AngularJS is an open source web application framework maintained by Google and the AngularJS community. It was created to help developers more easily build and maintain rich and dynamic single page applications (or SPAs). An Angular Javascript Developer from can assist in developing such single page web apps; creating user interfaces that are interactive, powerful, and modern; adapting existing code to enable seamless browser compatibility; creating efficient front-end designs for smooth development; integrating third-party APIs and libraries; writing automated tests; and providing maintenance to existing Angular applications.

Here's some projects that our expert Angular Javascript Developer made real:

  • Developing customized API integration
  • Implementing different technologies into existing frameworks
  • Creating impactful user interfaces
  • Improving development processes through efficient designs
  • Simplifying code using third-party libraries and APIs
  • Writing automated tests to detect issues early in the development cycle
  • Providing comprehensive long-term maintenance and support services.

AngularJS allows developers to create SPAs with maximum efficiency, responsiveness, and user interaction speed - making it an ideal choice for modern web applications. offers developers the opportunity to hire skilled Angular Javascript Developers who specialize in creating efficient single page applications. If you're looking for a custom solution for your dynamic web application - post your project on for a talented Angular Javascript Developer that can make your project a reality!

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    Looker Studio UI dashboard design 6 nap left

    To design a professional looking looker studio report(Dashboard) . Our database is the backbone behind our sports statistics site As our mobile app is being developed this our placeholder to attracting. I have the reports and data already put together

    €21 (Avg Bid)
    €21 licitátlag
    5 árajánlat

    I have a ongoing task. And then I need to make well-written description of my web app. My project is based on Django + Angular. After making description, you need to redesign and fix some functions. This is Urgent Task to make description. Design: a) Overview of techniques and solutions b) show complexity involved in design, development, integration of requirements into the webapp c) architecture elements, main components, involved actors, detailed data flows d) I think it makes sense to start with a diagram with boxes and then describe the function of each box e.g. one box is algorithm, one storage one graphical user interface one user management one api and to show how requirements are related to each box and how they are meet and what technologies are used e) I think typical uml dia...

    €383 (Avg Bid)
    €383 licitátlag
    19 árajánlat
    NODE JS / Puppeteer / FULL STACK 6 nap left

    I have a desktop application built in electron js and I have about 50 customers on this desktop app. It's windows based. They install in on their pc. I'll attach a recording so you can see the idea. I'm looking for a full stack developer who can help me add more error handling in the current app, understand my system, help me protect it, and continue solving problems. YOU WILL NOT BE PAID UNTIL YOU PROVE TO ADD VALUE. This is a real business, and there are many developers who are talented and are only working for a quick dollar, that's not here. You must be very professional, asking the right questions, and willing to show what you can do. I don't have 1 issue to solve, i have a business to run. I'm tired of chasing developers when I have cust...

    €491 (Avg Bid)
    €491 licitátlag
    58 árajánlat

    Need to use an open source framework and build a small prototype of an engagement platform.

    €84 (Avg Bid)
    €84 licitátlag
    7 árajánlat

    The project consists of designing and building a transactional website with basic ecommerce functionality. If you believe this can be built on WordPress and WooCommerce that's fine, otherwise please specify in your response the dev stack that you feel best suits the project. Here is a comprehensive non-exhaustive list of high-level requirements for an ecommerce website selling digital products based on a geographical area: 1) The website must allow users to check for a product's availability in a selected geographical area before purchasing it. 2) The website must have a secure and user-friendly checkout process for purchasing digital products. 3) The website must provide users with a way to download or access their purchased digital products. 4) The developer must implemen...

    €439 (Avg Bid)
    €439 licitátlag
    75 árajánlat

    Need typescript expert to fix multiple errors in node.js program. Need to work via remote. Looking for long term collaboration.

    €121 (Avg Bid)
    €121 licitátlag
    67 árajánlat

    We have a site that made on Angular and Node JS which main functionality is to show a Google Map with different markerts that once clicked shows some information about the place. I will give you the URL of the site later. The markers from the map and the information showed for every marker came from a Mongo DB. We need to update some information from the DB and to apply some improvements or changes to some parts of the site.

    €31 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €31 / hr licitátlag
    66 árajánlat

    Nodejs project to create Synology api to copy specific selected files from source Synology to destination central Synology

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €4 / hr licitátlag
    4 árajánlat

    Create a simple website front-end in any framework (Preferably Angular) for only desktop use (no need for responsive design). It should have following functions: - Login - Screens: 1. Document list (Just show GET API response in a list) 2. Add document (Forms and call an API with POST) 3. Detailed document with upload document (Upload document and show the response in a list) All backend API's are done.

