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    1,020 web page excel php munkát találtunk, az árak pénzneme: EUR it out as a web responsive app. Brief Overview: - Straightforward SaaS application - Built using Bootstrap, HTML5, & PHP - Wireframe and System Overview Completed and Will Be Provided The main purpose of the application is to create a simple two-page document that is currently created by our customers in PowerPoint, Word or Excel. The system purpose

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    Dynamic Web Calculator Véget ért left

    ...interactive calculation tool as a web page for our project. I currently have a Design and a working excel sheet and formulas. Essentially I am wanting to bring on a developer that understands how to code this excel expression into my design for our wordpress site (PHP). I have both a design file and working excel attached and am looking for someone

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    Purpose: 1) setup server and database; 2) create 2 web pages and 1 large form; 3) program email and form Home Page - [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] User/Pass Page - [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Member FORM - [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Server & Domain Setup my company on a dedicated serv...

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    ...interaction of a web platform that registers and stores the information of products, inventories, invoices, orders etc, and a mobile application that receives and sends the data to the web platform as purchase orders, registration of payments, surveys, POP material installations, define vendor routes, etc. The entrance to the web platform is done through

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    ...current actual Vs Forcast to a website. This should run on a typical LAMP stack utilizing PHP and MY SQL. 1) We need to have three types of users, Sales Rep, Sales manager, Admin 2) Need to be able to upload actual sales Data to a MYsql Database from Excel spread sheets. Items need to be mapped from Columns to DB as we can have a few formats 3)

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    ...would like to perform calculations and display results. I'm looking for a developer who can help us "convert" complex Excel formulas into a php / mysql query or other Ajax / Jquery (we are open to any solution) In the attachment Excel document, you will find 2 tabs. - data: In column A "Balance", this is the dynamic data that is in a Mysql table...

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    ...40 years now. For the last 15 years we use an application to create the several competitions. For the last 5 years we do more and more web based and most functions of the application have been replaced or renewed web based. The last function to decommission the application is this script/function. More in depth info: - We receive a list with rental

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    ...diving safari boat. diving safari is a week-long trip where clients (up to 20 people per trip) dive 2 or 3 times per day. Booking is currently being managed through a series of excel sheets to record client information and requests (equipment rental, diet restriction like vegetarian or allergies for example, etc). based on this information we print out a

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    19 licitek to enter a specific time and the web page would then display the time that I need to search for on the DVR system time. Noting fancy, just numerical results. I have attached a screen shot and an excel sheet to show a sample layout. I am not familiar with the best format to make the requested calculations (PHP, Java, Etc...) so what ever works is

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    ...**if you did't read above please don't apply **check this URL before apply [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] i want to re customize android and iOS app and php Web portal to add more features like below: 1. Tabs Courses, Events, Training, Volunteer, Discussion Board, Blog) : • add close date

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    ...use an ERP package built on Oracle that has minimal flexibility for reporting. We've adapted to using Excel (via ODBC) to pull data for reports, although this is very limited in functionality and cumbersome to manage. I've developed a small PHP page that will allow for retrieval of some data, although I'm looking to expand this to a wider variety of

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    The Jonathan Siennicki Project: Create a software in the language C or C++ (or script like in python or php) that is multi threaded, supports http and https proxys - and able to scrape Google, Yahoo, & Bing results to identify Google Site Search (and competing sites like [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez], Algolia, etc) by the javascript and/or various footprints

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    We work on web projects (mostly HTML5) and need a seasoned developer with experience in the following: -Basic form data collection and small database retrieval with PHP/MySQL, .NET -Connecting custom forms and writing results to db (with a way to review results) -HTML5 experience a plus, however not required as long as you can connect data to website

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    We're a yacht design company ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]) that wants to include utility pages in our web site. We need as first test to code a php page with layout and operation identical to attached Excel file. Captcha or captcha like functionality to be added. This is a benchmark work. Multiple pages and a mobile app will be needed...

