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    I have 2D model for a building, I want to: 1. Update the model to reflect some modifications. 2. Design the interior for 6 types of apartment with same concept 3. making cross section for every apartment.

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    CLUB HOUSE 6 nap left


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    I need daz3d and poser character

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    Elaborar esquema 3d de uma sala, para se poder movimentar em 360 graus e fazer zoom in/out com pontos de explicação de equipamento/móveis.

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    10 secs 3d logo animation. I want it be elegant, maybe couple nice spins with reflection

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    Careat Logo 6 nap left

    Dear, I would like to give a quick idea about the business The business idea is to be provider for building maintenance, repair and refurbishing services in the Saudi Arabia. The service will be for both residential as well as commercial and office customers include high-rise buildings, low-rise buildings, villas, compounds, and temporary prefab structures. I am looking for a (brand name, lo...

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    I'm catamaran builder in Thailand and I'm proposing a new project of full electrical propulsion catamaran. The 3D model is already done under Rhino, some rendering also. I need : - to make 2 modifications on the actual model : 1. extension of 1m of the roof with a reduction of the trampoline area. 2. modification of each bathroom in the hulls - to make a nice rendering with the sea and ...

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    3D modelling of material buildup and exploded renders

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    products C4D design 6 nap left

    create food products package for online platform main pictures.

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    Complete by Tonight. I have done already 1%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40, 70%, (attached files) - Firstly - List out what equipment you use it do eyeball, hand those, for example extrude. Click polygon, click face. Just roughly list out. Then Your task is to Continue save for 80%. 90%. 95% until 100% Please check the attached files, requirements PDF, etc Please open the file and show me that you opened...

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    Complete by Tonight. I have done already 1%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40, 70%, (attached files) - Firstly - List out what equipment you use it do eyeball, hand those, for example extrude. Click polygon, click face. Just roughly list out. Then Your task is to Continue save for 80%. 90%. 95% until 100% Please check the attached files, requirements PDF, etc Please open the file and show me that you open...

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    Looking for a 3D Rendering Freelancer for Architectural Visualization & Interior design. We are based in Noida and we prefer someone in Delhi / Noida for a long term work on a freelance basis

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    3d max design 6 nap left

    I need a 2 bhk 3d Design as per the my recommendation and idea software used: 3d max rotation : 360

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    Complete by Tonight. 1. Autodesk 3D Max 2015 DIANOSAUR Character Animation 2. Project Requirement Progression of the 3D models must be shown in the submit source files (i.e. 1%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% & 100%; you should NOT apply “covert to Editable Poly” function to their 3d models). 3. I have done already 1%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40, 70%, (attached files) - Your task Continue save for...

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    Hago renders de tus proyectos

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    necesito un desarollador de aplicacion en 3D showroom, con cargas de inventarios y ventas en tiempo real.

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    Re-scale the Autocad site plan 6 nap left

    Re-scale the Autocad site plan to 1:1 and inport to Sketch Up

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    3d max expert for animation task 6 nap left

    more info will b shared in chat

    €7 - €17
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    I have 3 tiered seating pieces that I want to be displayed in a classroom environment setting. I have attached photos of every piece and DWG&OBJ files of the products to help you get started. I want them to be as realistic as possible and feel free to add in other details like tables and chairs to give it a more classroom look. I have uploaded some environments I like the look of to give you a...

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    Geliştirmekte olduğum oyunum için 3d karakterlere ihtiyacım var uygun fiyatlı çalışmak isteyenler yazsın.

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    organic lamps model 3ds 6 nap left

    Good afternoon I need someone who can model some organic lamps I leave the reference of the models I need. here is the reference of the model I am requesting [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]

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    Build a 3D model 6 nap left

    I need a 3D animation character which looks very similar to my drawings. I will provide drawings & photos of how I want the doll to look with the measurements to scale. I will provide details including colouring, clothing, body measurements and hair.

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    I would like a furniture layout and a 3D video walk through for two apartments for marketing. The style is modernized Saudi style.

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    I have verge 3D project. already almost done. I am looking for man who finish project perfectly. I will share project details via chat.

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    Hi, We need 30 renders sets for the given floor plans with these items: + 2-4 outdoor renders from the front and backside of the house. + 2-4 renders from inside of the house, with sample objects + 1-2 render from the kitchen. We need realistic renders and looking for speed and price. please give your price for each render set. I have attached some render samples that we are looking for. We will ...

