Writing is an important life skill, but can even more important in the delicate world of business, where every term has to be carefully negotiated and the wrong tone can send the wrong message. That’s why business writers are so needed in modern times, to do such things as edit the work of employees, create elaborate and attractive proposals to companies, and send memos to executives that have accurate and specific language that cannot be misconstrued.

We all know that the wrong tone can certainly put people off, and the last thing that you want as a company is to have worded a proposal a certain way that offends another company that you wanted to partner with. This goes with every e-mail sent: if the wrong words are used, it could be misinterpreted, and while business is very logical, it might be more about a company feeling that you are a wrong fit culturally than about them being “emotional”. Language certainly plays a huge role in this, whether you are discussing proposals, negotiations, or reaching out to potential customers.

Companies having business writers that truly communicate their message can be a real asset – the right vocabulary and tone can go a long way for their partners, affiliates, and customers. The right writing can make sure that your communication is effective and direct, rather than full of “fluff”, or riddled with jargon that doesn’t actually MEAN anything. No matter who you are, you might want to consider employing a business writer to help clarify your message as much as possible to your audience.

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    slogan and business package writing 6 nap left

    Hi i will share the details with the shortlisted candidates. Thanks

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    The case study will be shared with you. Two major questions have to be answered in 2500 words. Case study has to be done in reference to PMBOK.

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    Methodology report 6 nap left

    The writing expert with report and Harvard style references expert plagiarism free 3000 words

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    I have a 5000 word business plan in the Technology field. I need a very good sub editor to read and correct / change / fix the grammar and maybe spellings. Must be a very good english speaker and an experienced editor. Please provide links / exampls of the work you have sub edited.

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    Italian Brand and Product Expert 6 nap left

    I am searching for an Italian Brand and Expert guy who can guide us or direct us on the italian product industry. We are building a niche ecommerce site focused on italian brand. Work is purely for consulting.

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    project writing 6 nap left

    2000 word document using reading material provided

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    I want to write a paper on the state of employee wellness and my suggestion for dealing with it. Ideally around 1k words. Would like to submit to business, HR, and lifestyle type publications. I would love someone who is comfortable with HR/Business topics and can find places to add/edit with new content and sources to make this really interesting to read but also direct and to the point.

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    I would like someone to write my business plan for my boat building business. I will provide all the information you need if you ask me the relevant questions. Plan must include the following: -Cash Flow Forecast -Personal Survival Budget -executive summary, -products and services, -marketing strategy and analysis, -financial planning, and a budget. We. can use a template but the information must be accurate so you will need a lot of details from me. You will need to ask me all the relevant questions to get the right information to complete the plan.

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    business writer 5 nap left

    I need a business continuity plan. The following must be covered: Risk mitigation strategies and controls, data security classification, Extreme scenario and worst-case scenario planning, risk mgmt, technologies, and user behaviours, Business models, Impact analysis, security, privacy policies, and procedures in risk mgmt., continued maintenance of the BCP.

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    2 papers needed 5 nap left

    1) on theory of leadership 2) Problem analysis on frankena and ries Papers must be in apa 7th edition. All due on Saturday

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    I'm trying to solve a business case study for a project. The report must cover a feasibility study of a new product launching. The output should be in two forms: 1) Proforma in the format of excel sheet that helps to address a few bullet questions 2) 3 - 5 slide high level presentation addressing whether or not the company should pursue the initiative of launching this product (hint questions provided to help structure the deck) This needs to be ready by 5th of December at 8PM (GMT7+ Time zone) Thank you

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    Presentation Writer Required 5 nap left

    Looking for an academic presentation writer. 11 slides. Subject: Business Topic: Leadership styles

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    persuasive writing 5 nap left

    ) How your participation on your selected study abroad program will help you achieve your personal, academic and professional goals. 2) Factors or extenuating circumstances affecting your ability to fund your program. 3) What makes you a unique candidate for this award.

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    Looking for help writing cover letters. I am a mid career professional with experience in education, sales, service, and finance in the US and overseas. Looking to make my diverse skillset an asset as I look at jobs different from my past experience

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    Pleases write a business analysis and report on Target regarding the business core competencies, chart a value stream map, etc in MLA format, 9 page, 1.5 spaced, Times new roman 12.