    €156 (Avg Bid)
    €156 licitátlag
    32 árajánlat

    Hello , I have admin portal, we need to develop web based admin portal with 7-8 screens and api integrations. Prefer angular js developer.

    €131 (Avg Bid)
    €131 licitátlag
    12 árajánlat
    Develop Angular Web App 6 nap left

    We are going to develop a new web application using TypeScript, Angular cli and GitHub. We will develop this application in two steps. First step (this job) is to develop the base application. There is no domain specific component in this release. It a generic angular app with localization, authentication, logging, and many other basic features in place. When developing the application, you will be working together with a highly experienced systems architect and developer and you will work on the application together as a team. In this release we will have focus on areas such as: @angular/pwa @angular/router @angular/localize @angular/app-shell Authentication Management of Application Settings Management of Data Connections / connection strings Backup / restore of application set...

    €30 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €30 / hr licitátlag
    80 árajánlat

    We are looking for a skilled MongoDB developer to create a Role-based Access Control (RBAC) system with live editing capabilities for our application. The goal of this project is to create a secure and scalable RBAC system for our MongoDB database that can be easily managed by our team. The RBAC system should allow us to define roles and permissions for users, as well as create groups and assign users to them. The system should be able to authenticate users and authorize them based on their assigned roles and permissions. The live editing capabilities should allow authorized users to make changes to the database in real-time, without the need for manual updates. The system should be able to track changes made by users, and provide auditing and logging capabilities for security purposes. ...

    €3 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €3 / hr licitátlag
    5 árajánlat
    FrontEnd Developer -- 3 6 nap left

    Requirements: 3 years of experience as a Front-end developer, specifically in the domain of creation small to medium-sized SPA in any framework of choice (eg. Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js) Task: Independent implementation of public and private UI (OpenAPI provided)

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €11 / hr licitátlag
    117 árajánlat
    Agnet/angular 6 nap left

    i want angular developer ui ux designer for web app Not - bid only developer

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €5 / hr licitátlag
    13 árajánlat

    Help me in... Building a ecommerce platform in node js and mogodb a good experience in Live projects is must

    €391 (Avg Bid)
    €391 licitátlag
    26 árajánlat

    i have angular 10-11 project i need to upgrade and update service ( 1 or 2 ) just i need person expert in angular for small task this person must also know good in web3

    €166 (Avg Bid)
    €166 licitátlag
    9 árajánlat

    one or two angular developer required

    €7 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €7 / hr licitátlag
    32 árajánlat
    Bug Fix In react JS Project 6 nap left

    fix a react project bug on checkout screen

    €14 (Avg Bid)
    €14 licitátlag
    12 árajánlat

    Description: We are seeking a highly skilled Full Stack Web Developer for contract work. You will be responsible to develop and deploy a 6-8 pages web application. You should be proficient in front-end and back-end development and have experience working with and deploying applications to production. Key Responsibilities: Technology: ✅Develop, deploy, and set up CI/CD web application using HTML + CSS + Angular Frontend, Node/Express JS backend, and MongoDB. ✅Build a website with 6~10 pages and functionality features such as searching, listing, sign up & sign in (auth) via Google and Apple features, rating and adding comments feature (integrate Disqus), etc. Overall it's a basic CRUD application. ✅We want to deploy this to AWS and have a basic CI/CD going on so that in the futu...

    €552 (Avg Bid)
    €552 licitátlag
    76 árajánlat
    Need a .net + angular developer 6 nap left

    Looking for an + angular developer who has experience of around 5+ year in the same domain and can available for 7 to 8 hours in a day

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €12 / hr licitátlag
    34 árajánlat

    fullstack web application with the help of spring angular ecommerce web application

    €155 (Avg Bid)
    €155 licitátlag
    35 árajánlat

    I am looking for a skilled Freelancer to help me set up a node.js project on my local PC and resolve existing bugs on the existing codebase. I will be using a Windows operating system and I have some knowledge of the codebase, but I need assistance with debugging different problems and setting up the development environment on my PC. I'm looking for someone who can quickly identify and address potential issues, make necessary improvements, and keep the development environment up and running. the current codes are running in developement mode and unable to run in production mode due the the bugs. I need to resolve the bugs as I would like to run it in production mode. Think you're the right candidate for this job? Get in touch!