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    J'aimerais faire modéliser une mini-maison de 102 pouces de largeur x 35 pieds de longueur x 10.5 pieds de hauteur pour l'incorporer à une présentation visuelle. Pouvez-vous m'aider?

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    Société Mariton, fabricant de stores et moustiquaire sur mesure, basée à Saint-Chamas (13). PME de 70 personnes. J'ai besoin que des moustiquaires soient modélisées en 3D, pour obtenir des visuels pack shot (produits détourés), mais aussi pour pouvoir les intégrer sur des photos d'ambiance libres de droit ou à acheter....

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    Create an interior solution in a finished room. There is a drawing with the location of the walls. It is necessary to simulate the appearance (finishing materials, furniture) for all rooms and render

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    Looking for someone to convert some complex files from a 3ds MAX format to Revit files -RFA Family 2020 without deleting any of its characteristics. The payment will be done per object. There is approximatly 100 objects.

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    It's a g+1 residential premisis with 5 bedrooms. Renovation of the premises underway. Rest all standard areas to be shown in 3D.

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    I need a 3D Model from a Router ... Backside, upper side and bottom need little 3D depth, front and sides are mostly flat. i did a simple 3D model, but when spinning you can see through and the feed and backside is just flat

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    I have generated a 3d model with a camera. The problem is that the autogenerated model has many defects and broken parts. Looking for someone who has the skills to clean the model, repair the broken areas and reduce poly-count. Here examples of how it looks like: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Attached sample file: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]

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    I want a 3D design of a water cooling tank suspended at a higher level in a high pressure machine inside a large factory. I want the design to be in its real dimensions so that we can place it inside the project with the rest of the equipment, as well as the same shape and body in the rendering, and if we find a professional engineer to work with us, we will continue to make the rest of the machin...

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    3D rendering coffee shop 5 nap left

    Hello, We are currently designing a coffee shop. We have created a 3D model and we would need someone to insert the lighting and render it with Vray or any other software that gives a realistic finish to the images. I've attached the screenshots of the scenes we want to have rendered. If we go ahead with you we will send the file with the model. Looking forward to working with you on this an...

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    I'm looking for a C++ dev who can create create a TCP socket (within 3dsMax) to receive data from my python socket and I want that data to alter values for one specific node. Please contact me for more info, this requires 3dsMax installed

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    Verge 3D expert. 12 nap left

    I have verge 3D project. already almost done. I am looking for man who finish project perfectly. I will share project details via chat.

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    23 árajánlat

    I need a freelancer who works on mobile unreal engine projects. I have a double-storey home and I'll provide the floor plan. I will need project files of the project rather than a .exe file. I will need to work on the project after you complete it. The unreal engine should be 4.26. And, I will need it prepared on low polygon Cheers,

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    Hello, I'm in the process of creating a 3D printing business and I have a couple characters that i need 3D models for. At the moment I'm looking to have 1 character made up in a 3D model. One of two things comes to mind. Either go route one and get one idea made up that i have in mind with pose and display set or go the second route and have the character made just in a T-pose and joints...

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    i have a floor plan which i want to make model in 3ds max with reference to the pdf presentation for wall designs. There is no any furniture work for now. We have to model just Architecture.

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    11 árajánlat

    i have plans and model. for some project and for sone project i dont have any but i need the portfolio awesome with some anoxometric views and photoshop post production. once you ready i will send you files

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    I am looking for someone to create an a virtual art gallery and museum interior under my art direction. This needs to be able to function on our Art gallery website with he usual tools

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    I need an image to be made in 3d for 3d printing purpose

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    €89 licitátlag
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    industrial plan design, house plan , 2d 3d any kind of mechanical design 2d &3d design

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    ARAB ONLY - 3D drafts man required 5 nap left

    3D drafts man required to design a villa, 3 floors on a 250sqm2 land. 2D autoCAD and 3Ds design is needed ONLY ARABIC SPEAKERS

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    30 árajánlat

    Interior Architectural Design (Bedroom) 3D Design Proposals

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    Interior Sketchup Rendering 5 nap left

    I have a sketchup file that is a very basic rendering of a restaurant I am decorating for a client. I would like to find someone to add the finishes, furniture, lighting, decorative accessories etc. that the client is choosing. One or two rounds of edits included, and first version is needed within a few days.

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    I need a 3D room to be created with legit furnitures along with custom objects on the desk, shelves and/or in the whole room.

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    am looking for a professional 3D Molder, to create 3D model of scale down car to use it for 3d printing purpose

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