able to provide the necessary coding to ensure the pop-up functions properly and is visible when the specified page is navigated to. I need this completed THIS WEEK. I am prepared to provide additional details as required. I look forward to seeing your submissions and working together to complete this project.

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer who can help me elevate my asset management capability through the implementation of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Specifically, I am looking for someone who can: - Implement a CMDB for both my IT and physical assets - Ensure that all asset data is accurate and up-to-date - Provide training and support to my team on how to effectively use the CMDB Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Expertise in asset management and CMDB implementation - Strong knowledge of IT hardware and software, as well as physical assets such as buildings and equipment - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines The expected timeline for this project is less than 1 month, so I need someone who can start right away and de...

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    USA English Voice Talent. Recruitment Technical Training for 1-5 employees with a basic understanding or prior work in a technical field. The employees will need to be trained US recruitment of technical sales leaders. We are looking for a Voice Talent with some technical background to conduct the training. Ideal skills for this job include strong communication skills, experience in Voice Overs, training, and basic knowledge in the specific technical skills mentioned above. Preference for Voice Talent with some technical background. You will be part of a simulation training for Indian recruiters learning to source from the USA.

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    I am looking storyboarding is beginner, so we need someone who can start from the basics and help us build up our skills. Our preferred learning format is live sessions, where we can interact and ask questions in real time. We would like the training to cover plot and structure, visual storytelling, and training on utilizing software like storyboard pro specifically, as this is an area where we need the most improvement. Ideal skills for this job include: - Expertise in storyboarding and plot development - Expertise in visual storytelling - Experience in teaching or training others - Excellent communication skills to effectively convey concepts and ideas - Flexibility to adapt to our team's needs and learning pace Note- Our scripts focus on educating K12 ...

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    4 árajánlat and technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and endpoint protection solutions. 4. Manage security incidents and respond to security breaches in a timely and effective manner. 5. Develop and maintain security policies, procedures, and standards to ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices. 6. Conduct security awareness training for employees to promote a strong security culture. 7. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity to ensure the company's security posture remains strong. · Qualifications and Skills: 1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field. 2. At least 5 years of experience in cyb...

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    ...requirements: Ping - No higher than 20ms, the lower the better Download - No lower than 10 Mbps, the higher the better Upload - No lower than 4 Mbps, the higher the better] Some things we are looking for are: - Fast learners, people who are comfortable working on and learning multiple softwares, positive attitudes and of course a good phone-voice! :) - Must be interested in long term position as training is time consuming and position will be steady work with consistent schedule -Fluent in English with an American accent - Must have dual monitors or be willing to acquire an additional monitor/screen. Experience in the following is a bonus (but we will train the right candidate!): -Healthcare field -Call center -Customer Service -Bilingual in Spanish is a plus *Please ...

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    Trophy icon logo for communication trainer 4 nap left

    I need a logo for my communication training business. Ideas: I am looking for a bold style for the logo, ideally a subtle smile in the g and the on button in the e. The name is engage. style: I train with humor and role plays and it is incredible interactive. My training style is to create community with excellent direct honest negotiation, conflict resolution and boundaries skills. colors: dark blue, orange and yellow. a little red perhaps. I need a logo designer with graphic art studies. tagline: the tagline can be ThinkFast conflict2innovation the word training can be optional. Perhaps engage training.

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    Small personal training companies all have similar struggles competing in a small market. This article highlights the challenges that we all face and discusses strategies to mitigate those challenges.

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    We are looking for Dutch speakers from Netherlands for 2.3H free talk recording project. THIS PROJECT IS FIXED PRICE 65 USD per PAIR. This is for training AI voice recognition technology. Preparation - Find your partner to record with, this voice recording must be done by a pair. - each person has to have 2 recording devices, 2 smartphones or 1 smartphone and 1 laptop - Wired headsets What to do - Recording with Zoom and a certain voice recorder app. - You need to choose 4 topic and talk 33 min, the overall recording must be controlled no less than 2.25H. - both people must talk equally. - The shown budget is for one pair. - If your data is not qualified, we will ask you to fix it partially. - The 80% of the payment will be paid right after the recording, 20% will be paid once ...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me migrate 25 Solaris and Oracle Linux machines to Nutanix. The project is for an existing business and needs to be completed wit...provide regular updates on the project progress The freelancer will be responsible for: - Assessing the current infrastructure and planning the migration process - Setting up and configuring the Nutanix environment - Migrating the machines to Nutanix with minimal downtime and disruptions - Testing the migrated machines to ensure they are fully functional - Providing necessary documentation and training to the IT team for future maintenance and support If you have the necessary skills and experience to complete this project successfully, please submit your proposal with a detailed plan of action and estimat...

