An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of tools and protocols used for building application software. It is a set of clearly defined communication methods between various components of a software program. An API makes it simpler to develop computer software, and provides all the building blocks for the programmer to put together.

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    We need to integrate the payment gateway and provide a security road map. The online payment allows parents and employees (of our contracted clients) login to top-up their prepaid cards/wallets. We have API integration with the client student/employee databases, and different cashless systems (Kappture and Way2Pay). And of course we accept online payments. Now you can understand why below is important to us (not Shopify based): Development server security overview User authentication and authorization mechanisms API-based integration expertise and references (Kappture, Way2Pay) Security roadmap for the new website Post-launch security monitoring measures

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    Just like the freelancer concept, Users will make a post to the platform as to who will win, loose or draw in a particular game and release/Pay any amount (Budget) for the challenge. Other users will bid the same amount or higher to compete in that particular game, the project owner will then select who he/she wants to compete with. We can continue in chat but convince me with a graphical concept to prove your understanding of this project.

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    hello, i have a program that i use for twitter. I want this program to be coded the same for tiktok. The program makes transactions with tokens. converts the accounts added to the program into tokens and takes actions with them. What are these features, all the information is written here. and the twitter program is in the files section. or you can view it here. All the information and details are in the word file.

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    api rest conectar a tienda shopify 6 nap left

    nesesito conectar sincronizar dos api de terceros a tienda shopify ya la tengo trabajando pero ayq 2que modificar el scrip pues cambiaron algunos parametros de shopify y quiza de proveedores tengo el scrip en un vps Introducción El objetivo de esta guía es mostrarle los primeros pasos con los cuales usted podrá realizar una conexión básica hacia SYSCOM y solicitar información de cualquier recurso. El API SYSCOM le permitirá buscar y filtrar productos, crear y consultar listas de productos, y obtener información actualizada de precios y promociones en tiempo real. Características generales URI Base: El límite de llamadas por cliente es de 60 peticiones por minuto. Las respuestas son enviadas en formato JSON. 1. Tok...

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    Shipping Hub 6 nap left

    CS Cart MV : Create a Shipping hum addon that will give option to choose from the below Shipstation Shipping Easy Shippo 2 Other Warehouse Programs *Create ability to easy add additional options Developer must have strong experience in API's and Add On building. Once the Vendor chooses their preffered the following should seamlessly happen 1: When order is place for that vendors products the details hould be tramsmitted to their Shipstation or choosen option. So they see their orders from our site there. 2: When they ship, the transaction details : Shipment tracking #, Courier, Etc.. Should be transmitted back to our marketplace and sync with our cs cart system and reports. Please submit with quotation and time line with experience of some work you have done on ...

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    hello, i have a program that i use for twitter. I want this program to be coded the same for tiktok. The program makes transactions with tokens. converts the accounts added to the program into tokens and takes actions with them. What are these features, all the information is written here. and the twitter program is in the files section. or you can view it here.

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    Creating Neural Voice Models 6 nap left

    Project to create custom neural voice and its use in text to speech functions.

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    Looking for someone experienced who can : 1. Configure and implement open spurce ERP as mentioned in subject 2. Train the user 3. Assist in required plugins/mobile apps for customisations

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    Aws cdk API gateway typescript 5 nap left

    job support for aws cdk gateway typescript node js connect only with quick assist (default app of windows 10)

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    We have an existing project which is on laravel 8. We want to integrate the Clevertab event into it. Ref. A document I have mentioned below. work will be done remotely only.

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    Build and do the maintenance of our Flutter iOS android apps and resolve all our mobile apps related tasks.

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    Hello Freelancers I'm looking for developer who has already worked on orkestral/superchats or similar API like that Basically its a Whatsapp API If you have done anything like this before. We can discuss on project and finalize long term project. Please don't bid if you haven't worked on similar kind of API project.

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    SMS Platform 5 nap left

    We are looking for an SMS platform that we can add to our network. Looking for a pre-built SMS platform that could easily be modified and can be integrated with our send/receive APIs. We currently have an SMS system but it's basic and our customers are demanding more features. Looking for a system that has features such as bulk SMS, Appointment reminders, 2-way SMS chat, etc.

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    Preciso de alguem que entenda de api. (Brasileiro) Nossa empressa precisa de um programador para que possa realizar o trabalho de pegar um numero de varias playlists e gerar o relatorio de visualizaçãos de um determinado video selicionado que esteja nessas playlists! E que eu possa selecionar o periodo que queira esses relatorios. E me gere um relatório tipo da foto que vou enviar com os links das playlists e o numero de visualizaçãos do video que eu queira.

