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  • Innovative solutions for computer graphics and sprite manipulation
  • Kernel-level programming for operating systems enhancements
  • Advanced camera control applications for multimedia setups
  • Efficient compiler development for new programming languages
  • Technical support and teaching services for engineering concepts

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    We are seeking a driver developer to work on a small Windows kernel-mode driver. The driver should provide an IOCTL based interface that delivers the following features: 1. Wake system from standby state: a. Wake in future (required for S1-S4) e.g. wake in specified number of seconds b. Wake immediately (required for "modern standby") c. Optionally, wake-up should simulate user presence d. Cancel pending wake request 2. Initiate sleep e.g. modern standby or S1-S4 3. Report power state transitions from kernel to user mode using inverted call mechanism or similar e.g. Sleeping, resuming, shutting down and if possible, report if user was present via an inverted call mechanism or similar. Other requirements: 1. The driver should support Windows 10/11 2. The drive...

    €565 (Avg Bid)
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    20 árajánlat

    Need a skilled programmer to enhance my existing EA by integrating the Zigzag indicator. This indicator will serve as a trend-following filter to improve the effectiveness of the exit strategy. The EA is already operational, but could benefit greatly from this addition. Key Project Details: - The EA: The EA is already functioning - it just needs the Zigzag indicator integrated. - Zigzag Integration: This indicator will specifically be used to refine the EA's exit strategy. - Adjustable time frame on the Zigzag Indicator - True /False Function to turn it off and on - Skillset: You should have a deep understanding of both Zigzag, MA as well as EA programming to ensure a seamless integration. Please reach out if you have a strong background in EA development and can successfully inco...

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    103 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a Pine Script coder experienced in developing strategies for Trading View. The core of the strategy will involve the following concepts: - Implementing Moving Averages - Crafting RSI - Integrating Bollinger Bands - Designing Willams Accumulation Distribution The ideal candidate should be proficient in Pine Script and possess prior experience with NSE trading. Knowledge of Futures and Options trading would be a plus.

    €629 (Avg Bid)
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    22 árajánlat

    I've completed a console-based Tic-Tac-Toe game using C++ and I'm looking for someone to enhance it. Some key areas of focus: - Add Multiplayer Mode: Implement the functionality for two players to play against each other. - Integrate Difficulty Levels: Incorporate different levels of difficulty for the game, making it more challenging and engaging. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in C++ programming - Experience with game development - Familiarity with Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) concepts - Ability to follow an existing codebase - Strong problem-solving abilities You can find the existing project on my GitHub repository:

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    Convert eml to PST using C# 6 nap left

    I'm in urgent need of converting 50-100 eml files into a PST format. The faster the turnaround, the better. Key requirements: - Convert eml files to a single PST file. - Ensure the PST file is compatible with Outlook. Using C# Ideal Skills: - Proficient in email file formats. - Experience with batch file conversion. - Familiarity with Outlook compatibility.

    €273 (Avg Bid)
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    18 árajánlat

    I need an adept C# programmer to develop a console application with a keen focus on object-oriented programming (OOP). Key Features: - The software application must emphasize OOP concepts, especially encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, and inheritance. - The project should exemplify how these OOP principles can be applied in a practical coding context. Ideal Skills: - Excellent understanding and application of OOP in C# - Experience in developing console applications - Detail-oriented programming approach, demonstrating the value of encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, and inheritance within an application's architecture Please provide samples of similar work or detail your related experience in your bid.

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    viết code vba/macro để lấy dữ liệu từ file tổng sang các sheet và dữ liệu sẽ luôn cập nhật khi có thông tin mới

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    Outlook Addin Icon Fix 6 nap left

    I've developed an Outlook Addin in C++ and have published it through ClickOnce Deployment. The add-in works fine but I'm having an issue with the icon not appearing in the Programs and Features section. Key Tasks: - Troubleshoot the missing icon issue. - Implement the necessary changes to ensure the icon displays properly in Programs and Features. Requirements: - Proficiency in C++ programming. - Previous experience working with Outlook Add-ins. - Familiarity with ClickOnce Deployment is a plus. - Experience in resolving icon display issues in Programs and Features section. The successful freelancer will need to work remotely to resolve this issue. This project needs to be completed in a timely manner.

