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Machine Learning is a scientific discipline which focuses on automatically recognizing complex patterns and making intelligent decisions based on available data. This branch of study develops algorithms for computers to evolve behaviors for the same. If your business needs help with machine learning algorithms, you have come to the right place. You can hire expert freelancers with machine learning experience right here. Simply post your job today!

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    In this project we need to find the which promotion to run for next year from a list of promotions. A R or google colab code needs to shared which showcase the procedure and output. see the for full details.

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    Text classifier 6 nap left

    This project has three parts the most important one is to build a text classifier with python for IMDB movie reviews. (This is not for creating movie reviews. It is just to classify them, because it is a fun topic.) The second is writing a text classifier that can match all credit numbers in the document I am providing and lastly finding the highest frequency words in the book Moby Dick.

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    I have some machine learning questions to be solved in a tight deadline. I have some codes already done and just need to edit them to remove plagiarism and some questions need new work. I want part 1 q4 and q5 from scratch and part 2 i have all codes just need redoing.

    €19 - €155
    €19 - €155
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    I have a list of 240 million websites I'd like to crawl and want to do that in the most cost-effective /quickest way. This would likely be accomplished with a web crawler that you would create to categorize the websites it crawls and sorts them into various categories while extracting key information such as. Business name, emails, phone numbers, addresses. I would also like to track the technologies the websites used for example Shopify. Here is how I would like websites to be processed 1. Determine if the website is in English 2. Determine the category of the website. 3. Determine if the website is for a business 5. Determine the category of business 6. If website is a business scrape the information using NLP (get as many pre-determined fields as possible) 7. Schedule to update ...

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    Project is based on three very small datasets.

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    I need a good coder who can solve in 60 or 90 minutes several python and SQL algorithms. Are you up to the challenge?

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    Need python AI/ML expert . 5 nap left

    Need to create a program or script to store data from website to excle. All details in attached file.

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    Using 2 different datasets provided by me you will have to visualize data given to you from these datasets . The goal of the project is to be able to compare individual authors (twitter users) & their following/followers/likes/common key words & phrases within tweets. The second part of the job is to see if there are matching authors across these datasets. If so, the goal is to then see if common key words & key phrases are utilized. Which hashtags are used and at what point in time. The goal is to visualize all of this data in one project. To summarize: These datasets all need to be used, the individual datasets have to be visualized in an understandable manner. Individual authors within each dataset have to be compared with each other. At the end of that we want to see ...

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    Machine learning algorithms can analyze significantly more granular data in the same or even less time than traditional methods. This level of precision and speed results in more accurate and timely forecasts. The same machine learning techniques can then forecast the influence of weather on energy output. Energy firms can reduce fossil fuel use if renewables generate higher-than-average levels, and vice versa. Vendors of renewable energy must match market needs in order to expand the use of sustainable energy. Customer appeal, like any other business, needs an awareness of consumer trends. Many firms, including renewable energy corporations, employ machine learning solutions in this field. Consumer behavior is remarkably predictable when enough high-quality data is available. Long-term ma...

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    Hello There Very urgently need small Python project that has to be developed using AI methodology . Please apply ASAP if you can get it started after hiring. Thanks

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    Artificial Intelligence project 5 nap left

    ya dusra ha Could you create a python script for an AI to be able to processes videos from multiple angles and create a 3D video?

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    we would like the agent or individual to build or handover an AI &ML email sorting system where those could be segregated automatically to various subfolders within inbox by reading mail content. We receive more than 10000 email per day so we need to keep provision to store in some data base for couple of week . So that searching / replying sorting all should be smotth when they integrate in our email system. Integration will be based on simple user id and password and all his mail will be in our inbox and subfolder . Looking to acquiring working prototypes as well. If you develop from scratch then payment will be made only after delivery and testing with desired result .

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    Looking for someone, who is passionate about training the machine learning models and can also help with the documentation

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    I have some machine learning questions to be solved in a tight deadline. I have some codes already done and just need to edit them to remove plagiarism and some questions need new work.