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    Hey Im looking for someone to do php/larvel work. I need to create a webapp like This will include pricing data from binance api. If you have done something like this send me work examples and let me know if this is something you can do! Looking forward to finding someone to work with long term.

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    api connect , automatic order placed , user frendily

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    We currently using a Plugin is called “WP Search with Algolia” to implement search and autocomplete which is working along with dynamic facets. What we need is it also connected to the Algolia Insights, just Insights, as per documentation - We can't get hold of plugin owners as it doesn't support it in current plugin. So we looking for someone to either modify plugin to get insights working for us or come up with different solution to get it working. As we need inisghts above working to build product recommendations and few other things.

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    trading website using react js and node js

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    Need to design a high-level architecture for the API gateway for one project. Once it receives the request from the web/app, it will forward the request to different services according to the flow-id from the header or body. Need to specify how many components (Framework, DB, virtualization containers, network, etc) are required and the function & responsibility of each component.

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    1. I need to pull all amazon seller central orders to google Sheets via Amazon SP API integration. 2. I need to set inventory quantity to amazon seller central via google sheets using Amazon SP API integration. Contact me for further information

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    The application is for users to listen to a sample audit, meanwhile see the script, then record his/her own voice, returns a scoring of his speech evaluation via a speech service API. Imagine Koraoke, the only difference this is for language shadowing. H5 player & recorder - able to play a mp3 file from online URL with a script shown above - able to record via mic, pause, and stop, play Speech scoring - post and get result with a paid third party API (can provide document, sample) - returns the result to show the user Managing & Display - a backend managing sample sentence, audio file, correspondent URL - able to have one lesson ( sample audio, caption, recorder) embed in another website e.g.

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    Android development project 3 nap left

    Hello, I have an Android project ready to develop. The technologies used include: Kotlin, MVVM, Hilt, Retrofit, Room, Paging, Socket.IO...etc. The development time is about 3 months. I want to find a skilled full-time developer to help me with my development. Thank you.

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    Slot games 3 nap left

    Casino style games. Need a team to develop multiple games about 20-30. To be intergraded into my site, that is currently being developed by another team. I have some games on PCB that need to be duplicated as well as some reference sites that needs to be out done. Reference: please check only the casino slots page

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    test api using postman 3 nap left

    issue to test api using postman how to pass credintials in see Screenshot from 2022-08-07 attached how to create python code { "client_id":"2d95f7d6", "grant_type":"password", "username":"3scaleuser2", "password":"myPass2@", "client_secret":"a8d106d95ac114c86a7d6584894497a9" }

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    Ola precisamos copiar este ERP + CRM existente com todas as funcionalidades, temos acesso as adm. Segue meu site Precisamos de uma equipe de 2 no minimo , entrega em no máximo, 3 meses , o sistema já existe, e uma reestruturação do atual ,perdemos os fontes mas temos acesso total as funcionalidades, ele é em devido a segurança de encriptografia do banco de dados e configuracão. Estudamos propostas de outras linguagens de programação portanto que tenha criptografia nativa. E um sistema de SaaS ERP +CRM. Algumas funcoes dentro do ERP , já vem pronta de outras empresas via APi, tipo , Toda a parte fiscal de Nf(e), Integracoes com integradores de MarketPlaces. Devera ter APi Pronta com: Woocomerce Shopify Openca...

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    Python+Ebaysdk expert. -- 3 3 nap left

    I need to create python script to handle refunding order in ebay seller central. Who has any experiences with ebaysdk in python? I need to handle several functions . Please bid if you have used ebaysdk before

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    api integration 2 nap left

    pyton script for api integration see pdf uploaded

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    Experienced Python back-end developer is needed to develop the operational back-end part of a new crypto copy-trading bot. Project scope: The bot will operates as a tube between 2 platforms. Tradingview, and the crypto exchange. From one end, it will listen to webhooks triggered by a 3rd party website called Tradingview. The webhooks includes the information of the trade (for example: buy Bitcoin). It then process this trade for all subscribers on their individual crypto exchange by accessing their API. It needs to use a Python library called CCXT, this library unify all crypto exchanges APIs into one identical function. We consider this project to be an MVP. We made every aspect as simple as possible. Please submit your past projects, git and description of your experience. We will s...

