Legal research refers to the process of identifying and retrieving information pertinent to support legal decision making. Legal research involves finding sources of authority law, in a given jurisdiction by law professionals such as lawyers and paralegals. If your business needs legal research work done, you can hire freelancers for the same. Simply post your legal research job today in order to get competitive bids from freelancers! 76623 értékelés alapján az ügyfelek 5-ből 4.84 csillagot adtak nekik: Legal Researchers .
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    3000 word Letter of Advice to be drafted based on problem scenario- needs to research based of the relevant sources in the task sheet as well as further research based on AUSTRALIAN LAW - AGLC formatted footnotes also must be included.

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    Federal Postconviction Motion 6 nap left

    Seeking paralegal or attorney to help with a motion under USA federal criminal procedure.

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    9 árajánlat
    Draft a business transfer agreement 6 nap left

    Business transfer agreement of proprietorship firm has to be done with specific points mentioned.

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    5 árajánlat
    Canadian Immigration Lawyer 6 nap left

    I just got a refusal for PGWP; the Reason stated was that I failed to give the medical exam. However, I never got a request for a medical exam. I am Looking to get an immigration lawyer to help with my case.

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    I need help writing/drafting a contract for all my clients to sign before any work is started or their job is booked. It has to include payment terms and terms accepting work order terms. I also need help drafting a work order change contract that will essentially force the client to accept the cost of requests intra project. Interested to hear who is interested. I am a landcsape contractor specializing in hardscaping ie. interlock, retaining walls..

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    Fluent in source language (Mexico) and Native in target language "Serbia". 1+ years of over the telephone interpretation experience in a well-known interpretation company. Good knowledge of medical terminology. Awareness in legal terminology is a plus. International certifications in the healthcare industry are a plus (PICSI, ALTA, HIPAA, etc.). High school diploma in your native language.

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    UOL law expert needed 6 nap left

    University of London Law syllabus EU LAW JURISPRUDENCE LAW

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    My account was closed and winnings confiscated $30,000. They have given no explanation and blocked me froim the site, I was just approved on with drawling from casino rewards. Then came an excuse that i violated terms and conditions. Though i haven't and they wont give me any proof.

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    Need some ideas on how to defend a lawsuit for specific performance of a real estate contract. The prospective buyer wants to enforce the contract however he waited 18 months to bring a lawsuit. What sorts of defenses are available? thank you

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    I have a stock purchase agreement draft in word doc that just need date, purchasers name, purchase price and terms changed.

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    Write Asylum Brief 5 nap left

    I am looking for expert US or Canada Immigration lawyer with excellent experience on Asylum cases

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    UK qualified legal assistant required to support a litigant in person with legal research, liaising with courts (county court), opponents and barrister, drafting and reviewing court papers, inter-party correspondendence and preparing court bundles. Must have relevant legal qualifications, experience of civil litigation working with a reputable UK law firm, familiar with CPR county court processes and rulebook.

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    legal advice to respond to legal background check questions

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    I need people who have knowledge of Islamic law research.

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    Caselaw for a pro se 5 nap left

    I am looking for federal or supreme court cases involving a county or state contracts. I am not looking for someone to write me up anything I just am looking for caselaw to be cited in my complaint

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    i want exclusivity for my business to another business to sell his products with him agreeing not to allow trade within any other similar business

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    help me to defend myself from co-owners on a condo

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    These contracts include a health concern. I need a disclosure and contractual terms and conditions

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    I need a motion for dismissal written for the purpose of Jurisdiction. I live in Sidney Ohio.

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    FILE A SUIT 4 nap left

    Assistance needed in filing lawsuit; document preparation.

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    Write an employment contract 3 nap left

    I need a lawyer to write an employment contract for a remote employee.

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    Law essay question. Research essay needs to rewritten inclusive of footnotes and sources

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    we need some one to prepare Formatted Commercial term sheets with legal terms of all relevant local and international laws.

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    Legal writer 2 nap left

    I need someone who can create a lot of content for my website Articles New articles Blogs Glossary

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    I need someone who can create a lot of content for my website Articles New articles Blogs Glossary

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    Legal statement proofread 1 nap left

    Hi Adedoyin Adejumoke O., I a have a legal statement that I need to submit tomorrow, it’s partially finished and can be edited in stages. I’m just looking for someone to read through it, edit it, proff read it, improve the flow etc. (if you can identify any obvious instances of discrimination for my solicitor to add the reluvent legislation even better - but not a necessary)

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    Consumer law 1 nap left

    Finding any fraud or misconceptions on contracts

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    Legal Research 1 nap left

    Need case documents for two cases (eg complaint, judgement, orders, etc) 1. 2.

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    I will explain the issue we are facing right now. Me and my partner used to work for a dog walking company in Edinburgh where we had signer a contract which states: 21.3 You will not at any time either during your employment or afterwards, to the detriment or prejudice of the Company or the Company’s customers, use or divulge to any person, firm or company, except in the proper course of your duties during your employment by the Company, any confidential information identifying or relating to the Company, details of which are not in the public domain, or such confidential information or trade secrets relating to the business of any customer of the Company which have come to your knowledge during your employment." Since signing this, we have left the organisation and started ou...

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    my wife needs to work I need her a temp or permanent work permit or green card she is from South Korea and came into the country with a passport and visa good until 2029 my name is Allen Smithurst my wife Sik wants to get a work permit or permanent resiident needs to work first.

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    Legal Memo Writer 17 óra left

    Mary argues that a 50/50 split of the couple’s marital estate, which consists solely of Harry’s ABC Company stock, is appropriate, and that Harry has not overcome the presumption of an equal division of the marital property. Harry argues that his contribution to the marital estate has been so substantial that it would be inequitable to require him to divide the marital estate equally. He argues for at least a 65/35 division of property. Using the information obtained from the client interview with Mary as well as the relevant West Virginia statute and other information provided to you by the Senior Partner, please prepare an objective memorandum analyzing how the Supreme Court of West Virginia will likely distribute the marital estate. You need not prepare a separate statement ...

    €45 (Avg Bid)
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    police abuse of power, unlawful seizure (Details upon award of project)

    €114 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Migration Agent - Australia 7 óra left

    Need a migration agent willing to support with local immigration tasks and requirements.

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    5 árajánlat

    The task is too simple. I've a General Instruction in word file and ready. What I want is paraphrasing the 3 pages and make it rich of legal terminologies if you can and correct any gramatical errors. Again, it's not a legal consultation.

    €85 (Avg Bid)
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    44 árajánlat