DOS stands for Disk Operating System. Most e-commerce stores are running on this computing platform.

All e-commerce stores running on DOS more often face security issues. The operating system may crash, an event that will lead to inconveniences to the customers and the business itself. The more crashes the business faces, the lower its productivity will be. Security issues will have negative impact on your online business. Customer loyalty may fade with time and more often, it leads to loss of business. It is for this reason that business owners are constantly on the search for professionals who will handle and maintain DOS on which their business relies.

Qualified DOS professionals are those who will ensure proper maintenance of the client's operating systems, thus providing reliable security to the business. Their expertise and experience should allow timely response to the clients' needs. Freelancers on who satisfy and meets the clients' needs will always find work waiting for them. Clients are always searching for those professionals and you can be sure that you will get constant work from different clients for your valuable service. All you need is to prove that you are the DOS professional that clients are searching for.

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    I need a expert with Windows OS / Bitlocker to assist me with unlocking my Windows 10 device (don't need to get into an existing user's account, but allow me to switch accounts). Currently it is stuck on the Hello Screen with no way to switch user. Please include your experience dealing with similar issues in your bid to be considered. Do not worry about other freelancers copying your ...

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