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Projekt/Verseny Leírás Árajánlat/Pályamű Készségek Kezdete Vége Ára (EUR)
contract if someone need help with writing a contract contact me for more information . 0 Szerződések Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó -
Wordpress Developer from Lahore ( Individuals Only ) Hi, I need a Wordpress expert from Lahore. Please if you are not from lahore then don't apply. Remote resource required for next 10 days for full time. If you have any other project in queue please don't respond. I am going to attach the project files, If you are interested in the job then in your proposal please add the following things after reviewing the documents. 1- Budg... 6 PHP, Webdesign, WordPress, CSS, HTML Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €163
Expect the Unexpected I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. Bring out the useful things and share to other people 7 Excel Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €76
I would like to hire a Resume Writer I want to have a well written and designed visual resume. 0 Önéletrajzok Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó -
Building my website based on a new wordpress theme demo My website has been installed just need editing with business content and other configuration. No design changes required. 6 PHP, Webdesign, WordPress, CSS, HTML Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €15
Finish a very basic website I have an unfinished website which I would like completed at a very basic level. All local. 24 PHP, Webdesign, MySQL, HTML, phpMyAdmin Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €28
Indian developer to integrate and complete Android app. Experienced in react native worth redux . Ruby on rails with MySQL 3 Javascript, Mobile App Development, Ruby on Rails, Android, MySQL Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €126
Business content writer needed I need a writer who will help to writing Business content for me. Only native English speaker will place Bid on this project. No Time waster please. Thank you. 4 Szövegírás, Szellemírás, Article Writing, Tartalomírás, Üzleti Írás Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €13
Integrate Froala texteditor with images upload function S3 of Froala and generate pdf Extend current project page with: - froala editor for textarea - image upload of froala to google bucket (same as the uploading images grid) via S3 with signed links - create pdf with existing images grid and the new froala textarea with the images in the texteditor - google bucket - use signed links with expiration time of 30 minutes 2 MySQL, HTML5, Laravel Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €147
Create a website or web application as a clone of a website section Hi I would like a website or web application that will exactly do the same things with [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] They have 5 categories to choose from. We will have 10 categories to choose from. Admin should be able to add the categories, items for each category and photos. Visitor should be able to select a category e.g. Venue and selection photo... 24 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikai tervezés, MySQL, HTML Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €869
Simple C# Project in UWP Universal Windows Platform Project in C#. example here: [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] Moreover I need Preview pane, Playlist, Media Bookmark options too. store purchase not required. 1 .NET, C# programozás Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €25
Creation of UML Diagrams for Mobile App, requirements, design and development I created a mobile app, but I need UML diagrams made such as, Use Case diagrams, sequence diagrams, Entity relationship, etc, which is all linked to the application. 8 Mobile App Development, Android, UML-tervezés, Felhasználói felület / IA, Szoftverarchitektúra Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €100
I Need a Graphic Designer I'm looking for a graphic designer to help create small banner ads and larger background images for placement on a cycling website. I'm able to provide the artwork/images, I just need a graphic designer who can help style them and pot them in the proper sizes and format. 20 Grafikai tervezés Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €76
Softball Flyer Have a stock png flyer and need to remove/add a few elements to it. 37 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés, Photoshop, Illustrator, Szólólap dizájn Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €19
Design project I need a logo designed. New business We Got It In jus made looking for creative logo with plug 29 Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €20
report identifying and describing the potential of a new business idea he contact me for more information 2 Kutatás, Jelentésírás, Tudományos írás, Üzleti elemzés, Vállalkozás Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €142
Vote 1000+ times on a Facebook poll You must use UK Facebook accounts to join a public Facebook group and vote in a poll. - Can provide link to poll in private message 5 Közösségi Háló, Twitter, Facebook Marketing, Google Plus, Közösségi Média Marketing Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €102
I need a designer for Business Html Let me design a business template with html and latest bootstrap, which includes slider, service, callout, testimonial, blog, client, product with category, footer etc. 16 Webdesign, Grafikai tervezés, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €168
