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    Convert C++ code to dll 6 nap left

    I have a C++ code, I need to convert it to a dll So basically this is a function which reads data from an instrunent So I need this function to be converted to a dll and I will call it from python So you will have to understand C++ code, make a C function which does job convert to dll Download code from here

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    €7 - €19
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    TASK: Create project WPF that used OpenCL NuGet in which need to compare calculation speed for parallelization on CPU cores and GPU cores for jagged arrays of different sizes. ADDITIONAL TASK: Determine if the video card is present. Get data on the number of CPU and GPU cores. PARAMETERS: Variable int i, j, k in range {100;3000} Const in double presentation Input array INP[i+1][j][k] Output array OUT[i][j][k] Formula for(int i = 0; i < valueI; i++) for(int j = 0; j < valueJ; j++) for(int k = 0; k < valueK; k++) OUT[i][j][k] = * (INP[i][j][k] – INP[i+1][j][k])

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    Convert html to rtf and Convert rtf to html and use table

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    Veterans only if you're not having a big experience in the field, kindly dont waste time required to make a similar website and it's functionalities

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    algorithms and math 6 nap left

    need quick and good freelancer to fix my task

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    I need help coding an algorithm or syntax to commit myself to abide by the rules. I need to manage and limit the amount that I am allowed to trade and lose per day. The ThinkorSwim Api is connected to Visual Studio Code. Are you available to work with me on this project per hour or at a fixed price? Note: 95 % of coding is already developed, I just need help on the risk management constraints or if statement Level I: On level I, the maximum share amount that I can buy is 500 shares and the maximum that I am allowed to lose is $100 dollars(500 x 20 cents = $100). Level II: On level II the maximum share amount that I can buy is 1000 shares and the maximum that I am allowed to lose is $200 dollars(1000 x 20 cents = $200). Max Loss per Day Level I $300 & Level II $600? Depending on t...

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    We have a hardware built on STM32G0B1CE and GSM&GPS module. On this MCU programming for FOTA .MCU Firmware update with HTTP Server. We are looking for an expert embedded engineer to help us.

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    * Coding a C++ on WebSocket * Preferring a person who had experiences with coding Etrade API * Having at least 3-5 years verifiable experience * Helping implementation and and testing until it runs smoothly are needed to fulfill the job process * Having an experience of coding One-Triggers-Others in Loop * Technical documentation:

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    Hello, I need an experienced C developer who can work on a word parser program. I already have some code finished so I will need the developer to work off my working code. The developer must be able to parse a .csv file full of certain data and then be able to de-duplicate, sort and then nicely output the data. Looking for a developer who can work on it immediately and start right away. (Must be done in 15 hrs) Thanks.

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    Write code to calculate vertical displacement using MPU6050 sensor. Code shall integrate the acceleration on the MPU6050 accelerometers to calculate distance moved in the x, y, z direction. Code shall use the MPU6050 gyroscope to know which way is vertical (i.e. axis parallel to gravity, g). With information from gyroscope it shall then be able to calculate distance moved in the g direction i.e. the vertical displacement . To test the code I will: - lift the MPU6050 1 meter off the ground - the vertical displacement shall read 1 meter. - I will then put the MPU6050 on the ground - the vertical displacement shall read 0 meters. - I will then lift the MPU6050 1 meter off the ground in a different orientation - the vertical displacement shall again read 1 meter. - I will then place MPU605...

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    Hi, I am looking for Unity and Unreal Engine developer who can work with blueprints c# and c++ and must have experience with game networking. I will share more details through chat.

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    Facebook login like and share panel 6 nap left

    Facebook login, like, share, Grup Bot and Advertising Program. Hello, I would appreciate if friends who can do the same program that I have described in the video offer. Since my budget is limited, it is important to have an affordable price. I think the panel is programmed based on Python, Selenium. In addition to the panel, there are 1-2 features that I would like, I will specify this. There are 2 links that I want to click automatically when I enter Facebook, I will indicate this to the programmer. My programming knowledge is entry level, so if the coding programmer writes explanation lines for the commands between the codes, it is important for him to intervene in future problems. The friend who will make the project can change the image, do it with different decorations and customiza...