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    Trophy icon Pull up banner design 3 nap left

    I need a pull up banner designed for a Personal training course that we provide to students. I have included some images to use including logos that need to be included on the banner (premier pt logo and snap fitness logo). I have also included a rough copy of the text to put on it in an blank design example. The website link here will give you the design templates for the size of it for printing.

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    ...Shopify collaborator account - send me a message asking my store account to add b) Will you be ok and available to work using: - Zap chat group where we discuss the tasks, collaborate, answer questions - Remote desktop app installed if needed to show or fix something - Board Task for projects - Video call meetings 
c) Are you a business or a person / individual ? d) Are you okay on watching training videos on Google Drive ? ########### ############ ######### Only hours charged with Freelancer ScreenShots from App will be accepted Payment weekly, so please select the amount on the BID per hour ...

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    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer to create a logo for my new brand, which I will input the name of. The primary industry for my brand is training. I envision a logo that is bold and colorful, with a modern and eye-catching design. The ideal candidate should have experience in logo design and be able to work with me to bring my vision to life. Strong communication skills and the ability to work efficiently are also important.

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    TRACK INTER 1 5 nap left

    A platform that allows people to know each other before they connect. Post comments and create ADs throughout the site for members to promote there product or service. Social media solution sick as likes, comments, follow and be followed and post content that members feel have value that they can sell such as ART, goods, training etc etc, the platform will charge commission on every sale. FRONTEND must have high level skills in design. BACKEND must have high level skills in LAVAREL and database development and protection of members details. FURTHER DETAILS will be provided to members that submit an initial offer that is fair and reasonable.

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    Develop a comprehensive software solution for a pet grooming service. The system should function as a CRM, scheduling, payroll, and business management tool. It should resemble Moego with additional features like stock tracking, staff commissions, revenue/spend tracking, payroll, multi-branch support, and pick-up/drop-off service scheduling. Objectives: Develop a user-friendly...customer data. Integration with email/SMS services, stock tracking systems, and financial management tools. Deliverables: Mobile app (iOS/Android) and web-based application. Admin dashboard for managing data, scheduling, promotions, stock, commissions, payroll, and branches. Integration with email/SMS services, stock tracking, financial management, and logistics providers. User documentation and training ...

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    ...Advertisement: Machine Learning Engineer We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Machine Learning Engineer with hands-on experience in the following areas to join our team: Familiarity with training Language Model (LLM) architectures to improve performance and accuracy. Proficiency in LoRA technique and its application in distributed machine learning systems. Experience training chat prompt models for generating contextually relevant and coherent responses. Knowledge of text-to-image models and their implementation in generating visual content based on textual input. Ability to write custom training scripts tailored to specific project requirements. Experience with model quantization techniques for optimizing model size and performance. Responsibilities: De...

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    Crisis Competence is a training company in need of a logo that captures our brand and values. We empower people and train organizations in critical incident response, self management under life-threatening stress, and response protocols for insider threat, terrorist or other mass casualty events including active shooter events. We are looking for an illustrative logo that is both professional and modern. We are open to suggestions when it comes to the color palette, but we would like the logo to be eye-catching and distinct, which might conjure a feeling of strength, growth, or enlightenment. We do not have any specific imagery or symbols in mind, so we are looking for a designer who can come up with creative and unique ideas. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - G...

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    EVIDENCE SYNTHESIS FOR A DNP CAPSTONE PROJECT: I am developing a mock code blue education and training program in a long term care setting. I need some articles/ peer journals with abstracts of the article. Articles have to be within the last 5 years, and must have the words, Mock Code, long term care or nursing home in the title or addressed in the body of the articles.

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    ML - Q Learing 5 nap left

    We are looking for a skilled machine learning expert to help us build a predictive model for stock prices using Python. The ideal freelancer will have experience in developing machine learning algorithms and working with large datasets. The project goal is to accurately predict future stock prices based on historical data. We have a pre-existing dataset available for training the model. The freelancer will be responsible for designing and implementing the appropriate machine learning algorithms for this task.

