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Full graphic design of book WE ARE A PUBLISHING EDITORIAL OF BOOKS - We need a full graphic design of book with unlimitated feedback. - We like to khow previous works of the freelancer . Please send us your previous works. - The task is created the files necessary to submitt the book in diferents plaformt and send this book to printing (and editable file if necessary) - We are sending all the content of the book ... 26 Grafikai tervezés, Photoshop, Illustrator, Photoshop dizájn, Könyvművész Feb 17, 2018 Ma6n 13ó €156
3D Artist I need Few Characters to be developed in Low Poly and High Poly 24 Művészetek & Iparművészet, 3D modellezés, 3D-tervezés, Könyvművész Feb 17, 2018 Ma6n 3ó €107
Project for Iana Z. Hi Iana Z., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 3 Illustrator, Művészetek & Iparművészet, Illusztráció, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, , Könyvművész Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20188n 3ó €27
Design a Book Cover for my Memoirs Hi, I would need a cover for my memoirs I am currently writing. The name of the book will be "My different orient" by Dietmar Vogelmann. I used to live 8 years in Vietnam and the book will be about how I found love and family as well as how I lived and worked in a forgein culture. It should be an inspirational but open book. As I opened 3 own business to keep my self afloat in Vietna... 18 Könyvművész, Borítók & Csomagolás, Grafikai tervezés Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 201812n 15ó €40
GIF TWO work - For Robert ONLY, as discussed GIF TWO work - For Robert ONLY, as discussed: GIF-based around the growing of a mustache Budget: 75 14 Grafikai tervezés, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animáció, Könyvművész Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 20184n 5ó €61
GIF ONE work - For Robert ONLY, as discussed. Budget $US25 For Robert ONLY, as discussed. Budget $US25 3 Grafikai tervezés, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animáció, Könyvművész Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 20184n 4ó €19
Russian Story A graphic novel short story of approx. 60 pages. I have a completed script. The novel is black and white in a stark, film noir style. I have ten pages already inked but in need of lettering. The remaining 50 pages or so will have to be completed in the same style. 7 Illustrator, Könyvművész, Drawing Feb 14, 2018 Feb 14, 20183n 13ó €4099
My video introduction+Flyer I want to introduce my business through a 25-40 seconds animated video +flyer design both in two languages 33 Grafikai tervezés, Photoshop, Illustrator, Könyvművész Feb 13, 2018 Feb 13, 20182n 23ó €105
Book Cover Hi, I'm looking for a book cover for the electronic edition of a book. Please make sure that your entry is compatible with Kindle publishing. Captions are "Peter Zsoldos" at the top and "The Mission" at the bottom. "The" should be spelled with a smaller font with "Mission" standing out. The font is up to you, please choose carefully based on the c... 56 Könyvművész, E-könyvek, Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció Feb 12, 2018 Feb 12, 20181n 14ó €119
LLL Children's Book I have completely a children's book. The sketches are also done, I just need someone to complete them. 59 Illustrator, Illusztráció, Könyvművész Feb 11, 2018 Feb 11, 201819ó 51p €292
Childrens Book Illustrator I am an author working on my first children's book. I would like the book to have several pencil drawn pictures of a little boy and his dog. Some pages will only have the dog. I own the dog so i would like the pictures drawn to look like the dog. The little boy is my grandson, his features in the book need to reflect him as well. I will send you a picture of both once the project is awar... 79 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Illusztráció, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Könyvművész Feb 11, 2018 Feb 11, 201810ó 51p €135
BOOK DESIGN CONTEST-START BEFORE YOU'RE READY I have a book coming out to market, called "START BEFORE YOU'RE READY" By MICK SPENCER. I am wanting a strong book cover. Utilising fluro green colours, along with white and black. I want a simple, but edgy book cover design and rear cover design. My personal website is [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] and my company is [url eltávol&i... 48 Könyvművész, Grafikai tervezés Feb 11, 2018 Feb 11, 20181ó 2p €57
BOOKING AGENTS BOOKING with Promoters and Event Planners 4 Értékesítés, Könyvművész Feb 10, 2018 Feb 10, 2018Véget ért €330
Bahay na Bato - open to bidding Sanitary-Plumbing layout. If your interested kindly email us 8 Építészet, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Google SketchUp, Könyvművész, 2D Animation Feb 8, 2018 Feb 8, 2018Véget ért €12