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    We are looking for a talented coder to remove haze from our images. The coder should be good at OpenGL / OpenCV and familiar with shaders. Please don't hesitate to enter to this job.

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    Open GL Programming -- 2 6 nap left

    program to generate a curved path through a given set of points. Display the generated curve. Coefficient matrices for each segment based on Catmull-Rom formulation. The code draws 8 cubes representing the given points. Calculate the cubic curve for each segment with 200 points per segment, and to draw the curve by connecting those 200 points as lines More details in chat

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    Hi, I need do mini project like that: - I have product running, it using some pod opensource write in Objective C include C lib wrapper, and my code Swift - I want to build SDK for my client and delivery by cocoapods, user can use my lib by "pod install MyLib" - I need help to config: - Config xcode with tiny source build static lib Swift, can include all need POD - Config ok when swift code can include all pod source like main original project of mine - Export to cocoapod specs

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    I am looking for an experienced bot developer to develop my own arbitrage bot from scratch. If you have experience in trading bot development, please share your portfolio in your proposal.(Screenshot or Video) I have enough budget and timeline so I want senior developer.

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    25 árajánlat

    I need someone to fix already existing code which is currently using easyocr, pyautogui, and tesseract for OCR labelling tool. This code currently takes a screenshot of the screen, and captures 3 boxes (windows). Then it will type twice and click three times. The indicator will then pop up in a red light green light indicator. This indicator captures the text on the screen and will change red to green based on that text change. The first box captures the text and displays it on the indicator, which should be done accurately. The second box captures a number text, both counting the changes on the indicator and displays the number captured. The third box does the same as the second box. All boxes when detecting any changes will play a sound. I need the indicator fixed. The code is alread...

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    I have implemented an example of CHAI3D and it's displaying 4 items that plays a sound when you click and hold on them using the mouse cursor. I want to update this project so that it's displaying 12 items that have the same functionality of the 4 items (playing sounds when you press on them), additionally I want to add a square that changes color based on the dataset used. The project is written in C++ and below is the link for CHAI3D documentation:

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    Embedded c++ code debugging 6 nap left

    Need extensive experiance on Embedded C,C++ programming to analyse few issues and implement small changes in a code. SPI, flash drivers, ADC , TCP, UDP, USB interfaces and interrupts etc. Note: Do not spam with messages like I have all skills mentioned etc. Please share your profile/resume in chat. This is longterm commitment with consistent pay. Serious and dedicated candidates only please.

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    Project for Jie 6 nap left

    It is MPI project and you have to improve algorithm. Share info about project via private chat.

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    We are looking for an enthusiastic junior software developer to join our experienced software design team. You will report directly to the development manager and assist with all functions of software coding and design. To ensure success as a junior software developer, you should have a good working knowledge of basic programming languages, the ability to learn new technology quickly, and the ability to work in a team environment. Ultimately, a top-class Junior Software Developer provides valuable support to the design team while continually improving their coding and design skills.

    €35 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    C programming project: Optimize an MPI parallel algorithm in C to have more than 85% efficiency. This tutorial shows what MPI is:

    €205 (Avg Bid)
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    6 árajánlat

    I am looking someone who can design and develop attandance software for windows where data is being imported from QR code Scanner. Data will be in Vcard format in QR code and when scanned it should be shown in software and should be able to filter as per class, month, year. The date should be in Nepali format. I have attached a sample interface of software i require and QR code format. Additionally, I need an software which can generate this QR code in bulk by importing CSV excel file. The QR will contain School Code: Class Code: Student Name: Roll No: Expiary Date: Address: Phone: I have attached QR code sample format and software interface sample.