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    I want someone who is excellent in english and can write letter to an investor in short and crisp way...... So that it will take only 1 minute read the letter....... Make sure it is a letter with each and everything... Let the investor name be XYZ 1. It is a joint effort to make a clothing brand under the investor name. 2. The avg. cost to make a Clothing piece (for ex Tshirt) be M and selling price be W 3. The logo is ready and printed on tshirt in the box(parceled with letter)------> hope you like it ...blah....blah 4. I am _______ year old 5. Why should he invest---> The population of (country) is _______ and only ___ % do (the activity). and the percentage is still growing. See the customers available in the market. See the attachment <1><2> With the help of from yo...

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    the topic is team with case study and word count is 3000

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    Barrio Project 4 nap left

    I am looking for a Business Writer that can write my Business Plan for a Latino Community. Would also need the numbers per click website.

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    I am using a template to create a business plan. All of the information is filled in and ready to go. I have completed a draft in paragraph form from the data. I would like a re-wright and clean up to make it more readable. Please only review from the executive and stop before marketing.

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    This project understands the importance of getting ahead in life through the Basics of Life, Education, and Economics higher education, as seen through the life experience of Bishop Mervyn Hammond. We provide mailing address services for homeless/transient persons. Having a fixed mailing address helps them to integrate back into maist5ream society, via many of the things most people take for granted: obtaining an ID, opening a bank account, etc. We also seek to award educational scholarships to nontraditional students in collegiate or vocational programs, as well as partnering with LLC For Me to offer Entrepreneurship Education seminars, where we share knowledge with aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs, through the series of workshops over different areas of business, such as bus...

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    I need help writing a tender for a management development programme

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    Thesis about the a clothing brand and its activism in social and climate matters with the Harvard referencing system.

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    I would like to write a fantastic proposal to the Director of Sainsbury's and Argos in the hopes that he will agree to work with me by allowing me to open up the first Argos store in Melbourne Australia. I know that he tried to grow the business internationally by opening a few stores in India but after a few years, the closed them down as the weren't very profitable. International shops (As found on Wikipedia) In February 2007, Argos opened five shops in Mumbai, India. Argos had a franchise agreement, run in conjunction with HyperCity; its Indian retail partner. In January 2009, Argos closed all its shops in India due to poor sales. I know the Argos would make good business sense by opening up a store in Melbourne and then growing from there. And now because of covid, he has c...

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    I need help with my assignment due on 6th December. The course is project managment and my task is to write a 3000 word essay.

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    I need help with my assignment due on 6th December. The course is Principles of Marketing and my task is to write a 3000 word essay.

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    Choose 3-5 of the topics below and write me 1000-1500 word article on it. $20 per article. Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business 10 Reliable Ways to Keep Better Business Records How to Measure Business Success How to Overcome Business Failure How to Promote Your Business During a Pandemic 10 Creative Ways to Thank Customers for their Business Most Effective Ways to Use a Business Card How to Accurately Forecast Business Revenue

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    I need a US business consultant to start my new business.

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    Writing teacher 3 nap left

    Hi! I am looking for a teacher/coach who can help me improve my academic and business writing skills.

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    I need the help of an English writer to write business articles for me Each article about 500 words I need over 100 articles Budget is CAD$10 per article

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    Need a startup Professional Business Plan.

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    I need a writer -- 2 3 nap left

    For your paper, select a specific industry to research (i.e., restaurants, automotive, retail, education). After selecting an industry, conduct research on the current trends and challenges within that industry related to the four functions of management. Be sure to address the entire industry as opposed to one individual business. Your paper must discuss at least 4 current trends/challenges within the industry. Below are some additional criteria for the paper: The paper must be at least 6 full pages, but no more than 8 pages You must include a cover page and reference list (these pages do not count towards your page total) You must use APA formatting for your paper (if you are not familiar with APA formatting, the Purdue OWL website (Links to an external site.) is an excellent resource)...

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    Business Plan Assignment 3 nap left

    I need a (partial) business plan that include Executive Summary Business Description Marketing Plan Competitive Analysis Five-year Forecast SWOT Analysis Addendum

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    i am looking for a person who can prepare best Corporate Presentation/Investor Presentation of my Company in a professional manner and at the earliest. kindly contact me at (Removed by Freelancer.com admin) for the same.