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    Excel to PHP/MySql Véget ért left

    ...have an excel spreadsheet which calculates prices based on a number of variables. I want the spreadsheet transferred to php and mysql and the functionality to store and send a quotation to email addresses as well as saving the customer details to the database. This is to be done from a simple web page front end. In detail: Convert Excel sheet to

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    Need someone to build software based on Wordpress, using php and Mysql. Working stages: 1. Add to DirectAdmin domain with e-mail, paswords and wordpress theme (from list of themes). DirectAdmin API creating new domains, with default wordpress theme and e-mails accounts plus database for this domain. 2. Each wordpress website has own mysql database

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    ...developer who can work in the following languages and environments: - Ubuntu LAMP 16.04 on a digitalocean server - Filezilla for sftp transfer of python & php code to active LAMP server - PHP forms in generic, basic, stripped down browser to read/write to json files - python3 code for executing main() loop with imports throughout remaining code

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    ...certificates. 3- Searchable page based on capabilities, location, name and company names. 4-Restricted access by user names to be able to view, delete, update details of companies or their staff and add/remove users. 5-Export to Excel search results. 6-Separate page to create and add training modules 7-Separate page to create and add capabilities

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    ...skills (namely PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) and aesthetics (understanding element arrangements on the screen, the color and font choices, and so on). A strong understanding of industry trends and content management systems is necessary. Experience with the responsive and adaptive design is essential. Also, an understanding of the entire web development

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    I am looking for a PHP developer to make a simple catering management system. We currently use excel and want to implement a web based program to track catering status', generate invoices for customers, generate preparation sheets for the kitchen, track employee tips for caterings, etc. Scope includes: Using 1 MySQL database containing: Users/Passwords

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    Looking for someone to create 4 PHP web scrapers that scrape information (information on products) from 4 set websites. The scrapers need to do the following: 1. Login to the website. 2. Go to each product page and place information from page into a database (excel file). 3. Have a fail safe if there is an issue with the data scrape. (stops and

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    Develop a PHP website Véget ért left

    very simple php responsive web for surfboards rentals and return products database with category (longboards, shortboards, etc) brand, code, name and description Log in to access page report export of rentals to excel

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    Hi freelancers, we need to help with simple company tasks manager web app. It shall be in PHP (5.6 or 7.1), MySQL database, only one page with bootstrap 3 table. Using some framework is welcome, but no necessary. User login, add task, edit task, delete task. Database table proposal: tasks, collaboratives (there will be multiselect), users:

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    AWS solution Véget ért left

    ...simple and clean rendering site in AWS (Amazon Web Service). Initial test site and account already has been created. File upload form has been created which is working perfectly, but I need someone with skills to create a rendering solution based on AWS. Currently my site and system is running off PHP website which is hosted by me. Domain is owned also

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    ...need a PHP function to upload an XLS/XLSX file using [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Sample code here [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] So a upload button on the web page to upload a file, Read the XLS or XLSX file show header as well as all the data on the web page. The

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    €9 - €18
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    A single Reporting Page Véget ért left

    ...for a one page PHP script directly hosted at my site which would have almost a survey like including some combo box linked to other combo box. The form should add information to an excel file which is inaccessible to anyone (meaning no one can open the file except for me and from the back end). No passwords required. Requirements, The Page should

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    Project for MaksBuyanov Véget ért left capable of building a web based application that basically converts data from one Excel file to another Excel file, but with different column structure. Second application reads a folder structure from Excel files and stores them in a mySQL database. Data is supposed to be displayed via php and probably java on a web page. As a matter of fact...

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    ...$300 No More I can pay so bid carefully I won't pay more. I need a web developer who can make website like [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] but with different functionality. (Not a wordpress site) -I want a site where students can upload their assignments/work/articles like .doc or .pdf or excel file which they might think are useful for other stude...

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    Get a Website Built Véget ért left

    I need a web developer who can make website like [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] but with different functionality. -I want a site where students can upload their assignments/work/articles like .doc or .pdf or excel file which they might think are useful for other students and that assignments gets reviewed by admin and after approval can be seen on site using ...

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    ...originally on the web page and should be scrapped/mined and input into spreadsheet. I would like the program to be re-runable php program. Code should be provided in an executable method so that i can easily upload to my server and re-run program again when needed. A template will be provided to show how the data should be entered into the excel format. Additional

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    Web development Véget ért left

    ...the look and feel of it is complete I need a PHP developer to help me create a dynamic Gallery page such that of all of the 400 thumbnails a user can click any one of them and it takes U2 one single page instead of 400 separate web pages. This should be some simple PHP code. I also have an extensive Excel sheet tracking all the features and names of

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    There is a excel file for the time capturing. The requirement is to have a web site which enable the same function to captute the time and store it into mysql table. You can see the attached excel file and the MySQL Database table. Please check the Excel files and see the 3 tabs in excel file. Tab "TimeCapture" is showing a working example in