Book Illustration - Main Character -- 2 I have five books that I would like to hire an artist to illustrate: the books have the same main character. Therefore, I am looking for an artist that can capture my vision of the main character first and subsequently I will hire this artist to illustrate the five books. 93 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Könyvművész Feb 8, 2018 Feb 8, 2018Véget ért €110
Looking For Background artist for Manga and Comics (Lineart Only) (Repeat Hire) Hi I am looking for an assistant background artist to help me with my manga and comic projects. The backgrounds will just be lineart, no color, no etching or black placement (Please see examples in attachment). I can pay roughly $15 an hour, and I am looking for someone who can work quickly but precisely. So in your bid please explain your price by saying any of these: 1. How much you charg... 22 Photoshop, Illustrator, Illusztráció, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Könyvművész Feb 7, 2018 Feb 7, 2018Véget ért €81
I NEED A CHILDRENS BOOK ARTIST Hi All, Working on a project for a package of 3 to 5 books of about 8 pages each. These are educational and in the Samoan (Polynesian Island in the south pacific) language. Illustrations will be of a child showing us in separate books 1-Family 2-school 3-friends. I also want create a poster size alphabet with pictures of each letter and the use sound of the letter. This is something i have been wa... 33 Könyvművész Feb 6, 2018 Feb 6, 2018Véget ért €674
Expert of copyright and creative commons for insert photo in ebook Expert of copyright and creative commons for insert photo in ebook 9 E-könyvek, Article Writing, Könyvművész, Copyright Feb 6, 2018 Feb 6, 2018Véget ért €28
Book Cover & Book Interior Design Hi, I require a designer to create a book cover as well as simple artwork for interior pages. (That would work around pre determined content/text) This is an educational/humour styled book and will be 24 pages long. The book cover will be simple and relates to technology, and interior design will be minimal. (All colour) Size and design specifications will be provided to successful bidder. Pl... 50 Grafikai tervezés, Kiadók, E-könyvek, Könyvművész, ePub Feb 4, 2018 Feb 4, 2018Véget ért €267
Self-Publishing Coordinator and Designer Kevin Anderson & Associates is an elite New York City ghostwriting and editing firm. KAA is looking for a talented and highly motivated coordinator and book designer to lead, manage, and grow our self-publishing division. The ideal candidate thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and is equipped with superior customer service skills. This candidate is also disciplined enough to work offs... 1 Kiadók, Ügyfélszolgálat, Könyvművész Feb 2, 2018 Feb 2, 2018Véget ért €143282
Need someone to write a story I will illustrate I am looking for someone to write a children's story about animals I can later illustrate. I can do science fiction genre. Monsters and imaginative creatures are no problem, too. 12 Szellemírás, Article Writing, Könyvírás, Könyvművész Feb 1, 2018 Feb 1, 2018Véget ért €1951
Book map graphic design I need a map create with all the sites linked in one of my mobile apps. Each site has a map link. (There may be a few that do not have links. Just leave them out). It needs to be TWO (2) maps. One of Israel and one of Jersualem Old City . The maps are to pin point all the sites with the name of the site and the GPS coordinates. Conditions: The Israel Map is to be A3. The Jerusalem Old ... 13 Könyvművész, Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Photoshop, Photoshop dizájn Jan 30, 2018 Jan 30, 201811n 19ó €147
Summer Day Camp Program Guide My name is Zack and I am a program director of a Community center in Washington. I am looking for someone to create a booklet maybe 10-15 pages long and a flyer for our summer day camp program. I have an example that I would like to replicate but with our own twist. The example was designed by another one of our center. I want something fun and vibrate that really catches peoples eye and draws peo... 38 Grafikai tervezés, Szólólap dizájn, Könyvművész Jan 30, 2018 Jan 30, 2018Véget ért €309
Progettare logo The work required is project logo. We need to design a logo and written for the name of an Italian and Emirate initiative called MIME. Made in Italy Mind in Emirates. The colors to be used must be green, white, red and black (common colors of the two flags). The logo must be a union between the Made in Italy and its essence and the city of Dubai. Time works execution 3 days. 64 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés, Photoshop, Illustrator, Könyvművész Jan 28, 2018 Jan 28, 2018Véget ért €64
