A brand is a name, term, symbol or design that is used to identify products or services. A brand differentiates one business from another. Branding is an exercise that is constantly being performed in the marketing arena in order to reach and sustain customers. If you are venturing into online public relations and branding you may need help with your branding efforts. You can hire expert branding freelancer talent for the same. Simply post your branding job today and get started! Alkalmazza Branding Consultants szabadúszót


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    Trophy icon Logo & Style Guide 6 nap left

    I need the identity, logo and brand style guide for the company named:1839 Investments — file to follow up but NOT TO COPY is provided. Do Not write how good you are - send me sample.

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    We are about to launch a new brand focusing on selling baby products like car seats, strollers/prams, cribs, cots, walkers. Some sample brand names in this industry: Graco Doona Summer Infant Uppababy Baby Jogger Chicco Babyfond Baby Trend Joolz Hope you can help us come up with a nice name!

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    Our Business Name is - Integrated Solutions We are looking to update our brand to allow it to better stand out in the market. The Current brand we have is for our Audio Visual company that mainly does Installations across Canada for rural Internet and Satellite TV. We have a couple of other business lines that we are working on and we want the new logo/ Brand to be able to encompass all of our ...

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    Hi. I'm looking to make the attached logo more modern and elevated. The font can be script but does not have to. PLEASE try to use a snowflake - just more modern than the attached. The business is a fat chilling business, so uses a machine that gets very cold. The snowflake can be there- but it need to be more subtle/ modern / fairly and classy. The color does not need to be blue - bu...

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    First logo will say "Windsor Group" and this is the main logo for the business. Second logo will say "Windsor Sheds" so incorporating a farm shed would be a nice idea. The third logo is "Windsor Stables" so this would be horse related. The colours for the logos are black, gold/yellow, and maybe white. This is a single contest for the supply of 3 logos. They all...

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    Hello! I'm launching a new brand which will sell herbal shampoos for Dogs and Cats and also related products It'll also be medicinal in nature and help with stuff like tick and Fleas and itching. It's a herbal cosmetic

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    Kérjük, regisztráljon vagy jelentkezzen be a részletek megtekintéséhez!

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    Trophy icon Strings Branding Design & Logo 4 nap left

    It is necessary to design the packages and logo of the string instruments group that will be newly released to the market. The package should give the impression of a global brand, and the result should be achieved with a modern, simple, minimal design. The use of color is very important and it should have a design line that can show itself differently from other products on the shelves. We pref...

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    Hey freelancers, Im looking for someone who can find a good name for my startup. Whats the startup about? Its a platform for entrepreneurs to find investors, cofounders and to buy/sell business. Criteria: - Short - Easy to pronounce - Easy to remember - Username should be available on Instagram - .com Domain should be available and not expensive

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    Trophy icon Product Picture Editing/Photoshop 10 óra left

    Our company makes and designs synthetic Mink Lashes. We have some product pictures for reference but there is one picture that is different than the others (A10)/image 0617. I want A10 to look like the other same background same aesthetic.

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    Mama’s Cookbook is an online service (mobile app + web) that serves as a recipe box. A recipe box is a place where you can save your favorite recipes for future use and easy access. No need to search for that recipe you wrote down on a piece of paper. The online recipe box will allow you to save and share your recipes and also search for new recipes and follow other members’ recipe ...

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    We are looking for a fashionable clothing brand name and logo with tagline for website. We are a startup in the fashion and clothing business industry so looking for a catchy, concise and unique brand name with website logo and the tagline to make it easier to complete a project and brand name should've their .com available on [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Plea...

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    I am looking for someone to design logo for a new wellness medical spa I am opening. I am looking for a logo to reflect a feeling of luxury, modern and ZEN for both our women and men clients. We do not like logos with the med cross on it. Name of the company is “Meridian Wellness & Med-Spa”. Would like to see accent on the letter “M”

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    Trophy icon Esports Team Logo 7 nap left

    Hey, We need an Esport team logo Team name: NVZ, which stands for Nonchalant VillainZ Requirements: - The logo can be coloured but it has to work in monochrome (black on white/white on black) - Either find a clever way to showcase the NVZ letters or have a logo icon and “Nonchalant VillainZ” text below. It’s up to you and your creativity or Create an icon that's repres...