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    Urgent EA Fixes for Trade Execution 6 nap left

    I have recently developed an EA, but it's been plagued with trade execution errors. I need a quick and experienced hand to rectify this issue within the next 24 hours. RSI - MA CROSS EXPERT - buy trigger RSI crosses up over MA below (rsi level) after candle close - tp ( determined by me ) closes all trades - stop loss - once rsi crosses (rsi level) close all trades Sell RSI crosses down over MA below (rsi level) after candle close - tp ( determined by me ) closes all trades - stop loss - once rsi crosses (rsi level) close all trades I also need trading hours in as well so I can choose when the ea is on during the day. Please review what’s been done and let me know

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    I am in need of a custom Minecraft horse plugin that is compatible with PC and specifically designed to work with Paper server software. The main features and functionalities of this plugin are as follows: - **Breeding and Storage** - Allow players to breed horses, ideally with varying rarity levels (Common, Rare, Legendary). - Implement a system for players to store their horses securely in a gui or place in a stable - **Marketplace** - Provide a marketplace where players can sell horses to each other and to a shop. - **Race Event** - Allow players to select a horse from their collection for a timed race event, where they can compete for a prize. The ideal candidate for this job would possess the following skills and experience: - Proficient in Java and Minecraft plugin develo...

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    C# UBL Digital Signature Integration 10 óra left

    I'm seeking an experienced professional to develop a solution for embeding a digital signature into an E Invoice generated in UBL XML2.1. This solution will aim to automate data exchange, ensure data integrity and enhance security. The specific functionalities required are: - Generation of digital signatures - Verification of digital signatures - Storing of digital signatures The unique requirement for this project is that the digital signature must be incorporated within the XML structure, enhancing seamless integration. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience with C# - Familiarity with UBL XML2.1 - Proven track record in digital signature technology Please provide a brief description of how you'd approach this task in your bid.

    €452 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a talented C++ developer with extensive experience in developing real-time code for complex control systems, particularly in the areas of RTOS, motion control and PLCs. This role is based out in Boston, MA. Key Responsibilities: - Develop backend code for complex control systems - Implement primarily real-time code in C++ - Work with RTOS systems like IntervalZero RTX or similar - Implement motion control functionalities - Integrate PLCs into the control systems Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in C++ and with a strong background in real-time code development - Experienced with RTOS systems, particularly IntervalZero RTX or similar - Prior experience implementing motion control functionalities is a must - Familiarity with PLCs and their integration into control systems ...

    €15091 (Avg Bid)
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    26 árajánlat

    I'm in need of a Python expert to build a functional application for Windows. The specific functionalities were not distinctly mentioned, so a willingness to collaborate and adapt is highly appreciated. The application needs to be integrated with database systems, requiring proficient understanding and experience in managing and integrating databases. Ideal candidate skills: - Python programming - Expertise in building Windows-applications - Database management and integration - Collaborative, adaptive and communicative nature. Looking forward to receiving your bids and eventually working on this project with you.

    €37 (Avg Bid)
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    55 árajánlat

    Location: Ambala Cantt, Haryana Preferred Candidate Location: Chandigarh, Mohali, or Delhi We are seeking an experienced professional currently working in the corporate sector to teach coding (Java, C++) to college students in their 1st, 3rd, or 5th semester. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge and industry experience with aspiring computer science students. Job Details: - Position: Coding Instructor - Subjects: Java, C++ - Classes: Physical classes - Frequency: Every Saturday - Duration: 3 hours per session - Requirements: - Must be proficient in Java and C++ - Current or recent corporate experience in software development or a related field - Passionate about teaching and mentoring students - Reliable and committed to attending every Saturday - Able to travel to A...

    €282 (Avg Bid)
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    20 árajánlat

    I'm looking for an expert in Image Processing, preferably with experience with Image J, to help execute some specific tasks on my images. This involves the collection of intensity data from a linear profile for each frame of a video. The project requires: - The automatic extraction of intensity data using intelligent software. - The output data should be formatted into a CSV file. With data in columns (frame,distance,intensity) Having experience with Image J, scripting techniques for automation and data export into CSV format will be beneficial for this job. Your attention to detail and precision will play a crucial role in the success of this project.

