Mathematics is a study in abstraction, logical reasoning, calculation, counting and measurement and of the systematic study of shapes of objects. If you need help with mathematics then you can hire talented math freelancers to obtain help from. You can get started today! Simply post your mathematics job on this site.

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    Puzzle solving 6 nap left

    I need an expert to help me solve puzzled words

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    algorithms and math 6 nap left

    need quick and good freelancer to fix my task

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    Have to schedule residential controllable appliances based on the availability of resources (solar energy, virtual energy) with the help of decision made by reinforcement learning decision making algorithm (Markov decision process)

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    MATLAB Project -- 2 6 nap left

    I am looking for a tutor who is deep knowledge on Particle Swarm Optimization, Genetic Algorithm, Self-adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization as well as has deep understating of using MATLAB. As I need their help to plot graphs for: Convergence rate vs the number of iteration (for all PSO,GE and SAPSO algorithms) As well as need help in plotting graph for the computational complexity of PSO, GE and SAPSO. I have past paper resources to take help from, but I want all these graphs on MATLAB.

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    An expert advisor with a dashboard view. That will place trades on multiple currencies as trading parameters are met. I would like to work with someone willing to communicate and offer ideas if any, that will simplify the process once my concept is understood.

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    econometrics 6 nap left

    Looking for URGENT help with my econometrics project. please bid if you can help me

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    €7 - €19
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    Signal Processing consultation 6 nap left

    To process signal in terms of correlation to input signal

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    I am looking a developer who can tutor me for Matlab related project. I will provide detail via chat. Thanks.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who has a good command of advanced-level mathematics. The syllabus for the same is CBSE 11th,12 th, JEE mains & JEE advanced. I need MCQs with a detailed solution on it. I have factorized the syllabus into topics and sub-topics. I need MCQs with different difficulty levels. Easy MCQ should be of a basic level and Hardest MCQ should be a combination of different topics or concepts. I need all the MCQs in the prescribed Microsoft word format.

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    Hi there, I have the objective to set-up a list of original GMAT questions focusing on the Quantitative Section of the test. First, here some key experiences and skills necessary for the project : 1) Strong quantitative/maths skills (algebra, arithmetic, geometry) 2) Experience of GMAT with solid score The idea is following: lot of questions are available on line, I need to reformulate the questions to propose a set of reformulated ones not violating copyrighting. For the nature of questions, only arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Here example of original question: Here an example of reformulation : Please notice: 1) This type of modification, where the underlying concept being tested is the same and even the format of the answer choices are the same, is acceptable. 2) Just changi...

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    We are seeking a Mathematic Teacher or a subject-matter expert to proofread our Math book designed for high school (Grade 10). Topics covered in the book include algebra, taxation, trigonometry, geometry, linear equations, probability (and more). We need an expert accuracy check to ensure the questions and answers in this book are accurate, explained step-by-step, and in the right order. There are about 300 pages in the book and the selected freelancer will receive PDF files to review and send us a word document listing edits required. Due to a short deadline of 4 days, we need someone who can get started immediately. Attached are some screenshots from the book.

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    I need someone that is good with math, stats and data. The person for this project will have the ability to look at current and historical data and determine the likely outcome of a sporting event using a percentage breakdown. For example, based on the raw data, Team A has a 75% chance of winning over Team B. You will create an algorithm where data is plugged in and produce the result for the user. It will be your job to use pure math and science based on the current stats and past performance stats to make this happen. Once you have effectively created a working algorithm, the algorithm and your formula will then be converted to a computer program. If you wish to write to program then that is fine, but we are looking for you to deliver in a workable spreadsheet format so your proces...

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    Looking for Maths Tutor in Geometry, Algebra & Pre calus

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    Discrete mathematics -- 2 4 nap left

    Discrete mathematics expert required for a teaching task. One must know discrete mathematics of bscs

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    Discrete mathematics 4 nap left

    Discrete mathematics expert required for a teaching task

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    Tour's d algorithms based problem

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    I need a teacher to explain to me two chapters of probability course “ in Arabic “ The reference is “ the probability and statistics , the science of uncertainty “ second edition

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    I need 50-60 Subject Matter Experts for Mathematics, who can work daily and can do atleast 25 solutions per day.

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    I need a math teacher from India 3 nap left

    I want to learn mathematics from basic to 10+2 level. The reason is I am looking to get admission for a bachelors in a University. I did not choose the math subject in my intermediate, as I choose computers science. I wanted to learn math now because the university test my math skills. I did SSC in 2006 and Intermediate in 2021-22. I also need to prepare for the IELTS exam and please let me know if you could be of any help in this. The university last admission date is end of next month ie. November, 2022 We can do full time preparation in study until the end of the next month if it required. Please let me know how many hours do you teach per day and can we complete it by end of the next month?

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    Statistics programming in R 3 nap left

    Programming in R, containing Laplace, Poisson processes and Gaussian.

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    Requirements: *Looking for someone with skills in Algebra/Trig that knows how to work with LOGIX in NEOS. *Able to logon on NEOS and work in the virtual world to make the calculation in LOGIX. I am looking to move an object to oscilate in a 4 quadrant graph that will have to move in a perfect circle. << This is already accomplished and easy. The hard part is that this object will have to move based on a 365 days of the year time span from 21st of December 3am on a bigger diameter than closing slowly to the 22nd of june 12.20am to a smaller diameter on a specific point of the graph about 184 days or about 6 months. The other object will have to oscilate in almost the same manner but faster with a slightly bigger diameter on the outside also with a slighty smaller diameter in the i...

