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Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, is an aspect of computer science that deals with creating intelligent machines that function and react just like humans. AI is designed to handle activities such as Problem solving, planning, learning, reasoning, speech recognition, perception, ability to manipulate and move objects, etc.

Artificial Intelligence has grown to become an essential part of the technology industry today, and functions carried out by AI are highly specialized and technical. Introducing common sense, problem-solving, and reasoning power in machines is a very tedious and difficult task.

A major field of AI is Robotics, which requires intelligence to execute tasks like object navigation and manipulation. AI is used in machines, automobiles, and even on the webs like chatbot.

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    I need someone who can build a skills assessment platform as well as a platform that can infer needed skills from descriptions.

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    Need python AI/ML expert . 5 nap left

    Need to create a program or script to store data from website to excle. All details in attached file.

    €160 (Avg Bid)
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    15 árajánlat
    Clean sospecious fake mails with AI 5 nap left

    I have an email list that have many trash mails that I want remove using AI for detect trash mails. I know that are many software that check if an email is valid, but that software are not working good because show many mails as valids but if you look the mails we can be sure that are 99.9% TRASH. So I need a software that check all mails and show is look like trash or look like valid mails. IMPORTANT: I ttached an example image that what i need. Thanks you!

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    17 árajánlat

    need a dev who can edit the python script of arbitrage bot on cex . and add feature like checking withdrawals and deposits on signal exchagnes if they are on or not and execute the trade if they are on

    €178 (Avg Bid)
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    18 árajánlat

    Hello There Very urgently need small Python project that has to be developed using AI methodology . Please apply ASAP if you can get it started after hiring. Thanks

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    17 árajánlat
    Artificial Intelligence project 5 nap left

    ya dusra ha Could you create a python script for an AI to be able to processes videos from multiple angles and create a 3D video?

    €452 (Avg Bid)
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    15 árajánlat
    Sailpoint professional 5 nap left

    Looking for a sailpoint expert for coding work. This is a long term work which is kind of a part-time. Pay is monthly and negotiable. (Please don't bid if you don't have experience with it, it's not gonna work.)

    €1098 (Avg Bid)
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    17 árajánlat
    AI based Algo trading 5 nap left

    We need to create a web app to do trading automatically in F&O Means if a sudden movement is detected in F&O price we need to buy Call or Put in desired price strike and need to sell a desired price level with trailing stop lose

    €704 (Avg Bid)
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    Want Skeleton tracking program (Source Code), program need skeleton real time detect user's body joints points (reading 3D X, Y , Z position values) using 2D Web Camera. Body joints point tracking: head, neck, left shoulder, center shoulder, right shoulder points, left hand and right hands, hand palms, and hand center points ...etc. Here is a YouTube video for example Development platform: prefer Visual Studio 2013 Language: C# (Windows Desktop Program) Application: WPF , Windows Presentation Foundation

    €88 (Avg Bid)
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    2 árajánlat

    I am looking to hire AI Developer. I am looking to hire AI Developer. I am looking to hire AI Developer. I am looking to hire AI Developer. I am looking to hire AI Developer.

    €543 (Avg Bid)
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    GP systems ,Ant Colony Optimisation (ACO) , Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO), Genetic Programming (GP),Cellular Automata (CA), backpropagation.

    €45 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Machine Learning Expert Needed 2 nap left

    I need a machine learning expert who can work on the project on the subject noted above.

    €161 (Avg Bid)
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    €145 licitátlag
    42 árajánlat

    Need a person who has Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to rewrite my PHD thesis.

    €170 (Avg Bid)
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    I want you to create a digital avatar of me. It should animated to my voice and NOT only a talking head. IT should move arms and head and so on just like a normal person. I can record training data. The creation must be run on a high end server - so no desktop tools please! It must be a server process! As this project is not easy, please contact me. For Training: recorded video (on greenscreen) with voice of me in good quality Input: recorded voice file (WAV) high quality Output: Video with that voice file and the generated AI video talking I just need the server part for training and creation. You will get a Jupyter Notebook from me with 133 TFLOPS GPU Power.

    €755 - €1511
    €755 - €1511
    27 árajánlat

    Build Artificial Intelligence Nutritionist system to generate personalized diets Diets based on the users inputs like, fav food, BMI, how fast they like to lose weight, etc

    €9987 - €19975
    €9987 - €19975
    29 árajánlat
    AI based software development 2 nap left

    Develop a software to sort out variables on the basis of real time iteration with conditions and logics. Software developers required to be of New Delhi located.

    €368 (Avg Bid)
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    8 árajánlat
    Find me which API some company uses 1 nap left

    This project is for someone who is really intelligent tech guy and know to work out of the box. I know few website that uses third party information and shows them on their website. I need to know who those third parties are. Below are the companies that I need information on. 1) Signalhire - They sell web extension that fetch contact information on the linkedin. It's obvious that these data comes from the third party. I need information where it comes from? 2) - They sell web extension that fetch contact information on the linkedin. It's obvious that these data comes from the third party. I need information where it comes from? 3) Kendoemailapp - They sell web extension that fetch contact information on the linkedin. It's obvious that these data comes from the third par...

    €177 (Avg Bid)
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    7 árajánlat

    i am looking for a guy that understands very well data analysis, stats & math (linear algebra) text me for more info :-)

    €133 (Avg Bid)
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    20 árajánlat

    I want to implement Bat algorithm optimization for mobile robot path planning using MATLAB

    €504 (Avg Bid)
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    Build a roulette project where it sends signals to telegram. For example: After 10 repetitions of red colors, send a signal to telegram telling to enter black. Simply a roulette project that simultaneously checks tables and signals the appropriate predictions to telegram. (I have examples to show.)

    €555 (Avg Bid)
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    17 árajánlat
    Artificial intelligence 16 óra left

    I am looking for a person,which has a strong theoritical understanding in artificial intelligence

    €120 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    38 árajánlat
    Deep Rainforcement Learning Project 14 óra left

    I am finding a guy who has had a good experience with deep rainforcement learning algorithm. This project is really challenging project, and need to be done within 1 or 2 months. More detail, I will share in chat. Please bid only if you have had a good experience with them. Thank you

    €1259 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for an expert in image processing/AI for the purpose of writing software that knows how to identify differences by size and color. The project has 2 stages: First step - proof of feasibility that the necessary differences can be identified (Note that, at this stage, we are writing software that we can use to run different images and identify major differences between details) Second step - deepening the knowledge and the software and bringing to a high identification capacity between individuals with smaller differences. Details will only be forwarded to those who are eligible

    €284 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking at creating an AI to find better settings and results for a crypto trading bot

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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