    €123 (Avg Bid)
    €123 licitátlag
    120 árajánlat

    I'm seeking a senior automotive software developer to create a fully customizable operating system for smart mobility. This exciting project requires advanced skills in C, C++ and Assembly languages for real-time processing, multi-tasking, and device driver development. In addition, I'm particularly interested in those who can bring a sophisticated user experience design thread to this work. Familiarity with Automotive Software Architecture (AUTOSAR) and ISO 26262 safety standards is a plus. Crucially, the operating system must comply with MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) standards. A successful candidate will have automotive software experience and be able to pitch themselves effectively. Let's drive the future of smart mobility together.

    €30698 (Avg Bid)
    €30698 licitátlag
    5 árajánlat

    saya lagi membuat projek console game menggunakan esp32, saya memiliki kendala gambar pada lcd tft tidak muncul, untuk codingan sudah ada. saya butuh cepat urgent.

    €35 (Avg Bid)
    €35 licitátlag
    5 árajánlat

    I'm in the process of building a project on Codeblocks using wxWidgets library. I've installed all the necessary dependencies for wxWidgets but I'm encountering numerous errors in the compilation process. The Windows 11+mingw+codeblocks20.03+wxWidgets3.1 or 3.2 was working fine and I developed many GUI projects. Month ago, I upgrade mingw to a new version, and since then, compiling previous good project issue lots of errors, like undefined reference to wxString, etc. It looked like couldn't find the wxWidgets libraries. I followed the to re-setup Codeblocks and wxWidgets, all not working and also tried uninstall Codeblocks and then install it again, still failed. The wxWidgets was build with monolithic=0, shared=0 Key requirements: - Expertise in Codeblocks and wxW...

    €116 (Avg Bid)
    €116 licitátlag
    55 árajánlat

    I'm a personal user in need of someone to create an installer for my 64bit Windows application on Ubuntu Desktop. The installer should be compatible with WineHQ, providing the basic functionality that WineHQ offers. Key Requirements and Expectations: - Develop and provide a 64bit Windows application installer tailored for WineHQ compatibility on Ubuntu Desktop. - Ensure the installer gives access to the basic functionality that WineHQ offers at a personal level. - Maintain a timely approach to the project, although there is no strict deadline. - Previous experience with WineHQ or similar compatibility tools would be beneficial. This is a personal project, and I'm looking for someone who can ensure the application works seamlessly with WineHQ on the Ubuntu Desktop.

    €124 (Avg Bid)
    €124 licitátlag
    60 árajánlat

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a private DMA game cheat for me to use on the Halo game for PC. The cheat will be for my own personal use and educational purposes only. Key Requirements: - Platform: This cheat is exclusively intended for the PC version of Halo: MCC. There is already an internal out there. - Cheat Features: ESP (fuser) and Aimbot using KMBOX. Ideal Candidate: - Experience: A strong background in DMA cheat creation. - Knowledge: An in-depth understanding of the Halo game and its mechanics would be highly beneficial. - Discretion: It is important that the developer understands and respects the private nature of this project. - Communication: Daily updates to me. Next up: - Open to long-term recurring future projects (other games).

    €32 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €32 / hr licitátlag
    40 árajánlat

    I'm seeking a skilled Rust developer to create a high-performance Telegram bot for trading on the Solana blockchain. The bot should be similar to FluxBot and SolTradingBot but with specific custom features. Key Requirements: Develop a bot capable of mass sniping new tokens on Solana and Raydium DEX Implement auto buy/sell functionality executing within 1-2 seconds (1 block) Program the bot entirely in Rust Design a simple, user-friendly interface with essential features only Required Skills: Extensive experience in Rust programming Proven track record in developing Telegram bots Familiarity with Solana blockchain and Raydium DEX Experience in creating trading bots and working with APIs The ideal candidate will have a strong background in cryptocurrency trading bot development and be a...

    €446 (Avg Bid)
    €446 licitátlag
    13 árajánlat

    I am looking to enhance my general programming skills through learning C# programming language. My current experience in programming is at an advanced level. I prefer learning through video lessons. Your task will be to provide a comprehensive, yet easy to follow, series of video lessons that will help improve my programming skills. The goal is to cover key concepts and practices in C# in a way that is conducive to a self-paced, independent learning approach. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in C# programming - Experience in teaching or tutoring in programming, particularly through video lessons - Understanding of advanced programming concepts If you have experience in online teaching and can provide a structured, engaging, and interactive learning experience, I would be interested in heari...