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to help build out a cannabis brand education and training sales decks. The goal of the deck is to introduce a new brand, so it needs to be constructed in a corporate and professional design style. Additionally, this deck needs to have more than 20 slides. The perfect designer for this project will be highly creative, able to turn a concept into a visually pleasing and informative deck. This person should have a robust understanding of design principles and a keen eye for details. If you have experience with creating professional education decks and want to join this exciting project, then I would love to hear from you! Potential opportunity for full time position available.

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    We're a manufacturing company in Oklahoma City OK with about 800 employees. We're at the beginning of a NetSuite ERP implementation and I'm starting to research options around contract trainers.

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    ...Compatibility across major web browsers is crucial to ensure a seamless user experience. Deliverables: Design and layout customization using the provided template as a reference. Integration of relevant plugins and necessary functionalities. Content population and organization. Implementation of SEO optimization techniques. Testing and debugging to ensure a bug-free and user-friendly website. Training and documentation, if required, to manage the website independently after project completion. Please provide your portfolio showcasing your previous WordPress projects, particularly those involving customization and responsive design. Also, include any relevant certifications or qualifications you possess. Budget and Timeline: Please indicate your estimated budget for the project ...

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    sales manager 5 nap left

    Sales Manager needed for our technology healthcare company Responsibilities: - Managing the sales team - Setting and achieving sales targets - Providing sales training and coaching to team members - Developing and implementing sales strategies - Building and maintaining customer relationships Ideal candidate: - Mid-level sales manager with experience in managing sales teams - Strong leadership and communication skills - Proven track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets - Experience in the healthcare industry is a plus

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can provide me with basic training in Python. As a beginner, I have limited knowledge of Python and I am looking for someone who can help me understand the basics. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Strong knowledge and experience with Python - Experience in providing training and teaching Python to beginners - Ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and understandable way The main focus of the training is not specified, but I am looking for someone who can customize the training based on my needs and goals. I anticipate needing 1-3 training sessions to get started. I am looking for someone who is flexible with scheduling and can work with me to find a time that works best.

    €13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a trainer to provide a management course focused on leadership for a short-term duration of 1-3 days. The participants in the course will have mid-level experience. The course should be relevant and teach practical leadership skills to ensure both the trainers and the participants ...experienced and knowledgeable about industry trends, and must be prepared to conduct interactive discussions among the participants. This project includes developing the content for the course, providing the necessary materials, and running the course successfully. I am seeking the best trainers to ensure an effective and engaging training experience. So if you have the right qualifications and experience, please provide your quote and let's discuss how we can make this training...

    €20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Portuguese freelancer, graduated in Computer Management, Postgraduate degree in Auditing and Information Systems, frequency of training in computer science, working since 1993, with time availability, responsible in performing tasks aware of the quality and deliverables. Skills: › Translations EN - PT › Writing/rewriting articles › Voice Over - Portuguese › Web research, web scraping › Leads › Virtual Assistant › Data entry › Video edition › File conversion › Microsoft in general (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access) › Open Source: OpenOffice; LibreOffice; Google (Spreadsheets, Doc, MyDrive ...) › WordPress › Trello › Monday I also have training in digital marketing techniques and ...

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    We need a spp trainer. Trainer should have 8+ year experience I have attached the toc/syllabus No of participants : 20 Duration : 30 to 40hr (15 days) Trainer need to teach upto 4hr daily. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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    Market Research France-Paris 5 nap left

    I am looking for a consumer researcher to do an in-store audit for personal c...Conflans-Sainte-Honorine Set fee €250 which includes travel cost and you be required to print 2 measuring tools on transparency over projector sheets. You will be required to take photos of the samples and an authorization letter into stores will be provided. Training material will be provided. Deadline for project : 1 week to complete Android users only can apply as you will have to download the company's App which is only compatible with Android mobile phones. Skills. Effective communication skills. Intermediate English level as all training and emails will be in English. Able to meet deadlines Answer emails on time. A bonus of €20 will be given if the project i...

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    Devops Trainer 4 nap left

    Looking for a DevOps Trainer with experience in training individuals at all levels of experience (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). The ideal candidate should be able to cover specific areas of DevOps including Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, Infrastructure Automation, and Containerization. The training session should last for more than 2 weeks. The trainer should be able to provide hands-on training and share real-world scenarios with the trainees. Strong communication and presentation skills are essential. Certification and industry experience are a plus.

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