C# Programming is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft, allowing developers to create robust software applications for mobile, web and desktop applications. C# is versatile and can be used for developing anything from console applications to business applications and more. With its many libraries, powerful acceleration capabilities via databases and frameworks, C# is a perfect choice for building modern software solutions.

A C# Programmer is an expert professional in the field of object-oriented programming language development. They are responsible for developing, deploying, coding and revising RDBMS data types and PL/SQL stored procedures via Microsoft's .NET platform. As well as developing user interfaces, C# Programmers are experts in analysis, design, development and deployment of C# projects as well as its related technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC and SQL Server.

Here's some projects that our expert C# Programmer made real:

  • Expanding existing software to add new features
  • Automating complicated processes with algorithms
  • Creating interactive user experiences in desktop applications
  • Connecting services with APIs through the integration of database systems
  • Developing robust yet secure web applications
  • Generating NodeJS tools to improve software performance

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    Necesito un script que pueda hacer unos cálculos para resolver unos problemas de estructuras de datos. Estructuras de datos, exploración lineal. Estructuras de datos, exploración lineal, desplazamiento cociente.

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    Looking for expert to migrate LLBL Prod code from version 2.6 to 5.9 Tool link:

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    complier grammer,math operation if statment for loop while loop We are creating an easy programming language with easy syntax specialized in the field of bioinformatics

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    Changes to App ProcessIntroScreen – KeepDelete Activity Screen and Person ScreenNext go to SearchPersonScreenKeep the remaining screens (SelectShoutout, ComposeMessage, ReviewScreen, SendConfirmationScreen, DeleteConfirmationScreen)Change in the apps Email Template "Your Shoutout" link to point to Activity  Screen or Page containing Sharepoint List of Activity Feed items. Send Shoutout using the email template in the app, but change the Your Shoutout link in the email template to take the recipient to the activity feed on a Sharepoint page containing a Sharepoint List of the shoutouts or to the Activity Screen in the App. Currently the link takes the user to the first screen of the app that makes them go through four screens before they  can read their s...

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    A grandes rasgos lo que necesito es un sistema donde el usuario, luego de un breve registro, debe poder armar un ambiente determinando sus medidas de largo, ancho y alto, además de sus texturas o colores, donde además pueda seleccionar, de forma amigable, muebles 3D previamente cargados en una librería, editar su posición, colores y texturas a libre disposición. Una vez terminada la selección y creado ya el ambiente, el sistema exporta los datos de los muebles añadidos a la escena, con los códigos y detalles agregados por el usuario a fin de ser usado en un e-commerce. Todo esto será añadido en un sitio web autoadministrable armado en wordpress. Similar a lo que se ve en la segunda mitad de este video.

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    I need help for my academic project. I need a c# based rule engine library using strategic pattern. The Library should evaluate discount details based on json based rules/criteria.

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    I have several indicators that I have coded in TradingView (Pinescript) and a few that I have moved over to NinjaTrader (NinjaScript C#) for automation. I am now for assistance to create them in Quantower (C#). I am a coder and full-time trader so I can help with the process. I just simply do not have the time right now. These will each be individual projects. We will start with some easy ones to see how you do and to get comfortable with the environment and working together. The better you do, the more work I can give you and the higher the pay for the projects. I will provide any code references to use. You can see my TradingView profile here. The first is a Pivot Point plot. I looks for a Pivot Point, then draws a horizontal line until that level is broken. Green lines for upper le...

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    Need an application which will pull and push to all social media handles and will give stats and analytics in one dashboard. If you have something like this done let me know.

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    Modify "PixelSurface" Unity Asset Store to fully integrate with Unity Colliders2D (Box2D physics). - PixelSurface asset files will be provided - Must adapt the asset to detect any 2D colliders so the world reacts accordingly - Must not generate garbage collection while adapting the library For example we want to add a shape that uses a BoxCollider2D or PolygonCollider2D using a Rigidbody so when the gameobject moves through the pixels they react to those colliders. It MUST BE a 2 way implementation. Rigidbody2D must be able to interact with the sand pixels for example by placing a CapsuleCollider2D on top of the sands and it must be able to stand on top of the specified sand types (For example ignore a given type of sand and only interact to one type of solid sand).

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    automate .exe file 6 nap left

    I will send data via url, and you need to open a specific .exe file to put data in that. I will also send time via url to close the .exe file.