    €457 (Avg Bid)
    €457 licitátlag
    88 árajánlat

    I have a source code, which I believe is written in C# or C++. I am seeking a freelancer who can compile and run the existing application and then convert it to VB.NET. Please note, this doesn't involve any modifications or additional feature incorporations, just a straightforward conversion. Key Requirements: - Compile and run the existing C#/C++ application. - Convert the application to VB.NET. Other Information: - The source code has no documentation available, so the freelancer will need to make sense of the codebase independently. - The conversion process should be seamless and accurate, without any added features or changes.

    €160 (Avg Bid)
    €160 licitátlag
    77 árajánlat
    C# Desktop Application Development 5 nap left

    I'm looking for a skilled C# developer to create a desktop application for implementing a trading system using websocket for live feed & API calls for order processing. Python code is already available. You need convert the python code to C#, fix the bugs during conversion & make it run without errors. Key Requirements: - Proficient in C# programming and familiar with desktop application development - Ability to understand and design user-friendly interfaces - Experience in integrating applications with local databases The application : - Web socket for live streaming data. - Make API calls & process the data received. I look forward to working with someone who is able to deliver a high-quality, bug-free, and reliable desktop application that meets the above requiremen...

    €21 (Avg Bid)
    €21 licitátlag
    17 árajánlat

    I am looking for a skilled software developer to create a Windows software for managing and organizing my study materials. The software should enable me to input the time frame within which I want to finish a book and subsequently provide a PDF study guide divided by day - based on my requirements. Key Features: - Ability to load and manage databases of books in text formats. - An option to input the timeframe (in days) I intend to complete studying a particular book. - Provide a “Play” button or similar function to generate a PDF study guide. - Generated PDF files should be for viewing only and not editable. - The software should have the ability to automatically divide the book evenly across the study period. Moreover, it should also allow me the flexibility to manually set...

    €158 (Avg Bid)
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    38 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to build a copy trade bot with the following specifications: -There are three machines A, B and C. machine A has the control to setup connection between B and C where two different IQoption accounts. B is the master account where trades will be opened manually. C is the user account where trades will be copied. It is not complicated as creating automated trading with algorithms, it is a simple task of connecting two accounts where trades on one account is copied instantly to other multiple accounts.

    €100 (Avg Bid)
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    29 árajánlat
    Convert Indicator to Alert 5 nap left

    I am looking for someone to convert tradingview pine script indicator to alert. 1. Add two horizontal lines, one line at RSI 20 level and another line at RSI 80 level. 2. “Long” alert to be triggered when rsi, rsi1, rsi2, rsi3, rsi4 lines cross and close above RSI 20 line. 3. “Short” alert to be triggered when rsi, rsi1, rsi2, rsi3, rsi4 lines cross and close below RSI 80 line. 4. Alert should be triggered once every time the condition met, should not be repeated. Please see attached pine script for this works.

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    €9 licitátlag
    29 árajánlat
    Kotlin Developer for Drone GCS 5 nap left

    As an Android app developer with expertise in Kotlin, I need your help building Drone Ground Control Software (GCS). The Current App is on QT Framework, we want to re-develop the app on Kotlin. The key functionalities I want you to incorporate in the app are: - Real-time flight data monitoring - Mission planning and autonomous flight - Live video streaming This project is focused on the development of the GCS for a drone rather than a typical consumer application. Your experience in working with drones and real-time data processing will be an asset. Please note that previous work in a similar domain or experience developing GCS is highly desirable. Your knowledge of Kotlin and QT is crucial as the app needs to be stable and efficient. A strong understanding of Android develop...

    €2237 (Avg Bid)
    €2237 licitátlag
    42 árajánlat

    Enhancing Simplex Algorithm with Rational Numbers for Higher Accuracy We are looking for an experienced C programmer to enhance our existing simplex algorithm code by converting it from using double precision floating-point numbers to rational numbers. The goal is to improve the accuracy of arithmetic operations within the algorithm. Tasks: Review Existing Code: Analyze the current simplex algorithm code to understand its structure and functionality. Design Rational Number System: Propose a rational number system that can handle large numbers without precision loss. Ensure the system supports negative numbers. Guarantee compatibility with complex and simplex numbers and functions. Implement Rational Numbers: Convert the existing code to use rational numbers while maintaining the origi...