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    A web based content management system. Its not completely done. The system is there but it lacks of features that is required by our lecturer. Its an internal system for the staffs in post office (a small branch of post office). So there will be 4 workers, the front desk/counter 2 storemen and a supervisor of the post office. So the cycle goes like

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    The goal is to create a web page with the following functionality: 1. Each of 7000 recruiters can create an individual login (email + password) (with error checking to avoid duplicates). 2. For each recruiter, a CHECKLIST is displayed. There are 20 possible activities, and each recruiter is assigned only a subset of these. The subset varies from

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    ...access the system for data input for various projects, through the use of templates which are currently written in word and excel. Each project will also have its own unique identification number. The templates are to be web based and stored on a cloud as part of the dashboard system. Multiple clients are to enter the system using their password

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    Our budget is Maximum $20-$25 for two simple PHP pages. 1- PHP Form webpage to Import data into MySql. PHP Form will have one Text Box and one submit button. 2- PHP page to display fresh data from mysql into tabular form on webpage. For security reason both pages should have login and password option. Our Software automatically scrape data

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    I need someone to adjust code on PHP/MYSQL/JQUERY on CRM web application, there it'll be necessary to do: - Adjust CUD (Create, Update, Delete) on datatables ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]) on bootstrap-modals with no refresh page; - Adjust datatable to file export (excel,pdf and print like [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintés&eac...

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    Build a web application Véget ért left

    A website with forms, and registered user areas, with basic report functionality on the web forms. For both PC and Mobile Phones. No need for SEO or PAGE RANKING, this is being reposted as the previous advertised project responses where focused on PAGE RANK and SEO for this site it is not required. Our concept sites [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] an...

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    Build a Website Véget ért left

    ...someone to adjust code on PHP/MYSQL/JQUERY on CRM web application, there it'll be necessary to do: - Adjust TWITTER AUTO COMPLETE([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]) to work with php and mysql; - Adjust CUD (Create, Update, Delete) on datatables ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]) on bootstrap-modals with no refresh page...

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    ...access the system for data input for various projects, through the use of templates which are currently written in word and excel. Each project will also have its own unique identification number. The templates are to be web based and stored on a cloud as part of the dashboard system. Multiple clients are to enter the system using their password

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    ...Drive, Street, etc). On a match, add a foreign key to the row in #3 to the PropertyID and LandlordID in the lookup table. A sample of the data in this table is attached as an excel spreadsheet, "[jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]". 5. After importing all rows, send an email to the landlord of all properties they are associated with containing the imported...

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    Tenders are invited from only seasoned web SMS text programmers to work on an online text-messaging website. To help reduce the catalogue of the workload, the site has already been built; only some scripting to fully functionalize the site is required. Tender application letter must indicate how long it will take to complete and how the project is

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    Get a Design Véget ért left

    Needed: Graphic Web Designer For: SEO Optimised Lead Generation Page Required Skills: SEO, Photoshop, Adobe Suite, Javascript, (basic) PHP, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design Ability A little background on me: I am an HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Python, Debian kinda guy myself. I hate design but I excel at everything else basically. The Job: I need a single

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    39 licitek get the output as an excel sheet. I can provide a sample of the target output And provide access to both the query and the web page which currently displays the output. I need a developer to work on writing this output to an Excel file. Ideally, you should be using the PHPExcel library. Any developer with decent PHP experience can produce the

    €35 - €61
    €35 - €61
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    ...can do this: 1. Through an excel vba script. This is the preffered way 2. A hosted web page with database to execute the script and then download new output file. Attached are two files: 1. [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] (final output file) 2. [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] (initial data file) If it is to be done in...

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    ...convert an excel very simple calculation tool to make it work online. I already realized something by my own but works with html webpage and the excel file hosted on Microsoft OneDrive. See it here: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Now, I don't want to use any cloud service anymore, I want a php web page like this

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    5. Client Company Web App create a web application so that VTry clients (client companies) can login and view the remaining balance etc. This web application include the following detailed features: 5.1 client account management (the workflow is VTry create initial account for client companies, client company then can manage by itself) VTry employee

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    Web development Véget ért left

    I need a PHP data entry page that feeds data into sql database with a login page. Just a basic page that can be accessed by either web browser or phone browser. I would like the database populated with data we currently have in an excel spreadsheet. I would also like to view historical data. Login will give privileges of just data entry or also viewing

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    29 licitek