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    extension này có thể nối API hoặc lấy dữ liều thông tin các đơn hàng thông qua tài khoản sellers từ các platform bán hàng như etsy, amazon, shopbase, shopify, woocommerce, sau đó chuyển sang một server khác để fulfilment, mua tracking hàng hóa sau đó trả lại thông tin tracking lên các platform kia.

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    Help me build my stripe checkout and payment (both customer and seller), backend workflows using most secure / best practice methods. Using the following - Cart checkout system for both services and products: 1. Confident with Stripe API's to and from applications 2. Backend workflows where possible (server side) 3. using 3D secure methods / best practices e.g. paymentintents 4. using also the zeroqode stripe marketplace API plugin 5. multiple sellers and transactions in the backend 6. assist and inform on benefits of methods employed vs alternatives (may change reasoning around methods employed) 7. Multiple cart items, multiple sellers > Marketplace automate pay-out / payment to each of the listed sellers on check out. Build all logic to make individual pay-outs to ...

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    Kami sedang menawarkan 1. Project e-commerce, POS, Chat realtime, payment gateway (Semacam linkaja, midtrans, dana & sejenisnya) dan Kurir. 2. Project LMS, Web Pendidikan, Zoom Meeting 3. Project sewa lahan dan manajemen 4. Project manajemen pergudangan 5. Project sale marketing (Mobil, Hotel dll) 6. Dan masih banyak project lainnya Yang kami inginkan : • Bahasa pemograman php native (Non Framework), jquery, css • Kami sediakan template layout tinggal di ganti sesuai kebutuhan (Backend) • Seluruh coding yang selesai nantinya kami ujicoba dan menjadi milik perusahaan. • Bisa bekerjasama dengan tim dan berjiwa leadership • Mampu mengelola hosting dan memberikan pelatihan ke user-user kami. • Kerja cepat & bertanggung jawab. • Personal bukan perkumpu...

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    Dear, I need to automation of the import of products to my shopify store using api shopify thank you

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    Hi need someone who can make fresh modem website and design that focus in selling domain name. Install the API from rrpproxy(net) . Setup stripe payment system and make it work for my website. Design must intergate with whcm(dot)com billing system. No ready made template I'm focusing in selling domain name. So the website must be look more to domain name industry then normal web hosting site. Please PM me thanks

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    Python+Ebaysdk expert. 1 nap left

    I need to create python script to handle refunding order in ebay seller central. Who has any experiences with ebaysdk in python? I need to handle several functions . Please bid if you have used ebaysdk before

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    I have an API written in NodeJS that uses multer to upload files. The videos will be uploaded on a separate endpoint from the one that already exists today and will be stored on the S3 and I need that before the videos are sent, there is a treatment in the quality and resolution of the video, because the files have become very large and the idea is to reduce it as much as possible while maintaining an acceptable quality. This work can serve as a gateway for others, we have more tasks that can be yours in the future if the work is done well.

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    need to make a rest api call for creating few payload items in python 2.7 using urllib3 modules

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    Google Sheet and Whatsapp Automation 18 óra left

    I need someone who can work on this function. send message to all number available on GoogleSheet through WhatsApp Cloud API. Scirpt code is available just don't know the techinical part how to configure the same. REf :

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    • We need is a custom system that collects "in-game" surebets from BetBurger & Rebel Betting, and places them on pre-registered Exchanges & Bookmakers such as BetFair, Bet365, Smarkets..etc • The system will sit on a dedicated AWS server, that will have a simple config & settings dashboard, that filters bets based on some key elements and criteria. • ideally the system will then place the surebets on the exchanges/bookmakers as fully automated as possible, all the way to clicking bet & confirm • We are aware of issues with soft sportsbook based book makers trying to stop automation and not proving public APIs, so we may need Java based browser scripts that automated the last click bets on the Soft bookies websites, without risk of detection. ...

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    We need to create integration between Woocommerce, Perfex, dashboard in pure PHP, and a custom module to pull expired projects and other statuses that will be created. How would Workflow: 1 - Customer buys on Woocommerce; 2 - API checks if the customer has a registration in PERFEX; 3 - If the registration is not found, the API registers the client in PERFEX; 4 - Client registers service in pure PHP panel; 5 - After registering in the PHP Panel, a project is created in PERFEX; 6 - Control the status of the project in PERFEX. 7 - At the end of the project, it will be possible to attach an MP3 file to send to the client. Thanks.

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