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    Duration: 3.5 Days. Budget: 70$ Welcome: Thanks for applying, just make sure you read the document carefully and understand the requirements. duration should not take more than 2 days, while final budget is 70$. The Job: 1: Code Review on Developed Changes (0.5 Day) 2: Explain your Conclusions (0.3 Day) 3: Fix (If Needed) Logic Mistakes (1 Day) 4: Upgrade netcoreapp2.0/NET Framework 4.X to Last Stable Releases (0.3Day) Code Review: Developer made Change According to the Following Requirements: "NET Project Backend Phase " AND These are the Changes he made in Project: "Developer " .NET Framework (C#) 1: The Work is backend Only 2: i Will send Source Code 3: I will send Data Base Project Status: Mobile app is Developed and Ready Backend is Developed and Ready Data...

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    create an AR option in my app 6 nap left

    I have a app and I need a feature for AR to be developed

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    Witam Szukam najlepiej jednej osoby, która pomoże mi zbudować CRM do obsługi zamówień ze sklepu. Proces w skrócie ma wyglądac tak: Zakup towaru i wprowadzenie argumetów zakupowych / mówimy tu o kuchniach na zamówienie Przekazanie zamówienia do podwykonawcy waraz z dokumentacją Wykonawca ma możliwość ze swojego poziomu edycje poszczególnych okien i komunikację ze sklepem Jednocześnie klient może śledzić w ograniczonym obszarze cały proces jego zamówienia Podwykonawca na bazie zleceń może kontrolowac rozliczenia ze sklepem Sklep widzi postęp prac z klientem Szczegóły projektu oczywiście w czasie indywidualnych konsultacji przekażę i dokładnie opisze wszystkie procesy. Współpraca jest rozwojowa i chę podzielić ją...

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    need coaching classes management software for my coaching classes , excel base

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    Modulo Contable - vb.net [winform] 14 óra left

    3.      Contabilidad. a.      Arqueo de Caja. b.      Gestión de Plan de Cuentas. c.       Bancos y Tarjetas. d.      Conciliación Bancaria. e.      Gestión de Rubros y Sub-Rubros. f.        Entradas y Salidas de Dinero. g.      Gestión de Saldos. h.      Libro Mayor. i.        Libro IVA. j.        Gestión General de Caja.

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    Looking for this source code for unity 3D

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    Web developer 6 nap left

    We are looking for development experts, with the following requirements: - Proficient with .Net Core, Web API, Angular Material and MS SQL Server - Should be ready to complete the task in stipulated time - Should have minimum of 5 years hardcore development experience in these technologies required.

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    We're looking for IT desktop support level1 (onsite). Person must be from Belgium or Estonia. Skills reuired: Core Skills • Software deployment experience -SCCM . Itune . M365 Administration to include Intune/Endpoint • SharePoint - Administration and content creation • Azure AD • Exchange Online • On Prem Active Directory • Teams • OneDrive . Windows 10/11 Microsoft Endpoint Administration • Device enrolment • Deployment policy Creation & Administration • Software policy and deployment • MDM for Android/Apple devices 3rd Party solutions and software Qualified to: • IT degree level or similar IT qualification is desirable • Azure and M365, Intune/EndPoint experience - essential. ...

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    I'm in need of a software program, or execution file, to create parlay game tickets for all the major U.S. sports teams. The program must be precoded with the names of all U.S. sports teams, and numbered from 1 to 99 (including halves) to serve as the point spreads for the games on any given day. Also, the program must allow the tickets to be printed on front and back, and in chronological order. An example of the appearance and style of the ticket once printed has been attached, front and back.

    €1070 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for IT Desktop Support level 1. This is full time and 1 year. Core Skills Required: • Software deployment experience -SCCM . Itune . M365 Administration to include Intune/Endpoint • SharePoint - Administration and content creation • Azure AD • Exchange Online • On Prem Active Directory • Teams • OneDrive . Windows 10/11 Microsoft Endpoint Administration • Device enrolment • Deployment policy Creation & Administration • Software policy and deployment • MDM for Android/Apple devices 3rd Party solutions and software Qualified to: • IT degree level or similar IT qualification is desirable • Azure and M365, Intune/EndPoint experience - ess...

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    i need binary tree structure function for function new member location . struct User { address addr; address upline; address direct; uint256 referrals; uint256 total_structure; } User[] users; this is MLM data linked by upline to up "spillover" if u have deep experinces in solidity or c for implement finish my code is ready

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    I require screen designs for a driver app for food deliveries. This is just screen designs in xamarin forms and no functionality is required for the app

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    17 árajánlat
    Data structure expert required. 6 nap left

    Data structure expert required. Please place bid if you can start now.