    €2391 (Avg Bid)
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    37 árajánlat

    1. Create any QT Android project of your own 2. Add roscpp library to the QT Android project 3. Build it and fix errors 4. Take a snapshot of successful build 5. Done Required Skill: CMake

    €189 (Avg Bid)
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    15 árajánlat

    C programming project: Optimize an MPI parallel algorithm in C to have more than 85% efficiency. This tutorial shows what MPI is:

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    21 árajánlat

    Necesito crear un programa para instalación remota (dónde se tiene que crear códigos de acceso para la instalación, con registro de instalación por máquina individual). Se trabajará con archivos de extensión DJVU

    €145 (Avg Bid)
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    Expert Advisor 5 nap left

    Want a Expert Advisor based on Martingale system ,with Trailing stop loss i appreciate to work with Indian Freelance or the person Know Indian language Hindi , it will better to us to express our EA logic with him/her

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    8 árajánlat

    The main goal is convert 4K MJPEG to RGB on Coral Dev Board without consuming much CPU (less than 20%). The following command fails for unknown reasons: mendel@tuned-finch:~$ gst-launch-1.0 --gst-debug=2 v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! image/jpeg, width=3840, height=2160, framerate=30/1 ! vpudec ! glupload ! glcolorconvert ! gldownload ! video/x-raw, format=RGB ! fakesink Setting pipeline to PAUSED ... 0:00:00.289622152 7133 0xaaaae01b5180 WARN v4l2 v4l2_calls.c:543:gst_v4l2_subscribe_event:<v4l2src0> Cannot subscribe V4L2_EVENT_SOURCE_CHANGE or V4L2_EVENT_EOS event for device '/dev/video1'. Pipeline is live and does not need PREROLL ... Got context from element 'gldownloadelement0': gst.gl.GLDisplay=context, gst.gl.GLDisplay=(GstGLDisplay)&quo...

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    Looking for a c++ developer 5 nap left

    Hi, I am looking for a game developer with c++. Have to update and add function to current existing game.

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    Expert advisor 5 nap left

    I want someone that can add a simple logic to a moving average expert advisor

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    19 árajánlat

    Hi, I am looking for C# implementation that can retrieve similar images from a large image database in the shortest possible time. The basic idea is to use phash and vp-tree algorithms. There are three steps in the algorithm that needs to be implemented. * phash for image feature extraction. We can find implementation in nuget * store the image features in sql server * VP-tree to build index of the image feature for clustering. * based on input query image, retrieve similar images fast. Need to be developed in Visual Studio as a C# console app. Sample image database will be shared in message. Python reference Happy bidding.

    €35 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    16 árajánlat

    In this project we must implement thinning, branchpoint and endpoint detection to recognize letters in an image of text.

    €29 (Avg Bid)
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    8 árajánlat

    I would like to make a program that would be able to take input from and and be able to play at different speeds and levels for example i could set the AI to play at a 3200 rating and play very fast like blitz chess which usually takes around 2-5 sec per move. or i could adjust the bot to play at a 1300 rating but very slow and vice versa. Main Features AI Rating/Skill adjuster Speed Adjuster Optional Features possibility to make Human like errors log in to accounts and keep a list of accounts to be able to login easier ratings for each account

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    You are to develop a simulator for the abm abstract machine. Your simulator must support all instructions included in the document. You may refer to the abm program files , , , , and to help you to understand both the syntax and the semantics of the abm machine. You are to use the Linux operating system. You may choose the programming language for coding your solution. Your simulator must be able to execute any possible program written in the abm machine language.

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    Programación 5 nap left

    Realizar un programa que lea 10 número por teclado 5 para un vector A y 5 para un vector B, mostrar los resultados de suma resta multiplicación y división de los vectores en pantalla en diferentes vectoresestas operaciones deben ser con funciones adicional mente se debe determinar cuál es el número mayor y el número menor de cada verctor resultante.

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    12 árajánlat

    I am looking for experienced coders to build web applications. You must have extensive experience with shaders. Experience with is a bonus. It's a long-term task, but I want to finish it within two months.