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    For the spring assemblage shown below, derive an analytic expression for the global stiffness matrix using the potential energy method approach. a) a horizontal force 2 kN is applied at point 4 (rightwards direction), b) a horizontal force 2 kN is applied at point 4 (leftwards direction), c) a horizontal force 1 kN is applied at point 3 (rightwards direction) with the restriction at point 3 being removed, and d) a horizontal force 5 kN is applied at point 1 (leftwards direction) with the restriction at point 1 being removed. Use the following values: k(1)=10 N/cm, k(2)=20 N/cm, k(3)=30 N/cm, k(4)=40 N/cm and k(5)=50 N/cm

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    For the spring assemblage shown below, derive an analytic expression for the global stiffness matrix using the potential energy method approach. a) a horizontal force 2 kN is applied at point 4 (rightwards direction), b) a horizontal force 2 kN is applied at point 4 (leftwards direction), c) a horizontal force 1 kN is applied at point 3 (rightwards direction) with the restriction at point 3 being removed, and d) a horizontal force 5 kN is applied at point 1 (leftwards direction) with the restriction at point 1 being removed. Use the following values: k(1)=10 N/cm, k(2)=20 N/cm, k(3)=30 N/cm, k(4)=40 N/cm and k(5)=50 N/cm

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    Are you an aspiring trader or just into trading? We got a challenge & opportunity for you. We want somebody who can pass the FTMO challenge! Are you the one? What's our selection process? - First stage: when your profile matches the skills, we are looking for you will be invited for an interview - Second stage you will be provided with an FTMO trial account to test your abilities in trading - Third stage: FTMO Challenge! If you complete successfully the FTMO challenge, we will compensate you with 150$. Ready for this challenge?

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    14 árajánlat

    It is a technical book related to power electronics. Applicant must know vision, matlab and PSIM.

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    10 árajánlat

    There are 5 questions I needed your help with for analytics for decision making.

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    17 árajánlat

    Need experts who can create and review ACT/SAT assessments as per the latest guidelines.

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    6 árajánlat

    Hello Very urgently need Automata Trainer for turing machine project development. Please apply ASAP if you can start it immediately after hiring Thanks

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    8 árajánlat
    Polygraph 2 nap left

    I need a statistician to review a couple of polygraph articles(2-3) and explain how the author uses his theoretical distribution to come up with the posterior probability of deception. The statistician should be familiar with Bayes, and Clopper-Pearson intervals.

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    28 árajánlat
    Create Calculations 2 nap left

    I'd want to develop a calculator similar to the website. They have open details on how they developed these calculations, therefore I'd want for this to be evaluated and for us to make our own calculations so that I may add them to an app I made. More detail I will share with you in chat.

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    6 árajánlat

    Tutor wanted for accounting students. more info in chat.

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    R language 1 nap left

    Topic 1 • Task: o Read the page. o Recall that from a generator matrix G in systematic form G = (I|A) we can produce a parity check matrix H = (AT|I). o An alternative standard form for G is G = (A|I). Then a parity-check matrix H is H = (I|AT). o So if G starts with an identity matrix, then H finishes with one. But if G finishes with an identity matrix, then H starts with one. Remember that the identity matrix which is a submatrix of G often has a different order to the identity matrix which is a submatrix of H. Topic 2 (Generator Matrices and the codes they generate) • Task: o Read the commands and try to understand why they produce the output shown. o Fill in the empty box (discussing A as a submatrix of G). o Practise varying the commands in the Code Box a...

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    Math expert needed 1 nap left

    I need someone whos expert in finite mathematics and linear modeling, for more info please pm me

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    40 árajánlat

    i wanna convert two 3d points to quaternions for 3d animation bones

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    Looking for a long term statistics and general math worker to assist in various math related projects. Must be able to start today. Must be comfortable using teamviewer. Please respond with your hourly rate to be considered

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    29 árajánlat

    should have experience with gp and pso and need to solve some questions

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    Looking for someone with a PhD degree in economics and exceptional microeconomics analytical skills and mathematical skills to work on a small project.

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    excel master 20 óra left

    Data entry work in excel recovery to before time

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    I require a Dashboard/Panel in Python that works with a Brokers api (Thinkorswim). Where i can Set Entry points, Take Profits and Stop Losses. (Multiple Entries, Tp, SLs). To Monitor open positions it will print key Stats/Data on the Panel. I can open,close,change orders trough the Panel ->Broker. This is the base of a bigger project; will involve working with multiples APIs/Webhooks, Machine Learning and AI. (Skills required) Constant improvements. Developer Profile: high Skills in Python, Statistics/Math, Machine Learning and AI, worked with Thinkscript before, very good with apis, Ethic, friendly/easy going. Overall interested in ongoing updates/new projects. I have worked with Devs before and im a firm believer of having a great communication with my workteam. Specifics will b...

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    excelsheet saudi stock watchlist 9 óra left

    I would like to automate some indicators ,please attached sheet to understand what information I need to have

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    Advance Excel trainer 8 óra left

    develop mathmatics formula on advance excel

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    Need a STATA expert -- 3 6 óra left

    Need a STATA expert ..........

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    statistics -- 2 4 óra left

    see the attached file and do as per the requirement exactly

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    I am using a XRF device to measure elements in paper sample. The measurement process provides a PPM value and range, in which I can select 1-3 standard deviations. The test can be as short as 30 seconds, as long as 180 seconds. The longer the test, the narrower the error range. My goal is to get as narrow an error range as possible. I need to know if I should be conducting multiple short tests and calculate the range independently or whether to conduct longer tests and average the results. It is a long term internal project that is likely to be reviewed externally. I need to be able to defend the process, we won't be able to go back and remeasure. Deadline within the next 3 weeks

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