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    Hi, I want to build, design & write a professional profile page (Consulting Services). Please share similar projects or your portfolio of previous related task Thanks

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    Business Essay 2 3 nap left

    Scenario You are a Senior HR Representative, and your task is to hire a new regional HR manager. You are responsible for conducting the interviews, and you want to know about the candidate's experience and success as a leader. You want to know their leadership style and how effective they were in previous positions. You have concluded your interview and now must create a hiring report from the interview. Instructions Select a leader you know from personal experience or one that you have researched to serve as your interviewed candidate. Evaluate the candidate for their leadership practices and how effective they were for their organization. Write a hiring report that includes the following: Summarize your leader for your audience (avoid using the first person). Describe their leader...

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    Capstone supply chain project 3 nap left

    Its a powerpoint capstone project based ob the company FORD motors. Needs to explain three problems they are facing and give three recommendations for it. Compare with three main competitors and calculate the ROI, CCC for the last three years and the upcoming year. How would our recommendations hep the company better their numbers.

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    Sop writing 2 nap left

    Need somebody to draft a personalised sop too apply to colleges in UK for masters in management course. Need to sop within one week.

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    14 árajánlat

    I have been running a group mentorship program for which I am looking for Product Management Documentation. Product Name, Goals, Product Roadmap, user stories, product Strategy and Growth. The group mentorship program structure 90 minutes Icebreaker Introduction with attendees Agenda Workshop concepts Workshop Methodologies Learning outcomes Topic for next week Final note It is an event that I have been running from past 18 months, I have coached 700 entrepreneurs, organized more than 300 events online, more than 2500 attendees representing more than 25 countries joined the event. I am looking for product documents for this program to further development. Thanks,

    €112 (Avg Bid)
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    need to write a business proposal for providing security guard services for 13 library where I live at.

    €294 (Avg Bid)
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    I have an amazing idea I want to put Forward to investors

    €450 (Avg Bid)
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    I've started, grown and recently sold my technology business. I'm creating a technology platform to help other founders to scale and sell their companies. This is a challenge facing the UK as most businesses do not grow beyond 50 employees. In my platform I would like to create a self-assessment for founders, and the leadership team, to rate their knowledge against the phases of start-up scale-up and selling. The phases will cover modules such as compliance, finance, people marketing, operations etc with different relevance at each stage of their development cycle. I am seeking a consultancy which has capability in start-up, scale up and exit phases to develop the questions for my platform. I would like the project to complete by end February 2022. Initially I would like an MV...

    €5106 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for some one good in business writing .You should have strong command on English writing too.

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    Write specifically about practices in that industry by which interest rate immunization occurs. PENSION FUNDS. Focus on Immunization Strategies for multiple retirement income benefits. 1. I have to read it like I am talking it is a video presentation I have to do for 30 mins. (PENSION FUNDS Immunization Strategies for multiple retirement income benefits.) THE INTRODUCTION OF THE PAPER IS: * today we are going to present how the pension fund industry achieves interest rate immunization. We will cover the overall picture, starting with the overall relationship between interest rate immunization and pension funds, followed by the specific immunization strategies used for pension fund assets and liabilities, and we will cap it all off with immunization strategies when holding multiple ret...

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    Business writing 1 nap left

    We want you to review the project and answer the questions as per the requirement.

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    Need a experienced writer for a business requirement document.

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi all I am looking for about a 45-50 pages complete business plan (6 months financial projections) for a startup /experiment. ( possibility to work on many more project if satisfied with performance) Delivered within 7-15 days / 1 Zoom Call per day / 5 revisions after submission of project • Executive Summary • Company Description • Industry & Competitors' Analysis • SWOT Analysis • Customer Analysis • Tailored Marketing Plan • Financial Forecast IN ORDER TO APPLY YOU MUST SUBMIT A DOCUMENT WHICH PROVES THAT YOU CAN GET THE WORK DONE.

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    Write me a case study 1 nap left

    Write me a case study around 1 1/2 to 2 pages

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    We are a fast growing Australian consultancy and marketing agency and we are looking for an expert to assist with talent onboarding strategies and ongoing people management. We are looking to build a long term ongoing relationship with the successful candidate. The role will also include an incentive and bonus opportunity to reward over performance.  We have experienced significant rapid growth and are looking for a solution focused partner to work with the directors. Due to the rapid growth we are looking to fill the role immediately. To stand out from the crowd it will be important to provide a short explanation on why you are the one. The directors have a proven track record of building successful businesses and also provide additional rewards for early ...

    €31 / hr (Avg Bid)
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