Hugo Goes to School I am a semi retired owner of a packaging company and have a little time on my hands , have 5 grand children and after reading kids books to them, have been prompted to writs a short story for them about:a Young wombat called Hugo to goes to school to learn how to be a responsible wombat and how to dig burrows. The school is run by Mr "digger" Tickel the most famous wombat in the Great Na... 22 Könyvművész Jan 27, 2018 Jan 27, 2018Véget ért €359
Children Book Illustration Need book illustrations for children stories, in the age group of 3 to 5 and 6 to 9. 2 stories are ready to be illustrated. Each story has around 10 illustrations including cover page. The story has nature backgrounds and 2 to 3 characters per book. Sample illustrations will be needed to check the style and finalise. Project will start immediately there on and needs to be completed in 2 weeks ... 44 Photoshop, Illustrator, Illusztráció, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Könyvművész Jan 27, 2018 Jan 27, 2018Véget ért €331
Designer Design of book covers 9 Könyvírás, Könyvvizsgálat, Könyvművész Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 2018Véget ért €29001
Hand drawn Children's Book Illustrations Hello, I need full color, hand drawn illustrations. I have three books that I had Illustrated before but now I am rethinking the pictures. I was wondering how much it would cost to get the books illustrated, 2 books have 42 illustrations each and the other has 34 illustrations. I need full color, hand drawn illustrations. 78 Illustrator, Művészetek & Iparművészet, Illusztráció, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Könyvművész Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 2018Véget ért €251
Illustrate a child's book I have a book for children with 30 pages that need illustrations. It's about a boy whose mother goes back to work. She loves him whether she is there or not. At the end, he is happy. The boy is age seven. There is about one paragraph per page and there should be one illustration per page. The boy is caucasian, blond hair. Illustrations should be of a boy, or the boy with his mom, the mom wavi... 81 Illustrator, Illusztráció, Könyvművész Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 2018Véget ért €290
Galactic Warp (Concept Artist) Hello there, this is a project which my team has decided to work on before a much larger project. We are a group invested in moving towards becoming a company, and are looking for those who wish to join our family in a sense as we move into broader forms of development and towards high standards and dreams. Because this is our first game employees will be paid based off percentage of profits this ... 11 Photoshop, Játéktervezés, Hirdetés, Könyvművész Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 2018Véget ért €84
Book cover - help creating Help me to create a great book cover for my first book , I need help , including text and pics, in the correct format for printing. If our cooperation world out fine, I need your services more often and repeatingly! Of course I have lots of ideas. English /Swedish 37 Grafikai tervezés, Virtuális asszisztens, Nyomtatás, Kreatív Dizájn, Könyvművész Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 2018Véget ért €92
Children's Book Illustrator We have published 2 children's books, and now in need of an illustrator for our third. Please check out our website at [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] to see the first two books. Must be able to do same type of illustrations, same vibrant colors, etc. 15 Könyvművész Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 2018Véget ért €2739
graphic art for book cover i need design and art for a book cover. -within 24hrs 63 Grafikai tervezés, Digitális Dizájn, Kreatív Dizájn, Könyvművész, Tervezés Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 2018Véget ért €96
graphic design for book cover within 24h pls contact for the sketch. Its not terribly complicated, but i want good quality. 62 Grafikai tervezés, Photoshop, Illustrator, Illusztráció, Könyvművész Jan 15, 2018 Jan 15, 2018Véget ért €117
Design project Japanese comic artist 8 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Illusztráció, Könyvművész Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 2018Véget ért €3250
Submit some articles I need someone to submit some articles for me. 25 Article Writing, Könyvírás, Microsoft Office, Könyvvizsgálat, Könyvművész Jan 12, 2018 Jan 12, 2018Véget ért €17
I need a Comic book Illustrator (CERTAIN STYLE NEEDED) Hello, as you read in the title I need an illustrator, but, I need one that would hopefully resemble my previous Illustrator (He was part time and his work load got to stressful for him to carry on). the style is like this: the first book [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] I was hoping to have payment the same or slightly adjust which was £220 per qu... 28 Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció, Könyvművész Jan 11, 2018 Jan 11, 2018Véget ért €1182