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    I need the identity, logo, brand style guide, packaging of CBD skincare products. Please focus on the logo, brand style guide first. Packaging will be later. I used a brand name called "Dosis" and I wanna use coral pink as the main color ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]) Please provide drafts when you are bidding it.

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    We are an online marketplace that sells customized video gaming accessories for example console, controller, and headset accessories. our brand name is " MAX LVL". We are looking for Brand logo design , color kit, and font . Design Preferences : - Combination mark logo - Fun modern design that appeals to the young gamers audience Contest Deliverables: - Logo design - Colors, their dis...

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    Branding is needed for a newly formed transport company. Based in Bulgaria, Europe Company name - ZIG ZAG TRANS LTD web address - [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Logo production. Making a design for truck branding (we enclose photos). Development of design for trailer branding (we enclose photos). Making a business card design. The target audience is professional drivers an...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design 3 nap left

    PLEASE READ: WE ARE LOOKING FOR A LOGO TO REFLECT THE BELOW. NO LOGOS FROM FREE SITE OR GENERATORS We’re starting a new professional services organisation and need a logo that contributes to our professional brand. We have identified brand colours and values etc so looking for a designer to work with these (but open to suggestions for changes). The brand colours are attached. The company ...

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    Based in Asia, our company is planning to launch a line of pet supplements. Need unique brand name proposal for this new line of pet supplement. Proposed brand name must be unique, with available website domain name and NOT currently in use by any other parties. The proposed brand name must allow consumer to associate it as a pet supplement, easy to recall, easy to spell and yet not current in use...

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    Trophy icon Name for an app 3 nap left

    We are developing an app to process payments with facial recognition. Currently, the name is facepays, but the domain [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] is taken. We are looking for fresh name ideas that can represent the brand. We need names that don't include any special character or numbers, not including fancy variations of the words (i.e., facepais), are easy to ident...

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    Trophy icon EQUINOX festival 16 nap left

    WHO R WE / WHO R YOU We are organisers of events and nightlife concepts. We are looking for a graphic artist who can take care of the entire artwork of a new festival. We also want a website (squarespace) that we can ultimately maintain ourselves. Same for fb and insta. You provide a few templates that we can then recover. THE FESTIVAL EQUINOX is (for now) a one day open air dance festival...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for Fashion Brand 5 nap left

    Diabla Secrets is a new fashion brand that will be selling fashionable comfort wear and accessories (eye lashes, slippers, makeup) to women (please see [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] for reference for the type of clothing and products that we will be selling). We need a professional, stylish, modern logo that communicates the upscale brand that is Diabla Secrets. PLEASE N...

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    В настоящее время ведется работа по созданию нового высшего учебного заведения, Русского Университета Метатехнологий. Учебное заведение будет готовить высококлассных специалистов в сфере маркетинга и дизайна, специалистов по разработке высокотехнологичных продуктов, педагогов. Необходимо разработать графический эскиз эмблемы/логотипа вновь создаваемого высшего учебного заведения. Возможно даль...

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    I need artwork made for my burger restaurant. My colours are red, black and gold. You can also use white in some places if it looks decent. I want something done similar to the styles I have attached. Use the attachments as inspirations, do not outright copy them. I have also attached my logo for anyone who wants to get extra creative. The dimensions are as follows. I need minimum two pieces of a...

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    Trophy icon Rediseño de logo 12 nap left

    I want a redesign of this logo but keeping the essence of it. When the design is approved, the design delivered in Ai format with one application desing. The design technique must be similar to the previous logo and the new typography is a very important element and should say ELECTRODES AND WIRES GWS. The design must be presented in black without color. for the inspiration this this logo repre...

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    I'm launching an online video production course named "Master Video Creator" and I'm in need of a logo for my course. I don't fully know what I'm looking for visually, but below I have a few pics for inspiration. I do want it to stand out, and maybe incorporate some form of video elements like an aperture logo, clapper board, or possibly a shield incorporated in some...

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