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    13 árajánlat

    i want goods trading software for my entity with some customization other than general trading softwares.

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    i want goods trading software for my entity with some customization other than general trading softwares.

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    Simple update for an old Android game. — 1. Must have Unity Plus/Pro. 2. Target API/SDK 33 for Android 3. Update Unity IAP and Unity Ads package. 4. Remove some unused SDKs. 5. Build AAB and upload to Google and fix any warnings/errors.

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    Hello Freelancers. I know there are several open source of Instagram private api - C#, Python and PHP... I can use them, but I want make my own library. I want someone who can teach me how to capture and analysis the api. Or if you can provide me well working library, that also good too. Budget can be vary according to your quality of skill and teching. Regards Norbert

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    complier grammer,math operation if statment for loop while loop We are creating an easy programming language with easy syntax specialized in the field of bioinformatics

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    I am looking for an experienced .NET developer to build a mobile application that uses .NET Core(MAUI) to generate patient invoices, arrange appointments, and report download. A QR-Code will generate against the Patient Invoice and when patient will go to care center will scan the QR-Code and will be authenticated for test sample provide. The application should use API connectivity for user authentication and get data from current database and must be published in both the App Store and Play Store. The applicant should have extensive experience in .Net MAUI development and have a portfolio of successful apps to show. The ideal candidate should be able to offer long-term support after the completion of the project and have a willingness to answer any questions I have throughout the process...

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    I am looking for a programmer to create a MSSQL database sync application which will run on a central IIS server hosted on a Windows Server. This application will be set to automatically perform a real-time database sync so that the data is always up to date. The application should be reliable, efficient and secure. The programmer needs to be experienced in developing applications for Windows Servers with knowledge of MSSQL databases. Any other suggestions that could help improve the performance and security of the application are welcome. Database structure for all sub centers are same.

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    How to activate bridge mode and set up an IP address in BlueStacks 5 to use a VPN

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    Preciso de software de agendamento e acompanhamento de consultas para vários especialistas, com cadastro , prontuário e histórico de pacientes, relatórios individuais dos pacientes, relatórios gerais das movimentações internas. Integração com Whatsapp

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    Das Softwareprodukt ist eine Management-Software für das Gurt- und Gästemanagement in einem Kletterwald/Hochseilgarten. Es basiert auf der bestehenden SmartWood-Software und umfasst Erweiterungen und Änderungen, um den spezifischen Anforderungen des Kletterwalds/Hochseilgartens gerecht zu werden. Die Hauptfunktionen der Software sind: Verwaltung von Gurt- und Sicherheitsausrüstungen Buchung von Klettertouren und Zeitfenstern für Gäste Überwachung von Sicherheitsprotokollen und Einhaltung von Vorschriften Die Software ist einfach zu bedienen und bietet eine benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche für Gäste, Mitarbeiter und Administratoren. Die Software ist auch in der Lage, Daten in Echtzeit zu sammeln und zu analysieren, um den Betrie...

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    Creat app windows 10 6 nap left

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a Windows 10 desktop application for me.

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    The app is a card game developed in flutter but i need some adjustment to it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1- all action cards needs to be changed. 2- coins needs to be added. 3- 7 buttons needs to be added for each player to chose from them how to play his turn. - each button is representative one of the action cards. 4- 2 buttons needs to be added for each player to defend in his turn. 5-chat needs to be activated in game, and out of the game in general chat room. 5- voice chat needs to be activated "in game only" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: all the functions and action cards ...

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    Looking for someone to work with on assisting to develop a Harness for a Windows Service for AFL. The harness can be written in C++ or .NET and past experience with doing so is required.

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    Hello, We need a senior web dev to build out a prototype using these specs. The rest of the info will be sent to those selected. Please name your hourly rate. This should be a 1 day project. Create an [ASP.NET](http://ASP.NET) API that will use [RavenDB]() to store any necessary data. Your frontend will be based on [EditorJS]() but you can use any combination of technologies or frameworks you want. Bonus if you use React, Bonus++ if you use vanilla Javascript, old-school! ? Alas, be prepared to defend ?️ your choice! ? You don’t have to worry about authentication or anything like that.