Need EXTRA CREATIVE Graphic Artist to perfect our logo and design packaging! We are a new company that needs our very elementary (I created it) logo brought to life, and professionalized. Simply, we want our logo concept to look like it belongs to a Fortune 500 company. We will also need this logo implemented into the design of our product packaging. Our products will be packaged in a tin. I have a basic idea for how the design should look, and it will be kept fairly si... 54 Grafikai tervezés, Könyvművész Jan 10, 2018 Jan 10, 2018Véget ért €288
Project for Becky Pik Yee C. Hi Becky Pik Yee C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I am in Hong Kong, Kwun Tong Area. I want to know if you have studied YALE ROMANISATION of Cantonese language. My project is based on how to make Cantonese easier for non-chinese to pronounce. 1 Adobe InDesign, Borítók & Csomagolás, Névjegykártyák, , Kreatív Dizájn, Könyvművész Jan 10, 2018 Jan 10, 2018Véget ért €201
Children's Christmas book illustration The project in question is for the illustration of a children’s Christmas-themed book. A detailed RFP is attached with more information, but the project can be summarized as followed: The book is anticipated to have 34 pages of content, each of which will require illustration. Also required is a cover illustration and one additional page of interior illustration for the title page. The pr... 52 Illustrator, Illusztráció, Könyvművész Jan 8, 2018 Jan 8, 2018Véget ért €1947
Valley of Light - A children's book A book about an mixed race autistic little girl who overcomes many obstacles and her hopes and dreams as she becomes a young lady. 28 Könyvművész, Drawing Jan 7, 2018 Jan 7, 2018Véget ért €826
I need an illustrator for my children's book I am looking for a skilled illustrator to bring my words to life. I need about 25-30 illustrations. I would like them to be fairly detailed. Please send a sample and relevant experience. Payment is negotiable. 40 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Illusztráció, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Könyvművész Jan 7, 2018 Jan 7, 2018Véget ért €1705
speed sketching for product concept Board Hello, I'm looking for a true 2D artist to create a set of concept sketch (3 board from the same product range, mainly metal, wood and marble), as per the 2 style attached (alcohol marker/pen) Each board will have to be A3@600dpi and each board must have at least 6 sketches. I don't care about the medium used (digital or not), but the sketch really need to carry a spirit. No 3D, no ve... 8 Könyvművész, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro Jan 6, 2018 Jan 6, 2018Véget ért €170
Needed a book cover art urgently. I will give you all the information in chat. 18 Borítók & Csomagolás, Könyvművész Jan 4, 2018 Jan 4, 2018Véget ért €21
cartoon music video I am looking for an animator to make a cartoon music video for me. Song is 3.30 long. Once you here the song you will see the story it tells. It's kind of explicit, and for a rap song. Thank you for your time 26 Grafikai tervezés, Videó szolgáltatások, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Videofelvétel, Könyvművész Jan 4, 2018 Jan 4, 2018Véget ért €270
Design project I need some graphic design. I wanna make a short comic for my wife staring us. 4 Grafikai tervezés, Illusztráció, Karikatúra & Rajzfilmek, Könyvművész Jan 3, 2018 Jan 3, 2018Véget ért €300
Book marker needed I wrote a poetry book its 202 pages. Its a book for my husband i wrote for him. I only need 1 novel made . I need a person who knows how to make novels 6 Könyvművész Jan 2, 2018 Jan 2, 2018Véget ért €169
Roman Republic blackboard drawing Hi, I am a school teacher in Brisbane Australia looking for someone to do 2 blackboard drawings for an ancient Rome subject. A map of Italy and the Mediterranean so we can log the journey of Aeneas after the battle of Troy and other later developments (ideally with some geographical shading for mountains, etc but doesn't have to be extreme detail just the general idea). And a picture of Ro... 9 Grafikai tervezés, Illustrator, Művészetek & Iparművészet, Festés, Könyvművész Dec 22, 2017 Dec 22, 2017Véget ért €55
sketch of photograph produce some sketches of architecture in sections, plan, and perspective or diagrams. I will provide some photographs 23 Könyvművész, Drawing, Sketching Dec 19, 2017 Dec 19, 2017Véget ért €89
Help me create images for a children’s book Looking for illustrator to create images for a children’s book that would include zombies 52 Illusztráció, Könyvművész Dec 17, 2017 MaVéget ért €387
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