    €155 (Avg Bid)
    €155 licitátlag
    47 árajánlat

    Cuento con prototipado en FIGMA, y documentación en PDF del proyecto completo. La WebApp consiste en ser una plataforma para recibir testimonios para usuarios que ofrecen clases, consultas, etc. Figma:

    €486 (Avg Bid)
    €486 licitátlag
    26 árajánlat

    Hello, We need a senior web dev to build out a prototype using these specs. The rest of the info will be sent to those selected. Please name your hourly rate. This should be a 1 day project. Create an [ASP.NET](http://ASP.NET) API that will use [RavenDB]() to store any necessary data. Your frontend will be based on [EditorJS]() but you can use any combination of technologies or frameworks you want. Bonus if you use React, Bonus++ if you use vanilla Javascript, old-school! ? Alas, be prepared to defend ?️ your choice! ? You don’t have to worry about authentication or anything like that.

    €151 (Avg Bid)
    €151 licitátlag
    10 árajánlat
    Typescript Developer Needed 5 nap left

    We need a Node package written in Typescript that can migrate data from one set of third party services to another set of third party services. The package does the following things: - Consumes a migration file via file path or non-streaming upload - Checks for missing data - Validates the data - Transforms the input data into generic types - Then uploads the generic types to an API - Finally, report the results of the uploads and retry failures The package needs to be flexible enough to: - Support multiple migration file types (for now it will only be CSV but the interface should be generic) - Support uploading to different APIs (the initial version will only support one API) This is what we are looking for in a developer: - Professionalism - honesty, integrity, and responsiveness - Exp...

    €212 (Avg Bid)
    €212 licitátlag
    14 árajánlat

    I have an Ionic project which needs the following work: - Add Auth0 support to support email/password as well as social login - Question / Answer display screen should support single choice, multi choice and text input as answers. - The result of the quiz should be shown to the user. - The quiz result should show question, its answer, correct answer, the answer provided by the user and a short text showing explanation. - Minor fixes if any found. Github Repo: Note: This is an open source project (Apache Licensed).

    €255 (Avg Bid)
    €255 licitátlag
    9 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a freelancer who is able to package my Node.js app with or Tauri (front and back). I'd prefer for the packaging to be done with Electron, as I need it to feature an auto-update system. This package needs to run on the WINDOWS platform. My goal is to have the app fully tested and packaged before the given deadline. The package should include bug fixes and any other functionalities may be required. To ensure everything is working properly, I'll require quality assurance tests to be done. In addition, in the first window, a form must be developed with the parameters of the sql connection string (npm's mssql module), and be able to render a qr generated by the NODE.JS application. Estoy buscando un profesional independiente que pueda empaquetar mi aplica...

    €173 (Avg Bid)
    €173 licitátlag
    17 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a website developer who can develop (frontend + backend) a question answer website (very similar to Quora). * Preferably it should be developed in Angular 2 or react.

    €306 (Avg Bid)
    €306 licitátlag
    27 árajánlat

    Hey there can you figure out internally what the following request would cost if you can do it and if you offer a per project payment. ---------------- Required skills: Java JavaScript jQuery Angular ---------------- Upon successful authentication via OIDC, the user is returned to the redirect URI (e.g. ) even if they were requesting another Guacamole resource such as a Connection link. It would be nice if the user could be routed to the requested resource after successful authentication. an issue for this on Jira is already opened: The Feature needs to be integrated into the official version. I know that if the code-quality is good enough it will be merged. See how you can contribute to Guacamole: //

    €120 (Avg Bid)
    €120 licitátlag
    13 árajánlat
    Need a screen made on react native 4 nap left

    need professional react native developer who can work fast

    €21 (Avg Bid)
    €21 licitátlag
    23 árajánlat
    Data Lake 4 nap left

    I would like to build an API Data Lake platform with transformation and data integration services.

    €506 (Avg Bid)
    €506 licitátlag
    14 árajánlat

    I have an existing Node.js file in my web app that needs to be changed to be read only. I need to make it readable to all users, and there are modifications that need to be made to the existing file. I’m looking for a qualified freelancer to help get this project done quickly, correctly, and with top notch security standards in place. Please let me know if you have any questions or special recommendations to make this project successful. Thank you.

    €30 (Avg Bid)
    €30 licitátlag
    12 árajánlat
    Node Js developer for a website 4 nap left

    Make a website in Node JS with CRM

    €128 (Avg Bid)
    €128 licitátlag
    26 árajánlat
    Java jhipster work. 4 nap left

    I am looking for an experienced software developer to help with my project; Java jhipster work. The project involves application development and the need is to work with Java 11, Node, and Angular. Although a UI design is not necessary, the successful candidate should have experience in working with the latest technology stacks. The developer should have knowledge in coding, debugging, and testing with JHipster. The programmer should also maintain existing libraries as well as create new code from scratch. Additionally, I am looking for an individual to provide robust solutions with the highest quality standards. Proficiency in identifying and developing software best practices and following coding conventions is expected. Finally, the candidate should demonstrate commitment to client obje...