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    With blazor web assembly, using net. 6, create a simple page with a button, a text box and a label. When button is pressed , the URL that is written into the text box is passed to a controller Controller has a method that get the body of the web page, search for a tag 'mailto' and return all the e-mail found in the page Use a reg expression or html agility pack

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    complier grammer,math operation if statment for loop while loop We are creating an easy programming language with easy syntax specialized in the field of bioinformatics

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    complier grammer,math operation if statment for loop while loop We are creating an easy programming language with easy syntax specialized in the field of bioinformatics

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    6 árajánlat

    1. Billing Application for Android using C# 2. Offline and Online Capability 3. Inventory Management 4. Report Management 5. Billing Report Printing functionality

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    tts textaloud text to speech 5 nap left

    Using tts Text to speech software of textaloud while reading text if find some word or text need to call right arrow, JavaScript function or hot key in chrome browser any one can achieve using any script or

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    A responsive application for student performance evaluation system should include the following features: User Authentication: The application should have a secure login system that allows authorized users to access the system. This ensures that only authorized users can access student information. Dashboard: The dashboard should display the key performance indicators (KPIs) and a summary of student performance. This will allow users to quickly view student progress and identify areas that require improvement. Student Profiles: The application should allow users to view detailed profiles of each student, including their grades, attendance records, behavior history, and any other relevant information. Gradebook: The gradebook should allow teachers to enter and manage student grades, vie...

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    ### Hash dictionary C# has a generic [Dictionary<K,V>]((v=vs.110).aspx) collection class that implements the [IDictionary<K,V>]((v=vs.110).aspx) interface. According to MSDN: "The Dictionary class provides a mapping from a set of keys to a set of values. Each addition to the dictionary consists of a value and its associated key". The focus of this assignment is the use of generics, and the understanding of interfaces and interface inheritance by implementing and using your own class(es). This assignment consists of two parts: ### Part 1 - creating `HashDictionary<K,V>` In this part you will create your own class that implements the [IDictionary<K,V>]((v=vs.110).aspx) interface. In order to implement the [IDictionary<K,V>]((v=vs.110).aspx) interfa...

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    A simple enough problem on the face of it: Create a Library class C that creates and holds a static BufferBlock<T>instance . Two projects A and B have C as a dependency. All three are in the same Visual Studio solution. Project A and Project B are not aware of each other. When Project A and Project B start up, they request the instance of the BufferBlock from C with a getBufferBlockl() method. The unexpected behaviour is that the same instance is not being returned of the static object from the Library class. Each call from the separate project is being returned with a new instance. Since I want Project B to write into the BufferBlock and for Project A to read from the same BufferBlock this is a problem. Can you solve this problem for me. Update: The solution to this must be...

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    9 árajánlat

    Api for insert data and another api call

    €13 (Avg Bid)
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    14 árajánlat
    Future strategy for Ninjatrader 8 5 nap left

    The strategy will be on Ninja trader 8 would like to trade on Futures Input before start: 1. I will enter a price to enter (Initial price) 2. I will enter number of ticks (X) 3. I will chose direction (Long or Short) 4. Unrealized profit Target (in dollars) 5. Maximum Unrealized Loss (Stop loss-"Flat All") 6. Number Of contract Per Entry (If it possible that all of the inputs will be on the chart trader panel) upon "Submit" the strategy will: If "Long" is chosen then: (Same for short...) The strategy will place "Buy Limit" order X ticks under the "Initial Price" (1.) ***It must be defined to "Display ATM Strategy ONLY" so we can relate to each entry individually. If Limit is filled then place another "Buy Limit"...

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    5 árajánlat
    Need a VR developer for Unity 5 nap left

    Hi, I need someone specialized for VR in Unity

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    20 árajánlat
    Crypto Wallet Development 5 nap left

    I have created a crypto wallet but I only have the front-end using javascript and react native. Therefore, I need help in turning the static design I have created into a functional crypto wallet. The wallet is a crypto wallet that runs on android. Please let me know if you can help. Crypto Wallet Requirements: The main functionalities of the application - QR Scan. - Biometric Verification. - 2FA authentication. - Crypto calculator. - Swap function. - Transaction History. - Crypto news feed. - Light and Dark mode. - 12 phrase word. - Multiple wallet. - ERC20, BEP20, TRC20. - Crypto Market. - Wallet Connect. - Social media connection. - Order Book. - Trade and confirm transactions. In addition, the most impo...

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    C and c# mentor offensive part

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    6 árajánlat

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