    €468 (Avg Bid)
    €468 licitátlag
    36 árajánlat

    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a custom Windows background that incorporates a countdown timer. The background already exists, and the countdown timer should simulate an old digital clock style. Here's what you can expect when getting to work on this project: * Using an image I provide, you'll integrate a visually appealing "old digital clock" style timer that displays days, hours, minutes, and seconds. * It is key that the timer seamlessly blends in with the background without disrupting the visual aesthetic. A minimalistic approach to the timer's display would be great considering I prefer a balance between functionality and style. * The timer should be fully functional, accurate, and automatically sync with the system time. * I expect you to ...

    €270 (Avg Bid)
    €270 licitátlag
    48 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to help me establish a secure communication setup with Simcom7672s. The project consists of the following components: - Establishing secure HTTPS communication: The main goal of the project is to set up a secure HTTPS communication channel with Simcom7672s. This will involve ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and the authenticity of the server. - Sending and receiving MQTT requests: The system will also need to send and receive MQTT requests. The communication should be reliable and efficient. - Implementing SSL certificates: A crucial part of this project is the correct implementation of SSL certificates to ensure secure data transmission. The scale of this project is small, as it will initially cater to a few users and a limited amount ...

    €171 (Avg Bid)
    €171 licitátlag
    7 árajánlat
    emcad Embroidery Software Guidance 5 nap left

    I'm a beginner with emcad Embroidery software of dahao, and my goal is to master its advanced techniques and features. I'm seeking an experienced freelancer who can provide personalized, one-on-one online sessions to guide me through the learning process.

    €71 (Avg Bid)
    €71 licitátlag
    50 árajánlat

    I need a expert programmer if is on python better but if not, needs to be senior or expert developing softwares.

    €130 (Avg Bid)
    €130 licitátlag
    98 árajánlat

    I need the Artificial Intelligence, C++ Programming expert freelancer for my current project. Details will be shared with winning bidder. Please bid if you have the experience.

    €34 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €34 / hr licitátlag
    64 árajánlat
    Cryptocurrency TON Volume Bot 5 nap left

    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can create a cryptocurrency trading bot specifically for the Telegram Open Network (TON) with DeDust integration. This bot should be able to: - Operate 24/7: The bot must have the capability to execute buy and sell orders automatically without any manual intervention. This is a critical feature as I'm looking for a bot that can operate seamlessly and profitably even when I'm not actively monitoring it. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Profound knowledge of cryptocurrency trading: A solid understanding of how the cryptocurrency markets work, particularly within the TON network, is essential. Experience in high-frequency trading would be a significant advantage. - Extensive experience in bot development: Previo...

    €666 (Avg Bid)
    €666 licitátlag
    89 árajánlat

    Tengo una empresa consultora pequeña, nos especializamos en bienestar y felicidad organizacional, necesito crear un software de medición (medición de clima organizacional, Felicidad laboral, cultura organizacional, test de bienestar personal del empleado y mas).

    €473 (Avg Bid)
    €473 licitátlag
    46 árajánlat
    Urgent Telegram Bot Development 5 nap left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Telegram bot. Please only apply if you have experience in this field. Your proposal should provide a detailed project plan. I require this bot for an existing business and need it completed as soon as possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Telegram bot development - Ability to deliver projects on a tight deadline - Strong understanding of business requirements and user interactions on Telegram - Excellent communication skills, able to provide detailed project proposals based on our business needs

    €461 (Avg Bid)
    €461 licitátlag
    114 árajánlat
    Computer Science Assistance Needed 5 nap left

    I'm looking for a knowledgeable individual who can help me with various aspects of computer science. - Assistance in Programming: I have a project that requires coding in Python, Java, and C++. If you're proficient in these languages and can help me with my projects, that would be fantastic. - Theory and Application: I might need help with the theoretical aspects of computer science, as well as the practical application. If you have a strong understanding of both areas, that would be ideal. Please bid for this project if you're well-versed in computer science and can offer guidance in theory and coding across multiple languages. Your insights will be invaluable as I work my way through my projects.

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    42 árajánlat

    I am in need of a small, executable program or script that runs on Windows 7 and 10. The main purpose of this script is to monitor a specific status window of a printer. The script will then take action if it detects any status other than "waiting" or "printing". Key Features: - The script should check the printer status at regular intervals (maybe every 10 seconds). - If the status is anything other than "waiting" or "printing", the script should automatically close another program, ''. The script should not restart '' after closing it. The script should be written in a way that I can edit in the future.

    €19 (Avg Bid)
    €19 licitátlag
    25 árajánlat

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