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    14 árajánlat

    Se tiene una lista con 18 tareas que programar en el servidor, entre sistemas y ajustes de unos sistemas. es un servidor de gta v basado en plataforma ragemp, cuenta con lenguajes como c#, java, html, pyton, nojs

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    4 árajánlat

    C Programming Project on Linux: Do a Libnvme integration project:

    €147 (Avg Bid)
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    Need programming experience in C++ and embedded systems. • Experience and strong knowledge of Linux. • Memory and performance profiling tools experience • Excellent with C++ build process • Excellent knowledge of multithreading and algorithms • Strong documentation and writing skills • Familiarity with software configuration management tools, defect tracking tools and peer review Job Responsibilities • Design, develop, code, test, and debug embedded software from requirements to production and commercial deployment • Integrate and validate new product designs with the cloud system. I'm looking for who can work 5-6 hours per day Please reach who is seriously willing to work Thank you

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    Interactive Polygon editor OpenGL 5 nap left

    The first task in this project is to write a polygon editor program based on the following description: 1. The vertices of the polygon are defined in a row by pressing the left mouse button. 2. When you press the right mouse button, on the border (at the edges of the polygon), a new point (not necessarily an already existing vertex) closest to the cursor is added, and it is connected between the start and end points of the edge segment. Until the right mouse button is released, this new vertex follows the movement of the cursor, while the polygon is also deformed. 3. The polygon can be made more smoothly curved with the 's' key, the algorithm of which is as follows: A Catmull-Rom spline with a tension of -1 is fitted to the existing peak points, and a spline point correspondin...

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    Artificial Intelligence Task 5 nap left

    Hi, I need help on Programming a multi-layered ANN to simulate the following Input and Output operation. You need to use Backpropagation algorithm to update the connection weights of your network. Any computer programming langauage is ok. Do not use Machine learning libraries.

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    18 árajánlat

    I need a Coder to solve Complex DSA problems in C++/Java/python.

    €13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 árajánlat

    Hello, I need someone who can do coding in embedded systems. Implementation and Comparison of Scheduling Algorithms A, C, and D with the Traditional Scheduling Algorithms EDF and LLF I will upload the ppt which contains slides. Can anyone go through that slides and let me know are you able to do it or not Thanks, Ak

    €167 (Avg Bid)
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    15 árajánlat

    Hello, I need someone who can do coding in embedded systems. Implementation and Comparison of Scheduling Algorithms A, C, and D with the Traditional Scheduling Algorithms EDF and LLF I will upload the ppt which contains slides. Can anyone go through that slides and let me know are you able to do it or not Thanks, Ak

    €168 (Avg Bid)
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    6 árajánlat

    I have a C++ Interactive Brokers API project and I'm looking to improve its performance incrementally. I'm looking for a C++ developer (C++11, C++14, C++17) with good experience - IBKR C++ API experience is a plus.

    €239 (Avg Bid)
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    17 árajánlat

    I need someone to make an exe file where you inject chrome extension to the users Chrome Browser and stays permanently.

    €1169 (Avg Bid)
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    29 árajánlat

    We might need to do this with TV, Hello, I would like to build a book program that will find data and show on the other end. We are already half way on the project and needs help to understand and complete. There is simple data constructors and modifiers that will be built. I would like to understand the code first before we implement for understanding the reason for each one. We can do this two ways, either step by step or you can finish the whole thing and explain at the end. Thanks

    €28 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hello Ninjascript8 C#coders I want to build ninjatrader8 strategy which contains: 4 indicators (built-in) - 3 rules - 5 parameters (2 of them are easy: session time start-end on-off + holiday on-off) the strategy is easy not complicated all I need someone smart to code it identically without bugs or spending unnecessary long time on it. I want experienced Ninja script8 C#programmers who done this successfully before only

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    14 árajánlat
    Need LISP programming EXPERT!!! 5 nap left

    This is long term LISP project. Please bid if you are good at lisp programming. After you are appointed, I could work with you for a year. Thanks a lot.

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    10 árajánlat