    €19 - €155
    €19 - €155
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    Hello I am looking to learn data science. You will get on call with me and answer questions and build models, 2 to 4 hours per week. You will get paid hourly in advance for the calls.

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    Hello, I want to make a model for electricity retail price performance till 2035. can you please me your offer.

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    I need someone who can guide me and review my projects

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    I'm currently using a machine learning model called YOLOP to do some robotics-related tasks. This model detects objects, segments drivable areas and detects roadside lines. For my task, I only need to retrain YOLOP for object detection and drivable area segmentation on the dataset I have already collected. I will provide unlabeled datasets for learning that only contain a cycling path class that the model doesn't segment. moreover, I want to reduce the detection classes of YOLOP to 2. please have a look on the link below for YOLOP before contacting.

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    Machine learning project 5 nap left

    can you help me with deep learning project? Wanna to detect vehicle using background subtraction model with maskrcnn file contain project requirement details... We need to use MS coco dataset It must contain 3 vehicle classes car truck and bus We need to train model and classified these three classes

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    This project must build as a separate software or plugin for any existing IDEs. This project should be able to detect the source code vulnerabilities at the coding level. Project should be developed using machine learning techniques. I have a proposed methodology in the attached files, or feel free to come up with better solutions we will discuss and conclude the methodology. Project has two main phases. 1. Vulnerable code segment detection and 2. Correct the detected vulnerable code segments / suggest the corrected code. 1. Vulnerable code segment detection These vulnerable code segments should be related to the information security. For example, code segments which helps to make Cross site scripting attacks, Buffer overflows, SQL Injection etc. I have found an existing data set from thi...

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    Sailpoint professional 5 nap left

    Looking for a sailpoint expert for coding work. This is a long term work which is kind of a part-time. Pay is monthly and negotiable. (Please don't bid if you don't have experience with it, it's not gonna work.)

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    AI based Algo trading 5 nap left

    We need to create a web app to do trading automatically in F&O Means if a sudden movement is detected in F&O price we need to buy Call or Put in desired price strike and need to sell a desired price level with trailing stop lose

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    Full Stack developer needed - ML & MERN

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    Python pandas project 4 nap left

    Data analysis project using pandas

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    Apply kernal PCA, fisher linear, Laplacian to sort image (machine learning) Other feature extraction techniques are welcome Need to arrange free call first Python is acceptable but need to be discussed first

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    Hello everyone! The language you will use: Python only We need to extract the skills from the attached excel file. I mean that in the excel file there is the job and its link. I want to extract from each job the skills required in each job. Then we want to convert these skills into graphs. I mean, we want to know the number of times each skill was mentioned and the most important thing is that these graphs You will create through the code It will also be generated in excel through the code automatically. because we will ask for the generated code. We also want to predict these skills in the future for a period of one year / two years and of course, the most demanded skills in the future are converted into graphs, as we mentioned previously and these graphs are certainly created in the ...

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    Chạy source code có sẵn bằng Cpp, fix lỗi nếu có. Giải thích nguyên tắc hoạt động của sourcecode

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    Looking for expert in Probabilistic modelling

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    14 árajánlat

    An algorithm was created to detect Brain Metastasis in mRI images. I have attached a powerpoint to better describe the current research project and challenges . Last year accuracy of detection was 85% now accuracy dropped to 50%. Need an expert in AI/ML, data science and medical image expert ( MS or PhD in data science) to look at the algorithm to optimize it and solve few other issues . Must have prior work experience with AI/ML, MRI images, need familiarity with DICOM meta data, DICOM viewer

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    AWS Sagemaker Experts Needed -- 2 3 nap left

    Looking for AWS Sagemaker Experts to work on a custom script

    €7 - €19
    €7 - €19
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    There's a kaggle dataset for 50+ sensors. Using this data, have to generate a ML model to predict the anomalies or outliers. Python is the preferred language. I'm attaching the kaggle dataset link:

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    14 árajánlat

    Use pytorch to build a neural network and implement the alternative minimization algorithm. Apply it on a dataset- train and test

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    OCR function for existing website 3 nap left

    We are building a website for bookkeeping and for that we need an OCR function. Website and upload document (pdf, jpg, png) all ready exists, we only need the OCR function and implementation on our Yii2/PHP site. Since it is a website with many users, and therefor many thousand different types of invoices, it should be possible to: - Recognise field by handle. - If right field is not recognised, then it should be possible for user to select the right field manually on the invoice, and then position or handle should be saved till next time. - Data should be saved in our existing MySQL database. - The fields to be recognised on the invoice are: date, name, invoice number, currency, VAT and amount. - 99% of the invoices are software created and therefor easy to scan. We are not inter...