wiki built i need a Wikipedia built for android and ios apps. use the free ones that you can find. must be able to build on iis 3 Mobile App Development, Android, Windows Server Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €124
Create video (based on one I already have) Make sure you read this carefully very putting fwd a proposal. This project consist of re-making a video of 6 Mins and 43 secs It's a great video and all I want is for it to be made almost equal to what it is now, but different. I would be open to seeing a proposal using cartoons or something like that as long as the videos still tell the same story and use the same script. I don'... 2 Videó szolgáltatások, Animáció, After Effects, Videogyártás, Videoszerkesztés Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €20
build Library website given the DDL and DML MySQL this website should implement database operations. It is for a database course 4 PHP, Webdesign, MySQL, HTML Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €25
Design me an online advert I'm wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in Pearland, TX. I'm using Facebook and Instagram to book more photography sessions. I'm looking for someone to design online advertisements on a regular basis that are appealing to generate interest in my services. 14 Grafikai tervezés, Bannertervezés, Photoshop, Hirdetés dizájn, Plakátdizájn Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €20
Web development I have a node.js application (already developed) ready to go on my web server but I need someone to do the setups required on my cpanel 7 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikai tervezés, Blog telepítés Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €20
Python Programming-6 Hi, Need help with Python programming. I have all the specifications for it. Will explain it clearly before starting. Please apply only if you are good with Python Programming. 8 Statisztika, Matematika, R Programnyelv, Statisztikai Elemzés, SPSS Statisztikák Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €96
WooCommerce Products Customisation using Ninja forms Need the following: Add Ninja Form within WooCommerce Products & customise the Ninja form to display the following: Show Labels numbering 1-11 each of them having on an average 8 items with checkboxes next to it. Each label can have a maximum selection of any number from 1 to 3. Lastly Label 12 having common items showing all of them checked beforehand Need to be able to copy the code to... 5 PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML, WooCommerce Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €19
Change, without plugins, meta-title and meta-description of the wp search-results pages Change, WITHOUT plugins, meta-title and meta-description of the wp search-results pages. 4 PHP, WordPress Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €10
Policy & Claim Administration System Looking for a developer that can assist with development of a application, That must be cloud based, secured. The system will be used to help with administration and document management. 7 PHP, SQL, Szoftverarchitektúra, Adatbázisfelügyelet, Szoftver fejlesztés Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €603
Project for Sewa R. Hi Sewa R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I'm looking to get my website ([url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez]) rank first on searches from Iraq in Arabic Language. Do you have an experience with this and what is the expected budget and the lead time. Thanks Bassam 1 Internetes marketing, SEO, Linképítés, Marketing, Hirdetés, Apr 21, 2018 Ma9n 23ó €81
Build me a Website Build me a simple Website based on Virtual Reality 5 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikai tervezés, WordPress, HTML Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €17
pixelized image need an image ready to be printed but it is very pixelised need it to be shar and done within the next 30 mins 21 Grafikai tervezés, Photoshop, Illustrator, Képszerkesztés, Photoshop dizájn Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €18
Mobile development I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Messaging app Using peer to peer networks over WiFi/Bluetooth For areas with no network connection 5 Mobile App Development, Android Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €331
Mobile App and Web Page Development I am looking for a SINGAPORE developer who is able to complete the following task: - Looking to develop a mobile application as well as a web page, both platforms linked. - Mobile application is a hybrid version, not a native one. Mobile Application specs: - User registration/login - Admin account - User account - Ecommerce platform - Checkout (shopping cart) - Payment/invoice - Em... 17 PHP, Webdesign, Mobile App Development, iPhone, HTML Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €1387
Subtitler - English to Spanish & Spanish to English Hi all, We're looking to work with someone on a regular basis who can create subtitled videos from both EN > ES & also ES > EN . We will provide you with final videos and then you can do the subtitle work and supply back to us. If you have better ways of working then let us know. Will be a steady stream of work. We anticipate no more than 30 mins work per video for capable per... 2 Videó szolgáltatások, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €14