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €21 / hr licitátlag
    19 árajánlat
    React developer 4 nap left

    Hello I need a react developer who can work with us on the react project, basically its an extension in react need to update the designs and make it better.

    €130 (Avg Bid)
    €130 licitátlag
    43 árajánlat

    I am looking for a talented Freelancer to partner with on an ambitious project. I am working on a startup idea. Its quite common that start ups are out of cash. But i know that i have a winning idea. I am offering business partnership in return of services provided to establish the business. Are you interested? We are in search of a UI/UX Designer and Full Stack Developer who is experienced in working with JavaScript, HTML/CSS and React. This project requires somebody who can commit the necessary time, and anticipates it may take more than two months to complete. We are very excited about this project and are looking for an experienced freelancer who can meet our expectations. If you believe that you're well-suited to the roles described and have the ambition to help us bring this...

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €5 / hr licitátlag
    59 árajánlat

    Hello, Please read everything carefully and bid only if you have same experience and have 100% solution for this. I am web developer. I have food ordering website. which is just pure html/css/angular/php. there is no wordpress or other framework. I need to print order information for kitchen team from this website. I have purchased 2 Printer for testing purpose. 1. Rongta POS Printer, 80mm Direct Thermal Receipt Printer with Auto Cutter, USB Serial Ethernet Interface, Support Windows/Mac/Linux Cash Drawer, Restaurant Kitchen Printer for ESC/POS (

    €144 (Avg Bid)
    €144 licitátlag
    10 árajánlat
    Re-build JS LIB from ES6 to ES5 3 nap left

    i need help to rebuild js lib with name jsts to ES5 is only for 1.6.1 i need new version

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €18 / hr licitátlag
    46 árajánlat
    Creatio low code platform 3 nap left

    Looking for developer with sold experience in creatio to build some app

    €14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €14 / hr licitátlag
    27 árajánlat
    Redesign Project 3 nap left

    Looking for a Full-Time Angular JS developer.

    min €36 / hr
    Rejtett Titkos
    min €36 / hr
    30 árajánlat

    We are looking for freelancer trainers for our FullStack programs who can take Guest Faculty sessions and impart IT trends into our learners.

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €12 / hr licitátlag
    11 árajánlat

    I am looking for an experienced AngularJS developer to join our team. The candidate must have an intermediate level of development experience with AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS3. The role requires a full stack development approach, which requires that the developer is comfortable working with the entire JavaScript software stack. The developer will be responsible for creating robust web applications and components using the AngularJS framework and other client technologies. They should have in-depth knowledge of Angular best practices, build pipelines, and optimization techniques. This person will be a part of a team and should be able to work well independently. Responsibilities include developing and testing new features as well as debugging existing features. We are looking for a passio...

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €12 / hr licitátlag
    91 árajánlat
    Xd to Angular convert web pages 3 nap left

    I have an xd file. I need to convert xd to admin panel pages and connect API. Total pages: 4 Timeline: 2-3 days Only Full-time developer bid.

    €303 (Avg Bid)
    €303 licitátlag
    40 árajánlat

    i need a developer who can teach me node js

    €56 (Avg Bid)
    €56 licitátlag
    8 árajánlat

    Need angular developer for short term project of just 2 weeks Anyone available?

    €153 (Avg Bid)
    €153 licitátlag
    36 árajánlat
    laravel expert n angualr 3 nap left

    need expert laravel developer and angular for my website , i need expert who can work long for me i need techinal support for my website

    €131 (Avg Bid)
    €131 licitátlag
    44 árajánlat

    Important: Read entire job listing. Do not apply without answering the questions below. Any applications not including answers to the questions below are ignored and immediately deleted. Greetings! I'm looking for a developer to help with building our ERP system. We have several modules that still need to be built out, but your first build to work on would be creating a simple keyword research tool that is super fast and easy to use. Note: This is not a search plugin. It's a keyword tool that will be implemented into our SAAS, see this site as an example: You'll need to reverse engineer to figure out how it works. It should work something like this: I put in a seed keyword and it returns similar related keyword ideas / results and estimated # of searches per month base...

    €547 (Avg Bid)
    €547 licitátlag
    38 árajánlat

    Want to build a website in framework react nodejs with some API this website is like MakeMyTrip can anyone help me??

    €367 (Avg Bid)
    €367 licitátlag
    30 árajánlat

    we are looking developers who have sound experience in node and react js its long term work for our clients . please share your profles

    €1362 (Avg Bid)
    €1362 licitátlag
    64 árajánlat

    Need to upload pdf file to android device using adbkit in angularjs.

    €14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €14 / hr licitátlag
    3 árajánlat

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