Blockchain is a distributed register that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. It has revolutionary applications in finance (such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) and decentralized applications like online voting.

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    Build a crypto app 9 nap left

    I need a app done that uses trust wallet api to build the wallet. And allow more things that I will send in doc

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    I want to add a pool on my website for gathering computing power of multiple users and work on same task.

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    Hello, What I'm looking for is something like an ICO payment page, a page that works like this: 1) A form where user insert ERC-20 token address and amount, then button "Continue" 2) Pressing "Continue", will appear on screen the amount that need to be paid in ETH based on the exchange rate owner decide for the token and the address where ETH has to be sent 3) After ETH pa...

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    Block chain 6 nap left

    Want to create new crypto currency reparation goal need someone to be able to also write a smart contract for its and also wanted to be based on investors obviously

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    I need a personalized Linux OS distribution image for clients, web interface for managing, admin backend, etc. I have my own servers to host it. I have to be able to add or remove mining softwares, pools and other settings on the admin back end, control my customers balance, etc. it has to support both GPU and CPU mining simultaneously.

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    Blockchain Expert Needed 5 nap left

    seeking a blockchain developer. Please feel free to contact me.

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    Crypto CD Art 5 nap left

    What is Crypto CVD Art? Crypto CVD Art is a marketplace of unique and rare stickers all over the world. Born from the idea of ​​the Coronovirus pandemic, it wants to bring more unique than rare collectibles in your homes. Nice collectibles with different types of rarity will be the result of a fantastic and accurate selection model. Based on the Etherum blockchain, it allows you to buy and rese...

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    Developer needed to alter some aspects of a HLF1.4+ instance that will house music and track file usage.

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    Hello, I want to understand how can i developp on the Copay app(bitpay) and their Bitcoin Wallet Service! I need a real blockchain expert..

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    I want to build a block chain based web application using react js UI, Which interim implements the smart contracts.

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    Hi- I want to test my network for hyperledger sawtooth and need a script that can be manually configured to run stress testing for hyperledger sawtooth using hyperledger caliper. I want a script like [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] (and parameters in front the command) and I give different scenarios to test the sawtooth. please let me know if you can create a documentation ...

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    We are looking for blockchain engineers - front end, back end, on and off chain - to consolidate my idea for NFT marketplace which will be a basis for EverythingStore in the emerging virtual reality space. For the first iteration, we will start with an app for NFT marketplace, putting some creative and IP assets on chain, allowing users to register them and sell and trade them.

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    Build a DaPP 3 nap left

    I want to build a certificate issuing and authorising application on a public blockchain.

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    A Blockchain Project 3 nap left

    This is a Blockchain Project based on Sia Protocol. Anyone interested can message me to get more info

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    If you are experienced in the blockchain development with Hyperledger Fabric and Nodejs, please apply to this job. When submitting the proposal, including the projects that you have worked with Hyperledger Fabric. I will discuss and share the details with the right candidate. Regards, PS: if you have experience, please answer the following questions. 1. What kind of network in creating network c...

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    Necesitamos desarrollar Sitio web en el formato PWA utilizando tecnicas MEAN, el sitio web debera funcionar como tienda en el cual podamos mostrar y vender nuestros productos, requerimientos de proyecto en Archivo Adjunto

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    If you are experienced in the blockchain development with Hyperledger Fabric and Nodejs, please apply to this job. When submitting the proposal, including the projects that you have worked with Hyperledger Fabric. I will discuss and share the details with the right candidate. Regards,

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    Blockchain Explorer -- 2 2 nap left

    Hello, we are searching for a skilled developer in order to work on our Blockchain Explorer UI. Please save us time if you are not experienced!

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    Help me build a PVIX fork 1 nap left

    Need someone who is able to write me a good tutorial of forking PVIX coin ! I don't want you to build the fork and give it to me. I wan't you to show me or write me each steps.

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    Hi, I looking for the best inovation solutions in blockchain for e- commerce. Pls contact on priv.

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    I need someone to help me setup my own mining pool, preferably Yiimp

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like blockchain network with multiple nodes software to be developed for Windows using Python.

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    Olá, Ficamos felizes que você tenha se interessado pelo nosso projeto. Abaixo listamos algumas necessidades que consideramos essenciais para a contratação do freelancer e um pouco sobre o que será necessário. Necessitamos de 4 relatórios mensais, sendo 1 por semana. A boa noticia é que o freelancer terá serviço recorrente to...

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    I have a token called H3D (solidity smart contract). Whenever someone buys or sells H3D through our site ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]), 10% of the purchase (in HEX, what people use to buy H3D) is distributed amongst the token holders. The value of H3D goes up as more people buy, and down when people sell. We launched and all was well, but someone discovered a bug that al...

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