0.01 Bit`coin crypto currency required I'm looking for someone who can send me 0.01 bitcoins wich means about $80 I'm ready to pay (140$ in advance) here,, but i need the coins in next hours 0 C programozás, C# programozás, C++ Programozás, Java, Javascript Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €114
Power point Designer Needed We need a designer who will help to Design for us. Only native English speaker are bid on this project. No time waster please. Many thanks. 13 Powerpoint, Cikk újraírás, Tartalomírás, Tervezés Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €20
App development I have a unfinished app which needs improvements, bugs fixing and its completion. 24 Mobile App Development, iPhone Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €1551
Food ordering app for Android and iOS I need a food ordering app for iOS and Android for my client who runs a local restaurant. Open source code can be used as long as it's bug free. 12 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €77
Create Mailing Sequence and Write Emails for a Lead Magnet As the title says, looking for someone who is experience in writing clever emails and developing the mail sequence. This is for a lead magnet. Let me know what experience you have in this field. 4 Internetes marketing, E-mail marketing, Email fejlesztő Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €428
parabola fitting parabola fitting in excel sheet for 2nd order 15 Excel, Matematika Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €13
Legal Support - Review a standard NCNDA To Whom it May Concern, This is a micro-project and involves following the following questions: Q0) After a quick read, does there seem to be anything wrong with this document? Q1) On whose behalf should I be signing the document? Personal or on behalf of my company? Q2) In theoretical case of signing on behalf of company: - What about people I need to connect to the sell... 4 Jogi szolgáltatások, Jogi kutatás, Szabadalmak, Munkajog, Jogi Írás Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €93
Build small business website. I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. 32 PHP, Javascript, Webdesign, Grafikai tervezés, Blog telepítés Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €65
Landing Page for marketing I need to have a landing page built so that I can successfully and professionally start my marketing business. I will be honest I am new to this career path but I have a clear understanding of how to achieve it! It needs to be very professional in looks and quality all while maintaining a "real world" feel. Its needs to be eye catching and relatable at the same time, also done in a very ... 11 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikai tervezés, Marketing, HTML Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €91
MySQL Removal Private project for removing SQL 10 PHP, SQL, MySQL, Adatbázisfelügyelet, Adatbázis-programozás Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €3
Youth Gang Phenomenon in the UK Report on the gang phenomenon in the UK 1500 words 21 Kutatás, Műszaki írás, Jelentésírás, Article Writing, Tudományos írás Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €109
Need photographs and icons for a renewable energy (solar) website We are building a renewable energy website and we need photographs for the same. Reference Websites - [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] We will need natural photography 2 Webdesign, Grafikai tervezés, Logótervezés, Photoshop, Illustrator Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €12
i want to build websites.anybody... - 21/04/2018 10:19 EDT i want to build websites.anybody... 29 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikai tervezés, WordPress, HTML Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €346
i need a best 2d animator who can pitch my idea through a 3 min video and the script writing should be done by him only and the video should be professional fully animated and should use best and new animations,voice recording and script writing and unlimited revisions 4 Szinkronhang, Mozgás grafika, 2D Animation Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €509
Android + IOS small video player app hi, Looking for video player app for android and IOS. 16 Java, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, Objective C Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €135
Article Writer We are looking for a talented article writer – an individual who can take ideas and bring them to life through powerful and impactful writing. The copy you craft should resonate with the intended audience, and deliver messages in a meaningful and emotional way. It’s an important job; your copy will help drive sales, customer & traffic acquisition and improve customer relations thro... 11 Szövegírás, Szellemírás, Article Writing, Kreatív Írás, Tartalomírás Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €242
bluite a on ligne libraires like uber i want to make a plateform uberise the libraieie industrie the student(client) sunscribe and choice her shocole and level so and check her demand in a furnuiture liste and share her demand to my plateforme . me i share again this demande to our librairies phartener (provider) and receive the offre quoat the adim of my plateform select an offre and send a notification to client for confi... 6 PHP, Webdesign, Grafikai tervezés, CSS, HTML Apr 21, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €375
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