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    Make a report for a project based on object detection using YOLO version 3. Working project code and format of the report will be provided. For further details apply.

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    9 árajánlat

    Looking for qualified & Experienced engineer who is expert in Python Data Analysis Must be strong experience of Machine Learning Thanks

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    45 árajánlat

    Main duties include but are not limited to: Lead a team of motivated engineers who like to build models, ship product integrations, and tackle hard engineering problems. Build cohesive, high-functioning teams that thrive in a culture of trust, respect, and inclusion. Balance autonomy with guidance by giving your teams the tools, context, confidence, and motivation to make decisions effectively and independently. Have the technical capacity to partner with tech leads and be comfortable diving into the fray to help drive resolution in the case of bad incidents. Take responsibility for the group’s short-term and long-term strategy. Define the team's roadmap, success metrics, and priorities in close collaboration with other engineering teams and cross-functional partners. Maintain ...

    €51 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    2 árajánlat

    Looking for qualified & Experienced engineer who is expert in Python Data Analysis Must be strong experience of Machine Learning Thanks

    €9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    37 árajánlat
    Python Trainer -- 3 3 nap left

    Need a Python Trainer to train in advance concepts

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    30 árajánlat

    I am looking for a person who can build a project for me by Using Machine Learning, Coding and Algorithm Analysis. For more details drop a msg

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    17 árajánlat

    Project aims to incorporate facial expressions recognition needs and applications. This is a technology which use biometric marks and detect emotions of a human face and mental state, where human expression is displayed by face and felt by brain is detected by the system.

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    14 árajánlat

    hello. everyone. Do you have an experiences in stock marketing ? you should familiar to OHLC based candle sticks. Please bid if you are an expert. Regards.

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    Python expert 3 nap left

    I need to create API using flask in Visual studio code platform for machine learning model. ( Model is already built)

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    8 árajánlat

    I need the help of some one who is very good at NLP and can help to find methodology, algorithm to generate all possible test cases from that specification, your help would be appreciated, thanks

    €19 - €154
    €19 - €154
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    Create algo :BN and Nifty 3 nap left

    Iron fly More details when feasible Interested to know if there is a possibility to have kind of AI ML added along to improvise

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    Help Me with a Data Problem 2 nap left

    I need someone who has lots of DB knowledge and pandas and python. I have an issue where my data aquisition is very slow and I want to speed it up.

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    Machine Learning Expert Needed 2 nap left

    I need a machine learning expert who can work on the project on the subject noted above.

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    17 árajánlat
    Finish developing a Chess game! 2 nap left

    This is what you need to do: PvP, AI, tournament, admin panel, payment system, user profile, settings and refactor old code. Other things are done. You will need to code in Unity and Nodejs. Please check the game before applying for the job: --- Please see the full project description in the file attached below ---

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    Need a person who has Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to rewrite my PHD thesis.

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    I am looking for a knowledgeable ML generalist (Data Scientist / ML Engineer / Data Analyst ) to write good, complete, thorough, well-researched project plans (including estimates) for projects to develop and deploy ML/AI/Deep Learning solutions. Projects may be in: - Computer Vision - Natural Language Processing - Chatbots - Reinforcement learning - Deep Learning Is this something that would interest you? I would pay for writing and research time, up to 8 hours/day, as long as the output is sound. You will be working for me in a global, remote team. You: - Must have a track record of successful ML projects. - Must be able to write and speak in English clearly and fluently. - Be willing to use the time tracker. - Must be willing to sign an NDA (at a later stage in t...

    €2 - €8 / hr
    Kiemelt Rejtett
    €2 - €8 / hr
    10 árajánlat

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